, The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower

The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower

The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower


The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically Final Parts

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Furthermore, the Life Dynamix with Wings for all with Bliss Planet Systems is now also present at the Researchgate with Steven Ferrel and Dr. Andres Frederic, where our Research and Development Team is also presenting different research presentations and publications as well.

In the modern world of healthcare and or wellness, when we look into the issues of the modern services, we may come across the following very simple reaction as shown in the media with perhaps an intention to create the opinions, trends and or the same, but without any proper solutions:

“How and why people in Asia, East and in the Modern World protest against the Modern, Western and or the New Systems is not based on its quality, standards and or the results, but it does not reach every home in the world especially in India, Asia and or the East.”

How and Why: The above said seems to bring the highest level of suffering in Villages, Cities, States and or Nations in Asia, while it seems to be cashed all over the world in Politics, Market, Media and or the Mafia Systems with almost no relief to the said. We may observe the least of Government and or even the Corporate Services going to “homes, the residences” as for example if the doctors visit people at home; there may be no one sick left at any home (we are not discussing here the forceful nasbandi and or the imposed family planning), where hundreds of available “therapy” and or the “pathy” systems seem to face the same crises of “absence of human touch” especially by visiting homes, and furthermore if the lawyers visit homes; leaves no legal problem,and if the lawyers visit; leaves no legal problem, if police; leaves no crime, if teachers; no tuition’s required, and so on, but have we ever really observed it in last 50 years and or so with thus almost “Ideal Idleness” that brings almost “No help even to the Neighbors” (Almost Zero Socialization; No Civilian Life) so what is corruption, violence, crime, terrorism, and never ending poverty, and further say if gardener, the mali visits every home, can there be any problem with gardening at every home and or elsewhere.

So, where is democracy; in media, progress reports and perhaps in books; the said ideal idleness and should we expect discrimination for even point it out with politics active at this “Incentive Idleness Zones”, which can make even the developed nations go worse than the underdeveloped levels as there is still presence of socialization; the civilian life. If we cannot do it; what is the use of Government, UNO, Corporates, Charities, Big People and so on, who seem to remain “Offside in Offices” and “Go to Warn Public as the Go-warn; the Government Systems” as has been in times of imperialism with its own corporate type governing body systems, where the intention is not to prove it wrong as there some bills that are almost fully abused and exploiters gain through loyalty rather than any merit. It also simply means almost complete absence of cymatics, and when we “Yell; criticize and or object”; our audios and or videos are used as if we oppose the modern and or the western systems (we found the “truth and reality” as “shown in this audio and or video” system), which is as wrong as the above said How and Why.

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It is to be remarked here that how and why of Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO and or Corporate (personally or in person) seems to have its budding, and thus the great need of initiating and or starting it all from the Modern and or the Western Suburbs, Cities, States and or the Nations, and then the rest of the world can follow it very easily, and the reasons include its absence in the superpower type and or based nations, where we may not always compare things by saying that ambulance services reach on time with the simple question about how and why the services of health, law, and other fields cannot reach every home by the governing bodies and uno and or the corporate services offered all over the world. This failure seems to fail reaching of governing bodies every home while on-duty to see if anyone experiences for example, blood pressure, and all other simple services, which ultimately prove to be very fatal when individuals reach emergency conditions and then also what is the use of any fast service if or when it cannot reach every home, while especially as by sending services of daily use at every door as thus also the preventive measure before it reaches risk levels as in emergencies.

, The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower

Steven Ferrel, CEO of Life Dynamix – Wings for All, and or we at the Wings for All – Life Dynamix may call it the Health and Wellness Angels reaching every home and thus the Petition for the Cause of Greater Good, while it is also the Health and Wellness Model, Theory and System with Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics and Be Happy Philselfologically as further with the Newly Emerging Four Energy-Fifth Force Paradigm with Cymatics as we have here as the Research and Development Theory, Model and System at Life Dynamix – Wings for All, where I have been reseraching about the Theory of Life Dynamix from more than 9 years (from May, 2009 onwards to till present), and it is also going on at other places, the elsewhere systems, where it includes the Patent Theory at USPTO and or WIPO by myself. In it, we have the Mixed Bag of Life Dynamic and Life Dynamik into the Life Dynamick, which with Cymatics gives us the Life Dynamix!

, The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower

, The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower

Now, when the New Paradigm of Four Energies and Fifth Force with Cymatics is emerging as the Basic Update, Upgrade and or the Modification for the Every Existing System in the world. So, the Every Existing System(s) in the world needs to be redefined as according to it, which we can very easily achieve with the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology. As I have been a member of Life Dynamix and working and or researching on its Patent Theory, Magazine, Products, Social Community and lot more from last more than 9 years, I wrote its new definition as according to the Hypothesis (and or Research) of Philselfology as in the Research and Development Teams, which aim to work on it.

What is Life Dynamix

A Little Introduction

Life Dynamix – Wings for All for the Cause of Greater Good, while it presents the Health and Wellness Model, Theory and System with Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics and Be Happy Philselfologically as further with the Newly Emerging Four Energy-Fifth Force Paradigm with Cymatics as we have here as the Research and Development Theory, Model and System at Life Dynamix – Wings for All and or elsewhere, where it includes the Patent Theory at USPTO and or WIPO by myself, Dr. Harmander Singh!

