My First Year of Uni: Extra-Extra-Curriculars

My First Year of Uni: Extra-Extra-Curriculars

My First Year of Uni: Extra-Extra-Curriculars


Owning examine my earlier write-up, you are likely pondering why it is that I really do not have that a lot to say about my educational experience at SMU.

This is partly owing to college work becoming rather repetitive so there isn’t that much to discuss about.

With that claimed, the major rationale for the lack of articles is largely the end result of my in depth involvement in more-curricular routines.

The interview

I’m not guaranteed if just about every college capabilities the identical way that SMU does but I have attended much more interviews this academic 12 months than I have in my full 20 years of existence.

I are unable to stress the worth of “interviewing well”.

Every person has a distinct method to interviews but the reality is that in university, nobody really cares how a lot you seriously know.

The job interview is at best a “get-to-know you” session and at even worse a resource of entertainment for the panel.

One particular thing’s for sure — they want to know about you.

No. Do not fear. They’re not hunting for a saint.

They’re on the lookout for somebody who is charismatic, energetic and appealing.

Of study course, it doesn’t damage to have very good seems to be.

But if you’re like me and arrived up brief in the genetic lottery, enable your perception of fashion and individuality established you apart.

What a whole lot of persons are unsuccessful to realise is that you require to be relatable.

Do your due diligence about the club/society/committee before you job interview for them.

There’s no rule that refrains you from getting whoever you want in that job interview home.

If required, be the edition of on your own that’s most probably what they are seeking for…based on your considerable investigation.

Word of warning — just make sure that you’re certified for the job that you interview for.


Most of you know me as that videography or report creating fanatic. Some know me as a lengthy distance swimmer, even though many others know me as a lazy extended length swimmer.

Now you can insert dancer to that at any time expanding list of crazy issues I’ve carried out. As if gymnastics was not lousy adequate, I have now selected to expend a copious quantity of time attempting gravity defying tricks (I’m remaining melodramatic about this but 1 excursion to the ER has me a very little jaded).

If you have ever questioned what salsa is like, I’d certainly advocate it!

It is a good way to fulfill men and women outside your school and to maintain fit.

Just really do not anticipate it to be a walk in the park.

Technique smart, it’s not the most tough (ballet will take the prize… Hands down), but in each individual other way it is.

The music’s odd, the footwork is intricate (this is coming from an individual who went Back again to faucet dancing as an grownup) and dancing with a associate?

Not all that it’s chalked up to be.

Really do not get me improper, getting a spouse is fantastic — with the exception of all the situations one particular finds oneself organized to wring the other person’s neck.


Making the swap from becoming a soloist who is put in the corps de ballet the moment each couple of yrs, to somebody who is in the corps de ballet 100% of the time was negative.

It did not assistance that for the entirety of Sem 1, I was planning for a ballet test which intended that I was dancing twice a day on coaching times.

Continuous muscle mass fatigue was to be anticipated but what I experienced not anticipated was the friction that arrived with remaining part of a team.

Obtaining in no way experienced to seek the advice of any person on something in relation to dance, it was tricky modifying to a entire other amount of accountability.

As for how the CCA is persons-intelligent, I guess there is no authentic stereotype as we’re all from various faculties and backgrounds.

Just after 15 a long time of dance, I considered I experienced previously dealt with every possible persona, nevertheless a shock awaited at every corner.

Really do not get me improper, I’m not saying it’s all terrible, but never expect to healthy in instantly.

Anyone has vastly differing motivations/aims so there is sure to be some friction.

The double-edge sword

Most people would explain to you that joining a CCA to broaden your social circle is a double-edged sword.   

I concur with that assessment.

SMU in specific has attained its status as a lower-throat social space because of to its students never ever hesitating to simply call a spade a spade.

Consciousness and the capacity to acquire criticism is very vital in purchase to endure in these types of an atmosphere.

When I very first started off, I struggled to leave my delight at the door but I shortly realised that not each and every struggle was winnable and I’d only be leading to myself pointless pressure in attempting to do so.

Having said that, never let on your own fall into the practice of disregarding items you don’t accord with much too a lot importance just simply because all you hear are complains about inconsequential points. The fact is that everyone is at a unique point in their journey of individual development and development. This will make for a fantastic lesson in interpersonal relations, a talent essential for survival in the office.

So acquire this chance to check out your hand at something you have hardly ever carried out ahead of! It is right after all your last chance to be a “kid”.

Org comms/OCPS

The truth of the issue is all people begins on an unequal footing in university.

If you imagine usually, you’re sorely mistaken.

How you decide on to shell out the months foremost up to college correlates to your accomplishment.

Some might opt for to perform in gross sales or F&B while some others may possibly be slogging absent interning for the finest in the area.

I’m absolutely sure you know who is improved off in terms of capabilities established.

An observation is that if you are pursuing a pretty technical or professional degree, there’s marginal returns in interning in an organisation in that discipline prior to commencing college.

The cause is that you pretty much know very little about that discipline and so locating useful discovering alternatives would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

If you claim normally then that goes to display that the millions of dollars spent employing properly accredited faculty is a total squander of assets.

Is that correct?

It’s possible to a particular extent, but it remains that there’s a cause why you just can’t take the bar dependent on an education you bought on the World wide web.

Instead of doing one thing that you are bound to do through one of your summertime breaks anyway, why not uncover a way to differentiate your self?

Do one thing you know a lot of other individuals in your field will be missing in but is a skill that is sought immediately after by businesses.

Develop your network of organisation you can transform to for sponsorship and come across contacts you can connect with upon for favours.

That is what is going to make a difference if you want to have a satisfying College “career”.

Preparing clever

What I’ve realised is that not only is it essential to be e book clever but you also have to somehow acquire truly fantastic strategising abilities in order to survive the ordeal that is university.

The capacity to strategy clever could be the distinction involving getting straight B+ s and having a bunch of As.

Don’t fall into the trap of overloading oneself all through the semester which a great deal of folks are inclined to do even just after a their initial yr.

The magic range is 3 (extra curricular pursuits) in most circumstances, assuming you never have extra than 3 finals.

Sem 1:
Academics: 5 mods, 3 finals
Non-tutorial: CCA, OCSP (Overseas CIP), Ballet examination

Sem 2:
Teachers: 4.5 mods (.5 uni-main), 3 finals
Non-educational: CCA, LGN Org-comm, FTW (Finishing Touch – a uni-core..time consuming)

Summer months:
Portfolio booster: Social-Entrepreneurship task, internship
Non-academic: CCA, LGN Org-comm, volunteer get the job done

Having shared almost everything I know about non-academic things, I guess the last facet of uni-lifetime well worth discussing is that of buddies. (to be continued…in 2022)

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