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I can take care of getting wrong.

I can handle messing up.

I am discovering to curb my perfectionism.

I have started to cease scolding myself for small faults

like when I climb the stairs,

recognize I forgot my purse

have to go again down again,

come back again upstairs

and notice my cellular phone is nevertheless in the basement.

I have started to do that following 29 several years

and it is extremely challenging.

It is really hard for me to fully grasp what is remaining claimed

ما ته

زما په اړه

or just in normal.

I occasionally just take a though to fully grasp

specially if you are talking really promptly

or about anything I don&#8217t grasp.

But, these things pale in comparison

to the soreness

my mother&#8217s phrases carry.

How her steps chunk.

And as I sit in this article typing,

thinking irrespective of whether I&#8217m really starting to practical experience the remaining stage

of grief.

I stand up for myself

convey to her no

and carry on.

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