Please read more from the Main Website of the Life Dynamix:

What is Life Dynamix

and or the blog post:

How to Introduce New Paradigm Definitions, Concepts and Systems: What is Life Dynamix with its Meaning in New Emerging Paradigm of Four Energy and Fifth Force with Cymatics as in Single Theory of Everything, Grand Unification Theory and Channels of Cymatics: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically

So, the New Paradigm Definitions can be Derived as according to the New Paradigm of Four Energies – Fifth Force with Cymatics as according to the Hypothesis of Philselfology. It also unifies the Chakra, Sephiroth, and Cymatics with the New, the Emerging Paradigm of the Four Energy-Fifth Force Systems.

Now, when, for example, when we deal with the UNO with its Offices of WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO and many other services seem to be provided at its given locations and thus may have never reached any individual home, and that is also true for the World Bank, and other International Services, and it seems to create huge gaps among the civilians, the people and or the officials, where furthermore, this gap seems to bring things as loophole would do and thus we have the corruption, pollution and violence, and at the times of emergency and or inspection, examination and or commissioned based feedback’s, people’s involvement is further reduced to almost nothing but the passive users, customers and or patients. That is where there seems almost no job either even when people may offer volunteer services all over the world. For example, if we want to donate, we have to go through so many formalities that there may not be any serious interest left. It does not require great legal bonds, and or formalities if we say every home need to have at least bread and butter and or the least possible health and wellness services delivered at their homes; the places of residency, and this crises seems to further bring almost no socialization; personal contacts as the civilians.

It also seems better and or practical approach in Sense of Equality as among all homes; houses and or the places of residencies, and in the developing nations; for example, we may find maximum expenses on escaping or hiding from this lack of sense of equality due to inequality in societies, while sending all services or at least basic services at individual homes insures practical sense of equality no matter who or what one is, and offering this kind of service(s) also brings sense of equality among the officials of the government, corporate and or the uno staffing systems, and that is where the cymatics seems to play its best role as the religious person or people may call it knocking every door, but this time by the service deliver at home and the providers at the given location as we have, for example, the courier services. It seems to have a small; a little question, but of big shame: “Do we know our neighbors; the people around us?”

It also seems to mislead humanity in believing that the World Religions, Faiths, Spiritualism, Yogis, Saints, Sadhus, Sacred, and or the Holy People, who have been offering these these Healthcare and Other Services by delivering it to individual homes, as perhaps very wrong; and thus little more, but unnecessary hatred seems to have been created towards these people as we seem to fail in offering people services at their residence; the homes and or otherwise, while these people visit people and offer their services at home including “Charna Pana”, the “Respectful Personal Visits”. Many people thus take their advice, confess, obey and even may follow them, while it may not be true with the officials, staff and or the social workers, who thus may fail to visit people at the places of their residence.

Remark: It appears that if the UNO or any nation, for example, USA gives citizenship to Sadhus, Saints, Holy People, and others, the rationalists may not torture them so much as these people devote their lives to ecology, humanity and beyond political boundary contributions, but may face serious threats from the state-national rational and logic-based systems, which aim to bring them back into “nationalism”, and thus very serious torturing to their humanitarian contributions as they can serve any nation without considering the political boundaries, where there seems a big difference in the Social Workers and the Politicians in parts of the world, espcially in the devloping nations.

The Modern Governing Body, Corporate and or UNO with NGO Systems are not wrong, but seem to almost fail giving personal visits; the personal touch, the socialization, the congregational and or the intra-community systems, which almost heals and also promote any given system to personally involved systems of human services, facilities and or business, marketing, trading, distribution and or the globalization in general, while involving the local bodies active in home delivered services.

This is one of the main reasons that the modern staffing in the governing bodes of the Government, Corporate and or the UNO seem ignoring them; the home visitors; the sadhus, saints, spirituals, yogis, social workers, and or the similar; as perhaps the outsiders and or the aliens to the modern mainstream systems including the education. That is why as it seems, the exploiters may show in the modern systems that these people are very wrong and win more favors especially in the western states and or the nations, where these people may be rather compared with or proved as thus the Looters, Dacoits, Bandits (Daku’s), Robbers, Terrorists; and or the Traitors, who loot and then distribute among the poor, but in modern times, the exploiters also have an advantage while showing and proving these people as if against the Courts, Consumer Courts and or the Modern Governmental, Corporate and or the UNO Systems in general, while including the Banking and Insurance as such home visiting systems also may need less of the too much burden of the future issues, while solving the daily and or the present problems, and that is how and why initiative say even for experiment or trial of such theories and or the models at the selected place to see what kind of psychiatric, psychological and or sociological changes occur if we render services to everyone; all individuals, families and or the homes, while these said people (without even on job, salary and package systems) also participate in rendering services to others at their residences; homes and or otherwise, while individual homes can also have at least one service that looks like Cafe, Dhaba, Restaurant, Hotel and or otherwise.

