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She is sugar and spice…. I think we are seeing the spice here and she has alot of it,just like she has alot of sugar. This little girl is a fighter, she is spunky and wont give up. Wherever she is I know that she is praying to God because He is with her always and she can feel His Spirit comfort her. Go Haleigh baby.

Theres a whole lot of dynamite in this little girl. She is no quitter. What a look. Thank you Ronald for sharing this picture with us. We are pulling for you and Crystal to find your baby girl.

May the Good Lord lead you to her and may you find her safe. God Speed, Just hold on Ron and Crystal, dont give up on her……. DebbieHoly Lord have mercy, I just posted on the Haleigh group I belong to, and was stating, there is something wrong in Satsuma. No body is out there talking, no awareness, no nothing,no searching, how can you find Haleigh like that?Then I thought I would check here and seen this Post. Ron if you are reading any of this, I wouldn’t care one iota what people are saying,you wouldn’t be able to shut me up.

Little Haleigh needs your help and from the get go. You shouldn’t have stopped talking. Get some Dogs and search every nook crook and hole and cranny you can think off. God willing you won’t find her in any of them and she is still out there somewhere but at least you will know she is not there. She is on my mind everyday. I hope with all hope she can still be found.

I think you need to be very focal in this…And keep looking. Kids have been found years later. My worry was she is holed up somewhere and no body was looking. :I am really amazed they would use this photo. look at Haleigh’s little arm. when blown up which I did about 3 weeks ago, you see the brusing and what might be a bite mark on her arm.

I’m really surprised they overlooked that. but, I guess they did. and eventually other people will see what’s really there, and wonder. How did she receive those bruises. Haleigh’s favorite toy they said was her Camera, a Christmas Gift. And apparently she loved to pose for Photos.



Maybe Misty did not like her attitude and punished her for it. You know, “Just whip her and put her to bed or put in a movie”. Wasn’t that the instruction that Ron gave Misty?I would like to believe that this child is alive but my gut tells me when you have not seen a child in over 80 days the child has met with foul play. No ransom request, Ron has nothing to trade for heror does he?drugs and alcohol in frequent use by the caretaker, jealousy of the caretaker, gone in the middle of the night?and no one knows anything. I just can’t buy it.

Art He only called Cobra to manipulate the situation. I saw the Sky News talk radio interview. I was moved to tears. Cobra did a wonderful job and to show emotions like that was exactly what the public needs to hear and see. Ron called Cobra because he only wants to win. Being right and winning is his only goal.

He’s worried that Crystal will get the call first, so he wanted to manipulate the situation in his favor. What a scumbag selfish prick!Im sorry Mr. Cummings, I feel sorry for you!You’re so into yourself and being right and winning that you would take an oportunity to outdo her mommy. You halfwit skum. If you cared so much for her, donate some money to Cobra!Sacrifice a pack of cigarrettes or a handful of those prescrition drugs so Cobra might consider YOU when he finds Haleigh!All You and your side of the family care about is being top dog in a fight a fight that you lost a long time ago…. when you stole the kids away from their mommy in the first place.

Yeah Dude, God will Judge You Big Time!You and your airbrained teenaged wife, need to crawl out of hiding and answer some hard questions…no more, “I was at Work” – that doesnt cut it anylonger!You need an hour on a couch with Dr. Phil…to get real and accept responsibility for your part in whatever happened to Haleigh. For starters, stop making excuses and playing the victim. Its time for you Mr. Cummings to buck up and be a man.

Until then, I dont want to hear your sorry ass excuses and blaming others for what happened. Tell the truth man!Tell the sorted details, so people will understand. Stop hiding behind all these things…we want to understand…and we dont!If my grandchild was missing i would not conceil one thing or hide behind anyone. I would scream to the mountain tops of the Andies for her and never stop Look at the Halloway Parents, the McCann Parents and the Marc Class dad, you aint shit man when you cower to a 17 year old girl and let her run the show HAHAHA like you are scared of her?. You just well…you gave up!Sorry excuse for a man, a father. put up Ron or STFU.

What the heck 3 naplesFL do you have running in your veins, ICEWATER ?Because its sure not warm blood. This isnt a website for entertainment either, or throwing around hateful and spiteful words. This is a site about a little girl that needs our help and needs to be back with her brother Junior and her real Mom Crystal and real Dad Ronald. No offense intended to the “step parents” Her Parents are dying on the vine and need their angel baby back home safe. Whoever has her needs to give her back and turn themselves on their own, if not you will live to regret it.

Just my opinion. The entire world is looking for her. We are all hoping. I for one think she is still alive…and missing her mommy and daddy. Thanks again Art and Cobra for helping America find her and keeping her in the light.

I know you are loosing sleep over her too. Come back home Haleigh baby…to the wide open arms of your family. Thanks, DebbieYou are going to have to get your own investigative show to keep us informed as to what is going on in the Haleigh case…Mike, Jane, and Nancy are all about Caylee Anthony. Wonder if Nancy is ticked because they are invading her territory. lol I hope you will be on those shows soon.

It is always an insightful episode on finding Haleigh when the “Investigative Reporter” is on. I have to agree with naplesFla, Ron’s website for updates is about money, for he and his attnys. I think he said, in the beginning, all he is going to say about finding Haleigh. I think this is an adorable picture of Haleigh. I blew up the photo and it appears that the area in question on her arm is dirt in the remaining adhesive from a band aid.

The bruise appears to be from where blood was drawn for lab testing. The date of this pic is shortly after she had been to the hospital for an E coli infection so it makes sense that lab work would have been done. Also Mlee – this was all discussed on the forum you frequent. Why do you come here now trying to spread misinformation?Is it because those on your site will not all buy your false accusations?All of the mudslinging and accusations will not help Haleigh – but maybe some enjoy the gossip mongering for their own pleasure. I just went to the website for the lawyers. What a load of .

It says down the bottom all of us christians Ronald cummings. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I’m offended he calls himself that. Now that he doesn’t have a job how is walking around with drugs in his pockets. People are sending known druggies money and thinking they will do the right thing and search for Haleigh with it. Give me a rather large break.

I think with all the drug charges everyone has and all the marks on that poor girl has on her. The police in that area need to be investigated themselves. There’s something really wrong in that police department. There’s a quiet investigation and there’s waiting for it to go away. How does a person lie to the cops for over 30 hours and walk out cause someone was rude to her.

WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!How come they haven’t tried to talk to her again. Thank you to Art and Cobra for not letting this story be forgotten. Cobra must have guts of steel just to meet Ron and go to all this horrible places. Cobra please be safe. I could be wrong, but I think the mark on lil Haleigh is not a bite. It’s a marker.

Like a tatoo. My grandson does this all the time. I could very well be wrong. If I’m wrong then OMG this is a horrible bite mark. Surely, those 2 would not be silly enough to allow it to be put out for everyone to see. Trust me I’m am not a fan of them 2 either.

I’m with you guys why hasn’t a arrest been made?As far as the”FIND HALEIGH” SITE. It’s nothing it’s just there. They have said Ron was going to say something with his atty. Still waiting on that one. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case where the atty. says NOTHING.



PLEASE PRAY FOR JUSTICE FOR HALEIGH. I have come to see clearly that no matter what Ron does,it will be wrong and rumors will fly. It was not like that until Crystal started yelling abuse on her and the children. SHAME on her for what she has done and she KNOWS what she has done. I hope Haleigh is found soon and the truth comes out,but until people are willing to look at this case without the BIAS they have been filled with thanks to Crystal and her crew,the truth will not come out. Poor Haleigh.

you all talk about all poor pitiful abused Crystal is doing to find her,yet you ignore what she has done to deflect. You believe her and not what LE is saying or not saying. Think about it. Those who are decent and wise enough to look at this without being bias by what Crystal and her crew have said,sit back and LOOK at the case. You will see the truth and I do not believe that truth will be that RC killed his daughter,and I am guessing he believes she is alive somewhere,I think you will see he knows as much as we do about what happened.

Misty is just an idiot. Good for Cobra for not going…I agree ART, it could have been yet again another set up to scare your Cobra and I gots the feeling he wouldnt have lived thru it. Ron Cummings sure as I am sittin here, KNOWS what Cobra has on him, his amount of protection. Dude aint stupid. Cobra be careful about this character!Dont be fooled by the “BOOGIE MAN”.

People Ron knows and associates with, are deadlier than these terrorists that cut peoples heads off. Cobra trusts his gut instinct and wont be caught with his guard down for the likes of this. He knows RC and Teresa cronies all want him gone. Art Do you know anything about Merchant?…good guy/bad guy?Can you say Art?I have a feeling I cant shake about him. Like I said, Come on out Ron, Teresa and croanies!Come on out of your holes and tell the truth about whats going on down there!Ya’ll dont want to, because you’re so afraid it would make Mr Ron lose his kids and go to jail.

It’s all about winning and keeping the public fooled into thinking ya’ll are such good citizens. I bet the whole deal down there wasn’t banking on a whole lot of folks who care about this little girl to keep this thing going. It aint going away Cummings Clan!It aint going away until we unearth what the real story is!AND if anything happens to Cobra that whole deal down there is going to know about it on JVM and on the webz, then there will be more than just Halieghs blood on their hands. Someone someday and maybe the Lord our Savior will see to it you pay, somebody going pay for what they’ve done to destroy Haleighs life…in the meantime, I hope Cobra wipes Ronnies ass down the main street of Samsuta when he’s finished. Misty is just a mere scapegoat you’ll all see that in the end when this is over.

She’s like the spoiled brat kid they keep giving candy to, to make her happy and content. I bet she’s thinking she’s got ’em all eatin out of her little 17 year old hands. The only one Misty is scared of is Ronald. You’ll see. Mark my words.

She looks so playfull with that sparkle in her eye like she is ready to play…its an oh yeah?you think just cuz I’m a girl, you’re tougher than me, look…she is definitelly standing her ground. I love it that Haleigh has a spunky spirit. She is very passionate about life from what I see in the pictures and videos. She is a survivor and can beat the odds. I hope she can somehow appeal to those who have her so they will turn her back to her family.

Just look at her, you who have her…. give her back before its too late. You won’t have any rest until you do the right thing, and bring her home, or send a note, just something to lead the law to her safely now. As a former tomboy I was always covered in bruises and scratches. I was never physically abused.

Haleigh seems to be quite spunky. I don’t think every nook and cranny on her body necessarily indicates that Ron, Misty or anyone else beat her. As for Nancy Grace no longer covering Haleigh, she is likely furious at his odd behavior after she went up to bat for “his side”. Please keep in mind, Ron is not much older than these teenagers – I don’t think he is a pedophile – I do think, however, that in this part of the community there seem to be few boundaries: socially, legally, and morally. Does anyone graduate from high school?Does anyone even have the same last name in these families?Does anyone get married to the father of their children?And do they mostly get pregnant as teenagers?It seems the grandmothers and great grandmothers are awfully young. Back to Ron, he seemed heartbroken when Haleigh went missing.

I don’t think he hurt his child intentionally nor directly. Nevertheless, his lifestyle and that of “Fibsty” resulted in this madness. No doubt he, nor anyone else in this town, ever expected ALL their dirty laundry to be nationally aired. Community resistance to Cobra’s efforts make this clear. Art: If Melissa Huckaby was arrested after inconsistencies in her story, why is Fibsty still a free bird?I hear you are having some problems with Donna SueI believe it is the same Donna Sue that injected herself in the Caylee Anthony case and claimed she had a friend on the inside and was getting inside information.

She use to run with Murt I am guessing you heard about him people use to tease about her being his girlfriend. She has been telling people on topix she has been going to Satsuma,is friends with Crystal and Kim and that Kim is giving her information. I have been watching her since I found out who she is. She is all over Topix spreading these lies and trust me, I am more down on Crystal BECAUSE of Donna. They actually believe her and try to protect/take up for her. She is not helping,she is hindering.

She goes by pocahanas on Topix. I am sure there are other forums she is on as well and I do know of one but will not tarnish that forum because of one bad seed. If you do a search,you will see how she is threatening to beat people up when they question what she is saying and say something about Crystal because of what she is saying. Someone needs to expose/stop her before she does real damage. She is off her noodle. If you want further info, just let me know.

I respect your reporting on this and what she is doing is not right. She is claiming that she corrected you on something and when you found she was right,refused to post her comment. I know she is full of it because I know her history,however,others do not. I hope they see thru her lies at some point and realize Kim is NOT giving her information and neither is Cobra,Crystal or anyone else. She takes rumors from other places and posts them as inside information,messages from Kim etc. She also takes news and does the same only re words it a bit.

I am positive it is Murts Donna Sue and I think she needs to be stopped before she really damages this case. JMOI hope I have to eat my words,,,,but, little Haleigh is not waiting somewhere for someone to “rescue” her…. For any of you, who heard the 911 call from Misty and Ronald, the morning she went missing, you can tell how abusive he is, by his tone and calling his dear little wifey “a stupid little bitch, of a girlfriend” to the police. That reallky is a man in love isn’t it?NOT. This creep, Ronald Cummings is sickening….

And to the person who earlier said, we don’t live like they do, so we shouldn’t judge them…. The hell we can’t. Any parent who is involved with drugs and leaves his kids with a so called “teeney bopper girlfriend” is a piece of you know what…. Poor people are NOT trash…. Only those who indulge in drugs, rape little girls, statutory rape, is not worth the salt in his bread. I feel so sorry thinking about what those kids must have lived through to be the children of this scum bucket….

Ronald and Misty,,,have ya’ll been enjoying the money people have sent you to use to find little Haleigh?When the truth is known, and it’s found out that Ronald and Misty had something to do with this little girl missing and I presumed has died,,,,I will buy a ticket, fly to Florida for the trial, so I see this piece of sh’t for myself. Does anyone know if the children’s services are still investigating this crap of a family?Is little JR, still with them?Pray tell me he is not. Hey, Ronald, when did you take your son somewhere, instead of that ugly thing you married. How could someone choose that ugly, stupid, slow thinking, druggie girl Misty over his own kids/?first off, if there is a washing machine in rons trailer, why is everyone taking over clean cloths?why cant misty do their laundry?it dont make no sense. i dont believe misty was home, nor do i believe ron had ANYTHING to do with that little girl going missing.

as far as crystal goes, i dont believe a fing thing that she says. i was in the same situation as crystal. im sure it was court ordered for her to go to drug treatment,get a job, find employment, and suitable housing for the children. no court is going to deny ANY mother who does these things. i believe crystal liked the party life more than she did her own kids.

ALSO the only reason ron married misty was to keep from going to jail. so lets not shit ourselves when they it was for love. HOW COULD ANY MAN BE WITH A B…. THAT WAS THE LAST ONE TO SEE HIS CHILD. HE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS. TRUST ME.



That’s all spelled out in her hospital charts. The marks on her arm, if you pay close attention, are from the IV, blood being drawn, etc. When you take that tape off the IV’s the adhesive sticks all over and looks exactly like in this picture. You can also see the scrape on the bottom right of her chin, bruising around her left eye and left cheek. Had she been turned more where the camera could see the left side of her face vs.

the right, it might be easier to see. I guess with the lack of news coming out, people just have to grasp at every little thing they can to comment on. Also, who’s to say the date on the camera is right?The settings are set by the user, and can be affected by a dead battery. One of mine defaults back to 7/8/07, which is I guess when it was manufactured, as that’s the date that’s popped up every time it resets itself. dont sound to me like the police down there are doing a damn thing about haliegh.





