The Cost / Benefit of Getting Along

The Cost / Benefit of Getting Along

The Cost / Benefit of Getting Along

Jennifer Newcomb Maritime and I are slice from the similar cloth…hec, we browse the identical books and wander the similar discuss.  We firmly consider in the power of a excellent mom/stepmom partnership.  Currently, if there is one web site article just about every stepmom should really read, it’s Jennifer’s!



Having said that new or weird the strategy of obtaining alongside with the stepmother or bio-mother might appear to be to you, the rewards of carrying out so are possibly annoyingly apparent.

Yeah, you have possibly read this all prior to (do I listen to yawning?):

  • much less worry
  • greater communication
  • smoother movement to life in general
  • brainstorming aid with the children = greater parenting (esp. with teenagers or kids that are performing out)
  • considerably less yucky energy in your romantic romantic relationship
  • you no lengthier have an “enemy” in your existence who’s out to get you (hoarding info about your weaknesses and shortcomings, waiting for you to mess up)

Seems like a no-brainer for The two sides, huh? And however, for some cause, it’s so amazingly simple to lapse into conflict with the mom or stepmom, in spite of your best intentions to acquire the large highway.

To browse the rest, take a look at No One’s The Bitch Ideal NOW 🙂  And tell Jen, Peggy despatched you…

For all those of you who never know my tale, my husband’s ex-wife and I have gotten alongside from day 1.  Yes, I nevertheless went by way of all types of emotions that almost all stepmoms sense (except you are a stepford wife…then you never really have feelings…but at least you look good…) I have felt jealousy, resentment, anger, annoyance, hostility, compassion, empathy, adore, and lately, just a whole lot of peace.

Not as well extended back, The Ex-Spouse and I welcomed into this planet “our” grand daughter – life just can not get any improved than that!

So – go go through Jennifer’s article and consider of 3 matters you can do these days to begin to have a greater partnership with the lady you consider your adversary.

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