[VIDEO] Watch the ‘Back to the Future Part III’ Fan Event (‘Doc’umentary)

[VIDEO] Watch the ‘Back to the Future Part III’ Fan Event (‘Doc’umentary)


Relive the fun, excitement, heart, and journey of the inaugural 4-working day ‘Back to 1885’ enthusiast occasion that celebrates all the things ‘Back to the Future Component III’. The historic towns of Columbia, Jamestown, and Sonora, California established the stage for the most significant tribute of the 3rd installment of the beloved ‘Back to the Future’ time journey trilogy. Witness spectacular footage of the world’s most devoted enthusiasts reliving scenes from their beloved movie, leaping off the ‘clock tower’ down a 1500’ zip line, then kicking up their heels in jubilation at the Hill Valley Festival. The ‘Citizens of Hill Valley’ are interviewed as they mingle with the authentic lifestyle musicians, extras, production crew, and even some significant-falutin’ celebrities from the film. The biggest star of all, the well known Sierra #3 steam teach, makes a historic debut dressed as it was in ‘Back to the Future Portion III’, 30 yrs back. Get ready to steam in advance and trip into the sunset as you venture ‘Back to 1885’ 1 far more time!

Back again to 1885 – A ‘Back To The Foreseeable future Part III’ Celebration (‘Doc’umentary)

Filmed, Generated, and Edited by: Steve Czarnecki and Kevin Stern

Function Organizers: Oliver and Terry Holler

Sponsored by: http://www.BackToTheFuture.com

For additional details on ‘Back to 1885’ Admirer Activities, remember to check out: http://www.backto1885.com/ https://www.facebook.com/BackTo1885/

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