THANK YOU PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ART, COBRA, KIM PICAZIO. BREAK THIS CASE WIDE OPEN!GODS SPEEDOkay enough, Some of you are playing arm chair detective and unfortuately you do not have all the facts that you need to find Haleigh and slove this tragedy. Unless of course you are with the Police, Sheriff or FBI, and are privey to the FACTS!Won’t some of you feel bad if in the end you made false accusations?The true focus should be Haleigh and secondly Junior’s well being. Please stop with the speculation, and by the way, just how silly would Ron be to put a picture of Haleigh out there with injuries on her body?People think about it, And the $1,000. 00 fair adventure, are you certain……. Did you carry his money for him and count it as he spent it?Lets be fair to everyone involved.

Unless you have FACTS, please don’t publish half truths, maybe one day you’ll be wrongfully judged and then you’ll know how it feels to be bad mouthed!Art,,,,Did I say something you didn’t like?Why am I still in moderaton, and all the other comments are posted…. I am NOT sorry for anything I have said…. For your information, as well as everyone else,,,I am at a total loss and don’t know what to do…. I am sad, sick, disstressed and worried, scared, about what has happened to this precious little girl, and there’s nothing I can do…. Granted, all we the public have is this site to go by as to the investigation, but between the hours we are moderated,,,,,the lack of news where is Haleigh, continuing to hear the Dad and his senanigans, with his new wife, the drugs, the possiblity something bad could happen to Jr. all the above has most of us, biting at the bit,,,,to hear Haleigh has “Been found”…….

It seems to me, you would make allowances ,,,instead of keeping some of us in “moderaton Hell”…. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse. So here we go she “fell on the playground” nov 6th?do I have that right?and between that time and Nov 17th when she finally returned to school she was compelety filty, had a UTI, E Coli, Ron told Misty to Whip her good, and then on the night she went missing they didn’t have clean sheets or a blanket?All within 4 months. How ironic Misty had been dating Ronald for 5 months. I think the person on the DCF case needs to be fired as well as their supervisor. They shouldn’t have Jr.

right now. He’s probably with that dirty grandmother that was saying you can beat kids with whatever you can find. Yeah that sounds safe to me. I have looked at this picture very carefully and can’t really tell what is on her arm. I don’t think Ron nor Teresa would be stupid enough to take a pic of her with any abuse showing. Obviously, this is a new outfit she has on.

I am wondering if this thing on her arm could be one of those temporary tattoos. I am in no way defending Ron as I do not believe he is a fit parent, nor is Crystal, IMO. No, I am not a relative or friend of either party. I live thousands of miles from these soap opera characters, thank the good Lord. She could be a very active little girl and get a lot of bruises naturally as many children do.

I don’t know what police were telling him, but my police sources always wanted to grill Nay Nay –and did before Cobra bonded her out and immediately after she was brought back. All know she drove Misty on her last party weekend and partied in the same circles, so she may have heard her say something. She’s never been a suspect or person of interest, as some have misreported, but a possible source of information that could shed light on Misty and Ron’s state of mind, and other details that might provide a clue to where Haleigh is or what happened to her…Detectives just wanted her drug free and with a clear mind…that’s why they wanted her to chill in jail. What if she knows who Misty’s suppliers are?Her party MO?Or heard Misty say something about Ronald or friends that might lead to a Haleigh clue. I’d say she’s part of the investigation, wouldn’t you?Is your only reason for leaving comments to slander Ron Cumming’s?Are you a member of the Sheffield family. Because lying seems to be something you have in common with them.

Ron did not ever set up an account to take donations. The website find Haliegh now does not take donations. The account Watts set up was for both Ron and Crystal. He had to close and change it because under the law in Florida Crystal could not collect. Only the parent with the child in the home can collect.

Then Crystal started Haleighbug, it has an 800 number to take donations. It clearly says that all the donations go to Crystal. At one time it said she needed the money in part to feed and clothe Junior. A child she does not have custody of and one she owes $4,000 in child support on. The account set up for Ron is for living expenses and can’t be used for any of the things you claim it was used for. Where are these pictures you said everyone was talking of Ron at the fair months ago?Why do you keep posting obvious lies about the website Find Haleigh Now?You are now trying to say Haleigh had a bite mark on her arm?In the photo Ron put up?It looks like dirt or maybe a band aide mark.

Haleigh has health issues remember?Anyone who believes any of your comments must either be stupid or like you either a person that hates Ron Cummings so much you will make up obvious lies and paste them or a member of Crystal’s family. Probably you are both. The fact that people like you exist and you motive to slander Ron Cumming’s is actually earning Ron Cumming’s support. If he has not abused his children and DFS leaves Junior in his care. I am going to donate a good deal of money to him. People like you have made me want to.

The more lies I read that are clearly made up to slander him and are clearly not true, the more money I am going to send to him. Thanks for making it clear how inaccurate the comments on this website are. I think that enough accurate negative information exists that if you want to get people to hate Ron, you could at least use the truth, instead of obvious lies. You claimed everyone saw and took pictures at this fair, so where are the pictures?You also said they were on rides and I read that this fair did not even have rides. You claim Find Haliegh Now is about collecting money and I went to that site and no place does it ask for or even accept donations, it does not even have a comment section. Now you are claiming that Ron bit Haleigh on her arm and put a photo of it front and center on his web page?I am sure he had plenty of pictures to choose from, why pick one that shows an injury he inflicted on his child?Ron’s photos are all time stamped, Crystal’s are not.

So if any discrepancy exists as to this black eye and what it looks like on a certain date that Crystal claims to have taken the photo on, look to Crystal for the inaccurate date. You have made it so I can never believe a word you write. It makes Art’s site seem like a tabloid. Because a tabloid is a place you know nothing is true, just like your comments. Rose Consider the source…Cobra has a Fla.

license to pick up accused people who post bond and don’t show up for court, if a bondsman or insurance company authorizes it…regulations allow anyone to be picked up who violate the terms of the bond in some way, whether doing illegal activities like drugs, hanging out or living too close to children if you’re a registered sex offender, and more. My source tell me one of the bondsmen who is complaining about Cobra most has a reputation for bailing people out, taking their fees, then harrassing them until he finds something tiny or claims they’ve violated again, and puts them back in jail so they have to pay him again to get out…More on this later. 1. Nowhere does it say it takes donations of any kind. 2. Who says Ron Cumming’s bought a new truck?He already had a new truck when Haleigh went missing, it is in the news footage.

3. Only one account has ever been set up for Ron Cumming’s and it was set up by Jamie Watts who has said he collected less than $5,000 AND that under strict rules in Florida the money can only be used for basic living expenses. He even had tried to have Crystal on this account. It was not allowed. That makes me wonder if she started Haleighbug.

just because she could not collect otherwise. 4. Ron had a job and living expenses, when Haliegh went missing he lost his income, that is why these funds are allowed and set up. 5. Crystal had no job and was $4,000 in child support. I wonder why she needs to collect money?I also wonder since most of it is cash and not in a fund monitored under the strict Florida law like the one Watts set up for Ronwho is keeping track of all this cash and where it goes?Maybe some could go to Cobra since it is not monitored like the one Watt’s set up.

Llisa, you go on and on every other post attacking naples and defending Ron,that is your right but Naples is not entirely wrong either,there was a site real close to the one set up by Ron’s attorney’s it was it asked for donations for Ron be sent to 720 Highway S. ,San Mateo Fla. c/o Jamie Watts, it asks for donations for Crystal Sheffield to be sent to 720 Highway S. ,San Mateo,Fla. Do you see what was happening on this site,someone was collecting money for Ron and Ron only and mis leading people that thought they were sending money to Crystal,who do you think would benefit by this deception and this site was started shortly after the abduction. I sent an email which I believe Art has copied email under next article, I even sent Art copy of email that I sent to them and now all of a sudden the site is under construction.

don’t you find that a little strange?And now Ron’s are using don’t you find that a little close in name. NO ONE can say Crystal set that site up asking for money if she did it would not be in c/o Jamie Watts. This information is TRUE so maybe Naples saw that website and you didn’t but trust me it exsisted now it’s being changed because someone got called out on the legality of it. And I do believe that Art can verify the fact that Haleighbug is set up like the Jamie Watts account and all expenditures have to be documented and whatever is left when Haleigh is found goes to Charity. 2. Ronald did purchase a new truck either right before Haleigh went missing or right after.

HOW?On a job less than 90 days. 3. Jaime Watts has account. Is this different from the one that was reported in the news that was setup by Ronald at BOA?is another website asking for money but it is “under construction” again. 4. The accounts and funds were set up and being spent before he lost his job.

He even went and got a tattoo which was $400. What about him going to restaurants and saying “do you know who I am?” and expecting the establishment to eat the bill. This was verified!5. Crystal is buying t shirts, buttons, and actually taking tips to find Haleigh. She also had a cookout for all of the volunteers and community that have been helping to find Haleigh.

She does have to pay for the building. She is not the only parent that is behind in child support. If it was Ronald paying, probably would be hearing the same thing. Maybe we should ask Crystal if Ronald gave her any money when she had them before he took them under the ruse of going on vacation to Mexico. Drew Peterson getting arrested today is refreshing.

EVERY dog has his day, one way or the other. The hands on people investing Haleigh missing KNOW and just need time to get it right the first time. Justice will prevail and Karma a bitch. I like who said split the three party girls up and say we they found Haleigh and watch response. For that matter give Ron and Teresa a room. Nothing would suprise me in this case.

Misty is LYING, inappropriate reactions. Ron marrying her makes him look bad. I’m undecided about the whole thing because stranger things have happened. In the underworld on earth, you are dealing with a different breed of people. Looks like Ron and Misty because they are dishonest. If my stepkid or other was missing, me looking like a drug using wild girl would not be a real high issue.

It’s not like every one else it down didn’t already know, so that doesn’t excuse the lies. Ron and Misty – prove us wrong – I want to believe. Jet leg yes, cocktails, no…sorry to be obtuse, but not sure I understand what you are asking me?If it’s will Nay Nay and Amber be part of defense strategy, if his clients are ever indicted or go on trial, just look at the Anthony case, even back to OJ, and all the peripheral characters who were pumped up as suspects by the dream teams…to mislead and obfuscate. But I’m in no way comparing Baez to my old friends Johnny Cochran and Rober Shairo. While I didn’t buy their cause, they turned spin into an art form, salting the press and airwaves with other possible suspects to sow reasonable doubt that trickled down to the jury pool. Amber and Nay Nay and their druggie pals would be easy marks to create a diversion, and as far as credible witnesses against anyone else, well, I’ve seen far badder people win the day for prosecutors…like hitmen in witness protection putting away mob family members… and they had done far worse things than these two teenage party animals.

ConcernedCitizen, if the time an be set in about 1 minute on a digital camera, how ’bout if you explain to me how you KNOW for a 100% fact, since you’re saying Kim P. could use her pics in court, that Crystal didn’t change the date on her camera?I’m not saying she did, I’m simply saying that the date/time on any digicam is set BY THE USER. His date could be wrong, her date could be wrong. With HER date being wrong, there is benefit to her. Besides which, almost ALL of the photos in her position came from the photos HIS family took. As for the e coli and missing school those days, I haven’t seen her school records for those missed days, but you might want to look up the effects of e coli and see how viciously sick you get with it.

You said yourself that’s what she had, and hospital records prove it. When is the last time you had scratches and bruises on your face?I took my niece to the park on her 6th birthday, because she was held out of school for chicken pox she felt fine, but the school said she was still contagious – while swinging, she decides to lay stomach first on the soft plastic swing, and gave a big kick off before I could get to her and make her turn back around. As I’m walking towards her and telling her how she’ll fall that way, the swing goes out from under her, she hits the dirt and scrapes the whole rigt side of her face, her chin, her nose and her 4head, and a bit on her tummy, and where her tooth hit the inside of her lip, she bled a bit. I flagged down the park police just to see if they had a first aid kit, and he helped me clean her up. Days 1 3 she had scrapes and redness…which quickly turned to ugly scabs and bruising. In all her 6th birthday photos she looked like she’d been in a cat fight with her face injuries and pock marks.

Within about 5 or 6 days, she looked like she’d been beaten, and the bruising turned a purple ish yellow, and she looked like that as the faded the following week. Point being, that is the NATURAL progression of such an injury. Haleigh went to the ER 6 days after her accident, and per the doctors notes, with the vomiting, etc. , and “AS A PRECAUTION DUE TO THE PLAYGROUND FALL HE’D SEEN HER FOR THE WEEK BEFORE,” he took the first logical precaution and gave her a CAT scan, which was negative. They then kept looking, and diagnosed her with e coli poisoning, which, again makes you extremely sick. As for the excused absences, I have not seen her “inexcused absenses” you speak of, but do know that you get only so many absences per year before they become unexcused, and with her Turner’s condition, she probably missed a lot.

See also  Quebec Copper, Eastman, Quebec Mining towns in Canada

someone made a good point earlier, has any tried refilling or getting a prescription for haliegh?not just in florida either. dont say its inpossible cause it ISNT. this should be a high profile case,i live in iowa,and if i want any news about haliegh i have to go to the satsuma,fl newspaper. nowhere on the news is there anything about haliegh. god rest her soul, but every time i turned on the news there was caylee anthony,and still is.

what makes haliegh any diffrent?nothing. i read in the satsuma newspaper that the welfare down there DID NOT find jr to be in danger. HELLO idiots what the hell do you call doing drugs,running with drug dealers,and allowing child molesters around your children is not dangerous?im referring to misty saying her cousin joey was one. her words not mine,or was all that BULLSH’t too?i think the whole town should be put on lock down,noone in noone out. let the tax paying citizens clean up their own town.


INBREED LOOKING ALL OF THEM,AS MUCH SEX THAT GOES ON THEY PROBALY ALL ARE. ART COULD YOU KEEP ME UP DATED?THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WONT GIVE UP ON HALIEGH. OH YEA, HAS RON OR MISTY BEEN GIVEN A DRUG TEST BY THE WELFARE TO SEE IF THEIR CLEAN SO THAT JR OR NOOONE ELSE IS HARMED?i seen the video of cobra, he took haleigh picture out of his pocket,and was emotion. i new in my heart,Art Harris. Cobra,, fell in love for this child. my heart just broke into pieces, i have been crying from day one.

where is haleigh, i knew just than and i felt it. cobra is the men for this case. i feel god are lord and savoir have sent him to look for haleigh, i no in my heart Cobra,, would do it for another child, i just no it. i can see in his eye’s i may not no him in person but i no he loves The Children’s. he LOVES CHILDREN. god is going too lead Cobra To The Right Place.

Ronald or Misty if your reading this right now set your self free… you can live the world gambling, partying, drugs, fame n fortune. money can’t buy love, or make you happy to the fullest. it’s time to set your self free, MISTY Croslin, IF you are really pregnant, you going to no what a mother go through, those 9 Month Of Pregnancy, when you for the first time feel the KICK in your stomach, oh?how you going to feel in your heart. you going to protect your child no matter what. you will start changeing diapers, you will have to stay awake for this baby feed him or her.

when this child start walking on his own or her. and start getting You irrateting, getting in your nerves, i hope you stay calm. is not going to be easy, you will have to stay home no more partying. you will be a full time MOMMY. i wish well, and when you see your baby for the first time i no you will see haleigh, in front of you.

may god bless you MISTY,N RONALD. Sincerely Shamby. Hey Art!Rumors haven’t worked. Too many relatives of Crystal there,in Tennessee and Kentucky,can’t find any motive for anyone else to have done this. This is totally unfair to keep Haleigh and Jr from each other any longer.

