Love waits… – Passion and Wanderlust

Love waits… – Passion and Wanderlust

Love waits… – Passion and Wanderlust

I want to be with anyone less than the night time sky
and start out describing the constellations to them

I want another person
who won’t cease me
to seem in my eyes
that is not romance…

I want a person who will pay attention to me
reading through the whole sky for them
prior to they even say a term

and when I’m accomplished
they’ll dare me to skinny dip
into the sea
and view the planes escape the airway
just one by a person
guessing what heartbreaks
each flight will have to have cost
and the love stories
it’s about to publish

I want anyone
who will not reach for my lips
right until my cigarette has died
that’s not romance either,
that is appreciate

Because love waits
for the suitable second
to gentle fireworks

enjoy waits for a cozy space
and candles
love waits for whiskey
to heat up the physique
before arms do

adore awaits consent
and doesn’t hurry you to unzip your pants
it waits till you sense
your dresses so weighty and unnecessary
that you want to put them on hearth

love waits for the appropriate song
to appear up on the radio

it waits for the poet
to spread the words on paper
to fill the partitions of the area with verses
before the lights go out

and nonetheless, it waits
for exhaustion to dissolve
on heat sheets
between sweaty bodies

like waits for gasoline to run out
and retains waiting
for the pickup truck to get there
it doesn’t drag you guiding the bushes
it does not look for a hiding area

it seeks an open balcony
and breakfast in the sunshine

Like is a lighthouse
Not a cave

it waits for the ideal words
and a guide to be composed on
for the right town and spot
for the tent to be established

it waits for the espresso to brew
and the tree to grow
for the fruits to be ripe
and the wine to sweeten

love waits for a female to turn into a female
and confess her inner thoughts to the universe

it waits for your drunk steps to turn into continual
for doubt to come to be a certainty
for queries to convert to answers

it waits for you to end your letter
get out of the shower
depart your problems in the attic

really like waits for your feet to get heat
under someone’s burning skin

it waits for the want to turn into a need to have
for lust to grow to be a fire
for touch to come to be a stroke
for claims to provide out have confidence in

Appreciate waits for you to cross the street
it is not a automobile incident
it is a targeted traffic light
putting chaos in order

If you are not certain what it is
glance for the gentle
if there is gentle
there is adore.

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