, Today’s Reflection…..3.7.22 – LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Today’s Reflection…..3.7.22 – LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Today’s Reflection…..3.7.22 – LOVE IN ACTION NOW




Ok – let’s just say today was the MOST BIZARRE experience – energetically speaking – yet.  I absolutely abhorred how things felt.  I didn’t bother to look at the world stage – I have no room/space for it.  It is the spiritual war w/this invisible enemy in which I am feeling today.  And are they ever at it.

Today?  They are trying to dump/impose their “karmic” [email protected] – their ownership of their doings – on us.  Kinda like a monkey throwing food at you as you pass by, minding your own business.  In my particular situation it felt like the matrix was trying to draw together two sets of families into some karmic creation of “their” doing.  I got that clearly in the shower portal today.  It was the only thing that I could explain away what I was feeling.  It was new  – and felt smothering, oppressive and just ugly heavy.

I received validation on this experience after speaking with Sister D.  I didn’t even tell her what I “got”.  I just shared how heavy it felt today and talked about something that happened to a member of our extended family.  She shared with me how a friend of hers – also an awakened empath – stated she felt “they” were trying to pin their karma on us.


So I affirmed that is exactly what I received as well today.


So I am clearing that and finding humor – which helps greatly.  Sister D and I were able to find humor in all of this crazy.  The visual I receive – and have had come to me several times the past couple of years – we are at the end – they are exiting the stage – wanting our attention.

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Don’t give it to them.  Well, at least this is what I am doing.

Here is the latest Schumann.  I remember Doq Holliday (social media) said about 3 years ago – when “they” leave, we’ll see it on the Schumann.  It’s been doing this for the past several days.  Just find it a point of “hmmm….” interest.


, Today’s Reflection…..3.7.22 – LOVE IN ACTION NOW


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, Today’s Reflection…..3.7.22 – LOVE IN ACTION NOW

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