Locals are talking and don’t seem all too happy about what’s been going on. Still wondering why Tim said it’s not what it seems and left searching. Then this went to full blown custody with no begging for Haleigh and talking to her by Crystal on tv. Now,you start investigating this and you’ll be surprised how many more will be interested in the truth instead of these rumors they keep feeding you. I know that’s all you’ve been getting,but people are getting fed up with rumors and this custody thing.

I’ll bet you the truth is much more interesting,IMO. La girl Lindy, I have sat and watched her attack people because they question her posts of what she is saying Kim is telling her,I have watched her attack people who ask questions about Crystal and her circle meaning no harm,just wanting information and I have watched her even go around trashing Art and his reporting because he will not play her game. I for one am glad Art is reporting,who else is?Who else has stayed on top of Haleigh’s case and kept her name out there. She complained that Art would not post her posts over here because he knows she is right. I have seen her post out right untrue information and then deny it. I also just sat earlier and watched her post about how she will be famous.

Now,does anyone see what she is after?I do and it is not finding this child because she needs to be found,it is about being right and becoming famous. I hope people see her for what she is and soon. Art,THANK YOU thank you for keeping Haleigh’s name and face out there. Being Christian means one believes in Jesus as the son of God it does not mean perfection in fact being Cristian is knowing one is not perfect and seeking strength to over come shortcomings…. Short comings like hate, Judgment, stigmatizing, blaming, cruelty…etc. Ronald has a few possession charges from years ago, he is far from having a lengthy drug record.

In fact more than one of his charges would not of been criminal charges where I am given it is decriminalized here, and in many other parts of the world. The marks on Haleigh’s arm are clearly old sticker tattoo’s and a lab test mark from the bandage. I find it interesting and sad that people seem to need and some to thrive on hate for Ronald and family in order to cope with this tragedy, to explain it to their selves. The police are trained in questioning, I’m confident they are qualified. Misty took a lie detector test and maybe two.

” she did not show deception” aka PASSED. These people are entitled to their rights and to be treated fairly. There is no evidence of any involvement by the Cummings just a lot of gossip, speculation and hate. We are praying for Haleigh’s safe and speedy return. God Bless Haleigh and all her families. I feel so sorry for this child.

Is JR. still in this family?If so he needs to be removed. Don’t Rons mother work for the police department there and they involved in the search for this child. Could it be possible that the Police Department helping to hide there guilt. And as many times that Ronald was arrested on drug charges and was never charged. Was because Neves employment.

Sounds weird I know, but these things do happen. And why have’nt these dope houses been raided and cleaned up. Sounds as if this whole county is corupted. I hope and pray they can find this child alive or deceased and bring closer, and bring the low lives that is involved to get what is coming to them. Its so sad that our little angels are treated this way.

Art, keep up the good work. sure is some crazy ship on here, and i do mean crazy. daaaah, u think the cummings clan reads on here…. daaaah, some of these post sound like them in person…daaaah cant be can it, no way. the best response was from the person that said ron probably put her in cement….

bingo!this poor lil girl is gone. they seen what money the anthonys made and walaaa. hey by the way, i have a missing doggy, please donate to me. i need the money to make posters and shirts and gas for my 4 wheeler. and i need to buy a new car too, to go hunt for the doggy. and please after i find him please donate a trip to paris so my doggy can recupe with me.

thanksPost106poster SatWhat………I think is a Cummings family member that has been sent here to try to cause trouble…Be very careful of her…. she has been all over the internet talking trash about anybody that has something good to say about Crystal…. She is also friends with Murt and I heard he is trying to get someone on the inside of the Haleigh case to help him interfer every since he got run off from Satsuma…. She has trashed and posted untrue stuff about Crystal and her family everywhere and now is starting on this Donna Sue person for whatever reason…. IMO…Crystal is the only innocent one out of the whole bunch,,,,more will come out about Ronald and Misty as time allowed and then everybody can watch as they take them away. Art…I hope and pray Haleigh is alive and well somewhere and when she comes home to Crystal she will be the one with both children so this wont happen again…Rog:I talked to Amber a few days ago.

She was with Jerome and Nay Nay, before Jerome went back to jail tonight to serve one of his regular, pre agreed weekends behind bars, as part of a plea deal on his list of charges. When I interviewed Amber before, two months ago, in early March, in the days before press hysteria set in…She told me Ron was indeed abusive, more emotionally than physically, though did hit the kids some, did some drugs though he and his lawyers deny it and liked to play Russian roulette with himself. “He’s crazy,” she told me, but who isn’t in this sordid Springeresque tragedy?As for Cobra’s real interest in Amber and Nay Nay, he told me he bought them a nice chicken dinner the night he bonded Nay Nay out, and was making the rounds to see if they might pick up clues and tips like flypaper does flies…since they hang with some of the same flavor of questionable folks friends tell me Misty favors…But he told me he had special plans for Amber, until she was severed from the bond outfit that he had worked with and had some power over her…Cobra’s undercover dream: he planned to use Amber like the KGB once did, and maybe still does, with prostitutes, as a spy to go undercover for him in Palatka and told me she’d agreed to use her alleged charm and sklls at seduction to target her old beau, and baby Daddy, draw out what he knows, and maybe, just maybe get a bedroom or backseat confession. But if mission impossible did happen, he figured it would at least drive Misty nuts with jealousy, over the edge and into a meltdown mode. How’s that for Graham Greene?Somehow, I don’t think the Putnam County sheriff’s department would go for that one, but I’m sure they’d be all ears if she came up with the piece they are looking for–anyone credible who can pass a lie detector and place Misty somewhere outside the trailer — where she maintains she was sleeping when Haleigh mysteriously vanished. They still don’t buy her conflicting tales, and as his lawyers know all too well, have their eyes on Ronald, too, and others in the family circle.

–Art Harris, The Bald Truth, c artharris. com, I talked to Amber a few days ago. She was with Jerome and Nay Nay, before Jerome went back to jail tonight to serve one of his regular, pre agreed weekends behind bars, as part of a plea deal on his list of charges. When I interviewed Amber before, two months ago, in early March, in the days before press hysteria set in…She told me Ron was indeed abusive, more emotionally than physically, though did hit the kids some, did some drugs though he and his lawyers deny it and liked to play Russian roulette with himself. “He’s crazy,” she told me, but who isn’t in this sordid Springeresque tragedy?“Sick of it 82 Says: YES, YES THE BRUISED FACE WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE OCCURED PRIOR TO THIS PHOTO…. JUST DAYS.


”the only ignorance here is your synopsis of this photo. as many times as its been reported and proven and you still dont get it?the school playground accident was on NOVEMBER 6TH. she was taken to the ER THAT DAY and again on NOVEMBER 12TH, NOT NOVEMBER 16TH!can you hear me now?she was taken to the er because of the effects of what turned out to be E COLI!THE CAT SCAN WAS TAKEN ON NOVEMBER 12, NOT NOVEMBER 16TH!the date on this picture was not put there by the digital camera so any date could be typed in. can you comprehend this?we should be outraged that you keep putting this crap on here. PLEASE WRITE THIS DOWN IF YOU CANT REMEMBER IT: NOVEMBER 6TH ACCIDENT – TAKEN TO ER – TAKEN AGAIN TO ER ON NOVEMBER 12 FOR E COLI. CAT SCAN WAS GIVEN AS A PRECAUTION BECAUSE OF THE THROWING UP.

CAT SCAN WAS NEGATIVE. SCHOOL OFFICIALS, SCHOOL NURSE, DOCTORS, NURSES, XRAY TECHS ALL SAW HALEIGH AND NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON WROTE DOWN ANY SIGNS OF ABUSE. should we now take the word of an anonymous poster that it WAS because you say it was?her eye is bruised in this picture. half the posters pointed that out. get with the program!here’s a question for anyone brave enough to answer it honestly.

of those of you with kids, how many of you ever had a sitter?of those that had a sitter, how many of you used neighborhood kids…teenaged neighborhood kids. are those of you that keep harping on mistys age saying that you NEVER had a teenaged babysitter?i’m not talking about any drugs or her binge. i’m talking about the ones that keep saying “you left her with a teenager” like that’s not happened since the dawn of time. i dare say that every person with a kid with few exceptions has left that kid with someone who wasnt state certified, licensed, bonded babysitters. if you did, youd never be able to leave the house because it would cost so much you wouldn’t be able to afford to.

bitch about her sleeping with a 25 year old. bitch about her parents allowing that. bitch because shes apparently a binge drug addict. but quit acting like youd never consider leaving your kid with someone as young as 17 gasp!. Debi,where do you get off telling Angela that her comment was not well recieved,the last I knew this was ART HARRIS site not debiPickles Stonefrom BNN why must you come here and call everyone with an opinion an armchair slueth what are you?Angela only commented about people complaining over their posts being in moderation so long,she was in fact defending Art not being sarcastic,IMO you’d be better running your OWN little thing at the site you and your friends are here trying to PLUG and leave ART’S bloggers to ART who IMO does a fine job with his site and does not need your input!ARMCHAIR SLUETHS,think Art’s site is made up with them but we don’t hear him commenting on it, only YOU!Mr.

Cumming’s never set up any bank account asking for funds. His website does not ask for funds. Some local establishments put out jars to collect for the family. If these establishments felt the funds were being abused, I am sure they would simply stop collecting money. Anyone who says different is lying in order to make Ronald Cumming’s look bad. This includes Cobra Aka William Staubs.

Cobra is here with Kim Picazio. Kim Picazio has showed that she is a less than honest individual. Mark my words if LE felt putting any of this garbage about Greg Page, Amber, Nay Nay or Misty would help bring Haleigh home, they would have. Cobra is out to expose Misty. Simply the same way that Kim has been out to expose Ron. The reason is child custody.

The way they are going about it is underhanded and wrong. They are putting in the media lies and false accusations brought forward by drug addicts that told LE no abuse existed. Are Cobra and Kim just using Crystal Sheffield for media exposure?At the expense of Haleigh Cumming’s?Or are they involved because Cobra knows or feels that Crystal or Marie Griffis had someone take Haleigh?Why does everyone on this website overlook the fact that the number one reason kids are taken is custody?Crystal and her family would have to be the number one suspect of LE. And they have said nobody has been ruled out. I find the behavior of these two womenCrystal SheffieldandMarie GriffisVery strange to say the least. Nancy Grace pointed it out quite nicely.

What the hell are they doing?A child is missing. Crystal already said she did not believe Ron hurt Haleigh. Crystal has been talking to the abductor in the media. So she must believe there is one. If she believes her child is out there then why not spend every chance of airtime telling people to look for Haleigh. Instead they have launched a custody battle in the media.

They started on day one and it has only gotten worse. Something is not right with this situation. I mean Ron was good enough for Crystal to leave Haleigh with all this time. He was good enough for Crystal to allow him to take a baby and toddler to Texas and Mexico for a month when she had custody. If he is so awful why in the world would she allow him to take two babies out of the country?She picks now?When Haleigh is missing?Why?Is it because all she really cares about it what the public thinks of her and making the father look bad is how she makes herself look good?Is it because she knows where Haleigh is and this was the plan from the start?What is Crystal’s relationship to Nay Nay and Amber?Could Crystal or her mother have set this up?Had someone report to them on what Misty was doing?I really wonder. Something about Crystal Sheffield is really not right.

Is she just a druggie and I can’t expect anything she does to make sense?She seems incapable of thinking for herself. So I wonder who pulls Crystal’s strings?Is it her mother Marie Griffis?Is it her fiance Chad Griffis?What was Crystal Sheffield doing the nightmorning Haliegh Cumming’s went missing that she took seven hours to show up in Satsuma?What could be more important when your child has been kidnapped?I can’t figure out if she is really self serving or if she is involved. One of those is true. Art I am confused. Why did Cobra want to bad mouth Crystal a little bit?So he can “seem” fair?You know on lots of news sites it says that money going to Haleighbug is for searching for Haleigh Cumming’s. If you go to Haleighbug it makes it very clear the money goes to Crystal Sheffield.

I am a bit lost as to why she needs money if she is “staying with family” and did not have a job before Haleigh went missing. She is on welfare isn’t she?Her family can’t feed her?How did she eat before Haleigh went missing?Many people have given Crystal money. She can’t have a missing child account because in Florida a non custodial parent can’t have one. That means the money is not monitored. I do not understand why when the account for Ron Cummming’s is under the Florida law and has strict rules, and Crystal can’t have one.

How exactly she ends up with a 800 number to donate and nobody in charge of this by the rules for these accounts?It is misleading to say they are collecting to search for Haleigh. When the money goes to Crystal for her “expenses” and it says so on the site. But Cobra is clearly on the side of Crystal. Him and Kim Picazio are together with Crystal Sheffield. So why does Cobra bitch that Ron does not help him with money.

Ron can’t get money out of a missing child account to help Cobra. Look up the rules for these account in Florida. Ron does not have a job and has to live with his great grandma. Also even if Ron had money, Cobra is out to hurt Ron. Not to help Haleigh.

So, why not get money from Crystal since they have the same goals and all?Ron’s not the one who opened a center for the SOLE purpose of collecting donations for his living expenses. Per her OWN website, it clearly states that the proceeds will be used for living expenses for Crystal. Crystal is not the custodial parent, isn’t supporting her children financially, but is going to public event after public event collecting donations. Notice when the donations dried up, there are no longer people manning Haleighbug center. Crystal did not work or support her children prior to Haleigh’s disappearance. Why should she be able to benefit from her disappearance now, and more importantly, are the donations being reported to welfare department, as they would certainly affect the amount of money she’s able to collect, or prove too much for her to collect at all.

Definitely worth looking into. I have come to realize that no matter what Ron and his family do, they will be chastised. There have been so many allegations thrown out there recently that I have seen people actually making things up to bolster the allegations,ie:the “bruise” in the photo. I believe it is sticky from band aid or medical tape,she was being treated for turners so it would not surprise me if that is what it is. He leaves his house and the rumors fly.

Like those that said he spent a grand at the fair and they had photos to prove he was there having fun,to date,I have not seen 1 photo. He does not leave his house and “He’s not out looking for his daughter”. He is danged if he does,danged if he don’t. If he were to find where his daughter was,it would be said he already knew where she was. Crystalsfan, you are so full of BS. I have only posted about Donna Sue on Topix and here and no,I am not in any way related to anyone involved in this case.

Please show me where I posted anything about Crystal?Please also show me where you get that I am friends with murt?He is a danger to himself as well as damaging in these cases,like the Trenton case,we all know what he did there. Do you think going and telling lies while using the name Crystalsfan is helping her look good?I think the rumors are hindering this case. I am on Haleigh’s side here and it is clear from the name you use and the lies that you are on Crystals. Find Haleigh CummingsHomeBlogPoster to print outvideosVolunteerAbout usContact usTo The Abductor of Hailey: I know that you are a hurting individual and that you regret what you have done. It is not easy to live a hidden life full of shame and grief. The reason I know you feel guilty is because the Bible tells us that God has given us a conscience which convicts us when we do wrong.

