Elder Chase Reynolds and Chloe Calton: 2008

Elder Chase Reynolds and Chloe Calton: 2008

Chase! You are a missionary 19 years in the making! Can you believe it?  I sure can!

Sorry I cried a lot last night, I guess I had just held it all in a little to well for too long, so I just fell apart, but I want you to know that you have gone into this adventure with the perfect attitude and that has made it less hard on me.  Thanks for looking out for me babe.  You are going to do so so well, you know it and I know it.  You have prepared so perfectly and have such a positive and outgoing attitude about the whole thing that there is no way you won’t be the best missionary in the field! Plus, your super super smart brain is going to remember everything you hear, and with the help of the spirit, you are going to learn so fast.  You know I am proud of you for everything you do and how dedicated you are to making this an honorable 2 years.  Your outlook on life and your mission is so comforting to me and makes me want to work hard and make my time here worth it too. 
Ahhhhh! I sound like a mom. Hey, guess what?………………..I LOVE YOU! I will miss you, but we both know we are going to be just fine.  I want to hear from you, but like I said before, don’t feel bad if you can’t write a ton or if it takes time. Even though I would love to hear everything, I know you are busy doing the work.  You will have to let me know if you want me to continue using dearelder.com, or if you want written letters, I will do which ever you prefer. I just got the roses, and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. You think of everything. I will be strong, I promise. You be strong too. I hope you get this letter soon.  I bet you get it tomorrow because I think I am to late for tonight.  Sorry, I really wanted you to have it there Wednesday night!  I hope your first day went well and they continue to get better, and I hope you like your companion. Don’t forget me, but don’t think of me too much!  Work hard and have way too much fun! I will talk to you soon Elder!
Love your bestest friend,
October 16, 2008 Thursday 11:16 am
I know you will be getting two letters from me today, sorry, but I went to your house last night to see your family and I wanted to let you know how fantastic they are.  Your mom gave me your blue Hollister shirt and said you wanted me to keep it for you. Thanks babe, I will keep it safe! I also watched the video you made yesterday morning before you left.  You made me cry! In a good way of course.  It was very very sweet, I loved every second of it.  It was good for me to hear and see you talk right to me, and I love you too.  Thanks for taking the time to do that. And again, thank you so much for the flowers, they are beautiful! I wish they would stay alive for the next 2 years (minus 1 day of course!). I don’t want to take up all of your time so I will try to not do this double letter thing, but maybe two letters is better than one! It’s 11:11! ………………………..wish! Smile! Have Fun! Do Work!
October 20, 2008 Monday 10 pm
Hey Babe! Or Elder Babe Reynolds! Or Elder Super Sexy!
So I just put a letter in the mail responding to the first letter you sent me. I hope it gets to you on Tuesday but you will probably get it on Wednesday.  But you will for sure have this on Tuesday! K, so I have a weee little question… I was talking to your mom today about how often I can write you and if I should wait to hear from you or if I should write you daily little things and you respond when you can.  She said to ask you! I received your letter on Saturday.  I should have hurried and sent my response in the mail that night and I promise to do so in the future, but my family was planning on writing letters to the elders in the ward on Sunday night so I waited so they could write to you too. So the letter got sent Monday.  Then I thought of you down at the MTC checking the mailbox and not getting anything from me until possibly Wednesday! It made my heart hurt so so much! So, I am writing you now!  My question is, do you want me to A) respond to your written letters with dearelder.com so they are faster? Or B) just respond when I get one from you? Or C) do I respond with written letters to you letters AND send daily dearelder.com letters (because I would love to do both!)?  I am excited about doing whatever! You know I could write you 1 million pages twice a day everyday, so would you rather me save everything and put it into the letter I send responding to your letter so we are constantly writing back and forth on track, or should I write you everyday little things and you can respond whenever is good for you? I know I am making this way to complicated and you aren’t allowed to think I am being paranoid and weird. I just want you to know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing to you and I will write it as much as you want or as little as you need. I don’t want to distract, I just want you to feel super duper loved!  So tell me exactly what you want! None of this I don’t care beeswax! You spent the last 2 years taking care of me, now it’s my turn!
On a much more exciting note! YOU ARE SENIOR COMPANION AND DISTRICT LEADER ALREADY!!! SWEAR!!! Wow! I am so so proud of you, that is so cool! Your mom read me your letter and I could not help but smile so so big! (Thanks for the shout out at the end, I love you too!)  I just knew you would be great, but you have gone so far beyond already in the first few days! And you already know how to pray in Spanish!? Sweet heavens! You amaze me! I also wanted to tell you that you have really helped my family in a big way.  You going on a mission made us all want to be better so we wake up a little early each morning to have family prayer and scripture study, how awesome is that!  And your example has been a big part of it.  You being out there makes it a lot easier for me to roll out of bed early to be with my fam. Thanks babe, you’re my inspiration!! I think about you every moment of everyday! I pray for you to be happy and succeed! By your letters, it sounds like you couldn’t be doing better and that makes me so so so ridiculously happy! I love you so ridiculously much! You are so ridiculously good looking! (and I get to look a about a zillion pictures of you plastered all over my walls everyday, Yay!) Keep doing good baby, I love you.
Chloe- Your most favoritest favorite ever! (and I kinda like you too 😉 Talk to you soon!
PS. I put the top on the jeep, boo cold weather!
October 22, 2008 Wednesday 10:30 pm
Dear my favorite missionary EVER!!!
So… I got 7th.  I ran 19:15, about 20 seconds slower than I wanted.  My team got 3rd.  Park City won and Cedar City got second.  Sarah won state and ran an amazing race.  She kicked my butt, and everyone else’s.  Obviously I didn’t do what I wanted to do or do as well as I had planned on doing, but I am trying to take it for what it’s worth and learn from it.  I have just less than 2 months before a race down in California so I can get my act together and start running well consistently. On the boys’ side, Jacob won in 15:35.  He killed the rest of the field.  The boys got 2nd. Jacob and Sarah are the only ones who are happy with their races, we all wanted to win as a teams and pretty much no one but them had good races.  Pretty sad day for Ogden Cross Country, but we are better for it I think.  I just keep telling myself that cross country has never been my forte, and I belong on a track. Enough sad!
