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recommends that you try to bring a support person that is familiar with mind control techniques. LMS: article from ACHES MC Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors – Mind Control for unconsentually federally funded mind control as children or adults Canada contact Lynne Moss Sharman, 230 Miles St. E. 3, Thunder Bay, Ont. P7C 1J6, Body found amid fears of child abuse ring on Jersey – Police have more than 40 suspects as 140 claim they were victims By Sadie Gray 2/24/08 Police were searching the grounds of a former children’s home in Jersey yesterday after a child’s remains were found in the building. Detectives said they expected to discover more bodies at the former Haut de la Garenne home in St Martin.

The three month investigation into child abuse at several government institutions on the island took a harrowing turn with the discovery yesterday morning of the partial remains, believed to date from the 1980s. Police were unable to say how long the body had been there, how old the child was or whether the skeleton was male or female. The inquiry into allegations of abuse over a 40 year period on the Channel Island officially began in November after a year in which police covertly gathered statements. More than 100 people have contacted a helpline on the island with allegations of abuse since the inquiries began. So far, officers have spoken to 140 alleged victims and have 40 suspects….

In January, police charged Jersey resident Gordon Claude Wateridge, 76, in with the abuse of three girls aged under 16 between 1969 and 1979. He was also charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm. Police stressed they were not linking him with yesterday’s discovery “at this moment in time”. They added that further arrests are expected. The allegations span a period from the 1960s to the early 2000s.

Police following up a series of convictions for sexual offences involving officers of Jersey Sea Cadets began noticing links between the victims in those cases and other institutions on the island, including Haut de la Garenne. Mr Harper has said previously that the allegations range from “pretty severe physical and mental abuse, right through to the most serious sexual crimes that you can imagine. ” In the course of the inquiry, police would examine whether there were “criminal implications” behind the fact that the allegations had never been brought before the courts, he said. Officers dealing with callers to Jersey police’s historic abuse helpline have said that many were furious that their complaints had not been taken seriously at the time. …Haut de la Garenne opened in 1867 as the Industrial School, for “young people of the lower classes of society and neglected children”.

It was used during the Nazi occupation as a signalling station, reverting to a children’s home after the war. It closed as a children’s home in 1987, when it catered for some 60 young people from Jersey with special needs. ix more bodies feared buried in Jersey home 2/25/08 Six more bodies may be buried at a former children’s home in Jersey where a youngster’s remains were found by detectives investigating allegations of widespread child abuse on the island, police said yesterday. The remains were found under a thick concrete floor inside the Victorian mansion, beside scraps of fabric, a button and what appeared to be a hair clip. It is believed the child’s skull was among the remains found.

Yesterday Lenny Harper, the senior investigating officer, said a sniffer dog that found the first remains had identified six other potential burial sites in and around the home. Radar equipment had confirmed areas of interest and Harper said he could not rule out the possibility that “half a dozen” bodies might be found…. Since then the police have taken statements from around 140 alleged victims who claim to have been abused while at Haut de la Garenne, as well as 40 suspects. Most of these suspects were “respected figures of the establishment” who worked at the home in “positions of responsibility”, Harper said. When the NSPCC joined the investigation, the children’s charity received four times more calls in the first week than it had ever had when working on other British operations of this type. Calls came from as far away as Thailand, Germany and Australia, as well as the UK, Guernsey and Jersey itself.

Two Jersey police officers are currently in Australia interviewing alleged victims. The allegations date back to the 1940s and up to 1986, when the home was closed, but the bulk of complainants claim they were abused in the 1960s, said Harper. “Allegations range from physical assaults right through to rape. It is difficult to envisage more horrific crimes than some of those that are alleged to have been carried out here,” he said. So far one man has been charged with three indecent assaults on girls under the age of 16, allegedly committed while he worked at Haut de la Garenne, which featured as a police station in the television detective series Bergerac. However the police yesterday stressed that the man was not suspected of any other crimes, and was not linked to the remains discovered at the weekend.

Jersey senator Stuart Syvret, 42, told the Guardian he had spoken to two men, now in their 50s and 60s, who claim to have been savagely physically abused at the home. “They said it was standard practice for staff to punch children in their heads if they walked with their shoulders slumped, and children were routinely beaten with birch canes,” he said. Syvret, a former health and social services minister on Jersey, claims there was a “culture of cover up and concealment” within the island’s government, the States of Jersey. He said: “There has been a long running systematic failure of child protection on the island. ” He said since the police investigation began he had heard of abuse dating back to the end of the second world war and right up to the 1990s at Haut de la Garenne and other homes.

ersey ‘cover up faces exposure’ – An ex minister on Jersey says he will expose a “cover up culture” as searches continue at a former children’s home on the island where remains were found. Police investigators at the Haut de la Garenne home in St Martin are focusing their attention on a bricked up cellar. Former health minister Stuart Syvret told BBC News he will publish evidence to show the authorities failed to act on child abuse claims at another site. A statement from Jersey’s chief minister is also expected. The BBC’s Sanchia Berg said Mr Syvret’s allegations will relate to a school and a secure unit on the island.

It is understood the police inquiry into allegations of historic abuse in Jersey pre date these claims. The senator’s allegations that island authorities ignored evidence of abuse of children in its care have been vehemently denied by Jersey’s Chief Minister, Senator Frank Walker, who is due to address the island’s Assembly later. He has described Mr Syvet’s allegations as “deplorable” and said the ex minister, who was dismissed from his post last year over the way he is alleged to have treated staff and colleagues in his ministry, was seeking to “politicise” the situation. abuse – Police excavate bricked up ‘Colditz’ cellar at ex children’s home in Jersey amid fears it hides a mass grave 2/27/08 The bricked up cellar of the Haut de la Garenne children’s home was being excavated last night amid fears it could be a mass grave. The basement where youngsters were once held in solitary confinement as punishment may hold the bodies of six children, police believe. Specialist teams using sniffer dogs and ground radar equipment have identified a number of suspicious sites around the cellar.

uspected%20body%20count%20hits%20seven%20as%20police%20focus%20on%20bricked up%20cellar/article. do?The alleged physical and sexual abuse against children is believed to date back to the 1960s, and attacks at Haut de la Garenne may have taken place over three decades, although police said the bulk of them focus on the 1970s and 1980s. Built at the turn of the 20th century, Haut de la Garenne served as a school and as an orphanage before becoming part of Jersey’s childcare provision. Until its closure in the 1980s, it housed up to 60 young people with special needs. It is now a 100 bed youth hostel, run by the YHA, attracting tourists keen to explore the only part of Great Britain to be occupied by the Nazis. Police said more than 140 potential victims had contacted a helpline since they went public about the investigation at the end of last year.

