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Every day you’re opening our app to make new connections, share your story and learn about the world. We recognize that in order for you to have meaningful interactions with new people, you need to feel safe – and this is our priority.

We created this space so that you can learn how to keep yourself safe, how we can help you and all about our leading security technology.

HeyU Help Center, HeyU Help Center

We are always here to support you

If you ever feel unsafe, uncomfortable or are concerned by another community member’s behaviour, reporting your concerns to us is easy. While we have lots of technology in place to keep you safe, we urge you to report your concerns to our team who are always ready to react.

Learn more about making a report

HeyU Help Center, HeyU Help Center

Our Community Guidelines

Safety and respect are integral to what makes our diverse community so special. Make sure you understand how you can be your best in the community and the rules we have to keep you safe.

See our Community Guidelines

HeyU Help Center, HeyU Help Center

You need to be 18 or older to join

In order to use the use HeyU and make new connections, you must be 18 years of age or older. When signing up whether, through Facebook, Google Play, the App Store or by mobile number, you will be required to verify your age.

HeyU Help Center, HeyU Help Center

We never share your private data

We don’t have ads for VIP, so we don’t make money by selling private data to any external third-party companies, nor do we share your exact location or phone number with other users. You can also go to your profile settings and customize your privacy settings at any point, making sure that you share only what you want to.

HeyU Help Center, HeyU Help Center

Our technology looks out for you

We hope that every connection you make is meaningful, but this doesn’t always happen – which is why we’ve developed AI adaptive content blurring and content recognition tools. These tools make sure that you are always talking to a real person and that inappropriate content is censored automatically.

Learn more about our safety technology

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