Native bees love Red-flowering Gum

Native bees love Red-flowering Gum

Native bees love Red-flowering Gum

Stingless Native Bee hive – insulated with polystyrene


By: Michael Fox

A hive of Stingless Indigenous Bees Tetragonula sp. are a intriguing and handy addition to your Pollinator Link back garden, especially if you are growing Macadamia, Avacado, Strawberries, Rockmelon, Watermelon, Mango, Blueberries or Citrus (Kin Kin Indigenous Bees).

Remaining stingless, even though they do have robust jaws as you will come across if they get into your armpit, the Tetragonula sp. are fantastic for city backyards. Young children can stand shut and look at or even enable them walk about their hand without hazard of stings.

Design and style of Stingless Indigenous Bee hives has progressed radically with models now allowing for for effortless harvesting of the unique honey created by these tiny bees.

Native Bee with large ball of pollen

Native Bee with substantial ball of pollen

Native bees are very great crop pollinators simply because they are pretty great at gathering pollen.

This Stingless Native Bee already has a massive ball of pollen on its legs and nonetheless gathering more. Observe the bee in the video clip choose off with its pollen collection.

The Pink-flowering Gum Corymbia ficifolia produces a stunning show in O’Grady Road feeding ants and other insects, as perfectly as being extremely well-liked with our Stingless Indigenous Bees. Prevent for a moment and glimpse for the bees crawling around the flowers.


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