Many distraught victims were said to have expressed anger that their complaints had not been heeded at the time. From those contacts, within a month police had identified more than 70 alleged victims, and at least 20 suspects. At that point, faced with such a major inquiry, Jersey Police requested specialist help from the UK. Deputy Chief Police Officer Lenny Harper admitted to the BBC in December that the allegations ranged “from pretty severe physical and mental abuse right through to the most serious sexual crimes that you can imagine”…. The case has echoes of the child abuse committed in Scottish care homes such as Kerelaw, in Stevenston, Ayrshire.

It was claimed as many as 40 staff members at Kerelaw preyed on vulnerable youngsters, sometimes with the full knowledge of co workers and superiors, amid a culture of fear and collusion. Kerelaw opened in the 1970s, originally only for boys, but later taking girls. Some youngsters had committed offences; others were sent there because of unruly behaviour or difficulties at home. The school was closed after an investigation by the Care Commission and education inspectors in 2004. Former art teacher Matthew George, 57, and care worker John Muldoon, 53, were brought to justice in 2006, facing charges going back more than 30 years. George was jailed for 10 years for sexually or physically abusing several boys and a girl, while Muldoon was given a 30 month prison term on indecency charges involving three girls….

A lawyer representing about 1,000 victims of historic abuse in children’s homes in Scotland said he “fully expects” a “time bar” rule to be swept aside following a House of Lords ruling last month. Cameron Fyfe, who said that on his books he has 1,000 former children’s home residents claiming abuse, added he expects the time bar north of the Border to be overturned at the Court of Session next month. abuse – ‘Abuse was anything from rape to torture. It happened every night’ Victims call for house to be demolished as they reveal full scale of horror at Haut de la Garenne – By Jonathan Brown and Jerome Taylor in Jersey 2/27/2008 Former residents at a Jersey care home where police are searching for the remains of up to six children described yesterday how they were repeatedly drugged, raped and abused while supposedly under the protection of the institution’s staff. Testimonies, including one from a leading local trade unionist, painted a horrifying picture of life inside Haut de la Garenne, where more than 1,000 children were housed in the decades before it was closed down….

Some 150 people have contacted police since the discovery of human bones at the care home on Saturday. It also emerged that the notorious paedophile Edward Paisnell, known as the Beast of Jersey, visited Haut de la Garenne during the 1960s. The political fallout on the island from the affair continued yesterday. The Chief Minister, Frank Walker, issued a statement conceding that “a cloud hangs over Jersey”. However, he sought to calm fears of an island wide cover up by insisting there was “no hiding place in Jersey for anyone who abused children or, who in any way may have colluded with that abuse and no stone will be left unturned to bring them to justice”. But the former health minister who was sacked after blowing the whistle on the children’s care home scandal claimed senior figures on the island had concealed evidence of an earlier sex abuse scandal at a school.

Senator Stuart Syvret handed out copies of a confidential report from 2000 on the activities of Jervis Dykes, a teacher at the local Victoria College, who was jailed for abusing six pupils between 1979 and 1996. Mr Syvret also accused the island’s newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post, of failing to publish the critical findings, which he had leaked to journalists. The newspaper said the document contained no new information and it had decided not to publish “in deference to the feelings of victims and their families”. ersey care home probe into dungeon four – EXCLUSIVE New horror in torture home Kate Mansey In St Martin, Jersey Kate. Uk 3/2/08 Detectives searching the Jersey house of horrors were last night preparing to break into a FOURTH secret torture chamber. They have been directed to a dungeon beneath the mansion’s courtyard by new witnesses who remember as children being taken by staff “through a secret passage” to a dark room.

Sniffer dogs trained to find bodies, have also uncovered a possible “hot spot” at a manhole above the area. Police have already unearthed three cellars under a trap door in the former children’s home, Haut de la Garenne. Statements from victims and whistleblowers taken over the last 48 hours include details of how staff would invite friends from outside to come for “abuse parties” where children were drugged, raped and beaten. And horrified locals told how they had seen staff dragging children across the fields late at night. Some were never seen again.

Deputy chief police officer for Jersey Lenny Harper said: “There are rumours and anecdotal evidence of bodies being buried in the grounds and we’ve been told that remains were buried in the grass banks nearby. “People who stayed at the home told us they would hear screaming in the night and when they woke, a person had disappeared. The staff would always say they had just run away. We cannot ignore this. ”….

Officers have a hit list of 40 suspects and last night Lenny Harper warned: “We know who you are and we know you are waiting for us to knock on your door. You can’t do those sorts of things to children and forget about it. ” Meanwhile Tony and Morag Jordan, who ran the home from 1971 to 1984 and now live in Angus, Scotland, claim they knew nothing about children being abused. Gordon Wateridge, 76, was last year charged with indecently assaulting three girls under the age of 16 between 1969 and 1973. He is due in court again in March.

But some of the perpetrators are dead – including the infamous Beast of Jersey, paedophile Edward Paisnel. Paisnel visited the home as Father Christmas but was later jailed for raping and abusing more than 25 boys and girls. He died in prison…. So far more than 160 victims of the nightmare regime at Haut de la Garenne have now come forward to tell sickening tales of how staff abused them. Police chief Lenny Harper said: “We know that friends were invited to the home to take part in the abuse.

“The abuse was systematic, endemic and… brutal. ” enior island officials are caught up in abuse inquiry 2/29/08 A number of high profile names in Jersey society have been caught up in the child abuse scandal. Channel Television suggested yesterday that among those people who should perhaps have known what was going on at the home was Reg Jeune, once one of the island’s most powerful politicians. Mr Jeune, a retired former senator and Finance Minister, was president of the education committee from 1971 to 1984, when police claim abuse was at its worst. Former staff at the home include the island’s current director of education.

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Mario Lundy, who worked at the Haut de la Garenne before its closure in 1986, is one of a number of States of Jersey employees connected to the home. Mr Lundy declined to comment. Frank Walker, the island’s Chief Minister, said that no current government employees were the “subject of any police recommendation”. Mr Jeune declined to come to the door of his pink granite farmhouse on the outskirts of St Helier yesterday. Others who should perhaps have known the facts were named by Channel Television last night as John Le Marquand, education committee president in the early 1960s, Herbert Wimberley, the director of education, and Patricia Thornton, the children’s officer.

At the time, Colin Tilbrook was a headmaster at Haut de la Garenne. Mr Jeune was replaced as education committee president in 1984 by Phil G. Mourant. Charles Smith, the assistant children’s officer since 1964, succeeded Mrs Thornton in 1973. In 1974 John Rodhouse succeeded Mr Wimberley as director of education.

Jim Thomson, now dead, became superintendent at the home in 1979. LMS – Islanders hold a minute’s silence to remember alleged Jersey abuse victims Kevin Dowling 3/8/08 …. Detectives have heard harrowing accounts of sexual and physical abuse in the home’s cellar from the 1960s until it’s closure in 1986 and have said they could start making arrests within the next two weeks…. Detectives have information about more than 40 suspects, including members of the island’s Establishment and former care workers. They have heard from more than 160 alleged victims. Police confirmed that 100 people say that they were abused there and 25 people are suspected of sex crimes and physical assaults, including senior members of staff and a former politician.

