, Is blackplanet free?

Is blackplanet free?

Is blackplanet free?

To be honest, BlackPlanet’s website needs a makeover to keep up with other online dating sites. Alternatively, you can also access BlackPlanet on your mobile device’s web browser; you can make use of this feature if the app slows down or has some issues. And while it’s not strictly a dating site, this extensive review of BlackPlanet Dating Site is going to show you that the tools it offers can be used to find potential matches. It doesn’t have very good security measures to stop bots and fake profiles and all sorts of scammers.

And you have the necessary tools at your disposal if you want to use BlackPlanet just as a dating site, so let’s see how you could get in touch with someone. However, if you don’t like BlackPlanet for some reason, you can make use of the following alternative black dating sites. So, Radio One became the owner of Blackplanet and launched a large PR firm to pursue new customers, especially African Americans, because they didn’t have American online dating sites, back in the day.

Is BlackPlanet free?

More to the point, be prepared to read news about things that concern the world and most of your favorite celebrities. But it seems like the developers have fallen behind the other sites when it comes to aesthetics and features.