Is aisle better than tinder?

Is aisle better than tinder?

The Aisle app came up with the concept of connecting Indians from all over the world. While it promotes matching between Indians (desis) who are dating, it is not really strict about registering members of another race or culture. The best possible way to sum up the Aisle app for guys is “Use the Aisle app if you have patience or money. In fact, it’s a hit, especially with younger adults, as seen in the data collected.

Aisle is an interesting app in terms of its interface and design. The tagline is The Dating App for Indians. The Aisle app aims to be a middle path between traditional matrimonial websites and casual dating apps for Indians all over the world. If you can’t afford or don’t have the patience, then there is no point in using the Aisle app because you will hardly talk to any girl.

Is Aisle app any good?

The app also contains sections related to your food preferences, your favorite music, and your books; you can talk about your travels, your bad habits, and your lifestyle. Plus, Aisle VIP gives you double Likes when you level up and see all the members who have liked you. If you paid for the match, but it wasn’t approved, the money will automatically go back into your Aisle. Over the years, Aisle has become the largest community of vibrant Indians, South Asians, desis, from all over the world who connect online for meaningful offline dating.

If you are a premium member on this app, you can send unlimited requests, I have heard from other users, they don’t get likes when you like their profile. The features are pretty decent, it won’t become your “dating addiction app” as there are limited number of invites you can send. Here in the first place is the quality of the partners, life, and personal values, as well as the individuality of the match.