LMS – describe crimes – Blood found in Jersey care home ‘torture chamber’ at the centre of child abuse investigation By Lucy Ballinger Blood has been found in a bath at the former children’s home in Jersey at the centre of a child abuse investigation. Specially trained police dogs detected traces of blood yesterday morning in the underground chamber at Haut de la Garenne. The discovery appears to confirm the claims of 100 people who said they were victims of sexual and physical abuse at the home…. Mr O’Neil later reported the abuse during his time at the home from 1965 to 1972 to a children’s officer, but he says his claims were not taken seriously. “I saw a lot of terrible things, but the States of Jersey did nothing. It was all covered up,” he said….

Mr O’Neil’s claims of a cover up were supported by paedophile investigator Bob McLachlan. Formerly Scotland Yard’s top paedophile investigator, Mr MCLachlan moved to the island ten years ago before retiring in 2002. He says he offered his expertise to Jersey’s Health Ministry twice, but was turned down. He said: “The police failed to investigate child abuse properly. It wasn’t a proper crime like armed robbery. Little children, lots of little children, were raped and defiled in unspeakable ways by a man some of the smartest and richest people in the community had trusted to care for their sons and daughters….

Hours later, Toward’s office manager, Brenda Williams, turned herself in at the Martin County jail to answer similar charges. Four months later, Toward was charged with molesting and kidnapping five more preschool boys, and Williams was charged in four of those cases. Investigators later learned of up to 60 victims, most ages 2 to 5…. Toward, now 77, pleaded guilty to molesting or kidnapping the six boys and was sentenced to 27 years in prison. He was released from his prison term on probation after 12 years, but has remained in custody under the state’s Jimmy Ryce Act, which allows confinement of sex offenders deemed a continuing danger to the community.

Toward is challenging his commitment and maintains his innocence, saying his plea was only to avoid a harsher sentence. No date has been scheduled for a civil trial on the issue. He did not respond to a request for an interview. Part of Toward’s plea deal prevented prosecutors from filing more charges or arresting others they thought were involved when dozens more victims came forward later…. ”We found there were literally dozens of kids who were affected by this guy for a long time,” Colton said.

“He spent his life manipulating people. He convinced people they could trust him with their children. ” Ralicki expects she will be called to testify at an upcoming Jimmy Ryce hearing. She says she has no doubt that Toward still poses a threat to children. She can never forget what he did to the 20 or so children she treated…. Williams pleaded no contest to sex and attempted kidnapping charges involving five boys, and was released from prison in 1993 after serving five years of a 10 year sentence.

She could not be reached for comment, but is listed in records as owning a home in Vero Beach. describes crimes – Officers: Thousands of Child Porn Suspects Not Investigated 2/6/08 by Dena Potter Richmond, Va. AP…. Law enforcement officials have identified more than 19,000 individual computers with such hard core child pornography files on them in Virginia, but said they simply do not have the resources to investigate all of the suspected sexual predators. Members from Virginia’s two Internet Crimes Against Children task forces were in Richmond on Wednesday to push “Alicia’s Law,” named after a Pennsylvania teen who was brought to Virginia by an online predator, raped and tortured….

Virginia ranks eighth per capita nationwide in the number of transactions of child pornography over the Internet, according to software that tracks peer to peer file transactions. Since 2005, the ICAC task forces have identified more than 215,000 folders containing child pornography that Virginians have shared on Web sites commonly used to share music and other files…. Officers have identified 1,956 computers containing child pornography in Virginia Beach the most of any Virginia locality. The problem exists even in the state’s small towns, with tiny Pound in far southwest Virginia being home to 53 unique hard drives containing child porn. The ICAC team has identified one computer in Sandston near Richmond that has made at least 187 transactions, sharing pictures and videos of infants and young children being brutally raped and molested….

A 2005 Department of Justice study suggested that 55 percent of those convicted of possessing child pornography admitted to illegal contact with children. The ICAC task forces have found that local children are the victims in about 30 percent of the discovered files. ustralia grappling with child abuse ‘epidemic’ 2/12/08 A child protection organisation says the rate of child abuse in Australia has reached epidemic levels. Child Wise has collated research showing one in four girls and one in seven boys experience some form of sexual abuse. It is launching a national campaign to raise awareness about the problem and help parents and others who work with children recognise the signs. The group’s chief executive Bernadette McMenamin says the silence about abuse has to be broken.

nly 3% of children will ever tell of their abuse Savi Report 2004 The overall cost of 30,009 cases of child sexual abuse to the Australian tax payers could be estimated at $2. 58 billion increasing every year. The cost of 30,009 cases of child sexual abuse is: Medical costs at $1 billion, Foster care and out of home care at $613 million, Social and psychological costs at $1. 46 billion, Justice system costs at $611 million. The Abused Children’s Trust 2006 Only 5% of child sex offenders will have been caught and convicted for their crimes.

Dr K Gelb, Victoria Sentencing Commission up/campaign. php Schools let sex abuse cases slide 2/17/08 Records show a pattern of missed red flags and ignored complaints from students by Amy Hsuan, Melissa Navas and Bill Graves The Oregonian… is one of 129 Oregon educators disciplined for molesting or having sexual relations with more than 215 public school children over the past 10 years. An examination of those cases by The Oregonian, combined with hundreds of interviews and thousands of pages of documents obtained under state public records law, shows that state and local officials repeatedly missed opportunities to protect students. The Oregonian tracked a 10 year period – 1997 to 2007 – because such cases take years to wind through the state’s teacher discipline system. Records show that school leaders missed red flags or ignored complaints from parents, students and staff, allowing some educators to engage in years of sexual misconduct, ranging from inappropriate touching to rape. The documents reveal that many school administrators concealed alleged sexual misconduct from hiring districts, allowing educators to resign and move on to jobs elsewhere working with children….

Between 1997 and 2007, 767 cases of misconduct involving Oregon educators ranged from minor infractions to criminal behavior. Although those who sexually exploit students are a tiny fraction of the 35,000 educators who teach, mentor and coach in Oregon public schools, sexual misconduct with a child ranked as the most common reason the state disciplined an educator…. Most cases of educator sexual misconduct don’t end in a criminal conviction, The Oregonian’s investigation found. Between 1997 and 2007, 58 teachers were convicted of a crime related to sexual misconduct with a child. An additional 71 who admitted to sexual misconduct were either not charged or never convicted. In many of those cases, the victims were at or near 18, the legal age of consent.

