The Neediness Monster | Cindy, Dating

The Neediness Monster | Cindy, Dating

In my the latest bout with PMS et al., my inner needy monster came out to engage in.  I’ve seen that after I get into the honeymoon time period with a man, I commence to flip out (at least inside of my head).  Almost everything is great…so when is all the things heading to blow up and go to hell in a hand basket? 

When is Mr. Nice likely to convert into Mr. Jerk?  When is Mr. Generous heading to change into Mr. Selfish? 

They say it will take 21 times to develop a pattern.  I feel there is a 21 working day rule with courting, also.  At least in my knowledge, people’s legitimate colours start to arise someplace among working day 14 and day 21…or the minute you get started falling for them…or whichever comes quicker.  I’ve dated guys the place the modify seems to occur overnight.  I’ve also dated men in which the modify is incredibly, quite gradual.  He commences out quite charming, full of attention-grabbing stories, cooking amazing dinners…then just one working day you notice he stopped trying…but you are not guaranteed when.  It’s x months afterwards and now that your lives are completely intertwined, he’s a jerk.

Perfectly, that is my practical experience.  So, like clockwork, with Harley, my unconscious brain was going tick, tock (no, which is not my maternal clock, thank you very a lot).  When is he heading to say anything impolite?  When is his other personality likely to take above?  When is the act going to conclusion?  Is it heading to come about slowly but surely or quickly? 

My body remembers each time I have felt this way.  Every single time, I have ended up hurt, unhappy, and lonely.  For each up, there is a down.  For each individual honeymoon, there is a…rude slap of truth?  Well, sheesh, to make a long tale a ton shorter, I’ve been waiting for Harley to change into the Antichrist.  And, uh, he has not, but I did.  All of my stress and concern and fret got the ideal of me.  I turned into a pathetic, needy mess…and Harley rode it out like a champ.

Luckily, the neediness monster went again to rest.

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