PLease…I BEG YOU…take that step now and do the right thing, if you don’t God will not allow you to be able to live with yourself…. you will not live your life to the fullest either. Haleigh has such a full life ahead of her, she has friends at school and family who love her and she has so much to contriute to our world. Please drop her off in a safe place and let her continue her life with those who love her most!If she is brought back safe we will offer you the complete reward. Delaney Age 11Haleigh CummingsHaleigh CummingsThis website is made up of volunteers who are not related to Haleigh and her family the website does not take any donations, there is now a Bank Of America fund for the family and also a reward fund through crimestoppersArt thank You for all your insight here. I am heartbroken over this little girl and I like everyone else, want to know what happened to her.

I try to read between the lines and that scares me to go there. Im not interested in 99% of the garbage that is rumored. Some of it, just may be truth. I’m no armchair detective and never want to be like that, I just care. I can see with my own 2 eyes…I dont need to step in it, to know its shit. Ive taken a step back from it, trying to keep emotion out of it.

That’s hard coming from a grandma of 4 little ones. If anything, little Haleigh reminds me all day, everyday to call my grandbabies and see how theyre doing. I spend just about as much time with them as I can, I live with one of them and I just hug him to pieces. I would die if somethin would happen to them. And I sure in the hell wouldnt allow the silence in my family if one did!I’d beat the hell fire out of em and they all know it.

Ever since Caylee turned up missing. I’ve been a big mamma bear. My eldest son always tell me, “Mama, I cant get by with nothin on you, you know me to well”…I say, you bet your sweet ass I do and I’ll kick it all the way down to police station. This whole thing is Horse Crap!And Miss Teresa and Grandmammy Sikes, needs to get their heads up out of thier rumps and find out the truth, unless they had a hand in it. The FBI will find out for sure if they all were. Mr.

Cummings…You might as well accept your fate sooner or later bub…you seen they got ol Drew Peterson…just a matter of time, you coward punk. The Boogie Man Cobra calls ya!Yeh, a wet behind the ears one at that. So I am gonna sit back and let them do their job down there…tick toc tick toc. Still havent heard from you yet, coward of a boy who hides behind his mama and a gun. Your poor little girl deserves way better than this!She’s probably thinking you dont love her no more, you aint coming and you wont rescue her.

Cryin her little eyes out night after night, after some nasty man hurt her…Sorry excuse, the whole lot of them down there. Little girls need to be at home with all the doors and window locked tight at night. Amen. Crystalsfan, you are so full of BS. I have only posted about Donna Sue on Topix and here and no,I am not in any way related to anyone involved in this case. Please show me where I posted anything about Crystal or trashed anyone saying good about Crystal?Please also show me where you get that I am friends with murt?He is a danger to himself as well as damaging in these cases,like the Trenton case,we all know what he did there.

Do you think going and telling lies while using the name Crystalsfan is helping her look good?I think the rumors are hindering this case. I am on Haleigh’s side here and it is clear from the name you use and the lies that you are on Crystals. Why do I get the feeling you are Donna?Edit to add something2. Ronald did purchase a new truck either right before Haleigh went missing or right after. HOW?On a job less than 90 days.


IS THERE A WAITING PERIOD FOR HOW LONG YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO PURCHASE A NEW VEHICLE AFTER GETTING A JOB?Star Bright, if you’re sick of rumors and need only facts, then please quite posting the below…and COBRA is working with Kim P. , and thereby for CRYSTAL. He also said in the beginning he was being paid by someone out of Miami, though he may not now being paid by that donor. Also, again, Ron was never ordered to pay child support for his “alleged son,” as no paternity was ever done!If it is done, then he would owe the great grandmother, not AMBER, as she isn’t raising her son. Again, you want facts, and condemn others for not siting fact, but you’re continually posting rumors and innuendo. Hello Art, Its my first time posting here, just wanted to ask you a question, Has it been confirmed or just a rumor that the neighbors heard Misty outside on the phone at 2:30am, I have heard it mentioned several times but not seen it confirmed.

There are several poster here that are from the Cummings clan and they are easy to recognize there are also a few that are on every site they can find trying to start trouble,and why do that, we are all conserned with a missing child here, not who has info, where they got it, who knows who or anything else. I just wanted to say to another poster and friend of Kim and Crystals, D. S. Keep up the good work, some of us know who you are, some just want to!WHAT is up with all of you?Your fighting on this blog, each of you trying to “outdo” each other with your amature detective skills. NONE of you have any facts.

And if you do, please post them so the rest of us can see where all your information comes from. Your not doing that. At this point, all I am reading is “theories” and “put downs” of players in this horrific story. ENOUGH!What FACTS do you have that Ronald knows where Haleigh is?What FACTS state Crystal hasn’t been to HaleighBug foundation?What FACTS that Ron was at a fair going on rides?What FACTS that the mark on Haleigh’s arm was a bruise from Ronald?Or Misty?Or Crystal?All heresay. The only FACTS that are out, is that Ron and Cyrstal BOTH were negligent parents. And an innocent child not only has to pay for their mistakes, but then all of you come on here with your BOGUS theories and NON Truths only to argue and put one another down.

Shame on you!I like reading what Art has to say. Only Art. Instead of taking up his time with such nonsense, why don’t you all offer to take your negativeness and turn it into something positive for this case. And NO, I am NOT a relative of either family. I live in Wisconsin.

Far Far away, in another world………I have offered my services in lieu of any pay to help Art or Cobra out in any way I can. Maybe some of you should do the same with all your free time. Art, please clear up two things, One, these two girls did have information and that information is still being unraveled. Two, Crystal never paid 800. 00 to me. She did hand me 800.

00 after her rent, electric, and whatever else was paid by someone else and she had to repay it as agreed out of donations, That person instructed me to pick up the money and get these girls out of jail. Now some horse trading was done with the bondsman and I. I then used the money as needed to find Haleigh with premission of that person. Crystal nor the Haleigh center Nor any family members on either side have supported me since March 31. Before that I did get some food here and some gas there and a room or two, totaling aprox. 600.

00 or so and I signed for it. I will not take money from either side as no one has clean hands and yes I said that!For those who keep insisting Ron must be a narc to be still walking the streets with all his charges, look at Arts comment 245 where he confirmes Jerome Williams NayNay and Ambers perported pimp and drug dealer is spending the weekend behind bars as part of his plea agreement on his list of charges. Look again at his charges…his many, many charges, and then look at Rons. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone Ron’s lifestyle whatsoever, but I did want to point out that his record is NOTHING compared to someone like Jerome, yet Jerome is free to leave jail once again after spending one of his “prearranged weekends behind bars. ” Art and Cobra have also confirmed that even when he’s not on “furlough” from the county jail, he can be found at any given time “open for business. ” If someone like him has the flexibility to walk out of jail after his weekend wrist slapping session, why is it so difficult for anyone to believe that Ron is not incarcerated after he worked out plea deals for traffic related incidences and a few drug charges?Why does that mean he’s either a narc or his mom has pull?Spend one afternoon in criminal court, and just watch and listen to the proceedings, and you’ll see that it’s all about the plea bargain, probation, and paying fines.

The courts don’t want to incur costly trials, as wrong as that is to most of us, when they can simply slap some hefty fines and probation on someone. Now if you don’t pay your fines, you can bet your last nickel you’ll find yourself being picked up by one of the county’s finest!WOW, so much BS on here, its like reading a mystery novel. some of the bloggers on here crack me up, there are a rare few that has something decent to say. when I see a place that YOU personally put on here whereas to donate to Cobra, I will do so imediately. I now check here daily for updates of the latest on this case, and hoping for a break.

I do hope you and Cobra get your reconization as 2 people constantly on this case unlike hardly any coverage on the news up here in my neck of the woods on this poor lil girl. to the complainers of all caps: LOOK WHEN YOU GET IN UR LATE 50’S / 60’S AND ITS HARD TO SEE, YOU TOO WILL BE GLAD FOR ALL CAPS. ITS DAM SURE EASIER FOR ME TO READ!BUT I TYPE IN LOWER CASE TO APEASE YOU NAGGERS, ITS A FREE COUNTRY, JUST WHO MADE YOU POLICE. AND WHO IN THE HELL SAY’S ITS YELLING / SHOUTING. MY OPPINION…TO EACH ITS OWN!THANKS ART FOR YOUR WORK ON THIS CASE.

COBRA, it’s a shame that the funds collected by Watts and the Haleighbug Center and Crystal, et al, was not used as it was intended by those that donated it, which was to help with the search for Haleigh, whether that be by you or whomever else put themselves on the line. There’s no reason why anyone should expect you to pay back anything provided to help you in your search. If they would get off their butts and help, instead of showing up whenever and wherever they could to get more cash or attention, you wouldn’t have to be doing all of the grunt work. There’s no doubt NayNay and Amber have useful information. Sadly, that information is likely so clouded by toxic smoke that they’ll never remember enough to help.

Sad state of affairs when a parent would be more worried about themselves, and what people are saying about them, than they do about a sweet little girl THEY chose to bring into this world. Cobra, I support you in your search for Haleigh. I hope you are looking at all places Haliegh could be and not just at the father. I am not sure bad mouthing the dad is going to help you find Haleigh. I understand if you got hurt that he got a lawyer. But at that time everyone was saying Kim Picazio hired you.

What was the dad supposed to think?When Kim has been on TV making a playground accident into abuse?How is he supposed to just trust you?When you are associated with people that have been less then honest in the media?I think Ron Cumming’s waited way to long to get a lawyer. He let Kim and Crystal carry on far to long. For him if he has nothing to do with this, for him all this is just putting the focus somewhere that will not help Haleigh. If a sex offender or child molester did not take Haleigh and someone did it to hurt Ron, I bet they are loving all of this. Any information on this DFS and what is going on with Junior.

Has it been sixty days?Ron Cumming’s had the truck when Haleigh went missing. Both his truck and his car are on the news footage. So, why is it relevant?Naples and Starbright I think you both should stop posting what is not true. People that have brains are turning to Ron Cumming’s side because the B. S is so thick, like whoever put that Haleigh had a bite mark on her arm.

Cobra said that Crystal was not being herself in the media, he said the same thing about Ron. He said nobody had clean hands. Was he misquoted?Crsytal is mad because she said she gave Cobra money to bail out Amber and Nay Nay?Why in the world would Crystal want to bail out Amber and Nay Nay?I would think that the best place LE could get info from those two would be in jail. Well,they’ll probably be much more coming out,too many people knew stuff and have talked online,in emails,phone and in person. IMO MeeMaws is one of the only places people keep meeting to blab,right,then go and tell everyone?So,maybe Cobra should start clearing up alot of things before they come out,clear up all these rumors that’s been flying.

These people wanted to start a custody battle with rumors and it’s turned into an internet war,now thousands are talking. I just hope this family bashing isn’t going to get people hurt or killed and Cobra should have thought about that before getting involved on the internet with this mess. It’s gotten totally out of hand. The more garbage that comes out the more people are finding out as they dig into it. Many people are angry at how Ronald has been trashed by someone saying they’re looking for his daughter when he knows how much he loves his daughter.

Cobra wants to get his credibility back,stop being part of this bs and do what he knows to do and try to find that child. Apologize to the father and help him. Why do all these supporters of Crystal keep saying Ron and his family are on this site commenting. Crystal is the one that keep bringing up the fact that she is not happy with how she is portrayed on the Internet. I have been told I must be related to Ron Cumming’s more times that I can count. Is this the best response you can come up with?That someone who has some empathy for a man who’s little child was taken in the middle of the night must be a family member of his?That is pretty sad.

It is very obvious from the multitude of photo’s on the Internet that Ron Cumming’s loved his child. She looks like a well cared for and very happy little girl in these photos. One gets posted and you say it looks like she has a bite mark on her arm?What is wrong with you?It is in the exact spot where blood is drawn and it looks like the marks where dirt collects from a band aide. Anyone that has any common sense can see that. Why would you post such a thing?This case is so very sad. These people are typical of the deep south, like it or not.

Young people in small towns use drugs. LE and parents look the other way unless someone gets hurt. Ron Cumming’s was working a hard job and working long hours as a crane operator. He came home to find his daughter missing. How can anyone that hears that 911 call think he does not care about his child?I do not understand why people are so cruel. Crystal the mother has showed a total lack of empathy for the father.

The father wanted them to be united in the search for Haleigh. He was interviewed at the start and he said he wished they could be united because he felt they would be stronger in power to get people to look and keep it in the media. He wanted Crystal Sheffield on the account Jamie Watts set up. Even though she does not have custody and is behind in child support for at least a year. When Jamie Watts had to take Crystal Sheffield off the account he still accepted mail donations for her.

Crystal then set up an account at the Orange Credit Union, it was on Nancy Grace. That has to be closed as well. Because the law in Florida exists for good reasons on accounts for families of missing children. I emailed Jamie Watts about this fund. It pays for only the basics.

No way can Ron be out buying a car, getting tattoo’s, buying rings, paying tons of money at a fair. So why in the world do some people keep posting that. I think it is because Crystal wants to collect money. I think that the more her and her family slams Ron and makes it seem like he is abusing the money, they figure people will stop or not donated to the legal fund for missing Haleigh Cumming’s and instead donate to HaleighBug, and make no mistake Haleighbug money goes to Crystal. I would like to know who is in charge of the account for Crystal. Is Kim Picazio in charge?Who is?The person that set up the website said he was a good friend of Art Harris?I hope not.

Because the website when it first went up was all about Crystal and said very little about Haleigh. It has been redone just like Crystal’s my space. I think the fact that these people say to anyone that they must be a Cumming’s or a family member may indicated that they are a member of the Sheffield side of the family. Why anyone would do this is just beyond me. Why is Crystal having an issue with Cobra and this $800.

00?I do not understand at all. She gave or had someone give Cobra money to bail out Amber and Nay Nay?Why?In Jail they would have to detox and maybe if the do know something they maybe would tell. So, why get them out?Is Crystal Sheffield related in some way to Amber or Nay Nay. Is this because of the custody thing. They want Amber sober because she is a druggie and not a good witness. I understand Art Harris what Amber told you.

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Just know that LE said Amber told them she never saw Ron abuse the kids. That LE said Amber tells people what she thinks they want to hear. I would think that LE is who she would be the most honest with. Not wanting to lie to the law. In any case I can’t believe her if she told LE he did not abuse the kids. I doubt a court of law would either.

What makes Cobra think that Ron would hook up with Amber?From what I have read Amber has wanted Ron back for some time. Being mad that Misty was with him. Made enough to fight. So, I mean if Amber could hook up with Ron I think she would have. Art. Thanks for answering me, I would just like to say that I have been to the Haleigh Center and I have also read on several boards around the internet that is discussing the Haleigh case and several posters are really trying to get to the bottom of the rumors and get only the facts but there is several posters here and everywhere else that just want to start trouble and you can tell who they are when they come here and elsewhere and talk about other posters instead of asking question or giving insites into the disapearance of this beautiful child Haleigh.

You have one or two posters here that if you will read back only try to out do another poster like SayWhat and a few others, read his comment 106 and you will see what I am talking about, he has made it a point to do this everywhere on the internet and I think you could help the other people on here that really want to hear about this case by just not posting a post when it starts off talking about someone other then about this case. I just think it would be helpful and cut down on the trash reading for everybody. He doesnt know what he is talking about anyway if he did he would know just who it was he was tallking about. Just a FYI and Thanks again. Alos DS keep on keeping on, some of us know who you are, and some just want to!To Debi!Hear ye!Hear ye!Finally!Someone with a brain!I so agree with you!I used to look forward to coming to this site to read what Art has learned and posted for us, to keep up on this case since it seems all other media sources have pretty much dropped it. But now, all I see here is a bunch of arguing and nasty comments being slung at one another….

