How To Tell If It’s A Date Or A Hang Out

How To Tell If It’s A Date Or A Hang Out

How To Tell If It’s A Date Or A Hang Out

Expensive Dee’s Dating Diary,

How would you know if it’s a day or just a hang out?

Dear Dater,

Normally, you ought to be equipped to convey to by the way he asked you.

Did he talk to if you want to go out or did he talk to if you want to hold out or get alongside one another? If he did not specially request to “take you out,” “go out,” “do a little something,” or anything else together these traces, then you’re most likely not getting questioned out on a date.

Generally talking, if you’re currently being requested to “hang out,” it’s just that, a dangle out. But, if the strategy is to hold out at a position other than your homes, like a park or any other public put, then it in all probability is a date. 

If you just can’t tell from how he requested, you ought to know what the rendezvous is about when it’s closer to the time of your prepared meeting. Closer to that time, your day should really be telling you what the prepare is. But…

You can also subtly sneak this into conversation by indicating anything like, “I’m seeking forward to acquiring jointly on Saturday, did you have nearly anything in intellect you wished to do?” This way, you can gauge what his intentions are as far as it remaining a date or a hold out/Netflix and chill.

If he responds to this with, “Nope” or “I believed we could just chill and view a motion picture,” then you know what it is. 

Nevertheless, if he claims some thing like, “I’m not confident, what would you like to do?” Then I would consider it as a date!

I hope this helps and thanks for achieving out to me with your relationship question!

Yours Really,




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