Please note that we may not compare it with the Community and or the Inter-community Service Centers as it may not delivers services at the individual people’s homes and or the places of residence in many case, but rather treat the Model and Theory “proposed” as the Intra-Community Service Centers, where at least the community members get required and or the relevant service(s) at home. It thus seems to question the International Intercultural Systems at the individual communities with what we can call the Intra-Cultural and or the Intra-Community; within the given culture and or the community, where it seems to almost totally fail in the same as the governing body, corporate and or uno body systems.

We can further check this Theory and Model by substituting Cast, Creed, Community, Religion, Faith, etc. and or other parameters, which seem to fail at the Intra-Community Levels, which also constitutes the Cymatics Based Inter-Intra Structures, Substructures and or the Systems.

We can very easily observe that the People in East have been dwelling the kind of life, where services that has been delivered at their place of residence; the homes may always have been on priority especially the places like the Indian Continental Systems, where going to foreign states and or nations seem to have been on less priority; so there are higher expectations on getting services at home and thus avoiding in going to the offices and or the service centers. On the other hand, the People in West, who are more adventurous and can go anywhere in the world find service centers and or the offices as of more priority. It also applies to Introverts having Less Priority in Going to Service Centers and or the Offices, while the Extroverts find it otherwise, and thus both coexist in the world. It thus seems one of the major reasons that even the Free Services in the Eastern States and or Nations almost fail as one may say people are poor, so we need free services, but rather if the Charity Begins at Home; it need to reach home as well.

Here, it is to be remarked that even the Staff Members of the Government, Corporate and or the UNO-NGO Systems may not be getting almost any of these services right at their homes; the place of residency, while going to Public may be a different issue in this context, where we can say that even the later; going homes of the public is already almost a big failure.

Moreover, it seems to affect the People, the Public and the Staff; the Public Servants alike. After the Imperialism of Emperors, Kings, Queens; the Raja-Maharaja and Rani-Maharani Systems of the Governing Bodies, it seems to be One of the Biggest Failures and Problems of Humanity as the Modern Education, Governing Body, Corporate, UNO-NGO Systems seem to fail even offering it to their own staff and the servants of public, but we can surely solve this problem by introducing these Humanitarianism Based Bills in Favor of not only the Public, Staff, etc., but also what else is also very important and that is the Pets, Birds, Trees, Animals, Plants, and Source-Resource Systems of Five Elements; namely, the Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, the Solid, and thus it seems to be applicable to everything that exists on earth systems. So, “all” simply does not mean humans only.

A little remark is needed here about the “After the Imperialism of Emperors, Kings, Queens; the Raja-Maharaja and Rani-Maharani Systems of the Governing Bodies”, and that is the Modern Democracy especially as brought by the European Systems has brought the Herors of Empires and or the Kingdoms as the People Elected Kings and Queens as now known as the MLA’s and or the MP’s, where the Kings-Queens and or the Rich People can have Voters from their staff and or the servants as well as the well-wishers, the Heroes of the People can have the same Fellows, Friends, and the Voters, the Poor-Rich, and thus the Public Majority Votes, and thus the Kings-Queens and the Public Hero-Heroine, the Nayak-Naykika thus together run the States and or the Nations, and it seems to have reduced the King-Public Hero Rivalarly, Traitor and or the Anti-terrorism Bills against the Public Heros, the Nayak-Nayika as both have the capacicity to win the elections and get selected as the Chairperson, Mayor, MLA, MP and or the Prime Minister, President and or the Heads of the Given Chair, and similary we may not need to change the Priest, Pandit, Granthi, Maulvi, Rabi and or the Religious Priest with the Modern Lawyer, and these two also need to have the parallel; the upper and or lower chairs as it may put humanity very down perhaps to harrassment and humiliation levels otherwise if we fail to review it on time as it already seems very late.

So, it seems to have brought the most ancient rival-rivalry into the friendship that world would not have seen before especially in the recent 5000 years. We are just looking into the little issue here; having serious problems and or the major setbacks, and that is from the lack of services of sending public services to public homes, and making the anti-terrorism bills stopped as these people have enough voters, fellows, followers, and others to support their cause and if or when they come to state, national and or the international platforms, the reality can be understood in far better way than as we see it in the media and get influenced as we do by Ads and Publicity and so on.

In the greater simplicity, the Upper Houses represent the Male-Female Kings-Emperors, for example as the Rajya Sabha while the Lower Houses represent the Public Selected and Elected, Male-Female Nayaka, the Kings-Emperors, for example, the Lok Sabha in the Indian Parliamentarian Systems and or the Upper-Lower Parliamentarian Houses all over the world in general. It can be put on right tracks by Voting to All by Priority and or Percentage Votes and not just “Vote to One” and elect as it does not seem any democracy as even the fools can do it, but greater good is rating the candidates by percentage, and only then the politicians, activists, and others including the staff may consider going to all individuals, families and or the homes as according to the Hypothesis and Reseach of Philseflology.

The Earth and Universe give us everything, and we simply have to thank those, who bring it us to our homes; no matter who brings it; the government, corporate, private, individuals, groups, uno-ngo systems, and or others as we simply need to take more care of home-delivered services or the services reaching individuals, families and or the homes; the place of residence, and that it strongly seems to deserve the subsidy, sponsorship, charity, donation, grant, and equivalence to community service center status in many cases as services reaching home differs from other services that we have, where the government (or corporate, ngo-uno systems) and public together have to pay all the costs, and thus need of greater respect, honor and dignity to the said people and or the concerned, who volunteer into it always not just at the times of emergenceis, and so on.