Your mom forwarded me your e-mail, I loved it! Anything from you is way fun to read.  I want to write you like 8 times a day because it makes me sad to think of you letterless!  But you will let me know about the whole, How much can I write you thing?, right?  Oh good. Four square? That’s so tight! I am not surprised you are the king of the four square, I mean hello! What else would you be right? Your days sound busy, but good. Oh! I wanted to tell you that yesterday during school Austin texted me and asked how I was doing. I told him i was ok and that I have been better and I asked how he was. He said good, I said thanks for asking and that was it.  I am glad that he did, and frankly I am sort of embarrassed that I didn’t initiate it first.  This was definitely Austin speaking, not Newbie.  I thought it was nice of him to check up on me.  It’s late, and I think you are going to bed right now. Hey, me too! I love you my king. Talk to you soon!
October 22, 2008 Wednesday 9:17 am
I know you are getting like a million pages from me between yesterday and today, but I wanted to tell you that I run at 1:30 today. So at about 1:45 say a huge prayer for me so I can run hard for the last few minutes. I will finish at about 1:49.  I will let you know asap how I did.  I am super nervous, and you are the one I talk to in times like this so here I am, telling you how nervous I am… I AM SO NERVOUS! Haha, but I am going to do super great! I can feel it. Just kick right? Sounds easy enough!  I hope you get this before 1:30, if not, dang. I hope you are still doing well and I can’t wait to hear from you!
PS. ONE WEEK COMPLETED! Way to go! Oh, and today is your prep day right? Super! Have fun prepping! I love you. 
October 27, 2008 Monday 11:40 am
I got your letter and loved it! Elder Crosby sounds like a total fruit cake! Haha, I bet he is super fun.  I am at school so today’s is super short, but I had to write you because I saw a girl at school today wearing black plether pointy boots that went up to mid thigh and she was wearing them over jeans! Ahhh! It was so so ugly! (Visual deleted) Aren’t you glad that reminded me of you? Haha, not that you weren’t already on my mind of course! I sent you a beasty letter so you should be getting that soon.  I Promise to never buy nasty boots!
Love you! Talk to you soon!
Yesterday was a fantastic day! Why? Cause I got TWO letters from you! I LOVE the pictures! Haha, but I have to disagree with Elder Crosby, I don’t think Elder Dennis looks like Boozer. Avery was super excited when I showed her the picture of the tag and sticker.  And I was super excited to get pictures of you! Thanks for the letter too, I needed to hear that. And yes, the ultimate hand massage will be waiting for you when you come home. Yesterday, I saw a white Passat for sale while I was running, not yours, and I freaked out inside. I wanted it so so bad! Then I saw Claire the cookie woman on the trails, Hi Bonneville friend! I think she knew who I was, but just in case she didn’t, I just said hi.  Then I ran across the golf course and sort of had an inward coniption fit. You are EVERYWHERE! and of course I love it. I miss you too. This Halloween all of Ogden High is going to the football game in Cedar City but I have the SAT the next day and it makes me said that we can’t play. So I think I will end up staying home and passing out candy with mi madre.  But don’t worry, I am not being a Kourtney, I promise. I sent you a chunk of stuff (mostly letters) this morning so you should get it tommorrow of Thursday. I have to go to class, I hope you get this today! (You do get these the day I send them right?) There is so much more I want to fill you in on but it’s all in the letter that I sent this morning. I love you, talk to you soon! Have fun, work hard!
Hey baby, I just thought I would send you a little something today so you would have my email adress. I sent you a letter today, and I am in the process of writing your family back also.  Feel free to email me on like tuesday nights, and I will get them in the morning. Then I can email you back. B can email from 6 in the morning til 6 at night. But only for a grand total of 30 minutes.  So if you want to send me emails I can print them off here so it doesnt take up my time to read them. And then if I have time I will respond to them at about 4 in the afternoon. I am having so much fun!! It’s really hard work, but when you’re on the Lord’s team, it makes the job a whole lot easier. I hope all is going well at home and at school. Tell everyone I said hi for me. Also tell them not to be afraid of writing letters. Mail is a missionary’s best friend. That’s why I especially LOVE hearing from you as often as you’re able to send something.  It’s good to “hear” you say I love you everyday. I love you so much. I miss you a lot, and I love you more everyday. Always remember that when you’re having a bad day, I am constantly praying for you, and I know everything will work out. Well that is about all I have for today. I will talk to you soon.
I hope to hear from you soon. Give the family a hug for me, and tell sean and wanna hi for me asap.
p.s.s. Tell sean he is more than welcome to drop dr. peppers to me whenever he feels like it. And mountain dew for elder denis. I love you baby!!!
October 30, 2008 Thursday 11:30 am
Last night I went over to your house to show your family the pictures you sent me.  Thank you so much for those by the way! Getting those totally made my day!  Your mom has been forwarding your e-mails to me so I got to hear your Spanish testimony.  SO COOL! Congratulations, you are a super stud missionary.  And I am glad you aren’t homesick, that would be no bueno for all of us, mostly you though. Way to be strong! I hope you got my last letter already, and you will be getting another “thing” in the mail soon, but maybe not till next week because I am going to Salt Lake in a couple of hours for an FBLA leadership conference and I won’t be back till tomorrow so I will mail it then. So it will be late for the occasion, but I figure you wouldn’t mind getting a Halloween package a couple days late, right? I hope so. So, last night Megan wasn’t home so your parents and I talked for 2 solid hours about you and how fabulous you are! I absolutely love your fam and I really needed to have a good talk.  We talked about our past present and future and it was really comforting to hear what they had to say.  I love you a million and I am so proud of you.  Not only your decision to go, but how you are going about the whole thing. Oh! Guess what!? I ate an apple yesterday and my mouth didn’t freak out on me! Yay for not being allergic to yummy apples!
