, Throuple Erotica: Sex Diares of a Ghanaian Throuple

Throuple Erotica: Sex Diares of a Ghanaian Throuple

Throuple Erotica: Sex Diares of a Ghanaian Throuple

Throuple = Three people in a relationship.. just like how two people in a relationship = couple

…………….A real life story from the author’s experience


About Last night

Beep beep beep.. that’s my alarm going off at 5 am. It’s a Saturday morning and I have to go jogging as part of my usual workout routine.

I try to open my eyes but my eyelids are heavy and I feel exhausted. 

Beep beep beep… the alarm keeps blaring. I struggle up and try to locate my phone because my head hurts from all the beeping. After frantically searching for some time, I find it tucked in the corner of my sofa.

I turn off the alarm, plunge into the sofa, and stretch my legs. My legs hit something hard and send it rolling across the floor while making a tinkling sound until it comes to a stop.

I touch my face and sigh, ‘Oh the wine bottle!’

I hear a mumble across the floor close to the wall. I look closely and there lying on a duvet on the floor, mumbling in her sleep, is Ceecee.

She is 5’8 tall, very outgoing, and always excited. She has dark skin, thick thighs, a nice ass, perky boobs, and she is stark naked.

I smile at the sight of her bubble-shaped butt as she lies face down.

I remember how we once fucked till her waist beads tore, sending the beads flying everywhere across the floor and we spent over an hour on our knees after sex, searching for the pieces of the beads. We searched for over a month and I never knew peace because she kept reminding me of how I fucked her till her beads tore.

She would say, “Hw3 ne nim, as3 akorlaa papa bi. Woedi mi saa ama ma hweni3 nyinaa atiti egufom.”

A silly thought comes to mind, when she wakes up, I will lie to her that she was talking in her sleep and said something about eating snake pepper soup🤭. 

I let out a yawn and realize my jaw hurts. My tongue hurts too! I get up and stretch.

Ouch! My whole body hurts.

From my neck, left shoulder, back, knees, waist, and dick…. it all hurt! I wonder if I got hit by a train, or I got into a fistfight.

I’m lost in thought and Ceecee mumbles something again. She rolls over, pulls the duvet to cover herself and what I see is a beautiful, naked, light-skinned girl, soundly asleep on her side with her right hand in between her thick thighs.

My eyes widen, I smile and let out a little giggle. I say to myself, ‘oburoni vanilla.’ That’s how I call her, Vani for short. She lays there naked with 4 rows of custom-made beads that have her name on it around her waist.

I smile out of satisfaction as the memories from last night come flooding in my head. I say to myself, “my girlfriends are wild and freaky and I love them both.”

In case you are wondering, yes! I had a threesome last night and yes, I am in a Triad relationship with Vani and Ceecee.

We are a throuple!

Our Friday night started with both Vani and Ceecee coming over to my house as scheduled. Earlier that day, Vani kept texting in our group chat, saying she was all wet, horny and she wanted dick. I replied, telling her that she will get all the dick she wants later in the evening, but she kept insisting she wanted it, ‘now’.

Ceecee, on the other hand, kept laughing at her and calling her, ‘a hoe’. Next thing, an image popped up on my phone. Vani had just sent some close-up shots of her hairy pussy with her two fingers spreading her labia apart, revealing her pink pussy with cum dripping out of it. Oh Lord! Right then, Ceecee replied, ‘I’m coming to lick it for you. Vani said, ‘your tongue won’t be enough. I just want Cobby’s rock-hard dick to fill me up.’

Immediately I saw the pictures, I got instantly hard, and started losing focus behind my desk at work. All I wanted was to open her legs widely, kiss her thigh from her knees to the inner part gently and with my other hand, squeeze her other thigh and trace my tongue down to her wet, dripping pussy. I would plant a kiss on her clitoris and flick my tongue just once to lick her pussy juice. That’s just for tasting. That first lick to me is like a cocaine deal in a movie where they stick a knife in the parcel of coke and taste it to see if it’s the real deal. That first taste and smell of a pussy just gets me high and feeling like my already-hard dick is about to explode. Before I could part her pussy lips open with two fingers and eat her out in my imaginations, I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh.

I imagined how good that would feel at that moment but unfortunately, I was stuck at work and it was a long way to closing time. I was so horny and felt like stroking my hard dick to get off. I sneaked out of my office into the washroom stall, pulled out my hard dick, took some photos of it, and sent them back to our little group chat, comprising my two girlfriends and me. Ceecee immediately replied, ‘I want dick too!’ I sent a ‘laughing’ emoji and added, ‘first come, first served.’ 