Then, the relationship no longer constitutes a crime. But a teacher having an intimate relationship with a student, regardless of age, violates state rules enforced by the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission. let sex abuse cases sl. html International child porn ring uncovered By Lara Jakes Jordan – AP Writer 3/4/08 Washington…. Freeman, of Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. , was one of 12 Americans indicted last week in a worldwide investigation that ultimately charged 22 people with participating in the porn ring — and intentionally blocking police from investigating it.

In all, more than 400,000 pictures, video files and other images showing children engaged in sexual behavior were produced, advertised, traded and distributed globally in the online pornography ring, according to U. S. and international authorities. The sting, which started in Australia, also netted accused pornographers in England, Canada and Germany. Some victims were as young as five years old. Others were preyed upon for innocent characteristics such as wearing their hair in pigtails….

FBI executive assistant director J. Stephen Tidwell…with the lewd images used as currency instead of cash…. So far, authorities have identified and rescued 20 of the children who were exploited, he said, adding: “But with 400,000 images we’re going to be at this for years, trying to find the victims. ”…. A 35 count indictment unsealed Friday in U.

S. District Court in Pensacola, Fla. , details conversations among the 12 men accused of trading and advertising the pornography. Two other Americans were also arrested in connection with the ring but not included in the indictment…. The 12 men were charged with engaging in a child exploitation enterprise; illegally posting notices seeking to receive, exchange and distribute child porn across state lines; and obstructing of justice.

Several also were charged with producing the pornography — meaning they had contact with the children who were exploited, Tidwell said. child porn ring uncovered/UK children rescued from worldwide sex abuse ring – Two year inquiry smashes highly sophisticated group – 22 new arrests follow jailing of six Britons – Vikram Dodd, crime correspondent The Guardian, 3/6/08 Detectives in three continents believe they have broken one of the most sophisticated paedophile rings ever. Eight British children between six and 14 years old have been rescued and arrests made in the UK, Australia and the US…. Australian police said the international covert operation had uncovered 2,500 “customers” in 19 countries. As a result of the two year operation, 400,000 images of child abuse were seized.

Police also closed four commercial child sex web sites and arrested more than 100 people for allegedly purchasing child sex material. Officers in the UK used facial recognition software and a database called Childbase as they raced to identify victims from clues in each image. embers of Vast Child Exploitation Enterprise Indicted in the Northern District of Florida By U. S. Department of Justice 3/4/08 WASHINGTON A federal grand jury in Pensacola, Fla. has returned a 35 count indictment against 12 individuals who engaged in a criminal enterprise involving the advertisement, transportation and shipment of child pornography over a two year period, Assistant Attorney General Alice S.

Fisher of the Criminal Division, U. S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida Gregory R. Miller, and FBI Executive Assistant Director J. Stephen Tidwell announced today.

According to the indictment, the 12 men participated since August 2006 in a highly sophisticated and well organized scheme to proliferate child sex abuse images to the organization’s membership. Until the group was dismantled by law enforcement, members of the group utilized Internet newsgroups — or large file sharing networks where text, software, pictures and videos can be traded and shared — to traffic in illegal images and videos depicting prepubescent children, including toddlers, engaged in various sexual and sadistic acts. The group utilized sophisticated encryption methods to avoid detection and traded over 400,000 images and videos of child sexual abuse before being dismantled. The charges were developed after law enforcement infiltrated the group. The indictment charges the 12 defendants with numerous federal crimes, including engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, conspiracy, advertisement of child pornography, transportation of child pornography, receipt of child pornography, and obstruction of justice. arch/08 crm 166.

htmlUS Catholic church paid 615 mln dlrs for abuse cases in 2007: report 3/7/08 The Roman Catholic church in the United States paid out 615 million dollars 400 million euros last year for child sex abuse cases involving members of the clergy, or 54 percent more than the previous year, a report showed Friday. Of the monies paid out by the church, 526 million dollars went to settling cases — almost double the amount paid out in 2006, according to the report commissioned by the church. Around 23 million dollars was paid out for therapy for victims or support for accused offenders, and 60 million dollars for legal fees. The annual report on the implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People showed that 689 new allegations of abuse were lodged last year — three percent fewer than in 2006 — but most involved cases dating back decades…. According to Terry McKiernan, president of “Bishop Accountability,” which documents the abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic church, more than 5,000 priests out of the 42,000 across the United States have been denounced for sexual abuse. “We know that the number is considerably over 5,000 now, and that on the basis of annual adjustments since the John Jay report came out in 2004,” McKiernan told AFP.

The John Jay report was commissioned by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops from the eponymous College of Criminal Justice in Washington. It found that nearly 4,400 priests had been accused of abuse. S Catholic church paid 615 mln dlr 03072008. htmlPope ‘led cover up of child abuse by priests’ 3/18/08 The Pope played a leading role in a systematic cover up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary to be screened by the BBC tonight. In 2001, while he was a cardinal, he issued a secret Vatican edict to Catholic bishops all over the world, instructing them to put the Church’s interests ahead of child safety. The document recommended that rather than reporting sexual abuse to the relevant legal authorities, bishops should encourage the victim, witnesses and perpetrator not to talk about it.

And, to keep victims quiet, it threatened that if they repeat the allegations they would be excommunicated. The Panorama special, Sex Crimes And The Vatican, investigates the details of this little known document for the first time. The programme also accuses the Catholic Church of knowingly harbouring paedophile clergymen. It reveals that priests accused of child abuse are generally not struck off or arrested but simply moved to another parish, often to reoffend. It gives examples of hush funds being used to silence the victims.

Before being elected as Pope Benedict XVI in April last year, the pontiff was Cardinal Thomas Ratzinger who had, for 24 years, been the head of the powerful Congregation of the Doctrine of The Faith, the department of the Roman Catholic Church charged with promoting Catholic teachings on morals and matters of faith. An arch Conservative, he was regarded as the ‘enforcer’ of Pope John Paul II in cracking down on liberal challenges to traditional Catholic teachings. Five years ago he sent out an updated version of the notorious 1962 Vatican document Crimen Sollicitationis – Latin for The Crime of Solicitation – which laid down the Vatican’s strict instructions on covering up sexual scandal. It was regarded as so secret that it came with instructions that bishops had to keep it locked in a safe at all times. Cardinal Ratzinger reinforced the strict cover up policy by introducing a new principle: that the Vatican must have what it calls Exclusive Competence. In other words, he commanded that all child abuse allegations should be dealt with direct by Rome.

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ope%20’led%20cover up%20of%20child%20abuse%20by%20priests’/article. do?S. troops from sexual abuse By Jessica Pupovac…. Since she left the Army in 1995, Avila Smith estimates that she has helped about 1,200 rape survivors separate from the U. S. Armed Forces and claim their Veterans Affairs VA benefits.