Good grief!What is up with you ladies/gentlemen?!Why is all the name calling and negativity necessary?All this does is make Art’s site that he put such hard work into look like a trash fest!I don’t think he deserves that at all…and frankly neither do any of you deserve to be attacked or have the right to attack anyone that is merely giving their thoughts or theories on the missing child. Let’s face it…. the only thing any of us have here is a theory or an idea or can repeat something we read or heard somewhere which is not fact and so the only fact that is true and we can say with certainty is that Haleigh Cummings is MISSING!We can throw stones, speculate and attack each other all day long and it still doesn’t change that this is the only damn fact right now!Let Art do his job and report the facts to us intead of weeding through the trash on this site to find the facts…. and geez ladies, have a heart. You would not want anyone attacking you just because they don’t like your theory or what you say, anymore than they should get it either.

You know all those people that are being accused of focusing on everything and everyone except the missing angel…. well, we are no better if this is how we act!The focus here seems to be how harsh we can be to someone or how we can tell them their theory or statements are false, when the rest of ours are no different or better right now…. and surely that is not putting the focus on HALEIGH!Get a grip folks…. And no, I am not related to anyone in this case either…just like Debi, I am from another state all together…. just happened to be interested in finding a place to come and find out any updates and/or changes on the Haleigh case and to hope and pray that she is returned safely some day soon!Believe me, nothing irritates me more in life than dealing with ignorant people, but be better than that…just skip over the ignorant sounding posts instead of attacking the person who is writing them….

be the less than ignorant person that is better rather than joining in the trash fest!I would love to see some positive energy on this site…focused on Haileigh!Have a Happy Mother’s Day all!I am not sure what Cobra meant by lane changes, maybe that when he was given the money nobody told him to give it back or maybe that he was not aware any issues existed about him getting the money for the bail from Crystal or whoever. Now it seems like someone has an issue about this money. When Cobra had no idea an issue existed. That if a problem did exist and I am not sure one doessomeone should have told Cobra rather than post the issue on Art Harris. The fact that only three people knew about it means one of those three has a big mouth.

Crystal and Haleighbug has collected lots of money and much of it is cash. So, I have no idea why Cobra needs to pay it back. Since many posts do claim donations go to “search for Haleigh”. I read that Crystal or whoever gave the money had an issue because since the bond was taken back, they felt the money should have been given back. Maybe they are upset Cobra wants to take donations because they want all donations to go to them. I would not worry about it Cobra, Crystal can’t stand anyone to say anything bad about her in the media, your comment that her hands were not clean either, I am sure will make her run to you and make up.

Clear up any “misunderstandings”2. If Ronald thought that Misty wasn’t at the house that night and that she essentially contributed to the abduction of Haleigh by not being there then why would he have married her . and Forget that nonsense about keeping your enemies closer bull . He probably said that because he was embarrased that Misty had been with another man and a black man at that . Save your comments people . and A man isn’t going to overlook the fact that someone has murdered his child or contributed to the abduction just because of LOVE or SEX !.

He doesn’t seem to have a problem getting females to sleep with him . Really guys, nobody bit the kid on her arm. Clearly that is a band aide mark. What lengths will you go to here?Saying he posted a photo that shows evidence he bit his kid?“Daddy’s girl has Attitude” is proof to you that Ron did something to Haleigh?Guess what?That is Art’s caption not Ron Cumming’s. This proves again how insane people are looking for anything as an excuse to point at Haleigh’s father.

As far as the comment about Ron’s lawyer being unprofessional. Kim Picazio has shown herself to be a media whore to the extent that she will lie on national television about a playground injury and take the focus off a missing child. Ron’s lawyer is responding to Kim P, Crystal and other media that continue to attack the father. I have news for you. If this goes to court, Kim P is not going to be the lawyer that is looked at in the better light. She has behaved very badly here.

Saying that she was going to investigate how the father got custody in the first place, if it was proper?Well, I am sure the two judges that took custody away from Crystal feel it was proper. If I am not mistaken court with be in the same place it was last time Crystal lost custody. Ron’s lawyer is local. Kim P is an outsider who had shown she does not have either Haleigh’s or Crystal’s best intrest at heart. She could have done everything she did without going to the media and getting on every show she could to slam the father.

The court will see right through Kim Picazio. If she ever really gets to court. I do not understand what Cobra is trying to say. He took money from Crystal for bail bonds and Crystal or someone told people about this?Because only three people knew about this?Was it supposed to be a secret?She wants it back now?What is all this explaining about it was cash money, three people knew about it, it came from donations after her expenses were paid?, what is this?What exactly does Crystal need money for herself to buy?I understand she needs to rent the building. But based on what people have told me they have given, she should have plenty of money.

Many abused women feel very sorry for her and have been giving her money. One poster claims her group in Texas gave $7,000 to Haleighbug. Crystal told T. J Hart she stays with family. Crystal has not worked in many years. So, why does Cobra have to give her the money back?I read some posts that Cobra was supposed to give it back.

But I do not understand why. I also do not understand why Cobra is upset. People are all in an uproar on some blogs, saying Crystal has been funding Cobra and now he is bad mouthing her. That he does not need to collect donations because Crystal has been funding him. But Cobra said just now in a comment that he would not take money from either side. Yet, the last interview I saw with Cobra he was upset that Ron Cumming’s was not funding him.

I am not sure how Ron Cumming’s is supposed to be funding Cobra when he is out of work. I mean since Crystal made this abuse claim people are not giving money to Ron Cumming’s. They are sending money to Crystal. I read the blogs and most people say they have donated to Crystal. The photo presented by Crystal Sheffield was undated. Connie Sheffield made a sworn statement that she took the alleged abuse photo on november 16th, 2008.

The photo above shows no signs of any injuries to the left side of Halieghs face. If you go to Ronalds lawyers web page and look under their press releases you will find that they are using this photo as evidence. Ronalds lawyers have acknowledged and stated that this photo was taken on November 14th and they state that on this date there are no lacerations to Halieghs face. Therefore in comparing the photos from the one above and the one Crystal Sheffield said to be taken on november 16th, 2008, ONLY TWO DAYS LATER would show abuse allegations. According to the attendance record earlier released here on Art Harris.

Haliegh was out of school from Nov. 7th, Nov. 8thand 9th was the weekend, NOv 10th, Nov the 11th was Veterans Day no school, Nov 12th Haliegh went to er with stomach pains, nausea and vomiting the er felt they should do a cat scan of Halieghs nose and head. This cat scan was done due to the monkey bar accident at school, but TWO DAYS LATER they state Halieghs face had no signs of any injuries. You can confirm this by Ronalds attorneys web page. Nov 13th and 14th Haliegh was out of school but these two days were excused.

The 15th fell on a saturday. Nov 17th Haliegh still not in school. She did not go back to school until Nov 18th. ALL the other days were unexcused, except VETERANS DAY and Nov 13thand 14th. Upon the release of the photo taken by Connie Sheffield and statements that the photo showed abuse. Ronald and Teresa Neves explained that the photo presented by Crystal Sheffield ,in which we all can clearly see that she had sustained injuries to the left side of her little face, was due to Halieghs monkey bar incident at school.


7TH NOV. 17TH, 2008 ART IF YOU COULD PLEASE, POST THE PICTURE FROM CRYSTAL NEXT TO THIS ONE FROM RONS LAWYERS SO THAT EVEYONE CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE. ALL FACTS NOT GOSSIP!GOD SPEEDBecca, you really think Ronald isn’t?Truely you can say that. I’ve seen the truck with my own eyes and I live near Tampa so I saw him on the new’s. Those people were the one’s that said he was bragging about the money.

There’s a website that asked for donations cause he can’t work. I think both of these parties have major issues. I think Crystal is just as much to blame for her daughter missing cause she didn’t fight for her kids. When I heard Chad also got custody I would really like to do a case study. Who was Ron and Chad’s lawyer?What’s the ratio of father’s vs mother’s getting custody?Did they use one a lawyer?How many Judges work in Satuma?Who is related to who in DCF and the Police department in that county?Start stirring thing’s up.

Corruption can only function in quiet. Start shaking thing’s up and rat’s will start ratting each other out. Becca if my kids were missing I would be parked at the police department. My son has autism. I follow my son everywhere. My daughter is 10 and hate’s it that I go to the bus stop with her everyday.

I would probably a complete mess since all I do is for my kids. Having a special need’s child you feel extra blessed. It’s a sad world. You see other kids that can walk, talk, and know they will be able to do all you did in your life. Some of those parent’s don’t understand how truley blessed they are. Having a special needs child that’s all a question.

Everyday will that be day your son/daughter wakes up from the DX. Will my son ever go to the prom. Probably not. Will I ever be able to teach him how to drive a car. Probably not. Will he ever have anyone that loves him in his life.

I grieve those questions everyday. However, tomorrow is never a given. So the one that hurt’s the most is someone gonna love my baby boy when I’m not on this earth anymore. Then you have your other child that needs you just as much. So you need to make them feel special too.

My life consists of doctor’s visits, IEP meetings, theme parks for socialization, and loving my babies. I am not perfect and I know my daughter feels my stress at times. She’s had to grow up faster then most kids her age. But I would be parked at the police department and shaking every tree I could. I used to be a quiet person, but after you go threw the DX of autism you learn to ask questions.

You never accept NO for an answer. You press on and one day that door opens and the process start’s all over again with the next issue. I wouldn’t be at the fair or asking for money. I hope that answer’s your question Becca. Smity, You took the words right out of my mouth.

I’m as confused as you about Crystal’s need for money now that Haleigh is missing. Has anything changed?She wasn’t working before. It’ not like she is taking time away from her job to look for her precious daughter. Maybe she feels like she did when Haleigh had missed doctors appointments. And I quote: “I just didn’t feel like getting up. ” She should have added that she didn’t feel like bathing either.

Anybody who contributes to this worthless human’s cause is out of their mind. JMO. Praying for Precious everyday. it was gma sykes that was supposed to have taken clothes to the house that night not t. neves.

i dont believe she had even been in that house by the comment she made saying she hoped when she got there that morning she would find haleigh hiding under a bed. well all the “beds” were on the floor. the gma sykes said when she arrived Jr. was still asleep how the hell could he still be sleeping if everyone was really searching for haleigh. hell half the neighbors would be awake if it were my child missing. And I sure would not have waited that long to call le.

at that hour a child missing you know somethng must not be right dont give me no bs about waiting to call le they could have helped look and then call for more backup. hell people call le for cats in trees so what would it have hurt. Oh forgot Ronald said get the shit out of the house they are bringing the dogs. You can here that plain as day on the 911 tape. not to mention misty did not want to talk to them on the second call.

she said i dont wanna. Maybe Misty was made about Ronald trying to squeeze her baby out and kill it and returned the favor to poor little haleigh besides that he beat her up to. Yeah she had lots of reasons for doing haleigh in. but some people are to stupid to realize it and are wasting precious time chasing there tails. THE VICTIM HERE IS HALEIGH.

BOTTOM LINE. The ANSWER RONALD IS MISTY YOU AND ONLY YOU HOLD THE TRUTHMISTY LOOK NO FURTHER IF YOU REALLY LOVE HALEIGH BE A DAD STEP UP TO THE PLATE FOR HALEIGH NOT MISTY . Five month relationship is nothing compared to five years of being a dad. AND TO T. NEVES YOUR PRETTY SMART BUT ARE BLINDED RIGHT NOW IF HALEIGH EVER NEEDED YOU now you cut the crap and question misty. I KNOW YOU ARE READING THIS look in misty’s eyes and see if she can answer you one question with out looking away and convince you in your heart of the truth did you misty kill haleigh.

Laura Says:May 10th, 2009 at 11:41 amBecca if my kids were missing I would be parked at the police department. My son has autism. I follow my son everywhere. My daughter is 10 and hate’s it that I go to the bus stop with her everyday. I would probably a complete mess since all I do is for my kids. Having a special need’s child you feel extra blessed.

It’s a sad world. You see other kids that can walk, talk, and know they will be able to do all you did in your life. Some of those parent’s don’t understand how truley blessed they are. Having a special needs child that’s all a question. Everyday will that be day your son/daughter wakes up from the DX.

Will my son ever go to the prom. Probably not. Will I ever be able to teach him how to drive a car. Probably not. Will he ever have anyone that loves him in his life.

I grieve those questions everyday. However, tomorrow is never a given. So the one that hurt’s the most is someone gonna love my baby boy when I’m not on this earth anymore. Then you have your other child that needs you just as much. So you need to make them feel special too. My life consists of doctor’s visits, IEP meetings, theme parks for socialization, and loving my babies.

I am not perfect and I know my daughter feels my stress at times. She’s had to grow up faster then most kids her age. But I would be parked at the police department and shaking every tree I could. I used to be a quiet person, but after you go threw the DX of autism you learn to ask questions. You never accept NO for an answer. You press on and one day that door opens and the process start’s all over again with the next issue.

I wouldn’t be at the fair or asking for money. I hope that answer’s your question Becca. —————— Laura,Laura I know what you mean!My son has PDD NOS which is a mild form of autism!and I sympathize with your struggles more than you know. My daughter is Haleighs age and she requires much attention also, as I am a single mom with these two small children, I feel the same way about safety, I follow my children everywhere and will continue to do so until their probably about 13 or 14. I guess those of us who study and read true crime may realize the danger more than those who don’t.

I have friends who call me ‘ultra paranoid’ constantly, they joke that I need a bubble around my family, they let their 8 year old daughters run around and play in the neighborhood with no parental supervision, not that this is so wrong but this day and age one can never be too careful!Anyway the reason I posted on here today is I was thinking of Haleigh the way I do everyday and a song came on the radio “i saw haleighs comet” I dont even know what song it was but it saddened me so much because I look up the sky everynight wondering where these lost children are and how there are people in Satsuma right now just going about their everyday lives without a care in the world while this child is missing, possibly even suffering if she is in the sex trade industry somewhere, the stuff Ive been reading about that scares the crap out of me lately, anyway, it just made me sad, sick to my stomach and angry at the same time. I THANK ART HARRIS sooooo much for keeping this child in the spotlight, i read here almost everyday hoping to see some new news of her being discovered, this is just awful, God Bless Little Haleigh and all the other missing children too!Naples Fla, It says right there in my post that Cobra said Ron Cumming’s was buying cars. I am asking Art as well as Cobra what new car Ron Cumming’s has purchased. It is a very simple question. Art talks to Cobra so I assume he can ask Cobra what new car was purchased. I buy new cars all the time and it does not make me a bad person.

I want to know if Ron traded in his new truck because he could not make the payments and if he is being ridiculed for doing so. The fact is Ron had a new truck before Haleigh went missing. He also had a Nissan Ultima. I want to know if Cobra is making things up or if maybe Cobra is guessing. If he is guessing then I would say to him.

If Ron Cumming’s is so awful, how come you have to make up things to make him look bad. That is all. Cobra,hello nice to meet you. Just wanted to say you are a Angel sent from heaven as far as i can see. Your the one that gets up every morning to go look for this little girl.

Its for sure her own familey is not concern. I commen you for being the man that you are. You may be the only chance Haleigh has. I do hope you find her alive. no child deverse what this child has went threw. If Ronald is so concern then why dont he and misty meet you back at the Trailer and do a walk threw.