I love you, you are my favorite, and I hope to hear from you soon!
PS You remember the day we couldn’t decide what color your eyes were, right? Well, I think they are green 😉
Oh! and I ordered my state ring! It won’t get here for another 6 weeks but I will send you a picture as soon as I get it. Love you!
October 30, 2008 Thursday 11:51 am  #2
Ahh!! So I just checked my email again and saw that you wrote me! I didn’t know you could e-mail me, that’s so great!  I will for sure e-mail you on Tuesday nights.  I will tell everyone hi, and I have had some friends ask how you are.  People here are thinking about you and praying for you. Guess What………. I get to talk to you in like less than 7 weeks! Work hard and have fun! (as if you need me to tell you.)
PS I will see what I can do about the Dr. Pepper/ Mountain Dew.  Tell your friends I say hi!
October 31, 2008 Friday 10:25 pm
So yesterday I went to Salt Lake with FBLA and it was really fun… but I have definitely had more fun though, mostly because I am not super close with anyone that went.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great, just not GREAT!  Us girls stayed up really late talking and of course you came up and were the topic of conversation like the whole time!  I just let the girls know how fantastic and perfect you are and they drooled the whole time because they want what we have!  This one girl, Jo Hosmer, (I believe you know her, haha 😉 said that she could never do what I am doing right now with you being gone and then went on to talk about how much she loves her boyfriend and how they might get married or move in together and junk.  In my head I was thinking, she must not know what kind of love is out there cause if she would let time and space break up what she calls love, maybe her kind of love isn’t our kind of love, you know?  Anne was there, and she kinda grew on me slightly probably cause she couldn’t creep on you.  In the middle of us talking, we all wished on 11:11 😉  Marny was there too and all she could talk about is how much she missed Jake and she almost cried at the dance when a song that reminds her of him came on.  I was like, OK! I have not seen my man for 17 days and there is about 729 left! Don’t talk to me about missing him when you saw him today and you will see him tomorrow! But of course I was just nice and told her I know how she feels, and honestly I do because there have been times when I was not with you for like a day and it killed me!  Or how about when I would see you one night and then when you would leave you would call me and I would still get the porch swing/ miss you feeling! So I empathized with Marny.  But if I am ever in the car and I hear a song that makes me think of you, it makes me miss you of course but it doesn’t make me sad! It may make me cry but not sad. Which almost doesn’t make sense. But you know what I mean.  And that has totally happened too! A few days ago I was driving home from a workout and that song, I think is called ‘If This is Austen’ and it is on the 2nd CD you made me, came on the radio and I totally cried like a 2 year old.  Then yesterday the same thing happened with ‘She said yes’ and I cried again, but always happy slash miss you tears.  We were going to go to Olive Garden last night for dinner, but ended up not due to the 70 minute wait, and I was so excited cause I knew exactly what I would get!  Then today we went to CPK for lunch and it made me so so happy! I sort of looked longingly at the place where we last sat when we were there and it made my heart hurt. So today is Halloween! Yippy! I got back from FBLA today and was so ridiculously tired that Sarah, Kimmy and I just decided to go see High School Musical 3 together.  My first woman date!  It was cute and lovey and it made me want to kiss your face! Don’t hate me for being cheesy but this song totally reminded me of you and me.  It’s not the whole thing but ya, here it is. 
Won’t you promise me that you’ll never forget
We’ll keep dancing wherever we go next
Take my hand, I’ll take the lead
And every turn will be safe with me
Don’t be afraid, afraid to fall
You know I’ll catch you through it all.
And it can’t keep us apart, even a thousand miles, can’t keep us apart
‘Cause my heart is wherever you are
It’s like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
It’s one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do
And with every step together, we just keep on getting better
No mountain is high enough, oceans too wide
‘Cause together or not, our dance won’t stop
What we have is worth fighting for
You know I believe, that we were meant to be.
Cute huh? And Troy and Gabriella were totally dancing in the rain and right before they kissed she ran away because she was going to be late for class! I wanted to yell “What in the heck are you doing? He won’t be there forever girlfriend!” at the screen! Haha, nonetheless it was cute and it is going on the list of movies we need to see when you return.
Want to know what else I did for Halloween? Nothing. Yes, nothing.  I am sure yours was so much better huh? Tell me all about it!  I feel like a total jerk for not having your Halloween package there on time. I am not good at this yet, but I am trying! No one was in town cause they all took the spirit bus to the Cedar City football game which we ended up losing 24-14. Sad huh?  Oh well, it was a good season for Ogden. My brother was Hannah Montana and Avery was Miley Cirus, funny huh?  Zach called home 30 minutes into school and begged my mom to bring him regular clothes cause he was so uncomfortable in a skirt and heeled boots, but I guess everyone thought he was hilarious. He did look really weird wearing eye liner!  Avery however looked super cute and looked totally like Miley except better! Avery and Zach are both trying out for the Olympic Development Soccer teams tomorrow in Logan and it makes me so jealous and I want to play so much! Oh well, I am over it…at least I pretend to be. 
But running is going slightly better. I feel a little better in workouts than I have been all season, so that’s an improvement. I had to get my blood drawn the other day to make sure my body isn’t infested with cancerous tumors… and to check my iron levels or course. Lauren and Sean say hi, and I bet you will be getting a drink delivered soon.  My grandpa was over the other day and he asked about you and said to tell you he’s proud of you; Hey Chase, my Grandpa is proud of you. I got your letter today, thanks for taking time to write me cause I know you are busy.  How is P-day? How are Wendy and Corina? I want to tell you how cool it is that you are district leader, what a good start to the mission! Plus you get to check the mail! Whoohoo! In your e-mail you said that the Branch President chooses the DL from an interview and I thought, CHASE IS SUCH AN AMAZING STUD AND HE IS GOING TO DO SO FLIPPIN GOOD OUT THERE I JUST KNOW IT!!! Way to be great. K! I have to apologize for being crappy at sending packages! I have a few fantabulous ideas and you will love them all, I hope, and I promise to get them to you! I bet you get this on Monday, which I am bitter about, but I take the SAT tomorrow so wish me luck even though I will have already taken the test, I bet it will help! Do you need anything? Do you want anything? You have to tell me if you do, k? I love you and I hope you liked my book I wrote you tonight. It’s been the best 74 minutes of my day! Talk to you soon!
