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I understand completely. It’s too bad that it wasn’t really you that I was talking to. You’re very interesting and I’ve enjoyed your blog and YouTube series. I guess you should be flattered that all of these guys want to be you. This has been my first experience with catfishing and as sad as it is, I’ve learned quite a lot from you.

Thank you for turning this issue into a refreshing and enlightening education. Im also taking to heart your theory that if we keep them “on the hook” less people will hopefully be spared. Searching google images has helped me catch and hopefully embarrass quite a few. I enjoy the challenge of letting them know that I am smarter than they think I am!Don’t blame your self I fell hard for this scammer girl and it wasn’t as much money is the hurt of letting someone in that was a fake. But now days I mess with them and scare the living crap out of them have to start doing things to get them to stop.

Had a lady I was just being friendly next I know I’m finding out shes and escort and I say I don’t pay later. She called my wife’s phone thinking to cause a problem I had already told her so she told her off and two weeks later I got a pay pal request it was her. I spot them almost right off and sometimes I can waste a month of the time one it’s been 3 months and she hasn’t a clue I’m conning the con. I save and archive everything and pass it on to this place . They not only cause monetary theft what about the mental damage I couldn’t believe I had that many feeling for someone I have never seen.

I get a laugh and I love to mess with jerks anywaythe only reason I do this because not really on right side is they are stealing peoples money they worked hard for and breaking there heart You never ever make money by taking advantage of older lonely people. Amen!With an oil rig scammer. One time I actually sent $300 to his “fake sister”. Of course, I was very fortunate cuz Western Union must have his sisters address and other info so they intervened!Though they could only give me a refund and not share any other info. My family didnt have a clue that this was going on. At one point, I spilled my guts to my daughter in lawWho sent him a scathing message on his Instagram, deleted his number from my phone and I breathed a sigh of relief!Within three days, I crazily reached out to him and started Emailing regularly.

Low and behold, he “suffered” a horrible second oil rig related injury and requests to help him, “as only I could” , began again. I promised to send him $300 via a Money Order on August 12, 2019. Needless to say, I came to my senses and now am dealing with the shame, heartbreak and confusion!I’m a professional and have read reams on social media since then. are there actual/ physical support groups in Scottsdale/ Phoenix AZ so I can meet with a woman who is dealing with this?Not sure if it’s a mistake, but after several days of emailing me that he hadn’t received the money, he sent a email from his “fake” daughter. At that point, I lost it and sent him an email that he/it is laughing at hysterically, but it made me feel much better!For several days he continued to be horribly upset hah!that I would doubt him and acted Offended!Here’s my question: how long will it take for me to forget about him?I realize I am extremely fortunate to have essentially lost only nine weeks of my life and lost zero money; but I still find myself “hoping against hope” that the situation has been real!See!I need help?,,The situation has proven to me that all of the red flags were there from the start!Poor grammar, inconsistent answers, focus on “our love and future together. ”As intelligent as I am, i truly didn’t know about the oil rig men!Now that I’ve researched it, ad nauseum!, I can share this info with every woman I meet!I’m a Registered Nurse, for 33 years!One morning I woke up to my Instagram pinging non stop.

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Graphic photos of a severe?Hand injury. Bought it “hook, line and sinker. ” Then, subsequent photos of his hand healing!Made the mistake of describing myself as a good Catholic girl!Soon thereafte9br, he told me he was in Prayer Hour!Even quoted me Bible Besides the original Instagram photo on my profile, even though he didn’t ask for them!I sent three photos on his phone. They were not in any way Indecent!Do I need to worry about them being out there?Funny, I thought seriously about playing along… now, I’ve just read that that can be helpful…That they waste a lot of time, get no money!And it protects other poor womenfrommuchgrief…Actually, this “sharing” has helped me. A woman who has been married and divorced three times and who has not been looking for a man until the fateful first text from him, shouldn’t have been affected like I have, right?Please, any advice?I just discovered today that the guy l’ve been talking with is fake… honestly l kinda figured when he video chatted but his camera isn’t working …. l finally was able to get a hit back on an image through Tineye.

