, New Matchmaker Appointed | The County Register

New Matchmaker Appointed | The County Register

New Matchmaker Appointed | The County Register


It is with terrific delight that we are in a position to announce that from today’s date Karen Hyde has joined The County Sign-up as Senior Matchmaker, because of to the results that we have enjoyed in 2019 and the burgeoning shopper quantities, which have far more than doubled in 2019 to date, as more and far more people transform back again to a common courting company and away from the perils of on-line dating and the dangers connected with it.

Karen has worked as element of the Relationship Alternatives Team for 3 yrs and has grow to be a really successful matchmaker during that time – she was this years Runner Up in the prestigious Matchmaker of the Yr Awards 2019 and will now be taking part in an important function within just The County Register.

Karen joins the workforce together with The County Sign-up founder Heather Heber Percy. Tracey Cater, our Membership Advisers, The County Register’s Standard Supervisor – Kim Shaw, and Administrator – Emma Sandhu, are supported and recommended on all features of the enterprise by Heather.

Say’s Kim Shaw “I am energized that Karen has been in a position to be part of The County Sign up as she has fantastic experience as a Senior Matchmaker in just Relationship Choices and will be a authentic asset to the group and the excellent job that we consider to do for every person. We have experienced some amazing successes this year and continue on to bring men and women with each other in great numbers. We have included Tracey, Emma and Karen in 2019 and we have a extremely fantastic team”.

Mike Parker, Managing Director of Courting Solutions included “It is great to see The County Sign-up taking pleasure in the achievements that it has completed in 2019 and the dramatic increase in customer numbers. I am self-assured that Karen will be an great addition to an now very excellent group and will be perfectly obtained by County Sign-up consumers.”


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