November 3, 2008 Monday 11:21 am
Happy Novmeber! Sean and Lauren say hi and are wishing you good luck. My family loved the letter and I showed Jess a little extra love for you, which was hard for me to do. Haha, no, I really do love my dog, I promise! Yesterday we went on a wicked fun hike up to the look out on Malan’s Peak and it was so fun and so beautiful! We decided to make it a Sunday tradition for our family, which I think is fantastic because my family doesn’t really have set things we do on Sunday besides church and I am totally jealous of your family’s whole go to grandma’s every week thing.  Speaking of which, I think I am going to get my family to go to Merril’s this Sunday and then maybe I can go and see your family too! So a while ago in the paper there was an article on the Bonneville girls team and your sister is in this big picture and I want to send it to you! But I bet your family already did, am I right?  I will also send you some pictures from my camera, but are there some that you were refering to specifically? Like of you and me? Or ones taken since you’ve been gone? Otherwise I will just send you some random ones.
I forgot to grab my Grandpa’s address but I will get it to you soon.
Love you! Have fun, do work!
PS Is it getting funner, harder, more interesting? What! I gotta know! Tell me!
November 4, 2008 Tuesday 11:30 am
CHASE!!!!!!!!! You are a super stud and I love hearing from you. I have to go to class but I will e-mail you tonight, Love you!
November 4, 2008 Tuesday 10:16 pm
Election Day ’08 and I wonder who is going to win…mmm….duh! I guess it might not be so obvious to you because I doubt they let you watch news down there, but it has pretty much over for McCain days ago. Anyway…
Haha, I wish I was skiing all of the time and running in booty shorts!  There isn’t enough snow yet to ski obviously and it’s to cold for booty shorts, dang! 
I totally loved making those posters! Although I do miss the cute gestures from you, I feel like a total dumy for waiting until you had left to do cute stuff.  But you can expect more of it in the future!
I wish I had a picture of the runway assembly but I don’t!  Just picture me, lizzy, and like 6 other athletes standing in the middle of the gym… then we get 60 seconds to put our uniforms on over our regular clothes and then put on dress ups over that… ya… then lizzy and I were total dorks struttin our stuff front and center, striking a pose, and making an exit.  Funny, humiliating and humbling, but nonetheless, I was super hot in my tutu and crown I am sure! Haha…
Lauren and Sean aren’t getting married but that doesn’t mean that they won’t ever get married.  It won’t happen next year though.  Lauren is not doing the study abroad thing cause she has to take classes here to get into the business managment program at BYU. 
It sounds like you are doing really well with all you are learning, way to go! You will have to let me know how getting books is. Speaking of books, I lost a $90 spanish book, ya, gross.  That will be super fun to pay for, I am sooo excited!
So that dream was wierd, and I am glad you are still in Provo, you should stay there for, oh let’s say 6 more weeks!
Pictures are coming, along with a few small other things.  The first little thing I wanted to send you wouldn’t work.  I wanted to send you a fatty pumkin, possibly carved, but that got caboshed.
Don’t break your dome doing flips off of everything! Just like you want me to wear a helmet, I want you to make it down a hallway without breaking your neck!
I freakin wanted to go to the condo too, it just never worked out. But hey, it will happen eventually.
You have to eat sushi! Besides, I bet when you get home anything not spicy will make you happy, unless you turn mexican/chilean in which case you might love crazy south america food! I bet you do.
If you think tracking and/or kepping letters is a good idea, you will love what I am doing… but you don’t get to see it for two years minus 3 weeks!  But you read them all anyway, it will be cool though.
So, Sean wants to know what time tomorrow he can bring you a drink, or what time any other day.  I want to know if you would like a copy of the article your sister is in cause I will send you one if you family hasn’t all ready.  And I promise that you will have Merrill’s address by tomorrow!
OBAMA WON. First black president, wow, pretty cool aside from the fact that he doesn’t freakin know how to run a country! But you are lucky, you won’t even have to be in the states while he screws everything up! Maybe he will do ok, who knows. Your brother is in town for a few days and he got to go down to the republican party at the Grand America tonight.  I am thinking that was a pretty sad party though.
So I am thinking about BYU, Oregon, Colorado, Princeton, and of course the options are still open to other ones as well.  I am going on a recruiting trip Sunday to Tuesday to BYU.  Yes, that means I will be in Provo for about 48 hours, unless it kills me first, then it might be shorter. Haha, I will be fine, it will just be super wierd being in the same city as you and just kinda not being able to say hi. Wierd.
Did I already tell you about how my family has started a new tradition? We now hike to the look out on Malan’s peak every Sunday afternoon, probably not when it snows though.  We have also started doing family laundry, yes family laundry.  We just get the whole motly crew in there and it gets done super quick.  It’s actually pretty funny to watch my dad and zach fold clothes!
I am excited to hear from you! I will check my e-mail a bunch so if you write me back I can write you again.  I miss you, I love you and am proud of you. 
Don’t hate me for sounding like a mom but it sounds like you are going to do something illegal in missionary terms, be careful! Don’t get caught! Do a lot of people do that?
Working out is good, hot bodies are good too! and I am proud of you for not being picky, but that’s so you! Its ok, I don’t care what you eat, as long as you don’t die of some crazy foreign disease. 
K, so my jeep is and has been out of commission forever! The battery is shot cause my madre left the lights on and my dad wants to sell it and I am so sad! I drive the sequoia right now, and I will probably drive the 4runner soon which won’t be bad at all but I love my beep!