Though I was horny, I needed to work. So, I ended up uncomfortably forcing my hard dick back into my pants, and maneuvering back to my seat without anyone noticing the big bulge in the crotch of my pants. I lied to the girls that I had to get off the phone and the day went by slower than usual. I kept checking my watch to see if it was closing time already.

Some hours after, I opened my group chat to see a picture that showed Ceecee’s two fingers in a pussy that looked like Vani’s. I remembered then that they were flatmates and must’ve linked up to have a steamy, girl-girl session. Damn! How I wish I was there to savor it all.

With time, work was over and I left for home. On my way, I texted my girls and they also took off to rendezvous with me. 

I got home, quickly rushed into the shower, and had a cold bath. Then, I slid into sweatpants and a tank top, awaiting my girls. Moments later, I heard them chatting outside and I got up to meet them at the door.

Immediately I opened it, Ceecee punched me on the shoulder and I responded by pulling off her wig cap and flinging it across the room. She yelled and chased after it.

Vani, the more quiet one, walked in calmly, acting all shy in her long sundress with hip-high slits on both sides that showed her smooth silky vanilla skin. I wasn’t into light-skinned girls until I met Vani.

With a beaming smile on her face, I hugged her. She smelled like flowers. I kissed her deeply… her lips felt very soft and I sucked on her upper lip gently. We kept kissing with my lips and tongue playing with hers. Suddenly, Ceecee spanked me on the butt, causing me to bump my teeth against Vani’s teeth.

Vani shouted, ‘oh Cee!’.

I covered my mouth with my palm and turned around only for Ceecee to remove my hand, lean forward and kiss me deeply. She sucked on my lower lip and upper lip, and sucked on my tongue for a while.

I responded by squeezing her bubble-shaped butt and spanked it, hard. She screamed, ‘ouch!’ and pushed me away, breaking off the kiss. I laughed, pointed a finger at her, and told her, ‘that’s for spanking me earlier.’

Vani pulled off her dress, walked over to the fridge, and bent over to peek inside. The inner lights of the fridge illuminated her body, revealing her curvy figure in what appeared to be a pink, butterfly-designed G-string. It made her butt stick out and she had on a matching bra.

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She stood back and unstrapped her bra with her left hand. Her medium-sized boobs bounced upward and downward as they escaped from the bra.

I was starstruck and I gloated at her perfect figure.

She is 5’5 and as usual, stood on her toes, stretched out her hand, and grabbed a big bottle of wine before closing the fridge to reveal her waist beads glowing in the dark. My gaze was fixated on her hot, sexy body as she walked gracefully in her panties to the sofa. Her jiggly butt bounced with each step she took.

That same time, Cecee watched me and yelled, “Adwaman! Ashawo man!” meaning, pervert or man-hoe.

I smiled, stuck out my tongue, made a fist, and flipped up my middle finger at her. She laughed, kicked her legs in the air, and continued teasing me. I was so horny.

I joined them in the sofa and saw Vani taking deep gulps of red wine. I sat down between them and placed each of my hands on their thighs.

Ceecee was still clothed in loose togas and a crop top. We sat back to watch an episode of Sex Education and I rubbed their thighs as they snuggled closer to me.

Ceecee placed one thigh on my legs which spread her legs apart to give me more access to her inner thighs and I moved my fingers to her crotch to feel her pussy through her togas. She had no panties on!

I turned to look at her face and smiled. She smiled back, leaned forward and we kissed. I could hear her breathe deeper and quicker as my lips touched and played with hers. She had thick lips and damn! The girl can suck my soul out through my mouth! She stretched forth her hand at Vani who instinctively handed over the wine bottle.

Then, Ceecee broke away from my lips and took sips from the bottle. 

I looked over at Vani to see her eyes fixated on the TV while she squeezed her medium-sized boobs with one hand. Her nipples looked so hard and pointed. I moved to her, kissed her shoulder, and traced my lips down her neck. She quivered and I squeezed her firm breasts with my hands. I planted another kiss on her neck, traced my tongue to her right ear, and slowly sucked on her earlobe while flicking my tongue on it at intervals.

I stuck my tongue in her ear and she giggled. She pulled her head away from me and murmured, “that tickles.” 

We both laughed and I apologized for doing that.

Right then, I felt Ceecee fumbling beside me. She took off her crop top and togas to reveal nothing underneath.

I whispered to Vani, “Ceecee didn’t come to play at all today.”

Ceecee retorted, “I am right beside you. I can hear you guys.”

