New Voice Prompts On Hinge – What Are They? – Dating App World

New Voice Prompts On Hinge – What Are They? – Dating App World

New Voice Prompts On Hinge – What Are They? – Dating App World

Hinge has included a new attribute to their mobile relationship application referred to as voice prompts. What are voice prompts, and how do you use them?

Voice prompts make it possible for you to answer concern prompts with your voice alternatively of just writing a textual content respond to. These prompts are automatically uploaded and will enjoy any time a person visits your profile.

In this article, we will show you how to use voice prompts and how you can enable greatly enhance your profile.

Voice Prompts On Hinge

voice prompts on Hinge

One particular of the hardest matters about utilizing courting applications is the means to convey your authentic personality. Customers solely decide you on the texts you place in the bio, the question prompts, and the shots you load to your profile.

Hinge has produced a new way to assistance get your persona onto the display screen prior to you even satisfy the human being.

Voice prompts have been extra to Hinge as a new way for people to showcase their personalities.

If you really do not like pineapple on pizza, you are in a position to clearly show your distaste for these a horrid mix by making use of a voice prompt.

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How To Use Voice Prompts On Hinge

In order to use voice prompts on Hinge, you can pick the popup that occurs, which will consider you immediately to the voice prompts.

If the popup does not show up, you are going to will need to click on your profile and get to the prompts sections.

The moment you arrive at the prompts segment, you’ll have the alternative to pick a voice prompt from the preset issues.

Opt for the best dilemma that you want to answer with your voice.

Once chosen, the monitor will appear like this.

voice prompts on Hinge

At the leading of the display, you will be able to edit your query by tapping on the pencil icon. This will allow for you to alter the preset question that you selected on the preceding monitor.

The microphone icon is where you will record your voice prompt. It is critical to notice that you are only permitted to document your voice for 30 seconds.

Hinge needs to continue to keep the solutions as small as achievable so that users never have to sit and hear to a minute-extensive remedy.

For your finest curiosity, we recommend listening to the sample response that Hinge presents. This will allow for you to get a truly feel of how to remedy your question and maintain it limited and sweet.

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Why Use Voice Prompts

Voice prompts on Hinge

Voice prompts allow for you to showcase your personality. If you have a real identity, we highly endorse you showcase it with the prompts.

Also, if you really do not just take great pics, getting an outgoing character can assistance greatly enhance your profile.

Both men and women can come to be even a lot more eye-catching when they converse. Owning a deep, hot voice for fellas is frequently captivating to girls.

If you’re a woman and you are the lifestyle of the party by currently being funny, then make a joke in your prompt to clearly show off your charisma.

Voice prompts are model new to courting apps, and Hinge is the 1st a single to let you to showcase by yourself through voice.

If you’re new to voice prompts, we recommend obtaining at least one particular voice prompt on your profile and seeing the reaction you get from other consumers.

If you’re having likes on the prompt, then make additional prompts. Individuals will permit you know by liking or disliking your prompts if they work or not for your profile.

The benefits might vary centered on your appears and, of class, the tone of your voice. If you feel you have an frustrating voice or never like listening to the seem of your voice, we advise you really do not use voice prompts.


Voice prompts are a new aspect in Hinge that allows you to express your temperament. Report 30 seconds of voice prompts to enable users to hear what you seem like just before conference them.

If your personality and tone of your voice are among the your strengths, we suggest including as several voice prompts as probable.

If you really do not have robust vocal capabilities, we suggest just commencing with one voice prompt and evaluate to see if other buyers like it.

Voice prompts model new to Hinge and will be a staple for the cellular application shortly.

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