As founder of Women Organizing Women, an online support group for survivors of military sexual trauma MST, Avila Smith has heard it all…. A 2004 survey of U. S. service members conducted by the Pentagon’s Advisory Committee on Women in the Services found fear of repercussions to be the number one “perceived barrier” to reporting sexual abuse, noted by 81 percent of female respondents and 73 percent of male respondents. in the barracks/Poll: 100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted By Haaretz Service2/11/08 A national poll reveals that some 100,000 children in Israel have been sexually assaulted, but only 2.

5 percent of the incidents are reported to the proper authorities. The poll, presented at a National Council for the Child conference in Be’er Sheva on Monday, encompassed 500 polled parents. The poll shows that 5 percent o f the parents reported that their children had been sexually harassed, and a quarter of the parents never told their children to avoid contact with strangers. Michelle Remembers” by Michelle Smith and Lawrence Pazder, MD “A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER” pages xi – xiii” “Dr. Pazder’s credentials are impressive.

He obtained his M. D. from the University of Alberta in 1961; his diploma in tropical medicine from the University Liverpool in 1962; and in 1968, his specialist certificate in psychiatry and his diploma in psychological medicine from McGill University. In 1971, he was made a fellow of Canada’s Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is a member of three Canadian professional associations and of the American Psychiatric Association as well.

He practiced medicine in West Africa and has participated in medical task forces and health organizations. He has been chairman of the Mental Health Committee of the Health Planning Council for British Columbia. A member of the staff of two hospitals in Victoria, British Columbia the Royal Jubilee and the Victoria General he is in private practice with a group of five psychiatrists. His professional papers include a study of the long term effects of stress upon concentration camp victims. Two experienced interviewers journeyed to Victoria and talked to Dr.

Pazder’s colleagues, to the priests and the bishop who became involved in the case, to doctors who treated Michelle Smith when she was a child, to relatives and friends. From local newspaper, clergy, and police sources they learned that reports of Satanism in Victoria are not infrequent and that Satanism has apparently existed there for many years. Satanism in Western Canada flourished in many areas with activities far more ominous than some of the innocuous groups now found in parts of the United States who claim some connection with Satanism. The source material was scrutinized. The many thousands of pages of transcript of the tape recordings that Dr.

Pazder and Michelle Smith made of their psychiatric sessions were read and digested; they became the basis of this book. The tapes themselves were listened to in good measure, and the videotapes made of some of his sessions were viewed. Both the audio and video are powerfully convincing. It is nearly unthinkable that the protracted agony they record could have been fabricated. ” Thomas B.

Congdon, Jr New York April 22, 1980 from LMS – Freemasons open a lodge at Buckingham Palace… but the Queen isn’t amused 3/8/08 A branch of the Freemasons secret society is being formed by members of the Royal Household and police who protect the Royal Family. And their decision to call it The Royal Household Lodge has put them on a collision course with Buckingham Palace – as has their plan to co opt the royal cipher – EIIR – for their regalia, to underline their connection to the Queen…. Last night, a spokesman for the Queen said: “Buckingham Palace has not, and would not, endorse this sort of arrangement. No permission has been given by the Palace for a Buckingham Palace lodge or anything similar. “If permission is sought, it will be declined. ” The founding of the lodge has also alarmed some Royal staff who do not wish to be associated with the fraternity famed for bizarre initiation rites, mystical regalia and mysterious codes of conduct.

It is also likely to cause consternation among career women in the Palace, as it is a men only organisation. Non members in Royal service are said to be fearful they will be overlooked for prestigious promotions and left unsupported in any below stairs clashes. Masons are widely believed to further the business and professional interests of brother Masons, although they would deny this and claim it is a harmless social and charitable organisation…. ”They are concerned that Masons will be preferred and those who aren’t Masons will be written out of the script. “Backstairs life is already complicated enough – there are all sorts of allegiances and cliques and cabals. People fall in and out of favour and there’s a lot of whispering in ears.

“The last thing the household needs is a secret society, especially one with the reputation of Freemasonry. ”all accusations are alleged – “Jesters” To Testify about Illegal Drugs, Child Prostitution?3/6/08 Sandy Frost Federal court documents filed in U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, related to case number 07 21228, list 19 witnesses who are believed to be members of the Royal Order of Jesters ROJ AKA Shriners AKA Masons, who are expected to testify about fishing trips to Brazil and: “their first hand knowledge of prostitution, minor prostitution, use of illegal drugs and/or entry into Indian reservations by Schair plaintiff and/or his customers. ” news/2008/03/06/1347611 jesters to testify about illegal drugs child prostitutionfrom LMS ‘Atomic human guinea pigs’ file suit – Gov’t deserted soldiers after their exposure to nuclear tests: lawyer Janet French, The StarPhoenix 2/20/08 Former soldiers the Canadian military once sent within a couple kilometres of nuclear explosions have launched a class action lawsuit against the Government of Canada. Regina lawyer Tony Merchant filed the suit in federal court Tuesday on behalf of an estimated 1,000 “atomic human guinea pigs,” who were sent to the U.

S. , Australia and islands in the South Pacific between 1946 and 1963. There, soldiers were exposed to huge doses of radiation that caused radiation sickness, then later, cancers and untimely deaths, the suit claims. The statement of claim also alleges the government knew the harmful effects of radiation when the military volunteered its soldiers to be the unwitting test subjects of nuclear blasts…. After an uproar by American soldiers also on site for the tests, the U.

S. government in 1990 awarded $75,000 to each exposed soldier. graphic crimes – Priest fails in bid to halt abuse case – Robinson suit will proceed By David Yonke Blade Religion Editor – Columbus – The Ohio Supreme Court yesterday allowed a Toledo woman’s lawsuit against Gerald Robinson to continue in which she claims she repeatedly was raped and tortured by the Toledo Catholic priest in satanic rituals when she was a child…. In a 4 2 decision, the state’s high court declined to hear an appeal filed by the priest’s attorneys seeking to dismiss the suit. Robinson, 69, was convicted in a separate, high profile case in 2006 of murdering Sister Margaret Ann Pahl 26 years earlier.

He is serving a sentence of 15 years to life in the Hocking Correctional Facility in southern Ohio. Yesterday’s Supreme Court action sends the Toledo woman’s case back to Lucas County Common Pleas Court, where a pretrial hearing with Judge Ruth Ann Franks is set for March 27…. The woman sued anonymously as Survivor Doe with her husband, Spouse Doe, claiming Robinson and Toledoan Jerry Mazuchowski were part of a group that dressed as nuns and used fake names when they raped and tortured her between 1968 and 1975. Now in her mid 40s, the woman claims that her abusers chanted Satanic verses, cut her with a knife as a sacrifice to Satan, drew an upside down cross on her abdomen, and forced her to drink the blood of sacrificed animals. She said the men dressed in nuns’ clothing, used fake names such as “Carrie Jerry” and “Mary Jerry,” and performed the rituals while she was on a table.