She slid her hand up my tank top and started rubbing my chest. She squeezed my nipples till they became hard and slipped her hands down my tummy, into my sweat pants, and gently grabbed my hard dick.

She started stroking it lightly as she took another sip of her wine and placed the bottle at her feet.

She massaged my dick and stroked the shaft. With the tip of her thumb, she rubbed the skin underneath my tip in circles and stroked the head. I could feel my precum pouring out of my dick, and she started stroking faster.

All that while, I was kissing Vani and squeezing her nipples. I could taste the wine on her lips and smelled the alcohol on her breath. It tasted so good and her breath was intoxicating.

The hand job from Ceecee also felt good and I moaned through the side of my lips as I kissed Vani.

It was so intense!

Ceecee got on her knees, pulled down my pants to play with my dick.

Vani also stopped kissing me to take off my tank top. Right then, I caught a glimpse of Ceecee. I found it hot to see her a deep breath before kissing the tip of my dick.

She licked and sucked on the entire shaft as one of her thumbs massaged the head, spreading precum all over it. She licked the precum like an ice cream cone with ice cream dripping down your hands. It was so sloppy and I enjoyed it! I moved my hands from Vani’s breast, down her panties, to her pubis. Oh my goodness! I loved the feel of her bare pussy (sakora). She noticed my surprise and she responded, ‘I shaved my coochie just for you.’ 

I slipped my fingers past her pubis, down to the opening of her pussy.

She leaned back, grabbed the sofa seats, and moaned softly as I fingered her slowly with my middle finger. I felt her inner walls, and damn! She was soaking wet. I pulled out my finger and licked her juice off my hands. Right after, I kissed her so she could taste herself and I started to feel a wet tongue on my balls.

It was Cee! She was on her knees and sucking the life out of my balls. It felt so wet and soo good. I moaned loudly and Vani went down on her knees to join Ceecee on the floor. They kissed each other for a while and instinctively, stopped to please my dick. 

Ceecee sucked on my balls while Vani sucked the head of my dick and her hand gently stroked the shaft. She sucked my hard dick as if she was using a huge straw to sip a drink. It felt soo good and I could feel some tingling sensations running down my spine, with my toes curling.

I bent over, rubbed my hands down their backs to reach behind them, and squeezed their soft butts. I inserted two fingers (the index and middle) of both hands in their pussies. They both felt warm, wet, and slippery. I could hear moans escaping from their lips as they increased the tempo while sucking on my dick and balls.

I felt the intense sensations and the pressure building up in my balls. I knew at that moment that I would cum soon if I don’t stop them. I removed my fingers from their pussies, held their heads, and guided them up.

I made them suck their juices off my fingers. Doing that gave me some time to relax a bit. I moved away from them, grabbed a shabbily folded duvet on my table, spread it on the floor, and threw some cushions on it.

Then, I walked to them, grabbed Ceecee by the hand, and led her to the duvet-covered floor. Vani followed us like a puppy following its mother. 

I laid Ceecee on her back and kissed her lips while Vani laid beside us on her side. She squeezed and played with Ceecee’s firm, perky boobs. I traced my tongue from her lips down to her neck and I could hear her breathe deeper with each kiss. I located the other breast kissed it, and started licking and sucking her nipple.

Vani also started sucking the other breast and made Ceecee go wild. She started moaning loudly. I traced my tongue down her tummy, kissed her belly button, and proceeded to her pussy which was dripping wet with juices flowing along her thighs.

I flicked my tongue on her slightly swollen clit and felt her body quiver. I licked, sucked on her clitoris from downwards to the tip, and inserted my two fingers inside her. I sucked and licked her clit while fingering her wet warm pussy.

I licked her pussy lips while sticking my tongue down her pussy and tongue-fucked her. Ceecee’s legs shook helplessly and she squeezed my head with her thick thighs with force.

It didn’t stop me from licking her clitoris some more.

She pulled my face harder against her pussy and kept grinding on my face. She squirmed around in pleasure while moaning loudly as I licked her clit till she stopped suddenly and laid still, finally releasing my head from her hands and tight grip. She laid back, covered her pussy with her hands, and breathed heavily & deeply.

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It was Vani’s turn!

I moved over to Vani who was lying on her back. From the look on her face, she knew she was in trouble, happy trouble.

I kissed her so she could taste Ceecee’s pussy juice.

I grabbed her neck and sucked on her much bigger boobs. I kissed her boobs, licked the entire surface area with my wet tongue, and flicked my tongue on her nipple. I gently slapped her other boob a few times while flicking my tongue and licking her.