You can’t hate me for not having gpas address yet but, I think it is 1962 North Bellavista Dr. Farmington UT 84025-3922, ya that’s it.
You have to let me know how the break out goes, I want to hear about it… i think.
PS I don’t hate Spanish too too much, I am just very bitter about the fact that I lost an have to replace a $90 book. Bleh.  I am actually getting better at remembering Spanish though!
And I would recommend getting a binder or a box or some rubber bands or something for your letters, if that helps at all.  If you want me to send you one, let me know!
Hey baby!!!!
I love that we love being cute. Because we are so good at it!! Haha the assembly sounds like it was funny!  I’m glad lauren and sean are trying to be smart, thats good. I am doing really well with the spanish. My teacher says I talk like I’m Mexican when I speak spanish, which is good. Haha sorry to hear about the book. If you really hated Spanish class that much you could have just dropped the class 😉 I will stay here until the 15th of December, but I don’t want to stay any longer than that.  I’m super excited for pictures! I’m sorry to hear about the pumpkin idea, that would have been so funny! I promise not to die from doing any flips. So we are working out… hard. And I am going to be so uber hot when I leave. We did before pictures, and we are going to do after pictures like a week before we leave. So that will be cool.
We will go to the condo……….. even if it isnt the Park City one, we will go to a condo haha.
I’ll eat whatever you put in front of me. I’ve stopped caring. I’ll pretty much eat whatever, even if its gross. Are you so proud? I think tracking letters is brilliant. I am trying to figure out where I am going to keep all of mine. I have a drawer designated for letters. It’s full. So now I don’t know. I’m sure you are tracking outgoing and incoming mail. That’s way smart!!  If sean wants to bring drinks. Tell him to put them in lilke a cardboard box, and put my mailbox number and name on it, and they will put it in my box for me so he can bring it whenever. If he gets me like 12 dr. peppers, I would be eternally in his debt.
I saw the article. my mom sent it.  I’m excited to write to grandpa!!!  I heard about obama. oh well haha. I’m excited for you that you are getting the college thing somewhat narrowed down. Have fun at BYU! That will be fun. Just remember to be open minded, because you dont want to shut yourself out of any opportunities. It will be wierd that you’re like right next to me. But i kinda like it. I love the traditions. So great!!!
Well I have to run, we’re breaking out of the mtc for an hour to go shopping. I’ll tell you about it in a while. Talk to you soon. I love you so much!!!!!!!! You’re so great. You’re my best friend!!!!
Hey!!! We had a shopping excursion planned for like a week. My comps pants ripped, so we had to take them and get them fixed. We got a pass and stuff, and they had a guy drive us. It was fun. Sorry to hear about the Jeep. That’s super sad, I love the thing too! So we just worked out like ten minutes ago, and I can alredy see like huge improvements from week 1. We are doing progress pictures every week. Food is ok. I ate a pickle today because one of the sisters dared me to, and it was very gross, but I lived! I am going to write grandpa soon. Maybe as soon as tomorrow. I just want to make sure that is his address. You sound so happy, and I love it! I love that you are happy because it makes me happy, and then I dont worry about you so much. Otherwise you’re gonna put me in an early grave. I love you! If you dont get this before 4, just send a reply in dearelder so I for sure get it. In my letter I suggested that maybe if you wanted to be even more of a best friend, you could go out and use your super amazing fashion skills and pick me out like two or three super hot scarves! (if you want to of course)
I love you so much!!!
Thanks for everything.
Love always,
p.s. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
be good!
be strong!
i’m yours!
I hope you are still online!  I will for sure get you some scarves and I got your letter today, gracias! I will write you back tomorrow, Love you too! 
I got your letter yesterday and I email you back at like 4:02! It was short, and I hate how short this one is because my internet is down at home so I have to use the school compters and I only have like half a second! But the address I gave you for Merrill is right, and some of the guys asked for your address so your might be hearing from them soon, too! Your family is great! I talked to Clark a little while he has in town and I saw your parents last week.  You sound like you are doing well, and your totally have to send me your pictures of progress!  I will write you again tomorrow!
November 7, 2008 Thursday 9:07 am
Your mom sent me the “Missionary Moments” news letter, how cool is she? That will be really neat for you guys, and the rest of us, especially when you are all spread out across the world! If you haven’t gotten it already, you will probably get it in your email Wednesday. So Elder Denis is struggling?  I am sorry, for both of you.  I am glad to hear that you are annoyed by his lack of hard work, and I am not surprised that it bugs you. I know you can help him through it. Videos! When you get around to sending them of course, I am totally excited to see those! And I love pictures! I sort of expected to hear that Halloween would be anticlimactic down there, but it was lame here too.  Everytime I said the word “Halloween” Sarah would yell “I hate Halloween!” It was pretty funny.  It’s a dumb holiday anyway. I love that you still love your skies and golf clubs! Snowbird opened today, I think my dad went.  But I won’t be skiing till after Thanksgiving cause we will be out of town when Snowbasin opens. We are going to California for Avery’s soccer tournament.  Avery’s Mt.Ogden Junior High team won the championship last night 7-0.  Ave scored and was the MVP so she got the game ball.  (There are 2 other teams in the league, haha) I will call your mom today or tomorrow and see if she wants  me to get some music on your ipod.  If I am not mistaken, you hate Chrismas music but you like the Celine Dion Christmas right? I have that one. You’re mexican! I love it! That’s a true sign of good spanish, when you sound like a real one! (You said uber… haha) That’s good you aren’t so so busy that you can’t function of workout or anything. You can leave? I didn’t know they let you guys leave. I guess I picture the MTC a little more… restraining than it really is. You ate a pickle, nice. How are the sister missionaries? Is it awkward? Are you allowed to hang out with them? Are there very many? Do you have any preference on scarves? Colors or anything? Let me know! Running was going better, then yesterday I had a really bad workout, I did horrible.  But overall I am improving, but I may not go down to California in the first week of December to race Footlocker anymore if I don’t do a lot better soon.  I may just switch over to track mode, which I would have no problem with! I made some goals yesterday, ready? To run 2:08 800m, and a 4:45 1600m.  They are extreme goals, but I am working my butt off so I think I can do it! Are you happy? You sound well, but I need to hear it a lot or I will worry about you! I love you! I miss you! I think about you all of the time! Work hard and have fun.
