, My Friend Sam Needs Your Help…Please Advise

My Friend Sam Needs Your Help…Please Advise

My Friend Sam Needs Your Help…Please Advise


My mate Sam has a difficulty and can not appear to figure out what to do about it.

Sam is a very good man and all. He attempts to enable men and women when he can.

He will work at Starbucks and helps make a tiny around $21,000 a 12 months. $28K if the ideas are true excellent.

But Sam’s trouble is his expenditures.

Sam life in a 3 bed room apartment, due to the fact he likes to have area for his video clip game titles, music, and comedian guide collections.

He got the Xbox Just one the working day it came out.

As well as the Sony 4.

He has a automobile and a motorbike.

He likes pizza and orders out every Monday. Tuesday is Taco night, which, of course, means he goes to Taco Bell. Wednesday is Chilies night. Thursday is poker, and normally eats at the bar. Usual grill food: cheese sticks or a hamburger. Sad to say, he is not a quite superior poker participant, and previous 7 days he blew $100 on a bad hand. Friday is date night time. His girlfriend is Alecia. They see videos a lot. In some cases they do a musical. It’s her connect with even though, and she has great style. Saturday is ethnic evening. He likes to try exotic places like Greek or Russian delicacies. Sunday is sports. He does not go out considerably on Sunday but alternatively orders Chinese Choose out.

I have 3 young children and a wife, so I just can’t be just about as reckless with my revenue as Sam is with his.

I didn’t understand until eventually not long ago just how major of a trouble Sam has. I want to be a great pal about it, but I don’t know how to help him. You see…Sam and I were being ingesting a single night, and he opened up about his finances. He advised me he seriously hopes he gets a increase at function. Evidently Starbucks is wanting to boost a shift supervisor, and it would be a great raise for him. He thinks if he operates tricky for a yr or two as a shift supervisor, he can then apply for a supervisor place.

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“They make almost 30,000 a calendar year!” he mentioned with innocent naivite. “I could truly use the increase.”

“Are you worried about money?” I requested.

Sam got quiet and would not glimpse at me. “A little,” he admitted. “My dad was chatting to me last week. I believe I maxed out his credit history card.”

“You’ve been living off of your dad’s credit history card?” I asked.

“And my Grandpa’s. Both equally of Grandpa’s, truly.”

“Sam . . . ” I said without figuring out what else to say.

“My father advised me I spent $38,000 past calendar year. Among all the credit playing cards, I feel I additional $16,500 to the harmony.”

“Wait…you Extra about 16 grand to your parents’ credit score cards?” I asked trying to wrap my thoughts all around what I was listening to.

“That’s what he claimed. My grandpa was pretty upset.”

“How a great deal do you owe? I necessarily mean the full balance?” I requested.

“Over 142 thousand pounds. My father instructed me I experienced to reduce back again on my fees.”

“Yeah, I would agree with that.”

“I was hunting at the spending plan he gave me. I imagine I’m likely to cease obtaining cokes at the gas station from now on.”


“Yeah, very well those people are more than $1. I determine that if I cut that out, I could conserve $385 a calendar year. That will help, will not it?”

I really do not even know in which to get started.

Do you have any recommendations for Sam?

The United States of America delivers in about $2,170,000,000,000 in tax income each individual calendar year.

The annual budget of the United States is $3,820,000,000,000.

The United States of The usa added $1,650,000,000,000 in credit card debt previous yr.

The National financial debt is about $14,271,000,000,000

Past 12 months, the United States of The united states cut $38,500,000,000 from the once-a-year budget…and these spending plan cuts led to the shut down the govt since we could not agree on how to take care of our money issue.

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