Our family have been running the Dairy Farm from 1970-2006; about 36 years.

How to Be Happy Philselfologically and Violent Strike in School in 1976-77 gave me a start to think and work about Practical or Applied Philosophy, the Philselfology as the Sacredness of Knowledge and Wisdom – 26

Philselfological Education System: Sacred Ecological Education Based on Kids’ Research Works on Tesla’s Vision and Scouting: Initiatives and Proposal Grounds of Philselfological Model of Everything: Gurmukhi and Be Happy Philselfologically 44

There are many areas with many loopholes, where still worse seems to have very adverse effects on the Cooperative, the Sanjhi Works having Anti-terrorism Bills as if indirectly supporting the Corporate and or Already Established Systems, where new comers face troubles as we face extinction of small scale shops, business and or other systems endangered and or extinct state, where protests and curvfew seems to make it all still worse in the developing and or the underdeveloped states and or the nations as the Governments due to lack of Effective Bills seem to have failed in sending these services to individuals, families and or homes, where the Politice, Millitray and or the Intelligence rather seems to be enganged in controlling the adverse sitaution, which demoralizes the workers and others involved and thus people may have never experienced the Direct, Wholesale and or the Home Delivered Services, and surely we can cancel and or condemn it showing few examples where excemptions may exist but only say in the emergency conditions, and or targeting achieveing against grants, donations, charities, and or the commisions.

As we discuss its uses, we may also notice that some regrets in the eastern states and or nations seem to be very drastic if or when we say “More Officialdom, Less Socialization”, and it also applies to the management committees, and or the modern governmental, corporate, uno and or ngo structural systems with the “management type, based and or inspired committee systems”, where less or almost lack of socialization and or congregation effects and lesser “direct” involvement of public seems present while there seems to be least “socialization or congregational importance, roles, effects and or impacts” with something like petitioners counts as if voters counts as the management people may prefer less socialization and or congregation activities, while people from around them as well as from all over the world seem to contact them more than the society and or the congregation as such, and that is why it seems that After Second World War; the World War 2, we have rapid decline in socialization and congregation effects except at the times of voting. It to can be corrected or at least improved by rendering services at homes; the place of residence, which officialdom, management and or people, who seem to have greater interests in “VIP” status do not take any keen interest as for example, we have not noticed it in our vicinity from last 40-50 years except that some people may visit just before the elections and or the selections, and still worse most of the International People, who visit seem to be taken to selected places, and thus we may not have met any foreigner(s) in almost the same time durations.

In other words, if the Free Services of Charities, Donations, Volunteers and or others cannot reach all homes; what is use of Progress Reports for Getting More Funds, Grants, Charities, Donations and or Salaries as we notice the Worst Conditions of Health, Food, and Most of the Other Essential Services, while free, but not reaching every home and expecting people reach the Service Centers as otherwise illiterate, non-cooperative, and or object of psychology, sociology, crime branches, media and so on, when it simply lacks services reaching individual homes and or the places of residency. When Service Providers seem to claim a lot going to far away lands for Seminars, Workshops, Camps; and or lot more, we may almost never find them around their places of residence and or workplace, the offices, the service centers. They may say the following:

“Just coming back from the Foreign Land; delivered Lecture in the Seminar!”

It is expected that all should very much appreciate it, while if one fails to do so; one is not against the Given Foreign Land, but rather individuals failing to help their fellows at homes (and or houses), neighborhoods and or service centers; the offices, and very little time for poor, needy and or the common people, but we can notice huge “coverage” at the times of emergencies, where we may find the “Humanitarianism, Charity, and or Philanthropy”going to its “Peak Levels”. The “Gossips” go very high as such people have servants doing most of the work at home and or the office, and people in the west know it very well why this “gossip” is very high. From home to office; we have security guards, commandos, defense and security personnel, intellectuals, staff and or servants, media and others giving “Golden Touch” to everything that such great people ever touch, travel or visit, and after reading it; we have “gossip” again, but in the meetings, clubs, five star hotels and or the offices; how and why because even as the public servants “visiting people, public and or persons” is still a dream for most of the people in not only in east, but perhaps in west until and unless we pass the Bills in Emergency Services and Non-Emergency; the Preventive Measures Based Services.

So, offering services at home is ideal for the ones, who want it at home and the ones, who want to offer it to individuals, families and or the homes anywhere outside and thus the later as the extroverts. So, why are we forcing all to be alike, and if we do not do or intend to do so, how and why we do not have any service of delivering essential products; foods, medical and other services at home, which otherwise seems to put the introverts, the sensitive and or eastern people or the people, who follow the eastern sacred systems to great shame and perhaps self-denial and abuse (depression and suicidal tendencies), and here offering it in the emergency conditions may not be considered as appropriate, but rather a failure in offering preventive measure so that we may not need emergency services; and or very rare.

Talking about unemployment then seems little too irrelevant as we have to sit idle as otherwise huge volunteer-ship if provided by visiting individual homes can bring work for all, where it is not just work, but also worth of human’s identity in socialization, while making cities, states and or the nations really developed; prosper all the way, if not very rich.

