Love and Ego: Neptune and ???

Love and Ego: Neptune and ???

Love and Ego: Neptune and ???

The struggle concerning Enjoy and Ego has been likely on for a extensive time. Let’s glance again 2000 yrs or so, and even ahead of that. Way again in the dim and distant earlier, God experienced a favorite angel. He gave exclusive gifts to this angel (new music was one of them – Lucifer is a good musician). But then Lucifer’s moi puffed up, and Lucifer resolved that he should really be the significant shot – variety a single (I AM), and he tried out to established himself up as “God”, to be worshipped by all.

And then there was war in heaven (I constantly visualise a Star Wars style of fight scene each time I study that phrase 🙂 ) and Lucifer, or Satan, or the Devil, whichever you choose, was forged down to Earth. (I like the time period “Ego”.)

So Moi finished up on Earth. So, as pure souls with unconditional adore and compassion deep within us (Neptune/Pisces), we appear down into this ego-saturated world (and dimension of actuality), and occupy (these usually inadequate) bodies for a when (style and design flaws). We crash-land on planet Earth so to converse. This event factors to the a few Earth signs: Taurus: product standing, Virgo: productive money methods, and Capricorn (HandiCap): gravity, pounds, limitations, restrictions, lessons

You might imagine this story about the fight concerning God and Lucifer and Lucifer for that reason staying cast down to earth, or you may perhaps not – no matter whether you do or not does not really hassle me, but the symbolism is interesting.

We Are One, and Divide and Individual

A way to distinguish Enjoy from Ego is that Appreciate is compassionate and all-inclusive, and Moi is all about ‘divide and separate’. Right here is a further ‘fable’ that you may or could not select to think. According to this a single, for the duration of the Piscean age, Jesus Christ came to earth with a message of unconditional appreciate, which was all-inclusive in that it involved most people. In legitimate Piscean fashion, he was “invisible” to a lot of, particularly the Jewish religious leaders of the time and most likely the larger sized part of humanity, and he sacrificed himself. Jesus shown quite a few of the ideal features of Neptune and its indicator Pisces: compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness, non-judgement and so on. The message of enjoy Jesus delivered was all inclusive in the way that unconditional love is. But then the Ego intervened, in the variety of self-critical Jewish leaders that ridiculed Jesus, and then later on in the kind of distinctive interpretations of the bible getting formed by diverse people today into distinct religions (divide and independent), with every single individual religion proclaiming that We Are Right (W.A.R), and that the relaxation of the religions and their a lot of followers are all likely straight to Hell (I hope they have superior pizza’s there :-)).

You may perhaps believe that that a intelligent instructor named Jesus arrived to earth, or you might not, and that genuinely doesn’t hassle me, but to me it is fairly noticeable that Really like and Ego are both equally highly effective forces right here on earth.

How do these two forces align with or fit into astrology? Ahh…the million dollar query.

I have (loosely) identified (unconditional) really like as falling underneath the rulership of Neptune/Pisces, so what about Ego? Lucifer/Ego is connected with Fire, so let’s search at the a few Hearth signs just for a giggle.

Aries: aggressiveness, competitiveness (divide and independent), currently being ‘number one’, and the key phrases for Aries are ‘I Am’.

Leo: vanity, self-importance, and the search phrases for Leo are ‘I create’.

Sagittarius: hubris and overconfidence, which can lead to delusions of grandeur.

Not a undesirable fit, never you feel? 🙂

Remember to take note that each and every Star sign, or a lot more effectively, Sunlight indicator, has its progressed and unevolved attributes or characteristics. In the Fireplace indication paragraphs previously mentioned, I have drawn greatly on the unevolved qualities of these a few Solar indications. No one belonging to a individual sign is absolutely like this: astrology just does not work that way. As properly as a individual acquiring a blend of the progressed and unevolved characteristics of a unique Solar indication, ALL of the other eleven indicators characteristic in that person’s astrological makeup (attempt heading make-up free of charge 🙂 and add to the unique and stunning person that each and every man or woman is.

Our Correct and Fake Self

Our soul describes the accurate truth of who we are. Our moi describes our bogus, illusory self. We all have an moi mainly because we live in this article on this earth plane, this earthly dimension of full existence. I guess the difference among specific people today is that some people are aware of their ego’s and monitor them, and others aren’t, and blunder via daily life utilizing that fake, puffed-up id. Attempt to prevent them if you can!

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