Have you gotten drinks from Sean yet?
Hi Baby!!!
how are you today? How was hanging out with wanna and boy for the last couple of days? I bet it was great!! I love them both so much! So with the Dr. Pepper thing. The best way to do that is to buy like a dozen cans, and put them in a brown box, and have Sean drop them at the front counter with my name on it. Then they will just call me  down and I can get them. And he can do that any day. Just tell them you didnt know my box number and they’ll just call me. So I was super excited to hear you had fun at BYU. I bet it was super fun to hang out with some of the team. I bet they’re good huh? But not as good as you! I bet you made a super great impression on the coach and everyone else.  So nutrition huh? I bet that was pretty rad? Sorry rad is kinda my new word. Don’t hate me =) I’m glad to hear you’re still my little pro bowler!! That’s awesome!! Like i said before, I will eat anywhere you want to when I come home. Speaking of things to do when I get home. I think you already are, but if you’re not, make a list of all the movies we need to watch and all that fun stuff! I am working on a tape to send to you right now, and I have already done like 45 minutes on it. It’s great, it has a lot of the details from each day. You’ll love it. I might even throw a little spanish in it for you haha. But you can’t laugh because I really am not that good at it yet. But it’s getting better.
I love you so much! Write me back! I’m going to check back around 3 30. I love you I love you I love you!!!
Love your favorite missionary,
Chasie Poo!! It’s Lauren!! How are you?! Chloe and I are just sitting here at my apartment thinking how weird it is that your only a couple blocks away right now!! I drive by the MTC quite frequently actually and think about you always!! I hope your lovin it and workin hard!! Sean wants to bring you a Dr. Pepper but he needs to know your schedule and where you are on P Day, if that’s the best day for him to come…let us know…well tell Chloe and she’ll tell us haha! I’ve been meaning to write you a DearElder letter but I haven’t obviously haha but I will! Promise, and just so you know the little something you get tomorrow, well today I had something to do with it! haha Well here’s Chloe…later!!

I told Lauren that your P Day is on Wednesday but she and Sean need to know your schedule and where you are on those days so he can work out getting you some drinks!  So I am sending you a letter and a picture tomorrow that I already wrote so if I repeat my self don’t hate me… I have been in Provo since Sunday night and it has been super wierd being like a mile away from you and I can’t come say hi!  My mom was freaking out and wouldn’t stop reminding me that I can’t go see you.  I was at your house Sunday night and we made your present that you got earlier today.  I hope that the pie was still intact… we were having a Brian Reegan/ Dora the Explora (with an a) moment. I tried to get it to you on Monday but the BYU coach (PAUSE… I JUST SAW A MEN’S WAREHOUSE COMMERCIAL!!!!!!)  kept us really really busy so I got it to Lauren and she got it to the UPS store today.  We got to go to a family communications class and a sociology class
yesterday, and they fed us so rediculously much food!!  We got to run with a couple girls on the team and it was awesome! We ran 9 miles and we flew and i loved it!  Then we went bowling and I got  97 and a 85! (I think)  Then we went to Tocano’s and we have to go there together when you get back cause it is SO FREAKIN GOOD!  I ate a quail egg! It was so gross! But the rest is super good.  Today we went to Brother Botts D&C class and it was so cool! Then we went to a devotional that BYU has every Tueday at 11 and I am sure that it was neat but I coulnd’t stay awake!  I got to talk to the head ot the nutrition program becasue I might do a minor in nutrition and it was good to see. I am going to stay with Lauren in the next little while  and talk to the business department head and maybe the political science one too. It’s been good to see.
Well it’a super late and I still have to drive to Ogden, so good night, I love you and I hope to hear from you tomorrow!
Love Jo

I am doing pretty good, besides freaking out about the end of the trimester this friday. I had to miss the last two days of school for the BYU thing and tons of stuff just built up that I need to do.  Other than that I am good.  I will let Lauren know about the drinks. Sean is in Mexico with his family so you might not get them for a few more days.  Lauren told me that Sean won a Mr. Mexico contest at the resort he is at. He had to dance and dress like michael jackson, can you see Sean doing that? Haha, ya I guess so. A tape! Whoo hoo! I can’t wait.  I will share it with your family for sure. They invited me to go to a Real soccer game this Saturday with them, but my fmaily is going too so I will go with my own fam i think. I forgot to tell you that Sarah Callister decided that you win, “Most loved/missed missionary EVER!” I thought you might like that.  There is more stuff about stuff in a letter i sent today, with some other stuff but it has some of the same stuff as the stuff I have already told you… about stuff. (Stuff is my new word… Don’t hate me 🙂  And don’t even worry about it, I have a bunch of rad stuff for us to do.
So… do you want a digital underground picture? If you don’t I totally understand.  I will get them by the end of this week, but I don’t want to send you anything that you don’t want.  Oh, and how conservative do these scarves need to be?? Me and Megan are going to go shopping! You sound good, keep me posted on how everything goes. I love you, do work!!  Happy 100- weeks-to-go-day! Just think, next week it will be a 2 digit number!
PS Anne asked for your address so her brother can write you, YAY!
So I hope everything with the end of the tri goes well for you. I remember I would always freak out at the end of each quarter. Sweet about the drinks. We can hold out a little longer. I can totally see sean doing that. That’s so funny haha. Haha yeah the game will be cool, but at some point on Saturday night you have to go to my house ok? It’s a surprize! I’m glad to hear I win the award, because that means you’re doing a great job of missing me!!! =) Haha I love you. I’m all about stuff! Haha love it. What is a digital underground pictur? I have no idea what that is, but sure? Send anything and everything you want. I love getting stuff. The scarves can be kinda whatever. I have a grey suit and a dark dark blue, so send whatever you think will go good with either of those. I’m doing really well, and I can’t believe its already been 4 weeks. The time goes so fast. I hope it is going fast for you too. Reply to this in a dearelder, because I’m out of time, so I will get a letter back to you hopefully with pictures and a tape. It will be good to hear from Ike. I love you Chloe. You are my best friend, and the best support I could have ever asked for. Talk to you soon!