Please note that we are not discussing the sense of equality as in the “offices”, which we may have almost hundred percent; we are rather discussing it in the civilian life, where the civilians may not have seen the faces of the service providers; the officers, leaders, politicians; and many others, and it seem to put the home; the center of civilian life to endangered and or almost extinct level in many parts of the world especially in the developing nations, where the middle class problems increase it more, and thus reaching every home personally seems far better solution in this context, where the simple example include the courier service rendered at every home assigned, but it can be extended to every home without considering its “background; the cast, creed, status, job, post, and so on”.

In our developing nations and or many other parts of the world, we may not have ever observed that government services reach home for blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol and all tests for which cost so much in lab tests that one may not afford it at all, and one may never dream its reaching one’s home as the first aid and or the preventive measures and here we are not discussing the camps and workshops held in the given regions that are sponsored by the Red Cross, WHO, UNO and other agencies, we are discussing its reaching individual homes; the home as the center of civilian life. Please note that we are not also discussing it free availbility in the Governmental and or the Charity Hospitals, but rather its important role in reaching every individual, family and or the home.

It includes, for example, the Generic Medicines, Equipment(s), Tools, Repellents (for example the Mosquito Repellents), Anti-Epidemic Sprays, and “All That the Generic Medical World” can offer, and surely it is also one of Cheap and Low-Cost Medical-Medicinal System, where great cost of brands can be reduced for Public Services in general, while our concern also extends to its sending to individuals, family and or the homes; and that is all further as thus the home delivered systems. It can always be extended to All Generic, the Low-Cost and or the Cheap, the Frugal and or Economical Products, but again, it needs to be delivered to all homes. It may seem to have “Storage Problem”, which can be very easily curbed while using it expiry say within Week, Month and or 6 Months and or at most a year. For example, if we say use the given food, medicine and or the product within 3-7 days, it can be manufactured at its lowest ever rates with also the Manufacturing on Demand.

Special Disscussion: For the Epidemics, for example, the Dengue; there is a greater need of providing health and wellness services to all at home by giving the generic sprays, medicines and all that brings people to manage the “living and/or biological systems”, which “coexist” with us.

At times, the “routine” works and our great liking for the “neat and clean houses, offices and/or the places” may not be very right as for example the Dengue Mosquito plays its magic of spreading the dengue only at the “Neat and Clean Places”. We have had the Dairy Farm with Cows and Buffaloes for more than 30 years and never faced the “Dengue Epidemics”. So, in this context, we may need to pay attention to the “Neat and Clean Places” to further prevent the dengue and it may seem almost totally wrong.

For it, we need to provide the sprays (especially the generic ones) more for the “Neat and Clean” places. If we give everyone free or low cost (mostly generic) products of prevention (sprays, repellents) all can manage such epidemics. It can make every individual and/or the family manage the surrounding. The Municipal Committees-Corporations and/or the Community Health Centers can manage products or buy at the generic cost and then supply to all in the villages (rural) and the cities (urban) alike. It can almost always attract charities, donations and help/aid in general from all over the world for this Cause of Greater Good.

It also includes the Farmer’s Generic Selling of the Farm-Based and or Produced, but the Generic Products, which the Local, Regional and or Others can make it sure that it reaches every home direct from the farmhouse as the Direct Marketing and or the Wholesale Marketing as for example lack of this seems to have put the farmers on great (severe) economic crises, depression and or even committing of the suicides in many parts of the world especially in the developing nations.

, The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower

Please note that when we use the Given Food, Meal, Diet; Eatable and or the Drinkable within 3 Days, it may not require any additive-prservative and or anything that harms it (dangers of additive-preservative), especially when we want to keep the same for longer days, for example, the 30 days, and that is why Home Delivery in such cases can be excemptionally cheap, low cost, effective, recycalble, without side effects and lot more, which brings bad effects due to preserving, and if such services are promoted to sound levels, we may not need to store it all in cold stores and or other systems even at home. In this context; the Saving is Earning as well, which every home is capable of doing as otherwise homes (houses) may not generate funds but rather expenses, but we can cut it down, while using home and or the home-neighborhood delivery systems, and if the Governments, Corporates and or the UNO-NGO Systems offer it, we can notice miracles in this economic recession, health crises, global warming and lot more, including the violence and or the terrorism, while we need to give special priority to the developing and or the underdeveloped cities, states and or the nations, where such crises are too high while further with pollution and or the corruption.

