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I am giving 5 start only for my experience of the customer service, response time, and professionalism of the company employees. I didn’t get any services before or after writing this review. The technician Mr. Dailey is a gentleman and very knowledgeable about his work. He called me 30 mins before as owner advice me that he will, then I received an automated message from the owner about his profile and picture.

Which is greatly appreciated for security reasons and excellent customer assistance. Mr. Dailey looked at the issue and provided me a quote within minutes. The price was higher than I expected and thus I politely declined the services. The owner and Mr. Dailey was very polite even after I decided to not use their service at the moment.

Although, the customer service experience with them was so great that I will again reach out for any future services. Thank you so much for your review, and allowing Clover Services to come out and provide you options on the replacement of your current piping. Please note, our pricing structure, is inclusive of sending a qualified, drug tested, back ground checked skilled technician to your home. We also do weekly training with our techs to ensure that we keep our promise of delivering our customers our promised 5 Star Service. Our company is fully licensed and insured. We are a flat rate pricing company, so our jobs are priced by the job, to include, parts and labor as a whole.

We also are backed with some of the highest workmanship guarantees there is. All of this that we offer, costs to keep us delivering our valued customers our promised 5 star service. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime. WendyOur HVAC system was leaking. Clover sent someone to check out the situation quickly and the technician recommended a whole system replacement. I felt like he was making the recommendation genuinely, and he explained his reasoning.

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I asked for a quote for a new system and mentioned I wanted a baseline model. I received a quote later that evening, and it seemed fair for what I was getting. They came a few days later and replaced the system in one day. They were accommodating of my schedule. Our technician was Ronan, and he was fantastic.

He really made sure everything was right throughout the process. He had great attention to detail and was considerate. He even thought to ask me about whether I had extra wall paint since the new thermostat was smaller than the old one and showed the old paint. While we did have some paint, we also have a newborn and I knew I wouldn’t get around to painting around the new thermostat. Ronan asked if I wanted a wider thermostat base instead.

He installed the wider thermostat base for us so the old paint was covered. This is just one example of the thought and consideration he put into his work and customer service. I would use them again for sure. My only complaint would be that I wish the install could have been scheduled sooner, but they were already booked up. I needed some work done in my home before moving in, and gave Clover a list of plumbing repairs from my home inspection report. Most were very minor repairs, except for installing valves for the exterior hose bibs.

As soon as Scotty came out to give me an estimate, he did a full plumbing home inspection to point out other areas that I should pay attention to. Scotty and the office staff were professional and prompt. There were a few scheduling issues in the beginning, but everything worked out fine in the end. Scotty is extremely experienced in all sorts of plumbing issues, and was very transparent in everything. He even went above and beyond by doing things to improve my home outside the list of repairs ex: draining the water heater. He was also very responsive the whole time, giving me updates and sharing photos.

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I thought the pricing was fair for the materials and labor, and I am very pleased I went with Clover for my plumbing work.