, wlw/nblw tiktoks to fix your gaydar

wlw/nblw tiktoks to fix your gaydar

wlw/nblw tiktoks to fix your gaydar

I usually use films that appear on my fyp having said that. it’s not very assorted. I want absolutely everyone to come to feel provided. hence anyone has the opportunity to ship me tikok back links by way of: email, Instagram, tag me on twitter, and so on.. or even in the remarks of my films. you can send your very own films much too! it is not certain the the video clips will be incorporated but I will try out my greatest! you can ship as many hyperlinks a you like – related to lgbtqia+ wlw/nblw/bisexual/lesbian. and can mail me video identify ideas etcetera.. also I May possibly selected another person to shout out 🙂
I would really like to listen to from you guys!
^ I hope this will make perception – I am dyslexic aha

Take pleasure in 🙂

I’m an Omnisexual, Neurodivergent Feminist.

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wlw/nblw tiktoks to deal with your gaydar