Its absence, however, while almost fully, seems to very badly affect the following categories of people with the serious sense of inequality, who otherwise want to live with their families:

1. Elderly and or Aged, who are rather forced to live in the Old Aged Homes (and or Houses) and or the Ashram Systems

2. Retired People, who need healthcare and or any other service(s)

3. Handicaps, Disabled, Deaf, Blind and the People, who are having the Other Disabilities

4. Financially and or Economically Dependents, which includes the Unemployed, the Jobless and or the Work-less

5. People, who Suffer from Addictions, and or Need Rehabilitation

6. Psychiatry Patients, Austin People and or the similar

7. So-called Terrorists, Anti-social Elements and Others, who actually yell for some kind of service(s) at home; the Center of Civilian Life

And many others, which one can add and or count as according to one’s region and kind of problems, which bring cultural; traditional, and or sacred and or ancient lifestyles and or the systems. If we research on it, we can find there are very huge unnecessary services outside the homes, where people seem to be forced and or helpless, but to go there and or live. The Home Based and or the Home Delivered Services can bring the great relief all families, relatives, kith-kin and others; the neighbors and or the friends, while bringing the huge budgets little down on the relevant-related buildings; the houses, the offices, staff, salary, management committee systems with huge seminar, workshop and camp potentials while further with huge media coverage’s; newspapers, magazines, audios, videos, charities, grants, donations, and lot more that seems to claim great relief to humanity as otherwise (for example just returned from seminar in the far away foreign lands is very common and typical in all of it), which seems just the lack of home delivered services; foods, medicines, facilities, “food and diet supplements”, and many other life necessities and or essential services, things and or the products.

, The Great Need of Healthcare and Other Services Reaching Every Individual, Family, and Home by Government, UNO, Corporate Bodies or Systems: Escaping the Big Failures, Gurmukhi, TOE, GUT, Fifth Force, Cymatics, Life Dynamix and Be Happy Philselfologically » Get Certified As A Wellness Specialist – Live – Love – Learn – Empower

It thus offers Services of Greater Good to all of the Staff, Public Servants and or the Volunteers of the Governmental, Corporate, UNO-NGO and or Other Given Systems, who may be otherwise having perhaps a little shame in serving people due to High Positions, Posts, Status, Reputations, Name, Fame, Money, and lot more including the Cast, Creed, High Grades, Scales, Medals, Awards, etc., but lacking socialization in the said manner, where the “Presence and or Personal Time” is more important than so-called “socialization” as in the “gathering”, and that is, our families need us, and we may not need to “prove” it in the meetings, seminars, workshops, camps and or the media, but if we happen to offer the home delivered services, which we however may show at occasions to prove the said and or even more.

As these people and many more are not getting home based services especially by the governing bodies, we may find sense of equality almost absent, which we seem to prove in the office as when we claim that all are treated as the equals, while outside the offices, we seem to have serious problem of equality, lack of socialization (with almost full of “dikhawa” excessive spending funds or money on proving special in the society), and what is above all or worst; the role of people, the public as very less in the governmental, corporate, uno-ngo and other managing committee based systems, where things seem to happen near, before and or during the times of elections and or getting bills passed at most.

It is not opposing the Governments, Corporate’s, UNO-NGO’s and or the others, but seeking all the said for its staff, employer-employee and others before and or after retirement to avoid big failures like the Global Economic Crises, Violence, Wars, Pollution, Corruption, and abuse-misuse of Money, Funds, Grants, Charities, Donations, Taxes and all that can help people at very low cost at their homes, which may thus give us “Profitable Budgets”, which nowadays just a dream of future and or past. Furthermore, as it is not target achieving system, it may not require retirements of the staff, where in most of the cases failing in achieving targets brings the same homes as not target-able and thus not liked very much while lacking and sacking in jobs is likely to dominate and humiliate humanity as otherwise.

So, this Model and Theory may not support retirement at any age, but if or when one wants to retire by personal consent and or the resign because after long span of job, one is very experienced, capable, and deeply understands the system and the state and retiring one on the basis of target achieving may make ones contribution levels almost zero in the real life (after retirement), and it seems worse than so-called brain-drain. On the other hand, it almost fully promotes the regional services to the highest levels of humanity with socialization, where all homes are equally important at all the times, all the places and for all the services.

While, the absence of the above said and more as with its failing in reaching every home and people rushing at the times of emergency and or crises seem to have brought maximum corruption, pollution, violence, terrorism and negativity that seems to fully use most of the researchers and or the contributors as if the rebels and or terrorists, while more they are abused better results has been mostly achieved in the past, and it seems to continue as the freely installed scripts on individuals and then denying anything that is asked where individuals crave proving things as Mary Kom would do, where we may observe the exploitation and abuse that seems to mark the absence of light that does not reach every home as sunlight and solar energy (equivalent to our reaching people in surveys, opinion polls or census-consensus; the data collecting) almost least tapped for every home even when it otherwise reaches every home everyday; daily, and people who support it may seem anti-social elements and or even terrorists; the extremists, and no wonder we have anti-terrorism bills almost fully abused and or misused especially in the developing nation, where such abuses may incline these people to go to developed nations, and then decline to return, so is this our attention, if not, how and why we promote such tactics; perhaps for grants, favors, green cards, and or having the Permanent Card Holder identities from the developed nations; while further it seems to harm the developed nations.

“Now, again with due respect for the Great, Grand and Super Nations; it seems a great threat for the Rich Nations, the Super Powers because by having riches and power does not bring any such thing that we have with the “Flows, Circulation and Change in Momentum in the Funds”, where the Prosperity Model and Theory of Cymatics seems to fail as not all can be rich but prosper, and thus mostly ends into world wars, violence, terrorism and so on, which is simply the total failure in the said and lot more, where world have to pay even for such “wars” and or the “conspiracy” systems, and or even “controlling the world populations”.