I moved to her pussy, licked her clit and traced the tongue down her labia, sucking on it and licking her clit in circles. She moaned my name, “Cobby please, I want your hard dick inside me.” 

I obliged and picked up a cushion.

She lifted her butt and I placed the cushion underneath it. Then, with one hand on the floor by her shoulder and another, holding my rock-solid dick.

I started rubbing the head of my dick against her clitoris. She loves that! Not long after, she moaned louder, “Cobby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I felt droplets of cum sprinkling on my groin and dick as I continued rubbing my dick against her clit and the entrance of her wet warm pussy.

Vani is an occasional squirter and she squirted on me as I continued teasing her clit. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she grabbed my dick and tried pushing it inside her. She was too tight and my dickhead felt bigger, so I gently parted her lips on both sides and slowly pushed my dick inside her.

I could feel the walls of her vagina tightening around my dick as it went in and out of her. She spanked my ass and moaned loudly as her big boobs bounced with every stroke of my dick. It was so intense and I felt like cumming.

I immediately slowed down, stopped thrusting, and took in deep breaths (A technique I learned years ago to help me last longer). I could feel my dick spasm as if I was ejaculating but I wasn’t. When the spasms passed, I resumed thrusting and fucking her tight pussy on top.

She yelled, “fuck me like you own me” and I gladly fucked her while rubbing her clit.

I felt her legs shaking and her hands pulling me deeper into her skin. She shook violently and orgasmed while trying to push me away. 

I held on to her and the duvet as she came and pressed her pussy against me. After a while, she stopped shaking and her pussy walls squeezed my dick and released it at intervals. It felt sooo good! 

We switched to cowgirl and she straddled me. She moved up and down, riding me like a horse while her big boobs bounced freely. Now and then, she would stop to grind her clit against my pubis until I felt her pussy walls tightening against my dick again. She started convulsing, placed her hands on my chest, and rested her head.

She’d had another orgasm.

She asked, “Cobby did you take any drugs?” I smiled and responded, “no.”

I grabbed her, put her in the doggy-style position and inserted my dick in her tight pussy. I continued fucking her as I spanked her jiggly butt.

I grabbed her waist beads firmly and dug deeper into her pussy while spanking her. She was having a good time and started shaking again. She felt like a phone on vibration and it made me go in and out of her wet pussy faster till she came and lay flat on her belly.

I tried to continue in the collapsed doggy position, but Vani was breathing heavily and said she had cum so hard that her head ached. She mentioned that she was feeling dizzy, so I laughed and moved to Ceecee who was watching us all along and rubbing her clit.

I parted her legs open. She grabbed my dick and it inside her warm pussy. She lifted her butt and my dick entered her smoothly. She let out a soft moan as I thrust in and out. She locked her legs around my hips and she met me midway with every stroke.

I was sweating and tired, but her wet and warm pussy kept me going.

I was on top but I felt her fucking me from beneath and I knew at a point that she was going to cum soon.

I started feeling the sensations build up my spine and downward, to my balls. The feeling was out of this world.

I tried to hold on again and not cum, but I Ceecee yelled, “what are you doing to meeeeeeeee?” She came so hard, hugging me tightly and digging her fingernails into my back. Her pussy walls tightened and I ejaculated deep inside her.

I could still feel her pussy tightening as my dick shot its last load. With every spasm from my dick, I felt her pussy tighten some more. 

I laid on top of Ceecee all sweaty and hyperventilating.

We kissed and I heard Vani speak. I didn’t get a word she said. I was exhausted!

I turned to her while on top of Ceecee.

Vani said, “Adwaman b33ma, you didn’t cum in me too.” I laughed, struggled up, moved to her, and after a few attempts, managed to insert my semi-hard dick inside her pussy.

I was too tired to fuck her, so we just laid down and allowed my dick to soak in her juices. We kissed slowly and I could feel her move her hips gently to grind against me. It felt nostalgic.

I noticed Ceecee coiling up like a ball and dozing off. She was too far gone.

I kept my dick soaking inside Vani’s tight pussy while she squeezed her walls tightly until I ejaculated in her.

She moaned, “Cobby, I love you”

I responded, “I love you too.’

My dick slipped out of her moist pussy and shrunk in size.

I noticed that her pussy had my cum dripping out of it and I loved it. I kissed her forehead, kissed her eyelids and we slept off.

……The End!

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……………….. Why Throuple? Three can be better than two sometimes!

, Throuple Erotica: Sex Diares of a Ghanaian Throuple

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