The List (2015 Edition) – Dating Diva

The List (2015 Edition) – Dating Diva

Sure, women (and gents, whatever rocks your boat!), it is time for my yearly major 10 list of my movie star crushes.  These gentlemen all posses some amazing attributes that transcend appears to be like (effectively, it’s possible not all, some I picked centered entirely on looks…oops.) So, in this article goes in no distinct get:

Channing Tatum

Lord. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with Channing. He’s good searching, of course. But I believe it is for the reason that (a) he can dance and (b) we share the identical birthday.  Plus he does not come off as a cookie cutter lovable hollywood major actor he has some swag and spice to him— and which is desirable. Did I mention that he can dance?


Idris Elba 

This man’s full aura just screams “fine for no purpose.” I really like Idris’ performing skill and his general suaveness. And let us Remember to make him the next James Bond, he was born for that part.

Jesse Williams 

So, I’ve been enamored with Jesse Williams because his Sisterhood of the Traveling Trousers days (really do not question my motion picture observing routines), but it wasn’t till recently that I’ve been head over heels in celeb crush mode. Sure, he seems to be remarkable, but the sexiest point about Jesse is his intelligence and commitment to social issues. His ongoing support of the #BlackLivesMatter motion is intoxicating. A male who thinks (and exhibits these kinds of adore to his wife) ooo wee, certainly Lawd!


Morris Chestnut 

Morris should be a vampire, or have vampire like traits simply because I really don’t imagine growing old is something he is capable of…and he is continuing to make his existence felt in the leisure field perfectly into his forties. I’m loving his character on the new exhibit Rosewood usually a enjoyment viewing black males represented positively on mainstream tv.


Theo James

Theo is new to the checklist I like how he portrayed “Four” in the Divergent sequence of movies. I’m a sci-fi/fantasy film form of woman, so he was enjoyment to check out in the motion sequences.


Keanu Reeves

I have no reasonable explanation for my infatuation with Keanu. I just like him. #ThatIsAll


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Muscle groups. Tall. Million dollar smile. Yup, that about handles it.


Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz is These types of a rockstar.  Who does not love a true rockstar. Are we guaranteed he’s 51? And yes, we, regrettably, skipped the pants ripping incident, but we definitely heard about it, lol.



I have no plan who this product is, but he receives a point out on this list.  Found him  while I was stalking browsing all around on Instagram. He has striking good appears (he’s also 6′ tall), and it’s so neat to see much more and more Asian male designs creating the operate in editorials and on the runway hope the streak continues. POC need to be represented in additional meaningful strategies in the manner sector than they presently are.

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Denzel Washington 

Y’all can make pleasurable of Uncle Denzel all you want, but he is still wonderful and has aged impeccably. He’s fairly a lot a lasting member on my checklist. His performing competencies by yourself need to make him a most loved.  Plus that “je nais se quoi” high quality will get me each time. Denzel is the epitome of a “distinguished gentleman.”


So that’s it…all I bought for 2015 (check out past year’s listing as a comparison)  Who are your favs?  Who would be on your checklist? Enable me know in the opinions!

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