The Expert-Specialization Systems of Cymatics may not require any Campaign, Ad or Publicity as if “How to Win”, “How to Get Rich”, “How to Go Abroad”, etc. kind of tactics as seem to be present in “Vote to One”, and thus the persons of people, who can play dirty game or politics can win within and or outside the given system, and if the Political System is not simple enough, we can have only conspiracies, violence, riots, terrorism, misuse of political powers, corruption, pollution and lot more, where it is not matter of Media-Politics that further cashes it as if Politics-Religion Conjectures, while the issue is that the Politics and Media are not compatible as specialization is not based on name, fame, money, popularity; fans, likes, dislikes, comments, remarks, and or winning the elections, where most abusive language systems may be observed especially in the developing nations, and that is how the political systems seem to have failed and the restoration seems possible only with the cymatics; the conversion of light in matter and or energy into useful work with the infinitesimal systems instead of “infinity theory”, which may put most of the people into deep sleep. Such issues further lead to Tainka Manipulations or Conspiracies, which has lead to extinction of most of world languages and or sacred systems, and that is why mentioning it all is important.

It is also important at the times when the Sacred Subjects of India, Asia and or the East are almost all in the Pseudo Subject category, which simply means Fake, Junk, Non-scientific and baseless due to Life Energy Systems that may not be fully proved, and thus one need to check the List of Pseudo Subjects, where we find subjects like the Yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and lot more. So, the systems in these regions are based on the “Majority Votes” rather than the Mainstream Education, Research and Development with thus the “Priority Votes”, and that is where we seem to have maximum corruption; the grant and charity eating with people involved pleasing the developed nations with “Majority Voted File Works”, where “Maximum Number of Patients, Customers, Clients, Users, and so on” is very important, while the same people go for the “Priority, the Veto Power, the Important People, the Programmar, the Spealitis, etc.” making the same decision without questioning it. So, in such cases, the East goes with Majority Votes and West with the Priority Votes”, and it seem to have the highest levels of corruption, injustice, filling of International Banks with Huge Funds, pollution and so on.

The Fund and Grant Eaters can thus please east and west simultaneously, and that is why almost no new person can ever enter into this International Scamming, Spamming and Cheating as one is almost fully brought down with the “File Works”, where eastern would thing about what the western person says and the number of customers may seem so huge to the westerner person that one is prone to believe it must be right thing or systems as many people are associated with it. That is why most of the researchers, inventors and distribution systems are abused, hacked and or even killed in such monopolies; the file works based abuse, and for it one is brought under the International Bills of Child Abuse, Psychiatry, Crime, Drug, Depression-Suicide Systems, and so on, which brings “Direct Access” all such said people, who work twice hard and cheated twice, and it may not need any proof as it is always hidden in the “Majority and Priority Witness, Vote and or Systematic Proofs”, which we lack almost nowhere. For such and many reasons, we may not notice the need of Vote To All By Percentage, the Priority Vote Systems” in the said region, where people of Merit are subjected to Loyalty Checking Systems, and thus prone to fail, and it may not the case in the Western Nations, while the Internet for Internationalization with Direct Access to all the said and more as discussed in the series and this part has reduced these past 2-3 generations based excess of negativity in the world as the new generations while using the Internet Services may not have such narrow-minded problems, where if vote to all by percentage or priority may not be available in the political spheres, it is otherwise available everywhere else.”

The Astrologers may put the Modern Governing Body weakness with Politicians as Rahu and Officials as Ketu, while both following the Saturn, the Corporate Systems, where if the Rahu-Ketu (Dragon Head-Tail) are joined, it follows the Moon, the Public, but it does not seem to exist anywhere in the world and that is what lack of cymatics is in the Astrological Systems, the Moon Phases of Public feelings may not exist in the Split Rahu-Ketu, the Political-Official Conjectures as according to the Astrology and Mythology Systems in the world, where further the Rahu-Saturn-Ketu neither support Sun, the Administration nor the Moon, the Public, while it also refuses to accept the Jupiter, the World Religions and Faiths and thus puts it all as the Pseudo (Nonscientific, Fake) Subjects.

The Rahu-Ketu are the Shadows of Sunlight on Moon and creates the 180 Degrees Based Pointing and Scattering of Light, where the Pointing goes as the Ketu, while the Scattering goes as the Rahu.

The solutions with the Cymatics bring the Rahu-Ketu as Single System, which follows the Moon-Jupiter with the Moon (Lunar) Phases, the Art and Sacred Subjects, which are more than Thousand Sacred Subjects that are almost fully absent from the Modern Education Systems as it seems to disturb the Political-Officialdom and Corporate Systems, where the Government-Big Company (Corporate) Systems are almost 50-50% Systems, which can be considered as the Moon-Jupiter Conjecture of Rahu-Ketu with Internet of Saturn if these services are taken to every home by personally visiting people, and that is how and why the audio, video and other solutions are just the Quick Fixes without any permanent solution, where we have to visit people in person without using any of their recorded interactions, and that is what is Public Involvement, which appears to fail as we have discussed with the following:

“How and why people in Asia, East and in the Modern World as perhaps all over the world protest against the Modern, Western and or the New Systems is not based on its quality, standards and or the results, but it does not reach every home in the world especially in India, Asia and or the East, which lack the personal touch.”

