, What is porsche treffen?

What is porsche treffen?

What is porsche treffen?

Savour sumptuous local flavours in a fun and festive environment while spending time with friends or making new ones.

What is the Porsche Treffen?

Today, activities range from competitive events, such as autocross, club racing, rallies and Concours, to social events, such as Touring, car restoration and Porsche history. From the moment Xoomsai was thrown the keys to a 964 as an impressionable child, he realised that Porsche is a brand best shared. Besides the attraction of the rare Porsche models, another highlight of “Das treffen ” was the camaraderie between old and new friends, who bonded during the experience as a Porsche family. What was missing, however, was a means to harness this burgeoning passion, a true Porsche reunion to rival the established gatherings in the United States, Europe and Australasia.

From a 1955 356 Speedster, to a handful of new Porsche sports cars, from stock to off-the-shelf, and from RUF and Kremer to Singer, this show had just about everything you could want to see at a Porsche show.

What is Treffen in the past tense?



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