, Where are we in “all of this” atm? Last night’s dream….and some other insights/synchs/goodies (including a Gematria) – LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Where are we in “all of this” atm? Last night’s dream….and some other insights/synchs/goodies (including a Gematria) – LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Where are we in “all of this” atm? Last night’s dream….and some other insights/synchs/goodies (including a Gematria) – LOVE IN ACTION NOW



Ok – a lot – if not all – feeeels and seems to be lining up N O W.

Before I share my dream I want to share what just came to me from LH – notes she took from Lisa and Michelle’s video chat from 11.11 – and LH I think wrote up the notes on 11.22 – BIG BIG numbers in this movement and indeed this house.  Here is what feels significant atm for me:

The -33 pull began in Feb 2020, and within 3 months, the world was in lockdown. In March ‘21, the -33 pull was complete, and the positive pull was started.

I began seeing the number 33 about a week ago – and it has been all around me since.  Today so far I’ve seen 33/333 about half a dozen times.  In fact one clock in the house has been stuck on 333 all day (it does tend to “stick” – just interesting it frozen on 3:33).  March has always felt like the “GO TO” month for me (followed by september/october calendar period).  Lisa has shared the same/similar.

Anyway – just wanted to share that.  Here is another interesting commentary from that video chat – which makes sense to me given the dreams I’ve been having lately and my mate as well who last night saw his father who was early 20’s – said “yes I’m your dad” when my mate asked him – but then quickly left to go hang out with other friends.  I’ve had this sense on the outside we are our true Selves.  Inside this matrix we have been forced into roles.  Outside?  We’re free to just BE – labels aren’t needed.  How many of us have felt “i’m hardly here now” – I feel this every day now.  Today in the shower I tuned in as an attempt to figure out what do I need to do now to complete this.  How much of this simulation do I give attention to now?  How much of what I AM doing now is keeping this going?  What about this war we see and sense/feel playing out?  How much of it is an illusion and how much is really about the Real War that got us all put/stuck inside this simulation/game/illusion?  How many steps have to be taken inside this clean up before exit time?  The removal of the “enemy” that found ways to trap us to begin with?  In a nutshell:  WHAT IS REAL and WHAT IS ILLUSION?  Just like the matrix movie…………both concepts played a part in awakening and exiting.

All the humans (people with a soul, who are good, or at least not damned to the Pit/being “wiped”) have left the construct subconsciously, already. We’ve all subconsciously ‘gotten off our planes’ and moved to the ‘waiting lounge’ and ‘decontamination room.’ 

Subconsciously, we’re already there. But in our CONSCIOUS minds, the game is still playing out to conclusion, the way WE (individually) thought it would play out. The ending scenario is sped up and playing out super fast.

So thank you LH for taking and saving these notes.  “The game is playing out…the way WE (individually) thought it would play out.”  I’ve been asking myself that lately – feeling we are each individually writing our own script “out”.  I had forgotten the entire conversation –  much less there WAS one.  lol  I now tell people – I have pretty much no memory ability left – just enough to get through the day – often moment by moment.  I know I am not alone.  And this has nothing to do with the movement from 3d to 5d/ascension (which says we have to do XYZ give up eating meat blah blah blah most of that info coming through channelled matrix AI voices).  This is about waking up and getting out of a controlled environment/prison….releasing the prisoners in a way that they survive.

Hey and guess what song just came on the radio?  STAND OR FALL (The Fixx).  Angry skies divide a nation……….Stand or Fall – state your peace tonight.  Yeah I would say we are “there”.   I have goosebumps everywhere – we both do atm.

So………..here is last night’s dream….

I’m in a war-torn area – felt like Ukraine.  I saw Putin and wanted to talk to him – but felt he wasn’t the one to “go to”.  Actually the word I felt to describe him was “lightweight”.  He’s doing what he has been told to do – at least now.  Who knows how he started out as – right now he’s IN on the plan but not one of the creators of it.  But what do I know for sure.  lol  I’m just going by my feeeeeling in the dream.

Then I see Melania.  The sense I got from her – once again – is that she is one of THE masterminds of this clean-up/exit.  She’s from the outside and has incredible power and knowledge.  So I approached her and spoke to her as a mama – wanting some sort of a timeline – where are we in all of this – what’s going on “behind the scenes”.  As she walked over to me and began to talk, I saw “agents” in hats watching.  I crouched down behind an abandoned car, picked up a rock and tossed it – distracting the agent.  (As JFK Jr once told me in a dream “yeah, they’re that stupid”.  My sense today on that is that we are indeed inside of a giant simulation – an Illusion – and we become like Neo inside that simulation and thus gain more power and abilities – which outmatch computer generated programs for they rely on systems of control while we rely on Source Code Freedom.)

Anyway – so she tells me she can “meet me at T-Mobile between 2:38 AND 2:54”.  The experience then ended.  I was first prompted to look up 17 drop 238 and 254.  Very interesting:

Sidley Austin. Happy hunting. Q

Sidley Austin is the corporate lawfirm where the O’B’s met.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at ….png

On main page of Red website. >COINCIDENCE?


>>34447 Expand your thinking. When did Hussein travel to Asia? When was the stringer released? When was the RED video taped? Do you believe in coincidences? Q

More O’B references – as well as Asia – in particular Seoul.  Now this week Monkey Werx (in his latest video) spoke of troops amassing in Seoul – which has been going on for weeks.  We know about Chyna and the CCP.  We know China and Taiwan are next up – if not already happening.  And we know how “they” like to get us to look HERE when we need to be looking THERE.  This can also be a mirror effect being used BY the WH in order to carry out mission(s).

I also had the desire/nudge to gematria T MOBILE:




Red Pill

Not A Game

Barack H Obama

Black Rock

Am I Dreaming

In The Eden

I Am Ready

High Rise (something about this one – LH pointed out we refer to Trump at “T” – so there might be a clue in that t-mobile – the last dream I had of him he was in some sort of a massive High Rise – perhaps T is “mobile” now as all of this has reached a crescendo)

I think that’s about it for now.


, Where are we in “all of this” atm? Last night’s dream….and some other insights/synchs/goodies (including a Gematria) – LOVE IN ACTION NOW


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, Where are we in “all of this” atm? Last night’s dream….and some other insights/synchs/goodies (including a Gematria) – LOVE IN ACTION NOW

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