Strong Woman – Single In Christ

Strong Woman – Single In Christ


Let’s talk about being strong. Life can be overwhelming at times. There is so much to do and so little time in which to do it. The standard advice is to push through, hang in there, be strong, or you’ve got this. This advice is well-intentioned. There is nothing wrong with any of these statements. Yet, how does this help the person who is tired of hanging on? What advice does one give to the strong woman who is tired of being strong?

Stop the Platitudes

Hang in there is easy to say. It’s been so overused that it isn’t thoughtful. The advice means well, but what is the person supposed to hang onto? For how long? Why must one continue to be strong or push through? Instead of taking the easy way out, genuinely ask how to help? What service can you offer to lighten the other person’s load? Is the other person even asking for help or just venting? Yes, it may take a little longer and require more conversation but stop saying a common phrase that seems helpful and offer some benefit or valuable advice. 

Pray Strong Woman

Take the overwhelming thoughts and feelings to Yahweh in prayer. If you can’t pray because life is just too much, ask Yahweh for help. God knows what you need, and He will provide it. Find a scripture that relates to what you’re going through or how you want to overcome it and say it aloud. Praying scripture can be beneficial because you don’t have to come up with the words when your heart is heavy. Reading the scripture to yourself also allows your mind to stop thinking about everything. It forces you to focus on something else.

Ask someone you trust to pray for you. This way, you are getting the feelings out and not going through a hard time alone. Let’s bear the burdens of one another. Reach out to that prayer warrior and have them reach to Yahweh on your behalf. Then allow them to continue checking on you and praying for you and even with you. Prayer with others will foster a great relationship and shows how God always provides in our time of need.

Do One Thing

No rule says you have to do all of the things all of the time. Can you delegate some tasks to someone? Can you cut the list down to what is only necessary? If none of that is possible, do one thing. Do not worry about the list, and do one thing that will ease your mind. Is it wiping the counters but not sweeping the floor? Do that one thing. Life is messy, and we are all overwhelmed. You don’t have to do it all by tomorrow. Do the one thing that will help you get the peace you deserve.

Rest Strong Woman

What if you’re too tired or stressed even to do that one thing? Well, take this opportunity and rest. Try not to worry about what’s next or look at the big picture. Try to watch a movie or eat a delicious meal. If possible, leave the stressful environment for a few hours to do something that sparks joy. You can also take a nap and sleep the worries away. The point is to rest and do something that is not overwhelming. Rest can make all the difference. Even Yahweh took a day to relax, and He never sleeps nor slumbers. 


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