, Good Things Friday (158) and Link Love « A Gai Shan Life

Good Things Friday (158) and Link Love « A Gai Shan Life

Good Things Friday (158) and Link Love « A Gai Shan Life


By: Revanche

March 4, 2022

1. Donated to assist HIAS’ Ukraine crisis response.
2. Donated to Environment Central Kitchen to guidance feeding Ukrainian refugees.
3. Went down this record of how to aid and help Ukraine’s resistance to the Russian invasion.
4. Donated to OutMemphis to assist the Alternate Spring Break that helps trans folks with title improvements.
5. Donated to Venture C.U.R.E. to supply humanitarian assistance, healthcare materials and gear to the folks of Ukraine.
6. Donated to Equality Texas.
7. Donated to the Youthful Heart to aid aid unaccompanied and divided small children struggling with deportation. No children really should be compelled to encounter authorized proceedings alone and however our process does this to them.

8. Supported a friend’s crowdfunding to escape Arkansas.
9. After in a long when, Smol has a looooong nap. Sunday early morning was 1 of people times. I did some function AND laid down for a small little bit. I’m frequently primed for missing out on rest because babies have a sensor to wake up the moment a mom’s head hits a pillow but right now permitted for some leisure. I also did not function that a great deal, just adequate to established up my other time zone persons in order for their Monday, and started out backing up my information to my exterior hard push. Due to the fact the exterior hard drive is huge, I have determined that alternatively of hoping to only swap the changed information, I’ll copy above the comprehensive established of documents on a semi standard basis without the need of stressing more than the duplicates around time. I have so substantially space on there, it shouldn’t issue. After many variations of again ups, I’ll delete the oldest kinds but I really don’t want to waste time on that for a extensive when.

Worries this week: Not positive it requires to be stated? Ukraine. Attacks on trans children and their family members in Texas are now beginning to outcome in investigations of mom and dad (even though a minimal continue to be on that particular 1 was issued), the predicament in Kabul is horrible, the GOP carries on to attack all forms of suitable including reproductive rights and voting legal rights.

, Good Things Friday (158) and Link Love « A Gai Shan Life

If I Got Wealthy, It Would not Be For Lengthy. I never know how prosperous I’d need to have to be for it to previous extensive but agree that deploying wealth to do superior as quickly as attainable is a high priority.

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Doctors’ worst fears about the Texas abortion regulation are coming genuine. I’m definitely fearful for my mates in Texas and their people. The attacks on women and trans little ones and their households are all section of a greater marketing campaign and it’s incredibly terrifying and awful.

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