I feel in my heart that haleigh couldnt know who took her because she was either at a stage where she could feel no emotion or fear. Or she was already dead. Im sorry wish i didnt feel this way. But by the grace of God I hope im wrong. Please keep up your search for Haleigh. She needs to be brought home one way or the other.

Angles Blessings and be with you always. Thanks again for all your help God Bless you my friend. Naples Fla, the problem I have with your posts is that you post as fact. You posted that Ron was at the fair and spent $1,000 as a fact. Later saying that you read it in the comments on this site.

All I am saying is that Jamie Watts is in charge of the money in the B of A account set up for Ron and Junior. Ron did not set up ANY account of his own. He does not collect on any website. I have not seen any evidence the Ron Cumming’s has asked anyone for any money. The only person that ever took donations for Ron was Jamie Watts.

Jamie Watts has made it clear that less than $5,000 has been collected and it is going only to living expenses. He has to follow the law since he is in charge and set up the account. So, this makes me wonder about anyone that claims Ron Cumming’s is abusing donation money. This includes Cobra. Because I can’t see how Ron would get the money to abuse. Then we have Crystal and Haleighbug.

If the account for Haleighbug was under the same rules as the account set up for Ron Cumming’s, then Crystal could not have given Cobra $800 or whatever she claims she gave him. Who is in charge of the money going to Haleighbug?Because since Crystal made her abuse alligations, people stopped giving any money to Ron to Jamie Watt and B of A and clearly people are giving to Crystal. Just read online. Crystal must be getting a ton of money. Who is in charge of it?Art can you find out?Someone should make two accounts for Haleighbug, one for Crystal and one for the search to go to Cobra.

Then people can be clear on where the money is going that they are sending. Cobra is with Crystal Sheffield and Kim Picazio. Crystal has lied on national television about the reason she lost custody and about a playground injury. She also has lied about if she saw abuse or if she did not see abuse. Kim Picazio has also lied about this playground accident. Anyone that goes to the FindHaleighNow website can look at the time stamped photos and see the Kim Picazio lied.

While Crystal may not have the intelligence to understand that a playground fall would cause bruising that shows up later, Kim Picazio sure is intelligent enough to understand. She tried to pull a fast one. So, why should I believe Cobra?He seems to be on the liars side of the issue. He seems to have the same goal as Kim Picazio and Crystal. The goal to make the father look bad in the media. The goal should be finding Haleigh.

Maybe they are so focused on the dad and making him look bad because they know or suspect that Crystal or her family took Haleigh to expose Misty and Ron for custody. Cobra’s talking about someone hanging around the Haleigh Bug center in dark clothes,hello,or Haleigh walking back up the the Mobile Homeeyes rolling. But if that happens,will it be even more obvious Crystal’s family members did this and he’s setting up the scenario of how they’ll drop her off?Everyone knows Crystal’s not at the center at night. And everyone knows Haleigh didn’t walk off. If they did this,they better come up with a better plan.

IMO There are thousands are watching. Anyone who knows something,shouldn’t hold back what they’ve been told,if they do,I hope they’re arrested. IMOMy heart truly aches ,because this precious baby is still missing. Seems misty can make up any story and tell it and get away with it. note this…how come she just happened to wake up so near to ron coming home?Why cant she tell us truthfully why she was up.

One story was to use the bathroom,one was to get a drink…well which end was it Misty THAT INVOLVED WATER,just read on here you got up to get underwear,clean undies …wow most try to put clean undies on prior to bed. Something smells,In my opinion no one would have turned a light on and let anyone outside see what they were doing ,people who wait till darkness to commit a crime do not risk their identity being known by illuminating their presence in the house. Just dont seem logical to me. Sorry but this is to far fetched to be the truth,Misty have another go at it. As for their polygraph tests,they detect deception,she must have shown a mountain of it.

Why has ronald not made her think about that night and try to help find Haleigh. Please folks speak your opinions about all the lies Misty has told and maybe we can seperate fact from fiction,although at this time fiction is what we have the most of Thanks to Misty. Keep Haleigh in our Prayers and`trust this heartbreak can end for us all. Hi Art, this is my first time writing but something is bugging me. When Haleigh first went missing, didn’t one of the grandma’s say that her nebulizer I hope that is what it’s called.

the device she used for breathing treatments was missing from the home?If that is the case then it makes me think the person who did this was, 1. knew she needed it, so was familiar to her and not a stranger and 2. someone who had no intentions of harming her. I so hope they find her safe and sound, she is such a beautiful child and definately in my prayers every night. Thanks for keeping us updated on the latest news.

polygraph that song is called “Second Chance” by Shinedown. Great song by a great band you can watch the video on their website video, also. I can relate to you and Laura’s posts my daughter will be 14 tomorrow and has a mild form of autism and I have a girl that will be 5 later this year. I hate these missing child and child abuse cases very scary. Children are precious gifts and some of the most little things are great memories like last night we were eating popsicles and then seeing who could balance the most popsicle sticks on their nose I know that might sound stupid to a lot of people but it’s just the fact is children are precious and so are the memories.

I don’t understand why people have to get on here and be so rude to one another I try and follow the golden rule do unto others as they do unto you. I am humbled by your viewers ART. Some of them are a bit fisty, Please tell them that I do not work for Kim Or Crystal, I simply believed a story and put the best I could find at the time on it and I am sorry my choice has let us down, none the less…I still am and will continue to look for Haleigh as it appears she has lost her family. Signal Lane Change means just that, before we play bumper cars, folks should know their position and show respect to others. I am an investigator not a lawyer, Kim is a lawyer not an investigator, and folks should signal lane changes. If folks want to help me, do so, but don’t attach strings, please.

I can not be purchased, I don’t sell out, better read up on me. Again Art, thank you and thank your kind viewers. Can you reveil the idenity of the haters?One of them may know something, else why go to so much trouble to hate. ?Lastly, a big thanks to BROWARD COUNTY BAIL BONDS for helping me as well as your viewers, THANK YOU ALL…. Debi,I apologize if I sounded a little snippy with you but you seemed to jump on Angela for joking about the moderation thing,then you turn around and mention after her post that amatuer detectives need to CALM DOWN,and in the same comment mention that you have post with BNN link in it “awaiting comment”,I truly IMO believe that the bloggers here are no more amatuer than BNN in fact from what I’ve seen of their site the only reason anyone would recommend it is if they wrote the article or they were a member there.

So yea sorry but it ticked me off for you to call bloggers on here Amatuer Detectives and link back to a site that has VERY little information or discussion about this case. Anyone who checks that site out will I’m sure be sorely disappointed JMO. Thanks but I’ll trust Art’s info and his bloggers info before I trust anything that comes from BNN,just go read their comment sections and see what kind of useful info you get,NONE,IMO. Have a good day. You know,I just had a strange thought,or not. If Cobra is going to break away from the rumormill,change lanes and tell the truth of what he knows,do people have to stop bashing him?Oh,I’m so funny,well,I have no doubt there’s already someone on the way to take over.

wink Yes,it’s true and they work fast. So,if you see Cobra saying that Ronald loves his daughter and Misty was sleeping and maybe this plan to take Haleigh was started months ago,say it ain’t so,don’t be surprised if Cobra is thrown,stepped on and squashed under that bus. As that is what happens to people that break away and tell the truth there. rainy,Are you saying using a beautiful missing little girl gives Crystal the right to take money under false pretenses?There are laws that keep people from taking money for their own gain and using names as an excuse while doing it. The money maker was first called “The Haleigh Bug Foundation”. It is now called the “Haleigh Bug Center”.

It is not a 501C3!The word “Foundation” makes it sound as if it were a charity. Guess what?It is my concern and others when people use their missing children as their livilhood. I will not support anyone that would disgrace their baby in this manner. Shame on you. All IMO, of course. Be wellCobra please go home you media whore.

Crystal its time to talk, I know you were scared to go to prison for unpaid child support, and even more so now that you know what happened to Haleigh. Ron I hope that your little girl is alive and will be returned to you when Crystal speaks up, in the meantime please take better care of yourself, Junior needs you too. Misty if Ron does get his little girl back, please give the best gift possible, by stepping back and allowing him to be alone with his children to heal and enjoy some one on one quality time with them. As for the rest of you, I hope in the future you show more respect and compassion for single fathers who have custody that they deserve. As for Geraldo, Kim and Cobra karma’s a bitch!Kim P has paid for some shit so Crystal owed her money. The money came out of Haleighbug to pay her back for Crystal bills she had helped with.

It was give to Cobra to give to Kim. Then Nay and Amber need to be bailed out. Cobra talk to Kim and Kim say use the money to bail out girls. Me thinks because she want amber in rehab so she look good witness to take Junior to live w crystal. Cobra use this money for bail. no problem crystal do nothing wrong.

All she do is pay back Kim P. Cobra here some person say that money give from Crystal to Cobra. Cobra go nuts. Say crystal hands not clean. Crystal not being true self in the media. Everyone say Cobra not say this, misquoted but Art say he talk to Cobra and Cobra did say this.

Art please tell me what you talking about?Nobody ask Cobra if Crystal Hands are clean. Cobra asked if Crystal was like she made herself on television. He said NO. He said same about Ron No. But with Crystal he said No, nobody hands are clean. Who you speak to in LE that said Crystal was not a suspect?Where can I read that so I can email it and help crystal out?Did LE say none of that clan fam is a suspect?That makes me very worry for Haleigh.

Only hope I have is that this is for custody. I could have swear LE say it is never safe to rule out any family member. Why art?Is this your opinion or did LE say this?Cause I know LE not tell you and cobra even the ac guy name at all. Wow some of you people get me sick!Stick to the story…HALEIGH!Stop bickering back and forth and get on with what this blog is about…HALEIGH!Everyone has an opinion, so let them have it. No need to turn this blog into a nag fest, maybe you guys who like to argue need to leave your emails for one another so you can bicker over email.

I come in here to read theory’s of what people might think happen, NOT people bickering back and forth because this person don’t believe that person. Unless YOU were there or are in either family YOU DON’T KNOW JACK!So this means all of what we are saying is theory and opinions. Why waist time trying to change someones opinion anyways?Remember folks we are all here for HALEIGH…so lets stop all the bickering and put our attention back to what matters…HALEIGH!She was on the NEWS again YAYYY!Its been a while that we have seen her on the news. There is something we can all talk about INSTEAD of all the bickering!We are praying for you and your family Haleigh!Lets bring this baby home guys!Keep up the good work Art and Cobra!Hey Art. Whats new?Wheres Cobra?Think he would consider helping to find out what happened to Brittany Drexel.

She dissapeared at Myrtle Beach SC. while on sping break . She is from New York. 17 years old. Was there sharing a room with 15 people.

Went 20 blocks to another hotel. Supposedly got a phone call from a female to bring her shorts to her back to the room. A very seedy young woman whom Brittany barely knew. Folks around myrtle beach say the female who called her is bad news. Last known cell phone signal was somewhere near Santee Cooper,a good ways away from myrtle beach. All her stuff left in the motel.

They said she never come back to the room. The boys at the other hotel say she left at 8:00pm. when the woman called her. Everbody gets the hell outta dodge. There is a well known night club involved.

Shady s$t goes on with minors upstairs in private. Two people are very supicious of hiding stuff ,one of whom she knows real well. I think Cobra could solve this one easy. There would have been no reason for her to go to Santee Cooper . The young woman has posted pictures on her own facebook I was told.

i have’nt looked yet. I was told that the pics are very odd. If you get a chance please go look at the Brittany Drexel myspace page. A lady from Myrtle Beach left some very interesting comments on there about the young woman who seems to be hiding something. As I have said I think Cobra is biased.

I agree that he brought in Kim Picazio and Kim Picazio is the reason Ron Cumming’s had to get a lawyer. For Cobra to complain about Ron getting a lawyer is insane, when he is the indirect Reason Ron had to get one. Kim Picazio making up stories about a playground injury is fine with you I guess. Fine with Cobra. After all Ron Cumming’s does not deserve to be treated fairly does he?It should be fine with everyone if Crystal wants to lie her ass off on national television about the reason she lost custody of her children.

We should just give her a pass to make up whatever she wants to and feed it to the media to make this father look bad?Why?Cobra supporting Geraldo tells me so much. I do not think your stories are fair. I do not think you even have tried to be fair. Perhaps that is because 95% do support Crystal. I do not know. Perhaps this is the popular side to take.

But you have gone on JVM and said that LE is not satified with lie detector and Ron Cummings not being a suspect. LE has said that they are satisfied Ron Cumming’s is not a suspect. They have said it more than once. Could LE be making that up, sure they could. But for you to say they never said it is just plain wrong.

Now you are saying that LE said Crystal is not a suspect and directing that comment to me?Saying I said Cobra said she was?That is a joke. Cobra would never even look at Crystal as a suspect. He is in bed with her and Kim Picazio. He keeps saying he would not take money from either side. But he has taken money from Crystal and he is mad it came out?Why?Why attack Crystal for the truth coming out?I am still not sure what he meant when he attacked Crystal. I mean the part where he was asked if she was the way she portrayed herself in the media and he said NO.

That I get. That is a fact. She has tried very hard to make herself look good in the media. She has lied to make herself look good. When I would think that would be the last thing on her mind when her child is missing.

But her not having clean hands, I do not know what that is supposed to mean. So, yeah it was ambiguous. I’m not getting into your conclusions here, but I will ask you to be careful about claiming what I said–if you are going to characterize a story I wrote, go back and reread it…Regarding the Ronald drive Amber Brooks grandmother reported–and the initial account purportedly heard on a police scanner by a preacher I interviewed that Junior was there, which I later reported could not be verified by other sources…I will accept your retraction that I claimed Junior was there…I quoted source who said he heard it on a police scanner, which may have in fact happened, but it was not on the police tape I asked for hey, could have been edited, right?. I ran it by the grandmother, and in the end, retracted the rumor Junior was there. So I will allow you to retract your statment…which now makes me wonder about other posts you make claiming x said y…Stacey,you are so right about the arguing hon and I don’t intend to argue with anyone I was only pointing out to Debi that she is as much an amatuer detective as the rest of us so it was not nice of her to use that phrase when talking about bloggers on Art’s site and the only links I’ve seen her put up for any info on this case are Bnn links,things that make you go hmmmmmm.

And no Debi I am not Angela’s mother i guess I just go for the UNDERDOG and feel like you unfairly attacked her and I have a right to my opinion as much as you and in my opinion you are just here to plug BNN,not ART and I’ll say it again the only links you have provided are BNN links does no other site have anything worthy to say about Haleigh or this case. YOU go Art best of luck to you and Cobra and if I want the truth and not amatuer interviews and hearsay I will come to That’s all I’m trying to say Debi have enough respect for Art not to keep plugging another site on here!This case is about Haleigh and as far as I can see Art is the only one keeping her name ALIVE and excuse me COBRA!Thank again Art!Lisa and Debi Thank you for that link!To everyone following this case, please put aside your differences and listen to Art and Cobra on this blog radio link that Lisa initially posted 381. It is so disheartening to see that most popular shows no longer cover this case. It is so nice to come on this site and find others that still want justice for this little girl. I have to be honest, at the beginning, I thought Misty was some scared babysitter that couldn’t articulate but now, as more pieces of the puzzle are put together, I can’t look past her inconsistencies.

