, The Susan Cox Powell Video Testimony

The Susan Cox Powell Video Testimony

The Susan Cox Powell Video Testimony


Lately launched paperwork in the Susan Cox Powell disappearance, in particular a penned last will and testomony and video clip made by Susan, suggest that she was in imminent hazard and she knew it. In the online video we see her laying the groundwork and instruction really should something occur to her, as perfectly as in notes she wrote indicating that, …”if something transpires to me it may perhaps not be an incident.”

This situation was a single that Susan Murphy Milano wrote about and talked about thoroughly. (Down below are inbound links to some of the posts she wrote.) She had Susan Cox Powell’s mother and father on radio reveals along with their lawyer Anne Bremner whom she talked to often about the case.

According to Susan, and some of the discussions we experienced about it, the writing was on the wall, Josh Powell experienced personal know-how about what occurred to his wife on the evening he took two tiny kids tenting in freezing temperature just after darkish. Insert in the later interviews with his father, nonetheless incarcerated Steven Powell, and the soup receives even spicier. She felt that Steven Powell could have probably been the mastermind at the rear of the complete crime given his obsession with one thing he could not have, his son’s wife.

We are all acquainted with the incidents that happened considering the fact that the beginning of this case in December of 2009, and the very last a single standing is Steven Powell. Josh Powell incinerated himself and his little ones after a social worker came by for an appointed visitation, and his brother, who some think was also concerned, has committed suicide.

By all indications Susan Cox Powell was making an attempt to generate an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit (EAA), but what went improper, and why failed to it accomplish what she wished it would?

  • There had been no incident or police stories filed (that we know of) to suggest violence in the house, Susan only spoke about her unsatisfied relationship to good friends as considerably as we know. (Rumour) But, Josh Powell had violent tendencies as indicated in the procedure of his have mother.
  • To document the abuse Susan had a handwritten “last will and testomony” but it was not witnessed and notarized (that we know from news experiences).
  • Following developing the handwritten will and the video testimony, Susan locked it away in what she considered was a safe and sound location, but, by all studies, she didn’t give a copy to family, reliable good friend, or legal professional.
  • Most probably the online video and will could not maintain up as proof in court, it would count on the jurisdiction and legislation for that state.

Susan Cox Powell attempted, she understood ample about her very own predicament to know she was in hazard, and to set her impressions in creating and movie. She felt that a little something was going to materialize, intuitively wanting to secure her youngsters and the belongings, she did all she knew to do.

Experienced Susan designed an EAA with a skilled advocate issues could have turned out otherwise for her and for her small children. Though hindsight in this situation is 20/20, the information and facts we know could perhaps help you save the existence of another in the similar predicament. 

A person educated to assist in the generation of an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit would know how to have every little thing in purchase, signed, witnessed and notarized, to insure that if it ever needed to be introduced to a prosecutor, regulation enforcement investigator, or to the courtroom, that it would have the finest opportunity of staying the voice of the target, whether or not or not that target was disabled, missing, or deceased. It would also have information about the attainable perpetrator that would give investigators avenues to just take to uncover proof and evidence.

It is really a fairly straightforward approach, and individuals who have made it are all still alive to testify to it can be usefulness,  in simple fact it has the impact of empowerment and peace of mind to most of individuals who have designed their individualized security approach and the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit.

On the web site, Doc the Abuse, Sandra L. Brown, CEO of The Institute for Relational Hurt Reduction and colleague of Susan Murphy Milano, has assembled detailed facts about lethality assessment, how to make the EAA, how to turn out to be accredited to practice many others, and lists of all vendors and community partners that are fully commited to assist insure the security of victims of spouse and children violence.

What Would Susan Say:

9 e-mails were furnished to the newspaper after Susan Powell disappeared in December 2009, but at the request of the service provider, the newspaper held again on publishing them until eventually now. 

“Just about every second I stage back again and consider stock of what I am dealing with, it feels like a by no means ending cycle but I’m also afraid of the implications (sic) dropping my youngsters, him kidnapping, divorce or steps even worse on his portion, if I just take a stand on a person of his ultimatums like paying out $20 on the counseling co-fork out or reducing off entry to my fork out examine,” she wrote. 

When Susan Cox Powell vanished, it was disclosed by the oldest of the boys, “mommy went on a tenting journey with us but she didn’t arrive again.” West Valley metropolis police, for unfamiliar motives, made the decision to sit on evidence blood, kid’s disclosure, a letter identified in Susan’s drawer at get the job done stating “if anything transpires to me.” There was enough in just months to stop Josh Powell from leaving the condition of Utah and building an arrest. What in God’s identify ended up they ready for?   (from May possibly 1, 2012 put up)

Aid continue to keep Susan Murphy Milano’s legacy transferring ahead into the long term, a upcoming where by there is complete enable for victims of violence, woman and male.

If you are a sufferer, read Holding My Hand By way of Hell, you will locate oneself and your tale somewhere in this e-book,  Susan’s genuine criminal offense memoir is a have to. 

If you are contemplating about ending a connection, prior to you make any announcements or designs, read Time’s Up, put together your personal Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit and individualized protection prepare to insure that you’ve got done all you can.
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, The Susan Cox Powell Video Testimony
*Susan Murphy Milano misplaced her fight with most cancers on October 28, 2012. To keep her function and her memory alive, I will be producing entries to her blog hoping to retain her lots of faithful visitors and preserve notice on the cases which she herself wrote about. In some cases a circumstance screams to be heard, a situation that Susan herself would want to publish about, all those are the types I will once in a while try to current as “What Would Susan Say.”……Delilah (ImaginePublicity)

Disclaimer: I am not a qualified or accredited advocate, only a near good friend and colleague of Susan Murphy Milano and was appointed administrator of her on the net websites. The thoughts and scenario speculations do not always indicate that I am an expert in domestic violence, only in the sense that I had the privilege of working with Susan on a every day basis, modifying her weblogs and textbooks and sharing in her vast knowledge.

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