, Oda Nobunaga – Perfect Love Sweet

Oda Nobunaga – Perfect Love Sweet

Oda Nobunaga – Perfect Love Sweet

Nobunaga-sama !!!

…is the to start with ikesen character I played since CV. Sugita Tomokazu. Not that it made a lot of big difference because 90% of the story is not voiced but eh, you know, seiyuu bias. Furthermore Nobunaga is plainly the center.

Warning: Spoilers

Character Tale

Nobunaga took an interest in the heroine (Mai as default name) soon after she saved him from an assassin at the burning Honnoji. Mai, not realizing who he was, rejected him when he questioned her irrespective of whether he desires to be his female. (Probably would have also turned down him if she knew who he was lol.)

Nobunaga was intrigued by a female who does not throw herself at him and explained to her he’s gonna consider his time to little by little conquer her coronary heart and system. (P.S. This is satisfactory only due to the fact this is an otome activity and he’s an ikemen.)

The two of them finished up making a bet with each and every other: If Mai can gain a match of Go against Nobunaga in the subsequent 3 months, he will convey her back to Kyoto so she can capture the wormhole which is set to re-seem and return to the future. In the meantime, for each individual match he wins, he will get to assert a component of her overall body as his and do whatsoever he wishes with it. (P.S. This is only satisfactory because this is an otome match and he’s an ikemen.)

To begin with, Mai found Nobunaga frightening soon after she witnessed how merciless he could be when confronting his enemies. She clashed with him lots of times above his seemingly nonchalant mindset in direction of killing folks who rebel in opposition to him. It did not assist that Nobunaga did not hassle to justify his actions to her (truthfully he was definitely not obliged to).

On the other hand, as Mai obtained to know him greater, she realised that he isn’t a cold and unfeeling person. Nobunaga does not enjoy using lives. He understands that each and every life is precious. Nevertheless, he chooses to fight and get rid of all who threaten to obstruct his quest to unify Japan and open the country up to the world so he can undertaking outside of. Since of that, he carries a weighty pounds on his shoulders and does not snooze perfectly at evening. (He sleeps effectively when he employs Mai’s lap as pillow hehehe.)

Mai also learnt, by means of quite a few shut moments with Nobunaga, that he has a caring aspect far too. Like how he taught a bunch of youngsters how to hunt so they’ll not go hungry. Or the many times he saved her from hazard. She also came to admire his strategic contemplating and farsightedness, as effectively as the thing to consider he reveals his people (even if he doesn’t consider he’s currently being caring).

Mai went back again and forth involving emotion touched at Nobunaga’s heat and upset at his heartlessness. WHICH IS THE Correct NOBUNAGA??? A number of arguments and patching ups later, she ultimately admitted to herself that she has fallen in really like with him. Nobunaga also fell in appreciate with Mai. Initially he didn’t understand why he cared about her and what she assume of him. A lot as he felt he has no suitable to knowledge like, he could not support himself and sooner or later confessed to her. Mai reciprocated and confessed that she enjoys him also. ❤

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After their 1st evening collectively, she uncovered about Nobunaga’s earlier and got to know that he grew up in an surroundings where by he had to constantly observe his back – be prepared to get rid of or be killed.

Mai was convinced that Nobunaga is a warm man or woman at coronary heart. He just is not informed of it for the reason that he spends so a great deal time fighting and killing. She decided she’ll not return to the long run. She is familiar with Nobunaga will not quit battling and killing until his ambition is fulfilled. She enjoys him with all her heart and desires to stay by him to protect the warmth that is inside of of him. She wishes to be the protected position he can return to and be at simplicity.


In the Contentment Route, Mai was kidnapped by Kenshin who wanted to use her to entice out Nobunaga. Kenshin is a war otaku who likes to combat potent enemies and he was obsessed with fighting Nobunaga.

Since this is Nobunaga’s route, he of system gained the fight and rescued Mai without any drama. Finally the war with Takeda-Uesugi finished and Nobunaga fulfilled his assure to Mai to choose a break from war and politics and vacation to Europe (I imagine) to see the entire world exterior of Japan like he often preferred.