So I have a little more time before class, so I just thought I would hurry and tell you that I LOVE YOU!!! I just remembered I was going to tell you I am so sorry I didn’t send any letters for the last couple of days. I have been kinda swomped. For future reference I will just write you something short if I don’t have much time, because I know it’s no fun to get any mail here. I hate imagining you waiting for the mail to come and then not having anything to get. It makes me sad. And as I say, my whole goal and purpose in life is to make you happy. So I will do anything and everything in my power to make you smile. I love you so much, and I am so greatful for all of the support you have always given me. It truly means so much to me!! You’re my best friend, and I will love you forever. I say my prayers for you every night, and I still wish every day the same wish I have been wishing for about the last 2 years, and I will continue to make the same wish everyday for the rest of my life. I love you Chloe. You mean everything to me. I can’t even imagine where I would be without you in my life. I can’t wait until I can talk to you on the phone, but until then I will just have to be ok with letters and e mails and tapes. Talk on one and send it as soon as you are done with mine.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 13, 2008 Thursday 5:08 pm …plus friday
Your mom forwarded me the letter Hona sent you and the family, how darling is she? That was so dang cute, it made my day! It’s 11:11 Hurry Wish! I bet it still counts. Guess what else it is… ONE MONTH DAY! Just 23 more of what we have already done! So in my Political Science class I have heard the name Reynolds like a zillion times.  And today Anne and I were talking about ski season two years ago and how you asked her if you should ask me to Prom, haha, I love stories from those days! It made me so super happy! How was the pie? I hope you enjoyed it. And all of the random notes and such.  Did you eat a mint in the dark? Did you prepare your poptarts properly?  Huh huh huh? Did you feel the love blow you away when you opened the box!? I sure hope so cause I don’t even know how we fit that much love into that tiny little box! Don’t worry about not writing too much, I know you are busy.  But you do need to write Hunter. He said he wrote you a while ago and hasn’t heard back from you and I bet he would really like to. The end of the tri is today and I am doing just fine, and next trimester is going to be easier I think. Dumb school. Digital Underground was the theme for a dance we had on Saturday. I wrote about it in the letter that is getting to you.  (who knows when it will get there cause I asked my mom if she would take it to the post office and I don’t even know if she has yet. From now on I will do is on my own I think.) I went with J and our outfits were so freakin cool! It was fun and I was just wondering if you want a picture. I can totally understand if you don’t want a picture of me and J (who is dating Lauren Crocket right now.) so if you don’t I will send you one of me with the girls. If I have a good one.  Let me know cause you must see this outfit…think tinfoil spandex! It has come to my attention and concern that I refer too much to myself and the things that occur here in Ogden.  If you would like any alterations in the content of my letters please inform me at the soonest available convenience to you. Thank you sir, have an enjoyable evening.
PS Hunter was in the Pageant too, he did magic and it was really good actually.  He also used World Peace as the answer to his interview question. True pageant man.
My favorite boy of all of the boys in the world!
My letter and zach’s letter are both on the way.  Surprise?  I love surprises! So so I just go to your house at some point on Saturday at random or what? Does your family know about it? I an so excited! So in my english class today one of our SBO’s got up and went over to the door frame and scratched his back on the corner! It reminded of that one guy, the big bear teacher at your escuela you told me about. Last night the Mr. Ogden Pageant was held at our school and it was so freakin funny! Ethan won but J, Izzy, Mason and 20 other guys all competed and it was hilarious! Ethan was Mr.6th Man and he makes a pretty good pageant boy. It was a fund raiser for a grandaughter of a teacher at our school, she has a brain disorder, so so sad. I am working out the scarves and still think about you all of the time! Love you!
I have to go to class, see ya! Chloe
I went to your house on Saturday and I picked a rose. YOU ARE SO DANG CUTE! That is such a great idea and I love it! i have about 30 seconds to send this, I am sorry it is so short. I love you forever and I will write again tomorrow!
Dear Elder Chase Thomas Reynolds,
Guess What! 99 weeks to go! As in less than 100 weeks! As in 2 digits instead of 3! Whoohoo! (But you know I want you to totally live in the moment and not miss anything!) So, tomorrow I am going up to Utah State to compete in the academic Olympiad, part two of my nerd conquest.  I am quite bitter about my obligation to participate because academic bowl was agony and I was no good.  This one is a little different though- instead of buzzers and competition its just a bunch of wicked hard written tests, gross.  I would rather go to school for sure. But will I be a little black rain cloud? Heavens to Betsy no I will not! I will be the sunshine of everyone day because who doesn’t complain? (I am currently raising my hand) For the third time, I want to thank you for the 24 one-at-a-time rose idea. I love it! I put my one rose in the vase that the 6 real roses came in the day you left and it sits by a cute picture of you and I in my room. And every time one of my friends comes in my rooms, they get so jealous of all our cute pictures, especially the one, you know… the one. And my favorite part is you know exactly which one I am talking about! Guess what!? Ask me where Sarah is! OK I will tell you… India! Yes INDIA. She went on Friday and will be back in 2 weeks. She is teaching English and doing service projects for orphans over there with a group called Youth Making A Difference from Salt Lake. Cool Eh? Ya, I totally yelled at her for not inviting me. People still ask me about you all of the time! Have you heard from Isac? I gave you address to London and Rachael too so I hope you hear from them!  And Hunter told me you wrote him, that’s good.  I decided that I need to call Austin, just see how he is you know? Hey, I miss you. I miss you a whole lot. My car and I have become really close since you have left. I have found that driving by myself helps me to think more clearly and get away from the busy parts of life so I can just think about us for a while.  I have good days and I have bad days, as I am sure you do too. I promise I have more good days than bad.  But on the worst ones, I just let it out and cry.  You were always the one I opened up to 100%, especially in the time right before you left, so now I have learned to open up to myself. (I remember thinking that you probably think I was a total baby a few months ago, but you were always very understanding and easy to talk/cry to.) I don’t like crying in front of most people so I cry alone, and I like it that way, because I don’t want people to pity me.  Every once in a while I will talk to someone about all of this and have a heart to heart, but I just know that unless someone knows exactly what I am feeling, I can’t expect them to understand what I think and feel.  I have learned a lot about me since you have been gone and I think I can better handle your absence because of it. I know exactly how and when and to who I can open up to, and because there are few, I like to cry alone. But some times that gets hard too, so I have to reach out to some one, so I choose you. I don’t want to sound depressed and weird! I just want you to know that this really has been hard for me because I really do love you. I am still happy, because I know what you are doing is the most right and nolble thing you can do right now, but I know I have felt a more complete happiness than what I feel now and some days the absence of that last piece catches up with me and demands some attention. Those are the bad days. But I have been thinking… are those really bad days? Because honestly the days that I am ‘numb’ or that I supress tears are a lot harder then those days that I let myself really feel the feelings I want to because I like thinking of you, regardless of wheather it brings tears or a great big smile! (Most often it is a smile..) So in case you have been wondering, I soldier on, just as we both should, but don’t ever think that a day goes by that I don’t miss you.