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The washer running when police arrived which I mentioned in a previous article the wild weekend and now finding out that she has given TEN inconsistent statements to the police just floor me. I don’t know what to believe anymore. I just don’t know. I can only hope that Cobra and Art will get to the bottom of this. I also hold out hope that this will end with Haleigh being found alive until I hear otherwise.

I want to say Thank you Art and Cobra for staying on this case and trying to get past the he said, she said garbage. Of course, this is bound to happen too many allegations have been made on both sides. I don’t believe that Ron or Crystal hurt Haleigh this is just my honest opinion but I do believe that something is funky with the timeline leading up to Misty’s call to the police especially after listening to the link that Lisa provided. …and he’s fiercely loyal to his daughter, naturally, and has tales to tell about Ronald as a sort of son in law who lived with them for a while during his Crystal phase, until his wife, Connie, a nurse, found him unpacking two bricks of marijuana from a paper bag he’d brought home, while also growing pot in the back yard…He also told me a story about Ronald picking up two dogs that appeared to be lost on the side of the road. Johnny says they were starving and he took one home and Ronald took the other. Next thing he knows, he’s up against a police car, accused of dog thieving, claims Ronald knew all along the dogs belonged to a friend, and never told him.

Does anyone know how long before Ron and Misty got together that he and Amber broke up?Was it still fresh in Ambers mind?Sounds to me like Amber was closer to the kids than Misty was if she was with Ron and took care of the kids for 3 years versus Mistys 3 months or so. Could Amber have been a disgruntled Ex?Then throw in the comment Misty left Amber on her myspace page I did see it, now her page has disappeared about Misty taking Ambers son, toss in the fight the 2 girls got into the weekend before Haliegh came missing. Could Amber be a woman scorned, could she do something so bad and wrong, and does she have enough friends to help her cover any wrong doing. Did Ron marry Misty to call out the devil?And maybe T. N. was tawnting her with that remark about Misty being the best Ron had ever had.

Hopeing to make her mad enough to slip up. Thankyou Stacy for saying what I wanted to say. I am not one to bicker about who is right or wrong. I was begining to wonder if people were more concerned about who was getting more in donations and who was hated more. Haleigh is gone. Does she have to take meds everyday?Is she eating and getting loved?IF SHE WAS TAKEN, I JUST PRAY IT IS BY SOMEONE THAT IS TAKING GOOD CARE OF HER…After the Caylee case I just wondered if anyone would try this for donations, because they got rich off of it.

I would rather this be the case, than her being killed. I will say it again, I can not figure out a good reason why Ron married Misty…Is that disfunctional, or am I missing something?Tell me your opinion…Oh one more!Was the trailer the only place Ron ever lived , besides with his Mother or relitives?He lived with his Mom when he got custody. The magistrater Honorable Mitchell Prugh recommened Dec 05 custody that he leave primary residential custody to Ron based on the fact that he was employed and has some income to devote to the children. Crystal had quit her job bc Ron didn’t want her working with the kids, which didn’t make any difference. Crystal had try to fight for the custody of her children before that, but did not have an attourny. Prugh thanked her for being honest,and that was it.

I could not believe she was so nieve, it was sad… the reason I bring this up is I do not want Misty to get another chance to watch these kids again…WE know there is atleast ONE person that knows where Haleigh is – I ask them to Please let the truth out for her love ones. And Art, Thankyou for all of your hard work. We should all respect it. I know if you had you own show Haleigh and others would be found much faster… I still think you and Mike Brooks would be a 1 team, and Cobra could be your 1 bountyhunter!Art and or Cobra, First of all thank you both. Cobra i could listen to your voice all day long as you sound just like my Late grandpa, Thank you both for all you are doing. I heard in an early interview that someone said if the person who took Haleigh, would have mentioned the trampoline she would go with them willingly.

and Art you mention the kids jumping on the trampoline with misty, her brother and Donald Sapp watching. well there are no pics anywhere with a trampoline on the property. is this trampoline at Misty’s brother’s house?If so that is another Lie by Miss Misty. Where is this so called trampoline?art, did the le ever lumialmight be misspelled the trailer?is it true that ron never made it to work until 7:00p. m. that night?then i read that mistys mom was at the trailer at the same time.

is the reason grandma sykes was at the trailer that night also was to check on misty instead of taking over clean cloths. could there have been a fight between misty and ron,and thats why he was late for work?has le went to the pimp house or whatever it is to look for clues of haliegh?and also if ron has nothing to hide, why not stay on the news and keep begging for halieghs return. also does either family have family that lives far enough away that haliegh wouldnt be found?when this all started i heard something about arizona. i want to also add that dcfs said they wouldnt remove a child unless that child was in danger,isnt doing drugs having mutiple sex partners,and known drug dealers around danger enough?is ron or misty having to give dcfs any urine samples to prove they are drug free?let me know. txsGreat Art, we are here to find out what Happened to Haleigh, not find out what happened to Crystal from the age of 14 when she met Ron up until this day, she isnt missing, we know where she is, her Mother knows where she is, ITS HALEIGH THAT IS MISSING!I doubt by digging up every little thing on Crystal we are gonna find Haleigh, Ive been around Crystal, Ive talked to Crystal, she doesnt have Haleigh……….

Now somebody does have Haleigh and she came up missing from Ronalds home, so anyone with a thread of common sense can see that the connection of why this little girl is gone has to do with Ronald…. find out what him and his little teenage Bride has to hide and you will find out where Haligh is and why she is gone!Come on people, We know it has something to do with somethingto do with Ronald and Misty, you can talk all day about what charges someone has, or what time someone got somewhere but its not gonna change anything, Find out What Ronald was up to in the weeks before this happened and you will find out what happened to Haleigh!Ty Gayle for re reading my post…I should have worded it differently. I am guilty of using language, I shouldn’t at times…BUT G damn…. that word boils my blood!Art…it was in post 403 by Rose Red, that had the over the top vulgar language!It was really uncalled for!I don’t post much here anymore…although I do read, I don’t want a role in this soap opera, but I do at times find things that just can’t stop my fingers from doing the typing, lol. And, Debi…in reference to your post 464 now 2spunky don’t fall out of your chair, lol um you are very disrespectful, I don’t agree with 2spunky most of the time, she knows that, but I am pretty sure, she knows much more about the case than you…or so it seems!And, you seem to be the bitter angry person!God bless Art!And always, let’s remember Haleigh is the true one, that needs our prayers!I’m starting to get the impression that Haleigh was sent off somewhere?Maybe to avoid a DCF investigation…why?Unless, she perhaps has some sort of injuries that need to heal before she’s seen in public?IDK anymore.

its getting hard to read inbetween the lines. This is really a head scratcher…. so, theres a crime, they dont know what the crime is until they figure out where Haleigh is?I sure wish her daddy would do his media blitz soon…I’d like to see how well his Lawyers and PR people got him all polished up for public viewing now…. the first few times he didnt impress me much. I wonder if that will include a Scripture from the Good Book?Art, re: your post 250, to be truly balanced, then, we should let someone from the Cummings clan tell us what it was like to have Crystal as a daughter n law since we extended that courtesy to the Sheffield clan. I have no doubt it wasn’t pleasant having Ron as a “son in law,” but I’ve also have seen JS’s record, and know that even if we accept that this one charge was caused by Ron, it’s only one of many charges appearing.

His past duty to his country and his county is no doubt appreciated. But do we give a free pass for the other side of JS because of it?Asked in the spirit of fairness, of course. You bring up very detailed and interesting questions and very good points. unfortunately, you probably won’t get answers to the questions, you will only have people come along to pick each point apart, and never really look at a concept that there are unanswered questions, because they don’t have the ability to think rationally. If people actually worked as a group rather than a crowd gathering for a riot. Answers might well be found.

I do hope someone has answers to the questions you ask. I do believe there are those out there, that don’t want people to get close to finding answers, and they do disrupt and throw the topic about. I think the case is very simple, and when its over and Haleigh is at home safe and sound, and people begin to wander off looking for another cause to argue about. They will never think back and wonder why they acted so badly. Or how wrong they were with their own mindset. Had I answers for you, I would be more than happy to give them to you.

I would just like to say that JVM is not biased. Each and every time news about Haliegh is on her show, She asks RON and MISTY to please come on her show and tell their side. Now their are those who feel Art is biased. Well folks this is just not right. If Ron, Misty and any family member of the Cummings would like to come and speak ;I am sure Art would be more than happy to talk with them. This just is not the case here.

They are hiding out!Why?Speak up Ronald and start searching for your daughter. Swallow your pride and join Crystal in her events to help find Haliegh!If your worried Baby bride will throw a tantrum “JUST WHIP HER OR PUT IN A MOVIE” SHE HAS TO UNDERSTAND YOU NEED TO HELP FIND HALIEGH AND THAT YOUR DAUGHTER COMES FIRST!I am glad to have read the post from Lisa giving the Q and Answers from Art and Cobra. They were very informative. You two guys are just Terrific. Haliegh is fortunate to have MEN like yourselves seeking JUSTICE for her.

I do not understand why people are so cruel to continue to slam you both ; along with KIM PICAZIO. I thought everyone would be greatful that you all bring HOPE to FINDING HALIEGH. Where would things stand with this case right now without you all. Thank you ART, Cobra and KP. Lets get that KNOCK OUT FOR HALIEGH.

I was over in Satsuma on Sunday. I drove by HBC and saw all the beatiful pictures on the windows and as I turned on 309 and went over the tracks there was the amber alert on the fire stations sign. It was really emotional for me to know this sweet little girl is not with her mom today. I said a prayer for her and her families. I am praying that with the evidence that LE says they have, they may can take those to blame for Halieghs disappearance into custody very soon. God will prevail in this case.

Everyone continue to pray. Be kind to ART, COBRA and KP. They are doing their best to find Haliegh and keep her in the lime light. This is what everyone wants. Right?Art you are great. stay safe and GODS SPEED.

How can you say, “the mark on Haleigh’s arm is ABSOLUTELY not a bite mark”?post 320. Were you there?When my son was young he was bitten on the arm in daycare. It was almost identical to the mark on Haleigh’s arm, only smaller. I believe it is a bite mark…I would not say, “it ABSOLUTELY is a bite mark”, as you are saying it isn’t…What/who gives you the authority to make such absolute statements?If I understand this case, NO ONE knows what happened. We are all giving opinions.

Many people on this blog are being harassed by a few who think they know all the facts, when all the poster is doing is stating his/her opinion…Art, it may help to remind your bloggers that you will not tolerate abuse toward other posters, and stating comments as facts without proof…and if they do state something as fact, back it up with a link stating it as fact…I have practically stopped reading comments by others…I only read when you, Cobra, or whomever is a reliable source, comments…I thought this was YOUR blog, but it’s beginning to look like one or two people are running it, and you are a guest. This blog could be an interesting, informative place to go, but not if you let it continue with the few people here who are acting as authoritative figures, and belittles others who are merely stating their opinion…It makes me wonder if it’s really about finding Haleigh, or a place to vent, and act as wannabe Investigative Reporters. I think you are doing more than anyone else in the search for Haleigh, and if she is found, you will have had a part in finding her…Bloggers, let’s keep the focus on finding Haleigh, and stop the bickering…It does no good, and only causes ill feelings. IMOI listened to your interview with the Brit and you seem like a fair guy. The comment section here seems to be having a field day at the expense of this child’s father. I agree with the Brit that interviewed you and Cobra.

Crystal Sheffield would be the main person of intrest in this case. Then ruling out here I would look to those close to Ms. Sheffield. I see that is posted in comment on this site and it is debunked by the moderator. That does not seem like a level playing field at all. It leave me with the impression that if I speak my mind, the moderator will step in and comment that I am wrong and perhaps leave some more “evidence” that Ron Cumming’s is involved in his child’s abduction.

So I shall move on to a more worthy site and check back to see if anyone opens up to other idea’s as far as the moderation of comments. Thank You for keeping Haleigh in our hearts. Thanks Art and Gayle, yes we shouldn’t swear or use the Lords name in vain, we as adults should respect everyones opinions and discuss it all accordingly. We seem to loose our main objective which is a missing child that needs to come home to her loving family and to all who are looking for her as well. Thanks Art, Cobra, and JVM for all you are doing in this case.

It’s nice to belong to a opinion board and state what’s on our minds, each opinion is like doing a bit of detective work which to me is fun, we all have to keep a level head and not offend anyone, maybe by doing so we may find this poor angel alive, after all isn’t that what is our main goal!The more the christians band together world with prayer, our prayers will be answered and the truth come out and the guilty ones will pay their dues for the involvement in the kidnapping. What better way to prove to the world that their is a Loving God, who knows maybe more will be saved. We christians are suppose to spread the Gospel in these last days. Everything happens for a reason whether the out come be good or bad, there is always a reason some of these horrible things happens. The little ones who are deceased, we know they are safe within the arms of the Lord, and their loved ones will see them one day as well as the christians that are here at the present. It’s my belief that those that aren’t protected by God’s love are the ones exposed to the devil to have his way with them.

Sometimes bad things do happens to Christians as well as those who aren’t too, but the Lord has a purpose and reason, maybe it is to draw people more together whether it be a spouse, parent or otherwise. The lord teaches a christian daily as we walk with God, to stengthen us on a daily basis. Not only should we pray about finding Haleigh but we should also pray for everyone involved as well as others, that is a christians job. We should forgive our trespassers, percutors, turn the other cheek etc. The worldly people don’t understand just how hard it is to stand true for what we believe in and it is also hard to set an example as well, I have to do it and I’ve been doing it since I was 13 years old. I was more mature than my entire family put together and it is still hard.

It was my prayer that saved my brother from drowning as well as saving my two brothers and father, but I give the glory to the lord for saving them all. Suffer little chidren and come unto me!Haleigh still praying for you and even though we never met, love you, bless you sweet angel!I have followed you since the beginning this story broke. You do great work. I listened to your audio, along with Cobra’s, on the internet radio show. More and more of these puzzle pieces are coming together now. I just have to say, though, that the more this goes on the more I hear about how Haleigh might be alive and hidden.

How is this possible?How can LE continue to believe she is alive and waste tax payers money searching for a child that can’t be found?Why are the tax payers paying for this?How about arresting Ron and Misty?How about following them and making their lives miserable until they talk?This is getting ridiculous already!Haleigh’s mother is having seizures for eff’s sake and we get nothing from LE?Nothing?I think this next election will be very telling…. at least for me and a few other residents of this good county who are being made to look like illiterate rednecks. I to have a disabled child. He is almost blind. What it is called is Aniridia.

It is absence of the iris in both eyes. He also has autistic tendancies and aspergers sydrome. It is a challenge, but I would never ask for different child. It is amazing the memory he has. He is in third grade and he is a straight a student, except in penmenship.

During the school months, he goes out of town for a week one time a month. This was very hard for me, but I knew this is what was best for him because he would be learning brail and other stuff. I have been asked before if I ever wished I didn’t have him. I said oh my God, NO!They see times hen I am just really wore out, but I tell them that when I was pregnant, I accept my child no matter what. It is my baby and a part of me.

