the feminine space between

the feminine space between

the feminine space between

This undertaking is a feminine manifesto, imagined as a result of the evaluation of generations of gals, currently being daughters and moms of information, which have their part in the gender emancipation. It describes the rite of passage amongst the former property and the future home, wherein the social function of the female changes radically. That is what I contact the house in-concerning: amongst places, time and social roles. Wherever, women of all ages are in the middle of a changeover, daughters of custom, and future moms of knowledge. The place, ladies are in the middle of areas, daughters of a location and commencing of a transformation, a transition from becoming a daughter and currently being an lively girl, who features in society reproducing her womb. It represents the room where my design requires shape. Woman’s changeover by way of spots she inhabits, asks for resources. Instruments that represent: continuity from the former home, adaption to the new position and embodiment of changeover. Equipment that allow to reproduce the house-room, spot for motion, and evolve its meanings. This venture provides voice to gals of my era hunting for their function in society, migrating. This online video is a illustration of currently being in-in between, carrying tangible and intangible
expertise, competencies and requirements within just and near to my physique.

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the feminine room in between


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