, Romantic Walks to the Fridge: Rule #4

Romantic Walks to the Fridge: Rule #4

Romantic Walks to the Fridge: Rule #4


For the enjoy of God

As you may possibly have deduced with wits I hope are sharper than those people of the FBI unit in NBC’s Hannibal, this checklist proceeds on from final week’s deceptively titled ‘Rule #1’ on the social media faux pas fully commited by a) the normal user and b) the filmies. And devoid of more ado…

Rule #4: wishing folks who usually are not on Fb a Pleased Delivery/Mother’s/Father’s Day or Fourth of July or Groundhog Day or whatsoever it is any of you rejoice. “Satisfied Father’s Working day to the world’s greatest father!” Is your father on Fb? No? So wait, he didn’t even go through that information? No? Do you have your dad’s phone selection? Indeed? Would that have been much more personal? For him to hear your voice? You know…. just placing that out there. Cease it.*

*the geeky/obsessive exception to this rule is when wishing pop lifestyle icons/men and women who encourage you a pleased birthday. If you do this, stay clear of on the lookout like a hipster know-it-all and reference these people’s functions, preferrably by such as a backlink to who they are/what they have completed.

Rule #5: will not abuse social media privacy privileges or it will appear again to haunt you and will become a nightmare even worse than any horror film you’ve at any time seen. Safety on social media, and email for that issue, is extra flimsy than 2008 Grammy’s J-Lo. Cyber basic safety is now a big concern – address the hidden coves of your social media existence as if they were being public. Is there anything you wouldn’t want your bosses to examine? Any politically delicate materials? Offensive to exactly where you reside/function? Get rid of it.

Rule #6: documenting your every motion is silly due to the fact a) if you are Foursquare’ing all your locations, you are like a walking blimp for stalkers**, b) noone cares that you just built John a cake and that you are now obtaining a cup of tea and that you are now viewing a film and in yet another hour will observe a further film and in a different hour will discuss how brilliant this movie is with anyone on Twitter right until you are all expended and retire to your bat caves digitally fatigued and prepared to re-boot for another working day with your pixel households and c) it is really bothersome. Moderation is critical.

**stability settings can assist below, but actually, why do we all want to know you ended up at Burger King and are now at the pub and are now back again property? WHO CARES?

Are you guilty of any of these? Do you have any SM pet peeves?


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