Tinder Queer Dating/karaoke:rap.mix

Tinder Queer Dating/karaoke:rap.mix

Tinder Queer Dating/karaoke:rap.mix

You can obtain english translation of the track in txt beneath:

///I view commercials and standard..
Polsat’s (Poland’s television station, out of this still left-appropriate battle in media in concept)
Mac Donald’s doubled set- I failed to check with for…, but I obtained:

White Hetero-double
like if that was some increased degree (upp?)
By itself like that “Tom Thumb”
wait, whatt !?
Mom, I’m hetero, not some homo-zero

She writes me on Tinder
so below arrives the issue
or for that initially greeting
there will be a kiss on the cheek or on the lips
will there be homophobic debauchery close to?


dry and vacant
in this tank…
Sir, you better fill this hetero-default!

My orientation?
Yeah… Grandma

my fault …

Following all,..I keep my dignity locked in a storage space.
My father does not even talk to me.

It is complicated to uncover acceptance in Poland
so that I am sad…

…I would get you by the hand…
…but i know, that persons will hassle us in this park
and I know they will glance at us as Yeti in the woods.

…The way leftists search at Andrzej Duda at the congress
and that the boys will whistle or spit,
grandmothers will be indignant,
moms and neighbors disgusted,

and only the little ones is not going to care

Cheers Queers!
Minority indicator a few




Tinder Queer Relationship/karaoke:rap.blend

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