The story finished with them returning to Azuchi just after travelling and icha-icha in Nobunaga’s space in broad daylight. ❤️

In the Passion Route, Mai was compelled to return to the foreseeable future mainly because the unidentified forces of the universe wanted her to end messing with record (i.e. conserving Nobunaga alternatively of allowing him die like he was meant to) and get the hell back again property.

The good thing is, Nobunaga was smart sufficient to determine out how to cheat the forces (with a little bit of assistance from Sasuke, a man whom Mai met at the Honnoji Incident ruins monument and also obtained transported again to the Sengoku period). In the conclusion, Mai managed to return to the Sengoku era to be with Nobunaga devoid of repercussions.

Favourite Times

✿ Nobunaga receiving touchy feely with the heroine. (P.S. This is acceptable only due to the fact this is an otome sport and he’s an ikemen).

✿ Nobunaga unknowingly finding jealous following obtaining out Mai was thinking about Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide(‘s conflict with each other earlier in the working day) whilst she was playing Go with him.

✿ Nobunaga having Tremendous Labored UP when Mai touched his collar simply because he’s TICKLISH lolwut.

✿ Nobunaga getting Super Worked UP each time Mai was in danger. Once when an assassin clung to her, pretending to beg for his daily life while secretly keeping a knife and ready to stab her, and as soon as when she was poisoned following taking in the foodstuff served to them. HIS Reaction WHEN MAI WENT Cold AND Missing CONSCIOUSNESS IN HIS ARMS.

✿ Nobunaga touching Mai’s remaining upper body and mentioned her coronary heart now belongs to him and she’s not allowed to die without having his authorization. 🥺

✿ Nobunaga not returing to the base camp quickly immediately after the day’s fight simply because he wished to wash absent all the blood on him Because After (ahead of they obtained jointly) THE HEROINE PUSHED HIM Absent WHEN HE Experimented with TO Touch HER WITH HIS BLOOD-STAINED Hands AND HE WAS Truly BOTHERED BY IT AHHH.

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✿ Nobunaga tearing soon after allowing go of Mai and telling her to return to the potential mainly because wormhole-kun will not end following them until it corrects the history by sending Mai back to where she came from and killing Nobunaga (who was intended to die at the Honnoji incident). Luckily HE MANAGED TO OUTRUN WORMHOLE-KUN AND SURVIVED.

✿ Nobunaga telling Mai it is not goodbye. Even if she returns to 500 yrs later on, he’ll nevertheless make absolutely sure she is familiar with how considerably he loved her AND HE DID. By placing on history records the kuma-tan (produced by Mai) he so preciously stored in his home and that his 1 enjoy was a woman named Mai. 🥺

✿ Nobunaga faking his very own death and retreated to at the rear of the scenes (and permitting Hideyoshi consider over) so that when Mai returns (Sasuke wrote him a observe to notify him that the wormhole will seem once more right before he returned to the long run with Mai) they can be together for good without having obtaining to worry about wormhole-kun chasing after them (given that he’s presumed dead). (Sorry for all the brackets lol → clearly not sorry)

✿ (In the bonus ending) Nobunaga collected the Oda gang for an emergency assembly simply because Mai has not spoken to him for 3 days lolol. The other men were like “This is your unexpected emergency???” lol. But they continue to listened and gave suggestions to help him get Mai to halt disregarding him. THIS IS WHAT BROTHERS ARE FOR.

✿ His love for konpeitou. Shockingly, this was not incredibly clear in his tale. It was much more exaggerated in other routes.

Concluding Ideas

GODDAMN NOBUNAGA BE SO DAMN Tranquil AND Assured OF Anything. Except when it arrives to Mai. ❤❤❤ The do-M spirit in me trembles each time he’s being ore-sama.

I truly feel negative for Hideyoshi in this route because he also favored the heroine but did not pursue her for the reason that he feels that he cannot compete with Nobunaga (his beloved lord). Additionally he is familiar with the heroine really adore Nobunaga and vice versa. *sniffs* It’s alright Hideyoshi. You have your story.

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