Like you mentioned in the article, I’m gonna keep this one on the line for a while…his new phone suppose to be delivered tomorrow. l just have to see how this one goes. He hasn’t asked for money… l think he is lonely. funny thing is that we connected on a game site not on any of the dating/hookup apps so this makes me even more curious, why a fake profile. I also want to know how he got so many pictures of the fake guy…might be a friend of his.

My oil rig fake, didn’t talk about Skyping or any other way of actual “seeing” each other. When I brought up wanting to hear his voice not cuz I didn’t believe he existed but cuz I simply wanted to hear him, in Person, he eventually mentioned that he could “secretly talk to me on Hangout. ” Twotexts later, he told me he talks to his fake!daughter every day!Liar!Liar!Pants on fire. Sweetheart, just be careful!Maybe your guy is legit…maybe a horrible person I now know about women pretending to be men…I spent nine weeks of my valuable life in an intense Instagram/ emailing non stop relationship!I am a professional, smart,otherwise, and was certainly not looking for a Man!Boom!My 45 year old son sent my photo to Instagram, and within Six hours had ten men wanting to follow/ like my photo!Ironically, I kept onlyHIS photoand it started slowly and then,as he later told me hah!he explained to his 13 year old daughter Jane!of course, her first photo was of a girl who truly could have been 13; then, the last was of a probable 60 year old woman!That “our love was like a runaway train!”Here’s a hint: While trying to figure your situation out, talk to good friends!Embarrassed to say, until my daughter in law “busted” me, not one single person knew what I was up to!I even told him that he was my little secret!It was great fun, until I realized it wasn’t!There is a ton of info out there. Until my late May birthday I didn’t have access to an IPad so had very limited knowledge to the very real dangers out there.

The hurtful part: I thought I was spilling my guts/heart and soul/ details no one should everknow about me, to someone who asked me to marry him one day short of our three week texting anniversary!Sounds crazy, but I apparently fell for it!At the first, even seemingly legit, hint of a need for a loan, run very fast!My Eric, didn’t even hint at a need for cash until he suffered a severe injury on his oil rig complete with very believablephotos!. Luckily, Western Union saved me from a $300 loss have read about thousands of women out there who have lost their life savings… . Then, it was my idea to again send him money to help with a second injury complete with more photos!via a Money Order!Not sure if it was a deep gut feeling, or a ver big chance of losing my and my kids self respect, but I walked out of the store and told my family the sordid details. Proud of my decision but, still grieving a man I never even spoke to. Don’t be that woman!Good luck and I’ll pray For You!MarciaThe story got really screwy.

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There was an accident, night in the hospital…yada, yada, yada…all to identify that he didn’t get the phone and now is using an “old” one which btw also didn’t have the camera working. While I wish no harm on people, this would go in the “Really!?!, Seriously?” column. I basically told him he was lying and he was a fake. He responded that he will prove it to me that he wasn’t and that made him upset…. I then sent him the picture I found online with his actual name….

and “poof” he vanished. I did report it to the gaming site. The video chat is a must to ask for to ensure your are not being played. Until now, never heard the term “groups!But, since my oil rig man proved his blatant stupidity to me and my family, I can identify him as not only pathetic, but part of an ignorant group of evil human ?Beings!Recently, have spent much time learning of the ills of many individuals out there on Social Media. Hah!Tried for $600 in total for broke oil rig machinery injury oh, that was two !and guess what?Only got a $25 Google Play card before I caught on to the asshole!And no money!I’m sure the receipt and lies will be forgotten soon…Gotta laugh big time…. Not only nine weeks of mylife BUT $25 is not worth even a losers time, huh?So I’ve been chatting with this guy from okcupid for a few weeks.

