, Hi UNI, It’s me again, your old friend PODdy….

Hi UNI, It’s me again, your old friend PODdy….

Hi UNI, It’s me again, your old friend PODdy….


There’s so much I want to say to you, in which do I get started? First off, when I picture you, I picture you to be small floating particles. Variety of like the black dots and silver sparkles that stick to my eyes.  But, whilst those people dots and sparkles are only all-around the front of my eyes and in my peripheral vision, YOU are everywhere. I locate it inspiring how you are equipped to be almost everywhere, ALL the time. Me individually, I have problems staying existing in just one area at a single time. Next, I am obsessed with you. Not in a stalker-ish way, I suggest how could I probably stalk you when I now know in which you are 24/7?!  It’s just, I’m so intrigued in how you run and how you generate. How you pick out who will get what in lifestyle, who succeeds, who suffers, who perseveres, etcetera. My brain is frequently distracted by thoughts of you. My want to figure you out or at least get you on my side is frequently so time consuming.  Although, I imagine you’d be truly fantastic to have in my corner! I have to confess that sitting down in this article composing to you while listening to Barry Manilow, the Beatles and an array of other musicians, has absolutely introduced me nearer to you. I’m not guaranteed if you felt it, but I feel we just had a moment! 

As I sit in this article reflecting on my past, accepting my present and thinking about my long run I have concluded that you 1) like to put me in these ridiculous situations so I can share the stories with many others by my composing and my spoken phrase. You are pretty sneaky uni and I’m on to you! 2) you never get my sense of humor which is why you briefly despise me at instances, nonetheless conversely you appear to be to obtain by yourself hilarious in the course of reported occasions 3) I get my perception of humor from you and we each find every single other hilarious and  4) You are really huge on lessons and tests.

I recognize that billions of men and women are vying for your focus and it would seem like an not possible task to hear what every single one of us has to say to you, but I know you are listening bc I not too long ago wrote you a position update that reported, “Dear universe: i discovered a thing a lil suspicious on my arm and i just want u to know that NOW, would be a super inconvenient time for me to have pores and skin most cancers. Ya know, bc i really don’t have health and fitness insurance policies. Sooo, see what u can do about putting my mind at ease… Thank ya!” I then followed it up with another standing update that claimed, “Hi uni! Me again… Just required to make certain that cancer stat did not arrive off also neg or audio like I was bossing u about or telling u how to do ur job, taking into consideration JUST yesterday I was talking about how u have been conspiring in my favor and how amazing that is to witness. I dig ya mucho, so enable that optimistic strength flow and the favorable conspiring continue on!”  Even even though I didn’t see the dermatologist, I consider the pores and skin cancer in concern is in truth not skin cancer at all and nowadays, my arm seems to be high-quality. So thank you for that and insert a common hug it out! When I requested you to give me the strength to not consume the rugelach, cookies & danish at that attractive brunch my expensive mate Tara experienced invited me to, you did. And… I didn’t even crave it, which was a awesome additional reward and made not having it that significantly less difficult. So thank you for that as properly! I am also very realistic about your powers and took into thing to consider the simple fact that you will not be able to convert all my extra fat into muscle mass and lose 10lbs off my physique inside of the next 4 days, but I respect you for supplying me option approaches to command my feeding on and for suppressing my urge for food this previous 7 days.

But then uni, there are instances when I sit in utter confusion with my analytic self, perplexed by your latest transfer and never know how to counter. I know your big point is to absolve your thoughts from damaging thoughts and make it possible for the positive vitality to move. And imagine me uni, I am striving extremely challenging to alter the way I think and emancipate myself from all things unfavorable so I can entice all points optimistic, but I need to have to have a clearer understanding of your definition of detrimental.  I necessarily mean, do I have negative views at occasions? Confident, I have negative ideas, of system I do, who does not? As you know uni, our feelings are altered by our present predicaments and our moods. I don’t know if you’re female, male or hermaphrodite and working experience gentlemen and women of all ages thoughts, but as a female I can inform you it is incredibly hard getting of this gender. Properly, with the pms, the ovulation, and the flowing for a couple days, we virtually have just one working day out the thirty day period that we feel ok. I have also come to understand that you’re major on testing. While, I sense like I have failed your checks on various occasions (I am a terrible examination taker and you out of all individuals must know that!), looking back now, I’m not so confident that I have. I consider if I was capable to increase earlier mentioned my cases then I actually handed your examination. So there!

Yet, I still just can’t aid but a really feel a minor conflicted. You see uni, I am a stand up comedian, I write an truthful humorous site about my lifestyle, etcetera (which btw, you are now in!), I am exceptionally sarcastic and frequently write or say things that may seem to be damaging, but truly aren’t. I make enjoyable of people and scenarios alike and normally get a superior giggle at another person else’s price as nicely as my individual. And I know I’ve stated this prior to, but I am usually explained to that I say the issues that folks consider, but will by no means say and they take pleasure in that.  So if nobody is obtaining hurt from me accomplishing this, does it make me a undesirable person or another person who wants to be taught a precious lesson by you? To be trustworthy, I imagine you have taught me several lessons more than the years and your friend karma has visited me numerous times above the years as effectively. The rumor likely close to about karma is legitimate, she IS a bitch! When I concur that there have been occasions she essential to occur close to now I am older, I am wiser and I perform myself in a much more constructive manner than I did when I was more youthful so I would appreciate it if you would also mail her to me in return for the fantastic matters I do. I truly feel as while I really should be praised for the good as properly as reprimanded for the bad. Of training course, I am not telling you how to do your position, I am simply suggesting that it’s a 2 way road and sometimes validation is superior! So at this issue in time, all I need to know now is the phrase “negative” all encompass? Is it being damaging building exciting of folks and predicaments or is does it just pertain to damaging views? I suspect you designed me this way for a rationale. I would obtain it minimal hypocritical of you to deliver me off into the planet with these character and temperament qualities and then punish me for making use of them to my every single day lifetime. Unless of program, you imagine I am applying them the erroneous way? Perhaps you can give me a guideline as to what pisses you off and what is suitable? Ought to I just wait around for a indicator? Ought to I electronic mail you offline? Is your email still [email protected]

In the end uni, I know you are conspiring in my favor and I have to set in the perform. And Even although “uni” signifies 1, I know we’re a staff!    

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I could no longer be confined to a limited volume of figures for my position updates on fb . I found that I have as well considerably to say and people who are willing to pay attention so I’m taking my Uncomfortable Times and my ISMS and I’m hitting the street. Putting me in a box is like placing toddler in a corner and no one put little one in a corner! Consequently I’m likely to a put wherever I have the liberty to create devoid of constraints and men and women can comment with no hesitation bc they aren’t receiving everybody else’s reviews to their telephones, and many others. SO, welcome to PODdy Mouth: lessons in marni-isms wherever you are cost-free to be you and I am free of charge to be me. I like to assume of my website page as a content position the place people can go to giggle, vent, and come to feel cost-free to express on their own however they want.


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