, The Globalist Democrat Caused HORRORS in California Are VERY Real… – BolenReport

The Globalist Democrat Caused HORRORS in California Are VERY Real… – BolenReport

The Globalist Democrat Caused HORRORS in California Are VERY Real… – BolenReport


Why Have The Democrats Stopped The Rain in California?

Much more – Why Are They Burning The Forests, Turning Off The Water To The Farmers, Power-Vaccinating The Inhabitants, Shutting Down The California Financial state With “Covid-19 Shutdowns,” Demonizing White Folks, Battering The Homeless, Letting All The Violent Criminals Out of Jail, Subsidizing Illegal Aliens, and so on.?

Uncomplicated respond to They are immediately converting the State from Capitalism to a Globalist Communism.

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They have currently stopped the California rains with Geo-engineering…

All people on World Earth understands California is burning.  I am going to show you two somewhat shorter video clips.  The two, collectively, will clearly show you why that is happening.

The 1st, sixteen minutes very long,  is accomplished by our friend Dane Wigington from Geoengineeringwatch.org.  It is titled “California Drought – How to Get together on the Titanic…”  It is just down below.  It paperwork the sheer horror of what the Democrats have really done to our ecosystem, applying at the time massive and beautiful, Lake Shasta in California as the instance.  Dane is really emotional in this online video – for he lives just to the east of this the moment beautiful lake.

The second, and frankly even more important, is a two minute online video of a speech given in June of 2016 in front of the Council On Foreign Relations where by Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan BRAGS about geoengineering.

In brief Geoengineering is extremely real, and really harmful, to our Point out and our country.  The Globalist Democrats are applying it to ruin us.

This story is Incredibly particular to me, as my spouse, and our complete relatives, have sought out the beauty and the peace of California Forests for around 50 several years.  Now, these forests are ALL Long gone – and the Democrats did it.

For individuals of you who deny the existence of Chemtrails I give you this just below…

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=WBG81dXgM0Q

This is a lot to absorb…

The BolenReport is fundamentally a wellness publication.  That is our area of know-how.

Indeed, I could argue that all this geoengineering is about wellbeing due to the fact we breathe all this geo-engineered crap.  But, I am not likely to do that.  Why?  This really is going on.

I have prepared about this geoengineering in California, and somewhere else, before…

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Stay tuned…

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