She said they restrained her if she tried to leave. Survivor Doe said the abuse took place in the basement of St. Adalbert Church in North Toledo until 1972, when it was moved to an undisclosed wooded area. The lawsuit, filed in April, 2005, contends that Father Robinson and Mr. Mazuchowski “had a close relationship with Survivor Doe’s mother, who also participated in the ceremonies in the woods and was becoming high priestess of Satan.

” Judge Franks dismissed the suit in January, 2007, saying the statute of limitations had expired. But Ohio’s 6th District Court of Appeals reinstated the case in October. The appeals court cited four reasons that Survivor Doe’s case was unique: She did not know her alleged abusers’ identities until she recognized them in the media in 2004 and 2005. Her alleged abusers “successfully controlled Survivor Doe during the abusive years by threatening to kill her if she told. ” The victim had been psychologically impaired by the trauma.

She never considered that her perpetrators could be priests because of her “indoctrination in the Roman Catholic Church. …I wrote “Sin, Shame and Secrets. ”…. ”Sin, Shame and Secrets” is about a few despicable priests, and about the bad judgments some church leaders made, sometimes with good but misguided intentions, in trying to protect the offenders and/or protect the reputation of the church…. the Father Robinson case. I have been a journalist in Toledo for 25 years.

I am a member of this community. I know the players in this story. I covered the trial from the start of jury selection to the post verdict analyses…. But I I have always taken pride in being fair, objective and thorough in my reporting, and as difficult as it was to write some of these chapters, they are all accurate accounts of the events that unfolded…. August 15, 2006 The leap to the dark side – I interviewed Father Clement Machado today, who is coming to Father Stanbery’s church in New Bavaria for a parish mission next week. A Canadian native and a member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity religious order, Father Machado is living in Rome and has been a frequent commentator on EWTN Catholic radio and television.

After we talked for a while, discussing the impact of evil on society, I decided to tell him about my book. I don’t usually inject my own affairs into my interviews as The Blade’s religion editor, but sometimes the interviews turn into conversations and you find that the disembodied voice on the other end of the line has an interest in who you are and what you’re thinking. This was one of those cases. The soft spoken cleric had been unaware of the Father Robinson case and said he was sad to hear that a Catholic priest had been convicted of murder. Then, after discussing the evidence that indicated it was a satanic ritual slaying, Father Machado surprised me by saying he wasn’t that surprised.

In his role as counselor, he said he has met with many people who were victims of ritual abuse by priests. It’s not all that uncommon, but it is rarely talked about, he said. People who are victims of satanic abuse by priests find it hard, if not impossible, to speak about. And even if they did get up the nerve to report the abuse, who would believe them?A priest involved in a satanic cult would seem preposterous to most rational adults. And so the victims keep quiet or, in rare cases, speak up only to find their allegations dismissed out of hand.

Father Machado knows too well that it is a hidden plague on society. The more people refuse to believe, the more the perpetrators are able to carry on their horrific crimes. As 18th century statesman Edmund Burke said so eloquently, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ” It is my hope that “Sin, Shame and Secrets” gives strength to the victims and a sense of validation, emboldening them to speak up. I also hope that by shining a light on the darkness, my book will bring people to the point where they just might believe it when a victim of ritual abuse reports such unspeakable acts. Aug.

15, 2006. Sylvania, Ohio log/Keywords/2006/08/The Toledo diocese, sex abuse, and a woman’s death – Matt C. Abbott 12/2/04 – Julie Bonczek was a young woman who happened upon something disturbing. According to a friend who knew her from 1985 through 1989, Julie had walked in on two men engaging in sex acts in the sanctuary of a parish in the Diocese of Toledo. She subsequently did some digging and found that there was a network of priests and laymen involved in ritualistic sexual abuse, homosexual activity and the occult. On January 5, 1993, Julie was found dead of gun shot wound to the head.

Her death was ruled a suicide. But her friend thinks she might have met with foul play. “I know that Julie was very afraid of what she had learned about this group and their activities,” said the friend. “When she died, my gut feeling was that it was related to what she knew. ” The friend continued: “The police report which I have a copy of states that Julie had previously received a note saying ‘we found you narc your dead,’ and that she had called Lt. Hageman of the Stryker, Ohio police ‘stating someone was trying to kill her.

’ Julie was a drug informant for a while and had some troubles with it. The assumption was that the death threats were from drug dealers. But Julie did go to the FBI with her information about the ritual sexual abuse. “As I learned information about this group, from Julie and an employee of the Diocese of Toledo, I talked about it with the pastor of the parish I worked at and that Julie was a member of. Soon I began to receive anonymous threats to get out of the parish. The pastor assured me I had nothing to worry about.

I cut most of my ties with the parish after the pastor made sexual advances toward me and invited me to participate in sex orgies with numerous other priests that regularly met at a cottage in Marblehead, Ohio. ” The alleged network was known as the “Sisters of the Assumed Mary” S. A. M. . graphic descriptions of crimes – Is Ritual Child Abuse Just a Hoax?By Victoria Hardy 2/15/08 In 1984, a woman accused employees of the McMartin Preschool of molesting her young son when he came home bleeding from his rectum, a doctor verified that the child had been sodomized and thus became the longest criminal trial in American history….

During the investigation, 460 children reported being sexually abused and 80% showed physical symptoms including vaginal and rectal scarring, anal bleeding and sexually transmitted chlamydia infections. The children´s stories were remarkably similar concerning the nature, location and perpetrators of the abuse. Although the media held our attention, the public was never informed that teenagers and twenty year olds, former students of McMartin´s Preschool, had also come forward confirming the claims of the children, but were not allowed to testify due to the statute of limitations…. ”Neither side is going to like what I have to say,” Bynum told a reporter before he died. Bynum wanted to know how his citation books, the official police records kept from his time as a detective, had turned up in Ray Buckley´s desk when he was arrested for molestation. And he could corroborate a key point in the children´s testimonies.

The children had stated their attackers killed turtles and other small animals to scare them into silence and Bynum, while retained by the defense, found numerous turtle shells and other small animal bones buried in the yard of the preschool. According to the editor of the Los Angeles Times, Noel Greenwood, the widespread media coverage was “a mean spirited campaign” organized to discredit the kids and their therapists. Besides the ridicule the media heaped on Judy Johnson before her death, they also belittled the children´s claims… ournal Articles Parental Alienation Syndrome: What Professionals Need to Know Part 1 of 2 Update – Volume 16, Number 6, 2003 By Erika Rivera Ragland and Hope Fields PAS is based primarily upon two notions, neither of which has a foundation in empirical research. 1. PAS Presupposes a High Rate of False Accusations in Custody Cases The theory of PAS is based in part on the notion that, within custody disputes, there is a high incidence of false abuse allegations.

