, What is ‘LGBT ideology,’ and why are Polish people talking about it?

What is ‘LGBT ideology,’ and why are Polish people talking about it?

What is ‘LGBT ideology,’ and why are Polish people talking about it?


Participants at the 2018 Equality March in Krakow

Polish president Andrzej Duda prompted controversy past week when he explained “LGBT” as “neo-Bolshevism” and an “ideology” even worse than the previous Polish communist regime. Earlier this month, he signed a “Family Charter” promising to keep on to ban homosexual relationship and adoption and to avert educational facilities from covering LGBT subject areas.

Duda, a law firm from Krakow who has been president considering that 2015, is a member of the conservative-nationalist Legislation and Justice (PiS) occasion. PiS, which also controls the government, came to electric power in portion because of its assistance for much-ideal social positions closely aligned with the Polish Catholic Church.

The president’s phrases were being satisfied with condemnation from critics in Poland and abroad who accuse him of intolerance. There will be a protest against Duda’s “Family Charter” on Sunday, June 21 on Krakow’s Principal Sq. at 4pm.

For his aspect, Duda has because reported that he is not from LGBT people but instead the “ideology.”

So, what is “LGBT ideology”?

LGBT is not an ideology.

LGBT is acronym describing groups of individuals: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. At times the acronym also consists of Q (Queer/Questioning), I (Intersex – i.e., possessing some minority variants in sexual biology), A (Asexual/Agender), and/or “+” (to consist of folks who may possibly not in good shape properly into just one of these classes).

There is a wide consensus among the professional medical researchers and psychologists supported by decades of scientific research that these qualities are typical variants of human sexuality and gender which are not a option and which do not have inherent negative effects on folks in these groups or other individuals all-around them.

Taken by alone, LGBT is simply a term to refer to these people and does not indicate any particular established of beliefs. The phrase “LGBT ideology” would make about as much sense as “redhead ideology” or “left-handed ideology.”

Okay, but there are LGBT activists and marches. What do they assistance?

Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, and other queer individuals, staying people, do not hold monolithic political opinions, even amid activists. In addition, not all activists and supporters are themselves sexual or gender minorities – many heterosexual folks, for case in point, think about by themselves allies.

Even so, activists in the community generally aid:

  • equal legal rights to other persons in parts like work, marriage, and adoption
  • promoting tolerance and basic safety for their members in modern society
  • supplying spaces where LGBTQI+ men and women can really feel risk-free, snug, and approved in the experience of discrimination
  • increased health care assist for some of the special issues they may experience

In the words and phrases of the American LGBT nonprofit GLAAD, “Lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender individuals want equivalent rights, not specific rights.” The existence of the LGBT motion is not because they are against other persons or the rest of culture. Alternatively, it produced in response to the simple fact that its members are systematically marginalized, bullied, harassed, denounced, oppressed, and even attacked and killed due to the fact of their bodies and who they really like.

Contrary to the beliefs of some Polish conservatives, the motion is strongly opposed to pedophilia and is commonly not anxious with other sexual subjects these kinds of as the ethics of masturbation or what kids are taught in schools (other than the fact that LGBT persons exist and are legitimate).

But why is Andrzej Duda talking about it now?

He is up for reelection on Sunday, June 28.


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