The Limelight | Strictly Scumbags

The Limelight | Strictly Scumbags

The Limelight | Strictly Scumbags

Have you at any time appear throughout someone so repulsively vain and egotistical they can twist all the things into currently being about them? The kind of person who sees your posts on social media and texts you, or freaks out at you because they imagined it was about them. The human being who pretends to dislike becoming the center of attention… BUT always manages to obtain a way to make himself the most essential particular person in the space.

I’ve regarded The Limelight since I was in superior school, or like appropriate right after. You’re in all probability asking yourself why A different particular person from my past has come again to haunt me… I Really do not KNOW, but permit me explain to you he is not the last 1. There are a several additional prior to him that have resurfaced and I obviously can not realize a pattern. WHOOPS. My most effective buddy retains creating fun of me due to the fact I feel there had been like 4/5 in a row that were being all men and women that I utilised to be pals with or knew some time in the past. Anyway, I fulfilled this guy many moons back when he was the neighbor to a person of my superior faculty ideal mates, and then afterwards his roommate. I always found him extremely beautiful – right until this total shit exhibit took position.

SO Right here WE GO ON THIS JOYOUS Ride.

Mmm, so it was back again in November when 1 of my preferred bands, Beartooth, performed a display in San Antonio. Now, usually my very best good friend comes with me, but she desired to be an grownup and not go out on a operate night… HOW Selfish Suitable? (kidding, she was intelligent) So, I went by itself for the reason that I was NOT likely to overlook them. They experienced just set out a new album and I shamelessly realized each and every term to each and every song and I preferred to belt my tiny emo heart out.


I parked my auto down this sketchy ass street, that in any other metropolis you would most likely under no circumstances park on but simply because I experienced been here so several times I understood it would be ok, and I designed my way to Alamo Town Songs Hall. Everything was good and dandy Until finally I ran into The Strangler (who I will get to at a later place). THAT WAS Uncomfortable AS FUCK, so I grabbed a beer to tranquil my nerves. I had prepared on not consuming mainly because I had do the job the future morning AND I had to push residence, but that plainly went to shit. A couple of my other pals had been there so it was not a huge deal, simply because if you know me in authentic-life, I have the world’s WORST social panic To the position I will sit in my automobile exterior of where I want to be and converse myself out of going due to the fact I am far too anxious or nervous.

Insane, right? HA-HA I KNOW.

It’s towards the conclusion of the show and I see a good good friend of mine and THE LIMELIGHT about by the audio booth. I tipsily slink my way about to them to say hello since I have not noticed both of them in ages, and the limelight buys me a drink, and we love the relaxation of the exhibit as a group, and we are belting along because we have the same obsession with Beartooth.


Fucking sweet, right?

**rolls eyes and would make puking encounter**


Just after the demonstrate is over we do some catching up… I guess which is what you ordinarily do with aged mates, suitable? Nicely, he tells me about this new band he’s in and tells me he’s going to display me some of the songs. Tight, I believed, he’s undertaking what he enjoys once more. He messages me some of his band’s songs on the generate home… and it was Amazingly Worthy of my ears. We talked about me serving to with the symbol, and just chatted for a though and following that and established up a “date” to just get some foodstuff and converse about the layouts and shit.

I did not imagine something of it at this place, to be trustworthy.

The date ended up remaining a flop for what ever explanation, but we went to some type of house get together later in the evening. By property get together, his one close friend was there and like 5 other odd folks who were tripping balls and experienced a gentle present in the back lawn. I WAS NOT AMUSED, but I even now experienced entertaining due to the fact we ended up “chilling”.

You know whichever the fuck that indicates.

This person was a sleek talker, he likes to inform you what ever he can to make you intrigued in him but is the proper amount of money of an asshole to not bore you to loss of life. We all know girls like assholes for regardless of what fucking explanation. A person night we actually sit in the car and communicate about how he’s got this stigma as a full fuck boy and all this shit, and how he isn’t everything like what everyone said…. HA, WHAT A JOKE Mainly because HE WAS, BUT We dangle out a bunch additional occasions, and at last it potential customers to me remaining the night. I was like tight… where by are we sleeping?


GET THIS SHIT. THIS Mom FUCKER POINTED TO THE Couch AND WAS LIKE…. UGH, I Really do not HAVE A Bed. WHAT Just about 30-12 months-Outdated SLEEPS ON A FUCKING Couch AND Provides House Girls TO FUCKING Join IN ON THIS RATTY ASS Couch. THIS Mom FUCKER Bought ME FUCKED UP.


But, you know the great man or woman I am… I was like oh… okay… perfectly, I guess that is cool due to the fact I’m drunk or whichever. Intellect you each individual time we hung out it was him producing songs and me just chilling whilst fucking all-around with some audio programs.


