, Kyla’s Story – Love, Alopecia

Kyla’s Story – Love, Alopecia

Kyla’s Story – Love, Alopecia


Kyla is a 13-12 months-outdated who has been dwelling with Alopecia areata considering that 2020. In this article is her story.

“I was identified with Alopecia areata when I was 11 and I am now presently 13 decades aged.

It all started out when my sister Lorelai was actively playing with my hair at my grandma’s dwelling. The upcoming week my mum took me to the medical professional, and I was identified with Alopecia areata.

By the conclusion of March 2020 all my hair had fallen out apart from for a little bit at the back that looked like a bald mullet. I then made the decision to shave off what was left, and I was a lot happier than I experienced been given that hair started off falling out. I was also pretty fortunate that my mum decided to shave her head with me.

About the upcoming handful of months my hair grew back. At the end of June 2020, I gained my 1st Bravery Buddy and I named her Desiree right after my dancing teacher, who is really exclusive to me. I was the very first man or woman with alopecia to acquire a Bravery Buddy.

, Kyla’s Story – Love, Alopecia

In September, I made the decision that I would like to get a wig. I then satisfied Martine from Freedom Wigs (Martine also suffers from alopecia), and we arranged a wig to be created for me. One of the causes I preferred a wig was for my college shots. Sad to say, my wig took a though to be built since it was produced to my head form, so we acquired a more affordable, artificial hair wig which I wore after and that was for college shots. My wig charge $5000 so we applied for a grant from Wide range. 1 of the ironic points about my alopecia journey is that in late November 2019, I donated my hair to Variety’s Heart with Hair program. So, I was fundamentally inquiring them – could I have my hair back. 

, Kyla’s Story – Love, Alopecia
Kyla with her wig

Because my wig was made to my head shape, I had to shave all my hair that was rising again so my head could be scanned for the wig cap. A number of days ahead of I shaved it all off my hair started off falling out all over again, so it felt like I was generating the right choice.

In mid-October I was designed the to start with Bravery Buddies ambassador by Tegan, who runs Bravery Buddies, and Bravery Buddies was opened to young ones with alopecia since of me. My wig arrived in time for my yr 6 formal and I was so relieved it arrived in time. One particular of my friends thought that it was my authentic hair even while they saw me in course the day in advance of with nothing at all on my head.

In 2021, I began yr 7. For the first few of weeks, I wore my scarf but then I began sporting my wig at the time a 7 days or a lot more. If individuals asked issues about my scarf, I’d just inform them that I experienced alopecia, I’m not sick and it is not contagious.

, Kyla’s Story – Love, Alopecia

12 months 7 was heading good right until about mid-June when my eyebrows started out slipping out. The similar week that this happened I competed at a dance eisteddfod and danced bald for the initially time and I came in 2nd and 1st. Then for the duration of lockdown my eyelashes started slipping out.

I’m now presently in calendar year 8 and this is my alopecia journey so considerably.”

, Kyla’s Story – Love, Alopecia
Kyla with and with out her wig

Thank you for sharing your tale with us, Kyla!


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