I did not have a test while pregnant because I told them why would I. I’ll take my child however he comes into my life. I learned a lot and had to learn to meet his needs. His bio dad oes not want anything to do with him and even laughed at him when he was born. He said he looked like the devil because his eyes are all pupil and when the light hits his eyes just right they turn glowy red. To Sharilyn Ferguson: Your post spoke in volume, to my heart and I am so praying it did to others!We all have fallen in love with this child, that none of us have ever met, Haleigh!Prayer speaks in volume, and I am thankful, I have given my life and heart to our Lord!Without my talks with him, my life would be in shambles!To Rose Red: I have unforunately have heard that language before, and it’s hurtful!One…these post are about Haleigh and for you to use such a sharp tongue, in reference to matters about her, are sad….

imagine how many times she heard that in her own household!So next time you begin typing and find anger flying from your fingertips on your keyboard, say a prayer, I assure you God don’t like those words and he would never put it on your heart to say them!Sharylin, your words did not offend me, if anything, they made me search my heart as Christian and words like that, that you posted here, are your way of spreading the word of our Saviour!It shows how well you allow him to live through you, in your soul, heart and life, that is a blessing in it’s self!To Naples Fla: I have been reading Art’s stories and comments posted on this website. I have a some questions for you: Are you a relative or friend of the mother of this child?Why would you dismiss a restraining order that reads “Domestic Violence with Minor Children” and that remained in place for at least two full years?Why would you post that this child had a bite mark on her arm?Why do you post that donation money stolen in this case was collected for the father in jars?Why would you post that this father spent so much money at a fair?Why do you post that the website set up by the Attorney for the father exists only to take donations?Why would you post that Ron Cumming’s is in the middle of everything?LA Lindy and Shamby, great to see your posts. Yes,I do not need to say anymore as her true colors have shown over there and now that people know to watch,they will catch on. Shamby, we all need to continue to pray for Haleigh. Muddying the waters with rumors will not help find her and there has been so much of that going on it is sad.

For those here who think I intentionally “stole” an other posters screen name, I had no idea anyone was using it. Please do not make it seem like I did that to cause problems as that is not the case. I chose SayWhat well, because every time I read a pocahanas aka HH post I said Say What?That is the one and only reason. I could not believe some of,well 99. 95% of what I was reading that she was posting and was in utter disbelief.

Art,Thank you for keeping Haleigh in the fore front and continuing to try to keep people updated. Take carePlease tell us what $ and where Ron stole money from. Is there proof?Did you see him, or is it on video somewhere?As for Crystal, what is it that she’s doing for her daughter?Is she getting a job and straightening up so Haleigh has somewhere to come home to, and so she has a fighting chance with Jr?Is she kicking out the bf that has a violent record because she doesn’t want her children subjected to another violent man?Is she out physically looking for Haleigh?Has she followed up on any of the tests the docs suggest to get her seizures under control?Has she taken any parenting classes, which would go FAR in proving her interest is in being the best parent she could be?Did she use her airtime with TJHart to beg for Haleigh’s life, tell her she loved her, or mention her even once?Think about that. Dorothy Ivy you are my HERO,that was a wonderful post so right on why would Debi post a link to a site and person she never heard of like I said things that make you go hmmmmmm. Thanks for a wonderful well balanced post, we need more like you here. I’ve noticed in the last week or so a lot of instigating posters on here the same thing has happened on Topix and I do believe it is the same crew.

I said if I could find any confirmed info on Haleighbug Center status I would post it well it’s finally here papers have been filed to make it Haleighbug Foundation Non Profit with Marie Griffis President Crystal Sheffield Vice President very informative interview with KP. Here is the link I hope this helps put minds at ease some now that it’s non profit. Also hope link works I’m not good with links if not just go to homepage and look for interview. HAGNMisty, Rainy. Hmmmm, rain, mist, horrible grammatical errors….

it is MISTY!Hey girl, if you know something please tell!You have a chance to change everything and become Haleigh’s hero. All of America will love and support you if you are the answer to this case. Even if it means turning in the so called family you married into. They will not hesitate to turn on you if they need to. Sweetie, Ron changes girls like his underwear!He’ll get rid of you just like the others and you know it. If he’s getting physical and the rumors about last weekend are true go get help!Please think about it Misty.

Let us help you. Call Art privately, he can help. It’s not too late to turn your life around. Help Haleigh and and there are a lot of people who will stand behind you. You’ve not been shown or lead the best life you could have.

Just think of what your future could hold!Well if locals do use LE as you say they do, and you are going to dismiss any charges levels at Mr Sheffield as coming from a disgruntled person making trouble then perhaps Hank Croslin was doing the same?Maybe that was what Ron did to Mr Sheffield. If this is common behavior in this society why is Ron Cumming’s being held out as the bad one?Look I support nobody in this case. I say airlift all the small children out of the deep south. However, this is the U. S.

A and Mr Cumming’s is a U. S citizen. My opinion I will keep to myself. I think if the real truth comes out what happened to Haleigh Mr Cumming’s may just handle this the way he said he would from the get go. I hope that Misty had nothing to do with it.

If she did then I hope it was an accident and she got scared. If I believe what L. E has said then Ron Cumming’s just did not have time to do this. I am sure L. E has all the phone records and can get an idea what happened if anyone of these two are involved. I also think if Haleigh Cumming’s is really alive and a family member took her, the moms side has all the motive.

I have not heard L. E clear the mom and even if you clear her, I am sure she has family and friends that could have acted on her behalf in droves. If that is the case I hope they will let Haleigh go and realize that this is not the way. This will not be a good life for Haleigh. It is never good for a child to live a life of lies.

Perhaps L. E could offer immunity to anyone who returns Haleigh?Art you are doing a good job. If somehow you got some incorrect information at least it was corrected. It is possible that someone just misunderstood or misheard the radio call. Either your source or even a dispatcher. But I would caution everyone to be careful what you believe.

A bite mark. LOL. I heard the call from Mary Brooks and what I have to wonder is what is the giggles about I hear in the background?What is funny and who is it laughing?I also notice that Nay Nay when saying Amber said Ron abused his children she gets this smirk and giggles. What is this about?Is Amber related to Crystal the mother?Is Nay Nay related to her at all?Marie Griffis told Art that Chad had custody. She wanted to make Chad look like dad of the year. Because she knows that his PO will not look good in a custody fight.

So, she is tying to make him look good. I wonder how he got his kids and when. I mean was this recently?Did Kim P broker a deal to make Chad look good?I think that Marie Griffis should shut up. She sure likes to lay blame. What is with that?She sure does like to blame anyone and everyone she can. And she puts it in the media.

Seems like she is using Haleigh going missing to settle some scores she has. She makes me ill. as for j. sheffield above mentioned there are no dog fighting charges or arrest. the only thing he was arrested for was principle to cruelty to chickens not dogs.

the 1995 was when the repo man went to his house and was lurking outside with a flash light and there was no arrest nor any physical altercation. the 2006 was when two crack head neighbors were shooting there guns and stray bullets wizzed by johnny’s house he told them to stop and they came across the street with bats and beat a teenage boy fracturing his hand in several places and hitting his wife putting stitches in her chin. so theres no harm in getting someone off your family when they are getting beat up and trying to keep a little baby that was inside the home safe from stray bullets. as for arrest only the two neighbors with the bashing bats were arrested, not anyone else they complaint filed was because charges were pressed by both parties. all were dropped.

court records show the drinking with kids in the car was a baseless accusation by Crystal, and he didn’t leave the scene of the crime. the canal incident, as printed in court records DIRECTLY FROM CRYSTALS OWN TESTIMONY says SHE was the one outside with the kids, was putting Jr in the car and Haleigh wandered off. she has changed that accusation several times to meet her own needs but the judge found it to be accidental. she says she was putting jr in the car and yelled inside to ron to watch haleigh which doesn’t make since since he was inside and she was outside with the kids. the judge and dcf found it to be without merit. Ron, I didn realize until after I watched a video by TJ Hart done on May 1 of Cobra, that you are against him.

RON, this man is out beating the bushes for YOUR BABY GIRL, on his own dime. He has spent over 30,000 dollars of his own money. He even had to hawk some of his stuff to continue searching for her. Don’t get me wrong, but instead of going to the fair and also getting another truck, why don’t you buy him dinner, or at least a tank of gas. Where is your heart, Ron.

YOU KNOW this man, father to father is your one of your little girls only hope of being found. If she were my little child or my little grandchild I would give my last dime to find her. I would give Cobra everything I had to help him, be that money, trucks, a hand up, and a welcome , nothing would stand in my way to reach out to the man that came so far…he was asked to come to help. He has a life too, but he has put it on hold for your “HEART” as you called Hailegh. Come on Ron, step up to the plate and be the Dad your little girl needs you to be. You said yourself this isnt about custody, its about finding your little child….

your stolen, lost, but hopeful little child. She’s calling you Daddy…to come save her. Help Cobra, to help you save your baby. Thats what he specialilzes in. Do it before its too late Ron. Sincerely, DebbieART,Hey, I too think that “rainy” is Misty.

But thought I was the only one that thought that. I’m sure it didnt get past the Law Enforcement people there though. COBRA sings their high praises on the video. He really thinks they are doing a great job. I have thought all along that they were working behind the scenes feverishly searching for Haileigh.

Its good to know they recognize COBRA as one of the Good Guys and thats he is on their side. So glad to know that EGOs are not competeing in the search for Haleigh nor in the clean up of that town and county. I’m sure the rats are running and jumping ship. I’m a grandma of 4 tiny tots that are the sun light of my life. I can’t imagine what any of you are going through working this case. You must eat it, sleep it, and feel it through and through.

God help you all. I know He will. God speed to you. Art, you are amazing. Thank you again. YOU are doing your part in bringing her home too.

Your work, your site and I know your heart are all working together to bring this little Angel Baby Haileigh home safe. Soon you, Cobra, TJ Hart and otheres that worked to bring her home will feel her big hugs with her tiny arms around your necks. With her spunky smile and her sparkly eyes and her sweet giggling voice telling you Thank you, and I LOVE YOU…to you all. Come on Hailegh Baby, we are waiting to throw you the biggest party you ever saw. THANKS ART, COBRA, TJ HART and all those I dont even know your names…but the big man upstairs does and He will reward you with treasure that won’t tarnish. It is really wrong to convict someone of killing their daughter based on your opinion of them as a person.

Ron Cumming’s was at work and LE has said as much. People saw his child after he went to work. On the Today show the police gave the statement that they are satisfied that he does not know where his daughter is. So what is all this?I think it is very wrong. Haleigh may never be found and Ron Cumming’s will have to carry around that he killed his daughter for the rest of his life. Thanks to irresponsible posts all over the Internet.

People convicted him straight away right out of the gate. It is ridiculous. ART. What the heck are the Judges doing in that county ?sleeping or dancing with the devil ?I can’t believe the arrest records and what these people get…not even a slap on the hands. What a joke !No wonder the kids are in danger there.

It looks like the Police are working their tails off arresting people only to have the Judges basically “smile at them” I just cant believe it !YOU guys pay your taxes right ?Well, who are your Judges for these people. Look at all those pedophiles running rampant. In my opinion people need to take a stand and give the Law some bigger teeth to bite with. In my opinion theres alot of things that don’t add up and that just plain stink. Bet those Judges don’t live in the county they preside in.

hmmm. IMO. 567 Staci Thank you very much sweetie, I know it’s hard sometimes to walk the walk and the trial itself is hard as well, but the outcome is rewarding after we go through it. I know we aren’t perfect like our dear Lord, and it would be nice, but he gives us strength to endure all things and anything as bad things come our way time to time. I know when we all christian live with him we won’t have anymore pain or suffering.

The lions will sit down with the lamb etc. , we won’t be hungry and much more. Each ups and downs we go through valley brings us closer to him and we become more stronger as christians. I couldn’t fathom what the poor christians had to endure in the lion’s den many centuries ago, I assume it would be very horrific. The fleshly self constantly fights the spirtual self daily.

I am so glad that what I said help you and bless you Staci!Haleigh, Staci Love ya; and praying for you both!It’s getting old. So maybe ron didnt kill Haleigh directly, or maybe he did. What I know is, he took the kids from their mom , put them with Amber who was obviously and proven to be on drugs, ditched her, gave them to Misty to watch and Misty said she had them 24 /7 another known drug addict, So whether he did it directly or indirectly, He did it!He didnt protect his only little girl!So get off the “he was at work” kick. It is BS. 3 moms in 5 years does not win him “father of the year” award. Sorry to burst your bubble!615 Melissa.

Thanks for telling us that Rainy’s grammar and sentence structure is the norm for part of Florida. I am appalled at the mistakes in their Rainy/Shamby’s postings. A social worker who was working down there once stated people quit school in 3rd grade sometimes. I didn’t believe this but after reading some on this site, I do believe. My nieces have written me letters. Both are in 3rd and 4th grade.

Their letter composition is better than lots of people on here. We need to write Obama about getting schools upgraded in this area. It is no wonder that these folks are probably on welfare. Where could they work if they have to read instructions, write reports or fill out forms. Jenna, RE 642, I know illiteracy is everywhere but it is rampant in these parts.

There really should be some penalty against letting your children quit school too early. Misty may not be able to get a license yet due to FL laws about graduating and DL permit ability. Marrying to move up is hard for some folks to believe and Misty wanted what Ron could give her. I’m afraid that Misty was jealous of Haleigh and allowed something to happen or she was so out of it and didn’t care who was in the house her pedo buddy either way she needs to come clean!I don’t understand why LE doesn’t pick her up for something else, a la Casey A. and hold her.

Seperated from Ron she may come unglued. She’s so under Ron’s thumb that she won’t know what to do or say. Just keep telling he was spotted with Amber or some other girl and I think she’ll spill!Post641 Jenna……. with all due respect I cant beleieve you would think just because someone live in rural Florida that the way that poster writes is normal for the people tnat live here!Thats just and out right lie, just because you live in a small town in Florida does not mean that you cant spell, or write, or take instructions…. And no everybody is not on welfare,thats praposterous for you to say…. if you think that,then you are showing your ignorance right along with the first poster that said that!Get a grip, its not true and I could tell you a few things about how stupid yankees are but I will refrain from doing so, because if nothing else, those of us in the deep south do have manners that I can see was not taught to you!Nikkole, MUAH is supposedly the sound you make when you purse your lips together and air kiss or blow a kiss.

Do it and say it at the same time and you’ll see. Other folks lay off Jenna. I stated that I thought Rainy was Misty and pointed out the similarities in the bad grammar and sentence structure compared with the way she speaks and actual postings from her MySpace. I also said that these kids that drop out of school at a very young age in rural FL and everywhere else are quite illiterate. Illiteracy is a prob at any rate but add it to a sparsely populated area filld with multiple family/friend members who are drop outs also and it gets much worse.

Hello everyone I’m back!moved and internet was down for a week…. back and ready to blog so…. Haleigh has now been gone for 3 months…noone has been arrested for this litle girls dissapearance,her mom is pretty much out of the picture after all the lies she spewed about her daughters father…Haleigh Bug is still purple…with random people who stay and collect money for Crystal and her family to stay in Satsuma and I sill have no idea nor do most people if she is still there,nor how the money donated was used!Ron beleives Misty who by most accounts is a young girl who dabbles with drugs and men. Ron is jobless,dealing with numerous allegations that were made by his ex girlfriend Crystal and her attorney Kim P both of whom were put in there place regarding lies about Ron beating Haleigh with sticks and belts until she was bloodied!that by the way was priceless!Thanks Nancy Grace!All this along with Cobra kim p’s friend…. investigating…and other drug users in the town…and still no Haleigh,no arrests regarding this little girl,and no word on the lie detector tests!no one has been pin pointed as a suspect apart from everyone else….