Korean Cinema – Yonsei 2013 : A Single Spark Responses

Korean Cinema – Yonsei 2013 : A Single Spark Responses


Seung Hyun Koh (2013841663)

The film, ‘A single spark’ vividly portrays the inhumane working circumstances of garment manufacturing unit workers in the course of the Park Jung hee routine.

An interesting image in the film is the plant that ‘wakes up later than others’. In close proximity to the commencing, Jung-shortly, whilst observing the plants, remarks that ‘the a person in the end is like a individual who drinks tea when every person else beverages espresso in spite of the equivalent conditions, it grows considerably slower’. In a sense, this alludes to the daily life of Jeon Tae-il, whose lonely journey to labor legal rights was severely oppressed by the callous, unconcerned authorities of the Park Jung-hee era. In his time, Jeon Tae-il acquired minimal assistance and experienced to obtain a way to promulgate the dire performing conditions of Pyung-hwa sector to the general public who remained mainly ignorant.

This serves to illustrate the major level of the movie, Jeon Tae-il and his persons ended up even still left guiding by these who had been oppressed. In Park Jung-hee’s period the minjung movement began to take-off and the public had been deeply concerned about extraordinary disparity involving the loaded and the very poor. Nevertheless, the film exhibits that the protests held by Jeon Tae-il obviously lacked assistance, with the variety of contributors meager at most effective. In a way, it can be stated that Jeon Tae-il and his men and women were being outsiders even to the team of the oppressed acknowledged as the minjung. He had no decision but to established himself on fire to bring in the substantially-needed awareness of the community.

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It should be observed that the film makes use of extraordinary lengthy shot to foretell Jeon Tae-il’s plight. For occasion, extraordinary extended shot is made use of when Jeon Tae-il, on vowing to attain labor rights for the garment factory employees, helps make his way again to the Pyung-hwa marketplace. Like in the film Search engine marketing pyeon-jae, the shot displays Jeon Tae-il going for walks together the very long, empty street implying the harsh and lonely road forward.

In addition, there were being scenes that clearly illustrated the fact that the doing the job conditions of labors had been pitifully reduced even after the death of Jeon Tae-il, that lifetime is same as it at any time was. An instance of this is the juxtaposition built between Jeon Tae-il and the boy marketing umbrella. Like Jeon Tae-il, the young boy is pressured to streets trying to promote umbrella to make a living. More conspicuously, the transition from colour to black and white illustrates the fact that variations have nevertheless to choose place. For example, around the beginning of the movie (which is filmed in colour) when Kim Youthful-soo goes to the garment manufacturing unit, he sees that the people today there still endure harsh function as nicely as very poor doing work circumstances. The subsequent scene transits to the previous (signaled by black and white) to make a position that the existing is not so a great deal different from the past the doing the job ailments ended up as unbearable as it was in the previous.

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