Review: Shark Dating Simulator XL

Review: Shark Dating Simulator XL

Review: Shark Dating Simulator XL


So, relationship sims.

We either like them, despise them, or fake to despise them and just conceal our Steam action. I tumble into the 1st classification. Give me all the relationship sims, the goofier the improved.

So when I heard about a game exactly where you can date sharks, I pounced on grabbing it. For 99 cents, I could definitely leap aboard the shark loving.

Shark Dating Simulator XL is a sport exactly where you, pretty much, date a shark. For the report, this is what your date seems to be like:

The video game is nonetheless in early obtain so a ton of the characteristics are even now unavailable. But the major storyline is rather preposterous and hilarious on it’s very own.

You participate in as an unnamed character who has (in some way) gotten a position functioning for a woman who is determined to prove reviews of conversing sea animals in the location. It is up to you to go down there and provide her a person.

Your character will get sidetracked by a woman shark who insists you just take her on a day. Hilarity, and crude jokes, ensue.

The activity has a “ball counter” and unique dialog selections can grant you much more balls, played to a robotic voice asserting “You Got BALLS”. At the end of the tale arc, your options are evaluated and you ought to use the balls (oh gosh this is difficult to variety with a straight deal with) to be in a position to be with your pretty shark date.

This video game features crude jokes, bare sharks, and is in general amazingly NSFW but it is hilarious. I extensively liked actively playing it and glimpse ahead to the new information. Not for the very easily offended or individuals looking for a prolonged storyline.

As of appropriate now, there is only one particular story arc readily available but the builders are at the moment operating on much more shark adore passions and accepting suggestions from players

Shark Courting Simulator XL is offered on Steam for 99 cents.

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