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About Tinder Dating App

Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app

The Tinder effect: how Tinder changed the dating game Tinder is a smartphone dating app that has taken the world by storm. Tinder makes use of location data to connect potential partners, who then decide whether or not they like each other enough to “swipe right” and begin chatting. Tinder users must register using their Facebook account, providing Tinder with access to information about their age, gender, employer, school, photos and friends. Tinder uses this information in order to match users with people they might find interesting. As there is no question answering required for Tinder users, it functions as more of a visual ‘filter’ than a traditional dating website and relies on photographs rather than text messages to attract potential partners.

10 million daily active users

Tinder users can then decide whether or not they like each other based on the photographs Tinder displays them. Tinder employs a simple ‘swipe’ function, similar to Tinder’s predecessor, HotorNot. Tinder CEO Sean Rad has stated that Tinder is less about looks and more about personality and that Tinder aims to help users discover interesting people around them in their city. Tinder also claims that it has over 50 million active users (as of May 2015). The concept behind Tinder will be familiar to most people in New Zealand who regularly use dating websites such as Tinder’s predecessors: HotorNot and Grindr; both of which sought to match potential partners using photos rather than text questions. Tinder runs on Facebook data but was created independently from Facebook. Tinder’s popularity has led to Tinder becoming the most popular dating app in New Zealand, as it is in many other countries. Tinder enables users to find matches nearby and provides access to a range of personal information including names, age, gender and photographs – all of which makes Tinder an especially useful tool for building business relationships and networking. Tinder also uses a geolocation feature that allows users to see people who are currently nearby. This can be really helpful if you’re looking for a romantic partner or even just someone new to hang out with locally:

Over 1 billion swipes per day

Unlike Tinder, Grindr is specific to gay men and focuses on helping them form connections based on their location. Tinder works by displaying pictures from your Facebook profile alongside your Tinder profile. Tinder will then show your Tinder profile to people within Tinder’s service area, based on the pictures Tinder thinks you might be interested in seeing. Tinder users can then view public profiles of Tinder users who have “swiped right” on their Tinder profile and decide whether or not they like that users photos. Users must go through other Tinder users’ profiles one by one, comparing them with theirs until they find someone they like enough to communicate with by messaging or contacting via Facebook:

Swipe right to match with singles in your area

Although Tinder is still quite new it has attracted heaps of interest from both males and females alike – although there are more men than women using Tinder at this time. This possibly relates to the fact that the majority of online dating sites attract more women than men. Tinder has now developed into a Tinder Plus platform – Tinder Plus offers features such as Rewind, Passport and Undo. Tinder users also have the option to upgrade their Tinder app through Tinder Gold subscription for $14.99 USD per month, providing features that Tinder Plus users get for free along with additional perks:

Swipe left to pass and meet someone new. It’s that simple

However, Tinder is well-known for its rather controversial history. Launched in 2012 by Sean Rad and Justin Mateen (the CEO of Tinder’s parent company – IAC) Tinder was launched without any rhyme or reason other than to fill a void left by the absence of dating apps at the time. The original concept behind Tinder came about whilst the two were on vacation in California in 2011. Tinder’s success has since been attributed to the Tinder Swipe feature, which allows Tinder users to match with other Tinder users based on mutual Tinder likes. Tinder has now grown into a huge social platform, almost overnight, as it was one of the first apps that could realistically replace traditional dating sites – such as RSVP and PlentyOfFish. With Tinder’s worldwide popularity Tinder is also an effective networking tool in terms of creating business relationships and finding new customers:

The Tinder effect: how Tinder changed the dating game

Tinder is therefore far more than just a dating site: It provides the ability for people to market their products or services directly to Tinder users by promoting them on their Tinder profile, and it can also be used to connect with people who have similar interests. In short, Tinder is a great tool for networking, branding and generating sales. Tinder provides users with huge potential to reach an international audience looking for relationships, hook-ups or something more serious – Tinder has over 50 million active users worldwide:

How to get more matches with your profile on Tinder?

When Tinder first launched in 2012 Tinder was not Tinder Plus! Tinder initially used Facebook’s data to find matches nearby, much like how Tinder works today – but the app did not include any of Tinder’s signature swipe features that are now being branded as Tinder Swipe (Tinder’s Pin It/Like It feature). Tinder has since been updated numerous times to ensure its success as a social platform. This includes rebranding from Tinder to “Tinder Social” and introducing new features such as Tinder Passport. Tinder has now over 50 million Tinder users worldwide and has been acquired by Facebook for a staggering $15 billion – a deal which will likely see Tinder continue to grow even further:

What are the top 3 mistakes people make when using tinder and how can you avoid them?

Tinder was originally designed with only straight men in mind. Tinder is still mostly used by heterosexual males who are looking for women, however, most people don’t realise that Tinder has recently added an array of new sexual orientation options in order to cater for the LGBT community as well as those who may not wish to identify themselves as either male or female. In Tinder’s case, it is perfectly possible for Tinder matches to be made between two females, two males, gay couples, bisexuals etc…