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Dr. Gardner theorized that allegations arising within the context of a custody dispute have a “high likelihood of being false,”5 and went so far as to state that he believed “the vast majority of allegations in this category are false. ” To the contrary, the available research suggests that false allegation rates are not significantly high. For example, a 1990 study by Thoennes and Tjaden evaluated 9,000 divorces in 12 states and found that sexual abuse allegations were made in less than 2 percent of the contested divorces involving child custody. Within this group, it appears false allegations occurred in approximately 5% to 8% of cases.

This study is one of the most comprehensive and least subject to bias and sampling problems, since its sample is so large and representative of the population of those divorcing with custody and visitation disputes. 2. PAS Presumes a Disadvantage to Women in Child Custody Determinations…. Other Weaknesses: Lack of Peer Review and Recognition by DSM IV Dr. Gardner mostly self published and thus did not generally subject his theory to the peer review process. Moreover, PAS is not recognized by any professional associations, including the American Psychiatric Association.

PAS is also not included within the DSM IV. It is also worth noting that Dr. Gardner often expressed disdain for child abuse professionals, labeling them “validators,” theorizing that greed and desire for increased business prompted some sexual abuse allegations, and speculating that parents and professionals alike made some false allegations because “all of us have some pedophilia within us. ” Conclusion – At best, PAS is a nondiagnostic “syndrome” that only explains the behavior of the child and the mother when there is a known false allegation. It is a courtroom diagnosis befitting adversaries involved in legal sparring. It is not capable of lending itself to hard data or inclusion in the forthcoming DSM V.

In short, PAS is an untested theory that, unchallenged, can have far reaching consequences for children seeking protection and legal vindication in courts of law. Parental Alienation Syndrome: What Professionals Need to Know Update – Volume 16, Number 7, 2003 Part 2 of 2 By Hope Fields and Erika Rivera Ragland PAS is an unproven theory that can threaten the integrity of the criminal justice system and the safety of abused children. Prosecutors should educate themselves about PAS and be prepared to argue against its admission in court. In cases where PAS testimony is admitted, it is a prosecutor’s responsibility to educate the judge and jury about the shortfalls of this theory. As more criminal courts refuse to admit PAS evidence, more protection will be afforded to victims of sexual abuse in our court system.

volume 16 number 7 2003. htmlAlmost 90 percent of children reported experiencing sexual violence – 10/15/07 – Almost 90% of teenagers aged 12 18 claim to have been victims of some level of sexual violence, according to a study conducted jointly by the University of Haifa and Ben Gurion University Israel. The research surveyed 1,036 high school students. Additionally, 82% of the boys and 76% of the girls reported said that they had been subjects of violent physical assault. Prof.

Rachel Lev Wiesel from the University of Haifa’s School of Social Work, one of the authors of the study, noted that the results showed a distressing increase in the incidence of violence – both sexual and physical – over the past few years. The number of criminal files opened by the police for assault against children rose from 6,370 in 1998 to 8,805 in 2005. According to the National Council for the Child, the number of children treated for suspected violent attacks or abuse in 2005 stood at more than 37,000, a rise of 120% over the past decade. Of the 37,000, 30. 5% were reported physical violence, 9.

9% sexual, 13% psychological and 36. 8% varying degrees of neglect. Prof. Lev Wiesel stressed that the aim of the research was to examine the personal and social factors that help adolescents cope with the trauma of a violent assault. A questionnaire was completed anonymously by over 1,000 high school students. The questionnaire measured six variables: demography, physical and sexual assaults, PTSD, potency and social support from family and friends.

vidence against the iatrogenesis of multiple personality disorder. Dissociation, 2, 61 65. Colin A. Ross, M. D. , G.

Ron Norton, Ph. D. , George A. Fraser, M. D.

1989. Exposure to hypnosis does not appear to influence the phenomenology of MPD…. There is no evidence derived from the study of clinical MPD that the disorder is artifactual. In fact there is not one case of MPD created artifactually by a specialist in dissociation reported in the literature. Given the absence of positive evidence for the artifactual nature of clinical MPD, the data in the present study provide compelling evidence that MPD is a genuine disorder with a consistent set of core features. iss 2 2 2 OCR.

pdfWomen who suffered child abuse spend more on health care – Middle aged women who suffered physical or sexual abuse as children spend up to one third more than average in health care costs, according to a long term study of more than 3,000 women. Even decades after the abuse ended, these women used health services at significantly higher rates than did non abused women, the research found. “What’s remarkable is that women with an average age in their late 40s still suffer consequences from abuse that occurred decades ago,” said Amy Bonomi, associate professor of human development and family science at Ohio State University, who led the study at Group Health in Seattle. “No other study has found that before. ” Women who had no history of abuse spent an average of $2,413 a year in 2004 dollars on health care costs.

Women who were sexually abused only paid an average of $382 a year more, those who were physically abused spent $502 more, and women who suffered both types of abuse spent $790 a year in additional health care costs. The study appears online in advance of the March issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine…. The study took into account factors such as age and education that also can affect health care use. “We are able to say pretty confidently that it was the abuse itself that is driving higher health care use and costs in these women,” she said. After accounting for women’s age and education, women who were sexually abused as children faced health care costs 16 percent higher than non abused women, while physically abused women’s costs were 22 percent higher.

For women who suffered both types of abuse, costs rose 36 percent above average. The research examined data from 3,333 women who belonged to Group Health, a health care system in the Pacific Northwest. While other studies had linked childhood abuse to higher adult health care costs, this research provides the most comprehensive and accurate evidence to date, Bonomi said. ormer Eagles player Al Chesley encourages child sexual abuse victims to speak out AP 3/5/08 Wilmington, Del. – Former NFL linebacker Al Chesley said Wednesday he was sexually abused as a teenager and is encouraging victims of child sexual abuse to step forward and tell their stories….

Livingston and Casteix took advantage of a 2003 California law, similar to Delaware’s, that allowed a one year “lookback” window for victims to file lawsuits that previously had been barred by the statute of limitations. Delaware’s law, enacted last year, allows a two year lookback period. According to SNAP members, California’s civil window has led to criminal convictions against three child predators. “This law is the only way we can get molesters off the street right now,” Casteix said. Casteix said she and Livingston were among 90 plaintiffs who settled with the Catholic diocese of Orange County, Calif.

, in 2004 for a total of $100 million. A key to the settlement, she said, was the release of church documents showing that the diocese knew about the abuse and did nothing to stop it. esearch suggests that children’s memory may be more reliable than adults’ in court cases 3/6/08 Scientists found that humans exhibit two types of memory. They call one “verbatim trace,” in which events are recorded very precisely and factually. Children have more “verbatim trace,” but as they mature, they develop more and more of a second type of memory: “gist trace,” in which they recall the meaning of an event, its emotional flavor, but not precise facts.

