, For Women: What Sex Addiction Looks Like

For Women: What Sex Addiction Looks Like

For Women: What Sex Addiction Looks Like


When you hear the phrases ‘sex addict’, my guess is your mind immediately pics a guy. It’s possible it is a male huddled about his cellphone or laptop observing porn, and perhaps included in other risky behaviors like prostitution, mutiple companions, and infidelity…. all issues frequently affiliated with sexual dependancy.

You may possibly be shocked to master even so, that women also endure from sexual intercourse addiction. In some cases you are going to listen to it referred to by its title, hypersexuality disorder.

For lots of many years, the world disregarded the posibility a woman could be a intercourse addict, and thus very handful of scientific tests have been done to appear at addiction in gals. Latest scientific tests estimate that ⅓ of all sex addicts are females. I individually would guess it’s even better, with females underreported because of to numerous aspects. There is a basic deficiency of consciousness of the indicators of sexual intercourse habit in girls and (the greater situation I believe) gals are just a lot less probably to question for help for some thing historically noticed as a man’s trouble. Disgrace and embarrassment can have this kind of a stronghold on us!

With that in head, let’s carry it into the mild and discuss about it!

What does sexual intercourse dependancy typically appear like in females?

It’s usually far more psychological than bodily

When a guy has an habit to intercourse, it is virtually generally targeted on the physical elements that induce the mind and physique. Males are normally pick a pattern of porn, prostitution, and random hookups or affairs that objectify girls and sexual intercourse. There is typically very little – if any – emotional relationship or attachment included. For women of all ages addicts even so, arousal has a considerable psychological part to it – with power, handle, attention, and affirmation all sharing heart phase.

It could be an habit to love

While not the exact same diagnosis, really like habit and sex addiction in gals are carefully connected for the reason that sex is so usually equated to adore. Girls are additional very likely to be obsessed with the pursuit of really like and romance. They will crave the sensation of remaining ‘in love’ much more than the sexual intercourse itself and though their compulsive sexual behavior doesn’t definitely resemble any reputable endeavor at acquiring a mate, they might look at it as this kind of. There is a codependency component to it as well, with the addict utilizing sexual intercourse to retain spouse(s) who feed their self-truly worth. Though woman addicts may well use porn, I’ve seen a solid correlation with obsession with romance novels and erotica (‘clit lit’) that fuels their unlimited look for for individuals thoughts of passion, appreciate, and romance.

Symptoms a female could be addicted to sex

In some ways, sex addiction in ladies seems to be a ton like it does in adult men. These behaviors involve:

  • A struggle to resist the urge to perspective pornography, with an maximize in time invested and frequency of these things to do
  • Masturbating habitually or partaking in other forms of intercourse like phone sex & sexting when by itself
  • A preoccupation with sexual behavior and paying far more and more time planning, getting ready, acquiring and participating in sexual intercourse
  • Ever more risky sexual behaviors this kind of as infidelity, prostitution, unprotected intercourse, and several intercourse companions
  • Neglect of occupational, tutorial, domestic, and social obligations thanks to these behaviors

But in girls, these behaviors don’t generally convey to the full story of their addiction.

Listed here are some indications additional closely connected with women:

  • A record of quite a few small substantial-intensity passionate interactions that never end nicely (choosing the mistaken guy about and in excess of and in excess of once again)
  • An habit to fantasy
  • Exhibitionist sexual behavior
  • A codependent romantic relationship with a further individual who as an habit (not necessarily sexual in mother nature)
  • A background of abusive associations and a history of returning to abusive interactions
  • A background of inappropriate relationships with coworkers, supervisors, husbands of close friends, neighbors and normally off-boundaries companions. 
  • An obsession with on-line shops like hookup apps, dating sites, and social media applied for sexual requires (meet up with partners, participate in chat rooms, sexting, cellular phone sex)
  • Trading sexual intercourse for cash, jewelry, housing, companionship, self-worthy of (‘Sugar Daddy’)
  • A background of performing and dressing in methods that are thought of overtly sexual (restricted dresses, cleavage, no undergarments (bra, panties), brief skirts, higher heels, heavy make-up)
  • Other addictions to matters this sort of as foods, liquor or drugs

Intercourse Habit In Ladies is Beneath-Dealt with

Even though it’s approximated that ⅓ of all sexual intercourse addicts are women of all ages (and yet again, that’s possibly minimal), we know that gals characterize only ⅕ of those that search for treatment method for their dependancy. 

Why are women of all ages more reluctant to reach out for support with sexual dependancy? I believe the solution lies principally in the social stigmas connected to it. Historically, it is been more suitable for men to have tons of intercourse and sexual associates. It’s not uncommon for gentlemen to brag about the sum of sex or selection of partners they’ve experienced (and we affectionately refer to them as players, playboys or studs) while ladies will be more tempted to engage in their sexual earlier down for worry of being thought of slutty, a tramp, or trashy.

This is regrettable as it leaves many females controlled by their disgrace and resigned to struggling with their dependancy, in magic formula and alone.

Any dependancy results in destructive outcomes in all features of your everyday living, which include your associations, and that is unquestionably accurate of intercourse habit. If you, or your partner, is battling with signs of habit, I motivate you to access out to a qualiifed therapist who specializes in intercourse habit who can help you put a halt to the destructive behaviors protecting against you from having a nutritious partnership with intercourse.

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