I never day musicians, much more so, dudes in bands. They suck. All of them. Band dudes are their individual breed of person-boy or girl. That is my bias and I will maintain it. Anyhow, so I commence staying the night time much more commonly, and one particular night he decides to come in excess of to my spot. We’re just chilling and out of the blue he begins to freak out about having upper body pains, and so I offer to get him to the ER simply because this dude is literally getting rid of it. We go to this ER above by my location and he’s performing like a total ass to the personnel, and in the finish, he leaves without having procedure. We get again to my location and this mom fucker was like “I want to go home.” Properly, I really don’t truly feel snug permitting him travel by himself, so I make him stick to me and we go again to his area. He’s on the telephone this entire generate “talking to his medical doctor friend.”

I gave up sleeping in my mom fucking mattress for this fool. I Performed MYSELF.

The total time we ended up speaking there was unusual shit going on. He had this woman medical doctor friend who would get him all sorts of shit, and then there was 1 night time when he got a connect with at 6 in the fucking morning following I had stayed the evening, if I keep in mind appropriately it was after the ER evening, from a chick. He would activate and deactivate his Fb all the time, and his relationship standing normally stated: “in a relationship”.  As an adult, I started off questioning all these points, simply asking, and he would Lose HIS Mom FUCKING SHIT, and make it seem like I was fucking crazy when I had all the suitable to be, since at this stage he mentioned “the only man or woman I am conversing to is you” and all that other horse shit I fell for but matters were being not incorporating up, and I do not want to invest time into shit that is not heading to be well worth it. He leaves for North Carolina to go record his band’s songs and promised to FaceTime me just about every day.

Which I didn’t question for, but what girl is gonna say no, YA Really feel ME?

So, his band mate messages me on Facebook out of nowhere, and I identified it a minimal weird, but he was thanking me for creating shit and what not. So, I display screen shot it and confirmed it to the Limelight, for the reason that I am not making an attempt to jeopardize a thing with him.


Suitable then and there I was like OH, so this is how this shits likely to be. The rest of his time in North Carolina he ignores me. A reliable like 4 times this trick bitch does not chat to me, NOT EVEN After. He explained he needed his house, and that he preferred to assume about if he desired to continue on this.




He receives again to Texas, and is a full fucking ass clown. It’s his band mate’s birthday and we built programs to all hangout and rejoice. I am the form of person to like to have a program, and this fool bought mad at me for texting him three times in the two to three hrs it took him to “shower and get ready” to determine out the prepare. Justification THE FUCK OUT OF ME. He then proceeds to say “well I don’t know if I even want to hang out with you anymore”

OH, FUCK NO BUDDY, I HAVE A Entire Experience OF MAKE UP ON, I AM Heading OUT NOW!!

I stop up going out and drinking at a bar alone. I am pretty much about to leave and this fool phone calls me. “Erin, babe, beautiful… come to Sidebar I have to have your support and I overlook you.” If you really don’t know Sidebar is cocaine metropolis, and absolutely everyone gets way also fucked up there. I understood this idiot drove so getting the semi-fantastic person I am, I was not going to enable him travel dwelling. I picked his coked-out ass up and took him property. We got into an argument that night because there was a lot of shit that we required to discuss about. I designed the remark about how communication is a need to for any kind of relationship to function, because it is. Get this…


THIS Mother FUCKER YELLS AT ME, “What the fuck do you know about interactions, your longest one particular was 6 months.”


This bought me fired the fuck up and I explained to him to go fuck himself, and I was pissed and I went to slumber. I took him to get his motor vehicle the subsequent early morning and didn’t discuss to him, Monday rolled close to and we each agreed we shouldn’t discuss any longer and that was that.


Or so I thought…


Little by little this fool begins popping back again into my everyday living, texts listed here and there, examining in to see how I am carrying out. He tells me he misses me. All that BULLSHIT. Nope, I am not getting it, but due to the fact I really do not maintain grudges when he requested to hangout through the Tremendous Bowl I claimed sure, and I went to his bands 1st exhibit for the reason that I nonetheless like his band and even although I have no fascination in him any more I nevertheless like his bandmates and required to help them.

But, wait for it. Listed here IS THE KICKER.

My very best mate and I go to this exhibit, and the girl I questioned him about getting in a relationship with, which he denied, was there.

THEY Experienced BEEN Relationship THIS Entire FUCKING TIME AND THIS Idiot Performed HER AND ME. I SHIT YOU NOT.

But, she was offering me the evil eye the total time when I experienced no clue. When I saw her there the gentle bulb went off in my head and I was like “WHAT THE Entire FUCK.” I had the world’s most significant epiphany and could not even be mad at this place. All the tales and rumors had been real. The Limelight is the world’s major scumbag, and I fell into his twisted trap.






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