I knew after a few days something was up. I just learned how to do a reverse image search and tada!He’s a fake. Which I was actually hoping for. Sounds crazy I know. But as soon as I suspected it was not real I wanted to try and play along.

I just didn’t know how and honestly I wanted to make sure it was fake so I didn’t feel bad. So tonight after discovering that a reverse image search was a thing and that the I’ll images came up as someone else, actually multiple other people. I searched for articles on how to keep the catphish and I happily came across your article. This is going to be hard for me because I don’t like lying to people but if I can remember that by keeping him “on my line” will hopefully help with other victims then I’m all for it. So, if you have any advice for me to keep up the charade I’ll gladly take it.

Thank you so much for your article. ok here it goes lol …. i have been married for 15 yrs and the marriage fell apart and have now filed for divorce. anyways my head wasnt screwd on right and i went onto the Meetme ap where “kassandra” messaged me. we started talking on there and she asked me if i had hangout well being married for 15 yrs and not keen on all the aps on iphone i downloaded it. and continued to talk.

she told me that she didnt mind the 23 yrs difference in our ages. and told me she lost both parents and she was living in Indianapolis with her step mom and she was going to school to further her education and had dreams of teaching at a university. i started to suspect that something was off with the grammar on the text but that maybe she was from another country so i asked her and was told she was a immigrant from peru and moved to New Jersey as a young girl with her father,fair enough right?we kept exchanging selfies through out our convos as she would ask tme to send one and i told her to return the favor…. all of the pics where consistant but then i kept asking for facetime or just to talk and hear each others voice and the excuse i got was phone was messed up. and being she was still a student didnt have the money to get a new oneour plan was once she got her schooling done she was gonna relocate to chicago and i would join her and i was on board being divorced and nothing keeping me in my current city and i needed a fresh start in a new city anyways we talked and talked and finally she told me she had to do a 6 week coarse at Oxford in London and like a fool i sent her the 300 .

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she asked for to help cover her personal needs while therethats when i got real suspicious and uploaded a couple of photos onto a search and low and behold i discovered this girl was a world famous porn star talk about a eye opener lol. i confronted kassie about it and she confessed to doing porn after her father passed away as she was alone and vulnerable and let bad people influence her head…but that she stopped after 6 months at the request of her step mom who let her move in and continue her studys …doing more and more digging kassie has done up to date 800+ movies has a website site where she puts on live web shows and has a net worth of 3 million dollars. i messaged kassie and told her what i thought of her and blocked her from having any contact with me… sorry for the long drag out story but couldnt stop and now thinking of revenge as in buliding a fake profile and catching thease assholes. I think I just caught a catfish. There were so much doubts about him that I could not ignore like he was so good looking, single, smart, sweet, polite and successfully.

He told me he was in love with me the third day we texted on hangouts. We met on tinder, he said he knew the first conversation I was the one so he left tinder and invited me to hangouts. I never used hangouts before but normal phone messaging. So that was another doubt. So after a week all were sweet talks.

It was too good to be true. So I looked up and found his photos on another dating site with different name and profile. I asked him to do video call, he did call but was a second and he said about bad connection. I also asked about a close up selfie with a particular sign language. He took on but not what I asked.

So he said if I did not trust me so he would go away, but then he always came back. So now I am going to play along to see what his next moves. If he think he is smart he ‘ve found his match. I just want to tell you all. These fake people they need to be taught. We have to fight them.

So they would be afraid to get caught. And hopefully they might quit. Hello… I met this guy on a dating app around six weeks back… he claimed to be from Germany… his profile on the app was supposed to be selfie verified… we started chatting and he called me a few times… he does not seem to have a German accent though sounds more like Turkish… he mentioned early on that he cannot do video chatting which is a red flag I know… so after doing reverse image search of the pictures he sent me, I recently discovered that the pictures were taken from the Instagram page Dr.