, The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Yippee Ki-Yay

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Yippee Ki-Yay

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Yippee Ki-Yay


Lim could have taken the quick way out, but she didn’t.

On The Very good Doctor Time 5 Episode 9, she turned down the possibility to function at a various clinic so that she could continue on to battle from Salen’s insurance policies. And soon after another affected individual nearly died thanks to Salen’s misplaced aim and Shaun resolved to give up relatively than carry on to offer with this, it’s evident she manufactured the suitable choice.

Glassman’s in now, as well. Time to get the popcorn!

Salen’s try to stave off trouble by getting Lim a distinct position just about worked.

Glassman: You did what you had to do. Now you gotta go.
Lim: Must I?
Glassman: Get out although you can.
Lim: And let Salen spoil this location? This is my house. I want to battle for it.

I wasn’t absolutely sure how excellent an idea it was for Lim to carry up her unhappiness with Salen’s procedures at her job interview, but Novic seemed to accept that she can be problematic. I did not have faith in him, however. Salen was the one who arranged that interview, so why would Novic be so brief to communicate powering her again?

God only is aware what new nightmare Lim could have located herself in if she’d taken Salen’s provide.

Glassman has been also damn pragmatic through this total point.

He’s suitable that heading towards Salen is risky. Lim currently bought demoted, and Salen is most likely going to make her miserable now that she’s picked out to stay.

I advised you this was a poor operation. You didn’t listen. You certain me I was upset about Lea, but you were completely wrong. [To nurse] Sponges. [To Andrews] Innovation does not issue. What Salen would like does not matter. Our client is dying simply because of you. You were being incorrect!


But a patient already died for the reason that of Salen slicing corners, and it was only simply because of a miracle that Andrews did not reduce a further one hoping to appease her. Nonetheless Glassman’s assistance to Shaun was additional or much less to do what ever Andrews wanted mainly because Andrews is the manager.

That next decline, moreover Shaun’s conclusion to quit, seemed to have woken Glassman up. Now that he’s committed to helping rid St. Bonaventure of Salen, it’s on!

Shaun’s resignation might get the ball shifting in other methods, much too. Salen has been employing him as the token neurodiverse man or woman in her internet marketing components, and she won’t want to drop that.

And now that a lot of of the doctors have finally figured out that Shaun is a valuable member of the group, they will not be delighted both.

Additionally, some of Lim’s staff members was presently contemplating quitting in protest of Salen’s determination to demote Lim, and Shaun quitting might give other people the impetus to wander absent far too.

Salen isn’t prolonged for this earth. But she is not heading to go down without the need of a battle, either.

Morgan: I listened to you joined Lim’s posse.
Park: I dwell by the credo: persons who kill toddlers shouldn’t operate hospitals.

This is heading to be epic! Who will be left standing when the dust clears?

Morgan would seem to be the only one particular who is loyal to Salen on theory.

Guaranteed, some some others are concerned to stand up to her. For case in point, Jordan is refraining from joining the fray for the reason that she thinks it’ll harm her job prospective customers.

But no person thinks what Salen is accomplishing is Proper, besides Morgan.

I’m not sure why Morgan thinks that Salen’s modifications will be excellent for the clinic at the time the kinks are worked out. They’ve brought about practically nothing but issues, as considerably as I can explain to.

But another person has to be on the incorrect side, and Morgan typically suits the invoice.

Morgan’s patient had a miraculous recovery by the conclude of the hour, but the genuine shocker right here was that she was so empathetic by her interactions with Cody and Joe.

She produced a great rapport with Cody and even arrived close to assisting him via his worry attack.

This was a diverse, softer aspect of Morgan’s persona. She’ll never ever be my favourite, but at minimum she acted the way a health practitioner is intended to in its place of getting haughty and troublesome.

As for Cody and Joe’s storyline, the likelihood of father and son currently being divided by Joe’s new paralysis was a person of the most heartbreaking nonetheless.

Joe’s rationalization of why Cody had to go to San Francisco and Cody’s emotional reaction introduced tears to my eyes.

Of system, it was all solved by the hour’s close, thanks to a healthcare miracle.

I know that clinical dramas are inclined to set emotion over realism, but it was hard to suspend disbelief when Cody walked so effortlessly.

While the point of having the surgical procedures was for him to be ready to do so, there was no way that a person who experienced employed a wheelchair for a long time could have walked straight away immediately after medical procedures without the need of as considerably as 1 actual physical treatment session.

That whole sequence was intended to be a really feel-good minute, but that detail was so significantly eradicated from fact that it was distracting.

Andrews had a healthcare wonder of his personal, but that was acknowledged as such, and in the conclude, it did not do him any favors.

The surgical procedure was bad medicine. She has designed you a lousy medical doctor. I will need to go prior to I develop into a poor health care provider much too. I stop.


It was only by a stroke of luck that Nellie survived. Andrews and Salen get the lion’s share of the blame for this practically tragedy, but they weren’t the only kinds who were in the incorrect. Nellie insisted on this surgical procedure. She felt that she couldn’t go on devoid of having her voice restored.

And although she trustworthy Andrews’ evaluation that the method was risk-free inspite of the risk components, she likely would have demanded the surgery regardless of his belief.

Shaun: You are bringing up me and Lea. All over again.
Andrews: Which is suitable. We have to have an understanding of how our particular dynamic has an effect on our healthcare decisions.
Shaun: You are dating Salen. Does that – [to Jordan] Why did you just kick me? [to Andrews] Does that affect your healthcare decisions?
Andrews: I am quite conscious of my personal predicament, and no, it does not affect my health-related selections.

Andrews’ major error was his denial of the truth that his partnership with Salen was influencing his decisions.

Shaun was proper that Andrews didn’t pay attention to his worries, but Andrews’ conclusions weren’t 100% based on Salen’s wishes possibly.

Of course, that was a aspect, and 1 he really should have grappled with better. But Andrews’ worry about Nellie’s mental health and fitness and his perception that she wanted this surgical treatment for a improved high-quality of lifestyle were also a large part of the equation.

Shaun also correctly pointed out that Glassman advised him to go together with Andrews’ conclusions. But Shaun ALSO didn’t admit his have psychological distress correctly.

Andrews experienced a issue when he claimed that normally Shaun is gung-ho about these forms of surgical procedures but was distracted by his distress over the Lea circumstance.

If Shaun had been absolutely himself, he would have not only fought harder for his point of watch, but if Andrews refused to budge he would have set his intellect to operate getting a safe way to supply this medical procedures. Shaun didn’t do any of that, so he is also partially dependable for the pretty much-catastrophe in the OR.

I’m not thrilled with the notion that Shaun “needs” Lea in buy to be at his very best.

Shaun was a wonderful medical professional back on The Excellent Doctor Period 1, when Lea was merely a neighbor dwelling down the corridor.

He did not spend 4 seasons proving that his Autism doesn’t interfere with his ability to give top-quality health care treatment, only to be lowered to someone who requires his girlfriend to be equipped to purpose.

Shaun and Lea’s relationship has dragged down the series due to the fact they obtained critical during The Great Health practitioner Time 4. Placing so substantially focus on it is an even even larger mistake than acquiring rid of Carly, who was far far more mature and improved for Shaun than Lea.

Lim’s war with Salen has served move the sequence again towards the proper path. Now let us end producing it the Shaun and Lea Romantic relationship Drama demonstrate, you should. I’m much much more interested in what Shaun’s subsequent move is now that he’s stop, and it superior not be Lea seeking in vain to influence him to un-give up!

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