“Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth” | Nubian Pageant Systems & its 3-eBook Series

“Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth” | Nubian Pageant Systems & its 3-eBook Series

“Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth” | Nubian Pageant Systems & its 3-eBook Series

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Queen Sophie Charlotte of Good Britain, who reigned for the duration of the 18th Century,

alongside with Our Billions of Celestial Ancestors, who came ahead of us, assisted in announcing this 400-12 months previous go over-up of concealed specifics about the Virginia White Slave Colony, 1607 to 1619 Ad.



     The description down below her image can be browse on our hyperlink: “Novemberteenth / Aprilteenth,” and it serves as our within address of this new Book.


     Besides Queen Charlotte reminding the earth that she was Queen of England for the duration of the 18th Century and her helping us in this announcement, this main expose’ of details, that occurred 400 a long time ago, undermines the integrity of our know-how about the reality of American Historical past (The Virginia Colony).

     Leaning on the toughness of our “Proclamation for You” website link issued on June 1, 2018 (which is summarized under) and without certification or validation from U.S Record Skilled/Institutions, WE CERTIFY the forthcoming statements as Details that occurred for anybody (especially the youthful generations) to use HENCEFORTH simply because they are tricky details from the Virginia Colonial Documents (Courtroom and the Virginia Company of London).

We study numerous Virginia Colonial Records (Courtroom & the Virginia Business of London) to validate the authenticity of the higher than statements

From these information:

-We investigated the 1st 12-year period of time of the Virginia Colony, 1607 to 1619 Ad

-We understood why and how the thought of the Establishment of Indentured Servitude was conceived for the Virginia Colony and

-We understood who the supposed Indentured Servant really was in the course of this 1st 12-calendar year period

This 1st 12-calendar year time period embodied itself with Slavery and Starvation on its 1st wave of settlers

This 1st 12-year interval comprised White (European) Slaves

Thus, a document and/or documents:

-For Complete Liberty (aka “Instuctions to George Yeardley“) was issued November 1618 Advert for these White Slaves

-Was penned by the Survivors of this 1st 12-12 months time period and located for your minds’ eyes and

-Petitions/Grievances have been documented versus the Virginia Firm of London and its treasurer

Other Historians’ assessments are outlined and

A Script for a Screenplay has been ready for a motion picture/movie of this 12-calendar year period of time of the Virginia Colony with a sneak preview of its timeline contained in this Book.

So, sign up for us in this quest…



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