, John 17 – One in God!

John 17 – One in God!

John 17 – One in God!


In John 17:1-26 Jesus is praying the Significant Priestly Prayer and he is interceding for himself, his disciples and finally for believers who would be picked out by his sovereign grace 200 several years later. Jesus’ farewell prayer at the close of the final supper presents an account of his ministry to the Father and there is so a great deal theology packed into these 26 verses that it would acquire days and weeks to unpack it but allow me give you 2 highlights:

  1. V10-12 Jesus’ prayer factors to the perseverance of the saints and eternal security. Jesus prayer request was that we would be retained and maintain in mind, the Son of God normally will get his prayers answered by the Father. As a believer in Jesus, you can have assurance that your faith has a potential simply because the Father would not give to his Son a present (believers) that would not very last.
  2. V20-26 Jesus phone calls upon the Father to make his church one even as Christ and the Father are a person. V13-19 provides us the traits that are a end result of currently being united with the Father – Joy, Sanctification, Witness and God’s glory.

John 17 factors us to the Trinitarian nature of God. Even nevertheless the Old Testomony introduces us to the Trinitarian mother nature of God (Gen 1:26-27), the Jews of Jesus’ working day were lifted in demanding monotheism = God was singular (Deut 6:4). Suddenly Jesus Christ comes on the scene and at his baptism (Matt 3), the Father declares Jesus as his beloved Son and then the Holy Spirit dropped in on the social gathering and remained on Jesus. It took a different 400 yrs of theological debate before the church shaped an formal doctrinal posture on the trinitarian character of God. Due to the theological debate and discussions of the Council of Nicaea (325Advert) and the Council of Constantinople (381Advertisement) the Nicene Creed was fashioned and is unquestionably critical in encouraging us recognize what the bible teaches about the trinity. A limited summary of it in my personal terms is offered:

“The Christian doctrine of the Trinity affirms the revelation of the everlasting Godhead, who has discovered himself as 1 God, present in 3 persons the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who dwell in everlasting group of interdependent and reciprocal love distinguishable but inseparable in essence co-everlasting, co-existent and co-equivalent in mother nature, attributes, power and glory.”

Why is the Trinity pertinent to getting One particular in our relationships? What unites the Godhead is great intimacy. God ordeals divine community in just himself and the church is meant to mirror that oneness in the way we relate to each individual other and depict God to the environment.

Jesus, in best intimacy with the Father prays, “I ask for individuals who will feel in my identify, that they may possibly all be one particular, just as you Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may perhaps be in us, so that the environment might consider that you have despatched me” (Jn 17:20-21).

When we are A person, we point the earth to the despatched A person of God = Jesus Christ!

Just as God elevated up Israel to be a witness of his glory to the nations, so too has God lifted the Church up to be a witness and illustration of him in the course of the earth. Staying unified and genuine in our relationships is not about warm fuzzies and staying wonderful to people by yourself but our unity is a main indication that God is amid us.

Tomorrow we will look at what currently being authentically A single appears to be like like almost.

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