How One Letter Sound in Gurmukhi, the Punjabi Language Systems seems to be Spoken Most Incorrectly: Major Mistakes in the Indian Continental International Punjabi or Gurmukhi Alphabets and Extinction of Some Letter Sounds: Gurmukhi, Music, Cymatics, Chakra, Sephiroth, Healthcare, Fifth Force, Theory of Elements, Alternative Horological DNA-RNA, Clock-Gene, New Paradigm and Be Happy Philselfologically

In other words, it needs “Jobs” at the both ends and thus can bring jobs for all, and it ensures that the Government, Corporate, NGO and or the UNO Services “actually and in reality reach every home; individuals and or the families”. It thus also needs more outlets of service centers, where the official and or volunteer staff needs to be employed, which can also strengthen and or empower the small scale works for example the small shops, stalls and lot more in this context and or otherwise.

The Indian Sacred Studies of the Universe that well support the String theory as also the Point or Circle Theory of Brain as a Circle of 3 Spheres as the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious, which I named as the Philselfology and and has been well discussed and or endorsed by Dr. Mahesh Parikh, MD (Psychiatry, Gold Medalist), PhD (Philosophy, Gold Medalist) in 1996-97 and even later at Mumbai.

When in the discussions with Dr. Mahesh Parikh while also showing him my notes in the notebooks and other presentations that I showed him during many years of visits to him for the counselling sessions for Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology and its Future Projects, I told him that the Photonic Wave Theory of Bindu is not exactly the Wave Theory, but the Glowing Bindu, the Phononic Bindu as we can call it, he said that when west; the western countries and or the modern systems approve it, there cannot be any conflict in the east and west as we face major world problems due to this conflicting situation as the Wave Theory of Photon does not support the World Religions and or Faiths, but the Yoga and Spirituality, while the Phononic Glow with Cymatics supports world religions and or the faiths and his contribution has been very remarkable in the Hypothesis and Research of Philselfology as its initial presentations has been to him as well as in the Agriculture University of Ludhiana and Punjabi University of Patiala.

Please also note that all results and conclusions discussed here are based on my personal endeavor for more than 40 years, and is not by accident that we reach to such conclusions. This is part of my research based Subject of Philselfology, the Practical Philosophy. I have done it without imitating and copying from the resources and have published many research papers and books on and about it that discuss it as Philselfology and names similar to it say Self-study and Learning, the Swaadhaya, which again means personally carried research works. So, these are also the topics for discussion, where applicable and not just personal opinions, where only one things to be confirmed most of the times that one is not mad (pagal) even after saying so many things; sympathy vote creation, which can be very easily cashed if or when required.

Furthermore, it seems to be the Serious Matter of Introducing of Wrong, Inappropriate and Useless Bills, and thus does not relate to the Servants, Officers, Staff and or others, who may even sacrifice their lives for obeying such bills. In extreme cases, the lives may range while from warning to jailing individuals while even precious lives are sacrificed against such bills, which further seems to almost fully harm the innocents, officials and or the victims almost alike, and we cannot call it “sense of equality”, which we can however prove in the special occasions; while never living it otherwise, and this exploitation goes to the extent , where the involved people may even “show” that the help is being offered from the “outside”, and is so skillfully proved that one is fully helped, appreciated and or justified but out of the person’s individual and or the family life, where greater credits are received for calling it “not interfering in personal life”, and that is where the eastern and western systems seem to be almost fully abused; if one talks about east, most of the western systems are referred and on the other hand, if one talks about the west; the east is referred; so the exploiters simultaneously please the east and west, while using the Inappropriate Bills as if the Loopholes of Law, the Legal and or the Constitutional Systems, where we may not blame any official and or the service provider in the staff as that is a different issue in this given context.

“Now, let us assume we say, appeal and/or “react” to these “solutions”, where the public, the sangat and/or congregation matters may be involved. From the Mesmer Type Systems, we get the following great response:

1. One is in need of medical help; a psychiatry patient

2. One needs to be checked against Police-Crime Systems even up to the Anti-Terrorism Bills

3. Please invite the Commission for the Next Level Meeting; we are having some problems

As a result, when everyone in the public can get all food, diet, and other systems for the lowest costs; the highest budgets may be proposed with TA/DA and all other facilities for the concerned people as in 1-3 recommendations for Behavior Modifications Required Type Attitude for the appealing people, who may otherwise get most of the things; the products and the services by the flattery and praise based systems.” (This comment is from the facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/dr.harmandersingh/posts/1… )

Now, even when it may seem very difficult to digest; all of it now emerges as the Quantum Systems with the Quantum Phases, Cordus Theory, Cymatics and what we know as the Newly Emerging Paradigm of Four Energies-Fifth Force with Cymatics.

Please read more from the following blog post:

Big Failures of Contemporary Company or Corporate Type or Based Civilizations and Success of Sacred Civilizations: Need of Introducing Quantum and the Quantum Phase (Cordus) Systems and Updating the Classical Systems for One World, Integration of Ancient and Modern Civilizations for Unification of East and West while Reaching Every Individual, Family and Home – Be Happy Philselfologically 181a

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Thanks for your time reading it, and Be Happy Philselfologically while listening to Sacred Music Systems for example 528 Hz!



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