Gist trace is the most common cause of false memories, occurring most often in adults. Research shows that children are less likely to produce false memories, because gist trace develops slowly. As a result, children’s recollections could be more reliable than those of adults, and this could lead to ramifications in the courtroom…. Researchers Valerie Reyna, human development professor, and Chuck Brainerd, human development and law school professor– both from Cornell University — argue that…memory is of two minds — that is, memories are captured and recorded separately and differently in two distinct parts of the mind. They say children depend more heavily on a part of the mind that records, “what actually happened,” while adults depend more on another part of the mind that records, “the meaning of what happened. ” As a result, they say, adults are more susceptible to false memories, which can be extremely problematic in court cases.

Reyna’s and Brainerd’s research, funded by the National Science Foundation NSF, sparked more than 30 follow up memory studies many also funded by NSF, which the researchers review in an upcoming issue of Psychological Bulletin. This research shows that meaning based memories are largely responsible for false memories, especially in adult witnesses. Because the ability to extract meaning from experience develops slowly, children are less likely to produce these false memories than adults, and are more likely to give accurate testimony when properly questioned. …. Reyna and Brainerd’s findings are summarized in a new book, The Science of False Memory, published by Oxford University Press.

Source: NSF LMS – The Myth of the Victimless Crime By Melissa Farley and Victor Malarek 3/12/08…. Whose theory is it that prostitution is victimless?It’s the men who buy prostitutes who spew the myths that women choose prostitution, that they get rich, that it’s glamorous and that it turns women on. But most women in prostitution, including those working for escort services, have been sexually abused as children, studies show. Incest sets young women up for prostitution — by letting them know what they’re worth and what’s expected of them. Other forces that channel women into escort prostitution are economic hardship and racism.

The Emperor’s Club presented itself as an elite escort service. But aside from charging more, it worked like any other prostitution business. The pimps took their 50 percent cut. The Emperor’s Club often required that the women provide sex twice an hour. One woman who was wiretapped indicated that she couldn’t handle that pressure.

The ring operated throughout the United States and Europe. The transport of women for prostitution was masked by its description as “travel dates. ”…. Whether the woman is in a hotel room or on a side street in someone’s car, whether she’s trafficked from New York to Washington or from Mexico to Florida or from the city to the suburbs, the experience of being prostituted causes her immense psychological and physical harm. And it all starts with the buyer.

Melissa Farley is the author of “Prostitution and Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connections. ” Victor Malarek is the author of “The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade. ” ultiple personality and dissociation, 1791 1992: a complete bibliography – Author Goettmann, B. A. Greaves, B.

G. Coons M. P. “Multiple personality and dissociation, 1791 19922nd edition” is a bibliography. It contains the 1st edition as well as updates through November 30, 1993. Article errors have been corrected when possible.

The bibliography is divided up into the following areas: Multiple personalities, Dissociation and Amnesia, Depersonalization and Derealization, Fugue States, and Medico legal Aspects. Sidran Press. 2nd Edition. ISBN 0 9629164 5 5 – University of Oregon Libraries – viewer. php?In a report on school violence published yesterday, the commission said schools were the “single most common” site of crimes against children, such as robbery and assault, including rampant sexual violence, some of it by teachers.

The commission said it had identified a number of games pupils played in response to the violence, including one in which they pretended to rape each other. “This game demonstrates the extent and level … brutalisation of the youth has reached, and how endemic sexual violence has become in South Africa,” it said. The report said that a fifth of all sexual assaults on young people occurred at school. A survey of 1,227 female students who were victims of sexual assault found that nearly 9% of them had been attacked by teachers…. A separate study by the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme found that a quarter of secondary school students said that forced sexual intercourse did not necessarily constitute rape. The human rights commission report said that more than 40% of the young people it interviewed had been victims of some form of crime.

xperts: Parents often reluctant to report sex abuse by Andrew Strickler andrew. 3/10/08 …. ”Culturally, we have a strong resistance to acknowledging sexual abuse, especially same sex child abuse,” says Pat Patrick, director of the nonprofit Darkness to Light in Charleston, S. C. , which teaches sex abuse prevention. A perceived stigma attached to victims persists, experts say, despite a growing awareness of such crimes.

Six of every 1,000 children report being sexually abused in the previous year by an adult known to them, according to a 2002 survey conducted by the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center. Reports of child sex abuse have dropped sharply in recent years, according to director David Finkelhor, although most experts believe such incidents remain underreported. While many fear strangers, the majority of sex crimes against children are committed by a family member, a friend or someone else the child knows, a fact that experts say also contributes to unreported abuses. Seeds of PTSD Planted in Childhood By Constance Holden – ScienceNOW Daily News 3/18/08 Not everyone is vulnerable to post traumatic stress disorder PTSD–the extreme anxiety, depression, and nightmares that can follow a harrowing event. Although some people develop symptoms after seemingly minor traumas, others can handle wars, hurricanes, or various forms of physical abuse without losing their emotional balance. Now, researchers have shown that mutations in a stress related gene may help determine whether someone who suffered from abuse as a child is susceptible to PTSD later in life.

Teasing out the genetics of PTSD has been difficult. Children who are abused are more susceptible to PTSD as adults, and researchers estimate that up to 40% of this susceptibility is inherited. But just what genes are responsible is not known…. The researchers collected data on 762 people, most of them from poor black neighborhoods, who came to the clinic over a 2 year period for nonpsychiatric reasons. Through interviews and questionnaires, the subjects reported experiences with childhood abuse as well as other types of trauma in later life. Clinicians determined whether such traumas had triggered PTSD in adulthood.

Subjects also gave saliva samples so their DNA could be tested. Some 30% of the patients reported physical or sexual abuse, or both, as a child. This group showed twice the number of PTSD symptoms following later traumas, such as an accident or robbery, as those who had not reported being abused. also see and enetics/GeneticTesting/dh/8824Planting False Childhood Memories in Children: The Role of Event Plausibility – Kathy Pezdek, Danelle Hodge – Child Development, Vol. 70, No.

4 Jul. – Aug. , 1999, pp. 887 895 Abstract – This experiment tested and supported the hypothesis that events will be suggestively planted in children’s memory to the degree that the suggested event is plausible and script relevant knowledge exists in memory. Nineteen 5 to 7 year old children and 20 9 to 12 year old children were read descriptions of two true events and two false events, reported to have occurred when they were 4 years old.

One false event described the child lost in a mall while shopping the plausible false event; the other false event described the child receiving a rectal enema the implausible false event. The majority of the 39 children 54% did not remember either false event. However, whereas 14 children recalled the plausible but not the implausible false event, only one child recalled the implausible but not the plausible false event; this difference was statistically significant. Three additional children all in the younger age group recalled both false events. Although this pattern of results was consistent for both age groups, the differences were significant for the younger children only.

A framework is outlined specifying the cognitive processes underlying suggestively planting false events in memory. 08%2970%3A4%3C887%3APFCMIC%3E2. 0.