Saturday we went to the Real game, they lost, but I sat with your family for about half an hour and we went crazy the whole time. My family went to, it was fun, but wicked cold.  Thanks again for the rose idea, I loved it! Want to know the first thing that came out of my mouth? “Shut the front door!” Ya, I need to not be Courtney Jo…
I went to your house yesterday to give yourmom something, but you don’t ge to know for a while, its a SURPRISE! Clark made me a bracelet and it took him about 4 seconds and it is wicked cool.  I will make sure you see it in my next picture I send you. I went to Snowbasin and got my ski pass and the mountain is completely naked! It’s so sad.  I think you may be right, the weather knows you aren’t skiing this year.  Anne and I were talking and we decided that this year can’t possibly measure up to last year. And I still have to get new boots! Guess what? I love you a million zillion times! (whoa, that’s a lot) I hope you are haveing a good day. I will e-mail you tonight.
CHLOE!!!!!!!! How’s my girl? I love you!
Anyway, 99 weeks!! I can’t believe it’s already been 5! It goes so fast I cant even stand it. I’m totally livin it up, and it’s the best! I’m so proud of you for being totally nerdy! It’s the best! Because you are like super duper smart! So you should use your skills and totally show off! And I know you will light up everyone’s day, because you light up every one of mine, and I’m not even with you! I’m very glad you like the rose thing. it will be great! That’s funny that people always get jealous about the pictures in you room and stuff, I’m known in our building for the shrine I have on my wall.. its great! but i need more!!!! send all of the pictures youhave ever taken in your whole life!!! haha jk but seriously send pictures!! getting pictures is seriously the best thing in the whole world! times infinity! getting letters is also the best in the whole world..
So suck went to India huh? thats so cool!! that would be a blast.. but its ok, i get to do the same kind of thing for the next two years in chile. except mine is better because i get to bring others unto Christ. Haha. I havent heard from isaac yet, but im holdin out. i havent really heard from anyone.. which doesnt really matter, its just nice to hear what s going on at home ya know? 
Hey, i miss you too! a lot! and i think about you all the time. but i LOVE it!!!!!!!!! you are always on my mind, and i have your picture with me at all times.  im gald you haven’t like totally gotten over me.. that would be sad… haha but im sorry i am not there for you to have a shoulder to cry on. but anytime you want to write and let me know how you are feeling, please do, and i will get a letter back to you as soon as i possibly can! and if you need to cry, go ahead and cry, and i’ll cry with you. i will do everything i can to make anything better.. i love you Chloe. you’re my best friend in the whole world, and i want to be the one that loves you most for all eternity. and i mean that. if i can do anything, please please please tell me, and i will do whatever i can. i think of you often, and smile, and know that what i am doing is right, and that you are doing what you need to be doing back home.. i love you. 
As far as my mission goes, i am having so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are teaching in spanish now, and its hard, but its fun to share the things i know in a new language. its a challenge, but i feel like im doing really well. my teachers keep telling me i am way ahead of the schedule as far as what i have learned. its exciting to me to be grasping the language so quickly.. about three times a week we have what we call “english fasts” and we are not allowed to speak english at all…. its so fun!!! it forces you to use what you know and its super fab! my companion isn’t doing so well with the language, in fact, he’s really struggling. he’s learning slowly, but learning none the less. i sent the tape to you with some pictures. you should get it today or tomorrow.. i hope you like it, in fact im sure you will.. haha  i am sending more pictures on friday, and i am sending doubles so my mom can give you a copy of them all.. well thats all the time i have for right now, its time for personal study. i love you, and i will check my e mail again at about 10 and again at about 3… so if you get an email back, i can respond…  i love you !!! have an awesome day.
yours forever and ever, Chase
ps, its no longer district leader reynolds, its zone leader reynolds haha nifty stuff eh??? =)
pss I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good luck tomorrow baby girl!!!!!
i love you so much, and i am so proud of everything you are doing.
always keep in mind how much i love you, and that if you keep the lord on your side, everything will work out great!!!!
keep working hard, and stay focused!
and im happy because of you.
ps you never told me how the school hunting is going????????
pss answer back by way of dearelder, because im out of time for today..
i hope everything is going great!!
Wednesday night when Avery and I should be asleep but we have tired jollies so we decided to write you a little note…
Hello elder chase! tonight I look like a sumo wrestler minus 600 lbs. On Monday night I had a great time at the Jazz game.  It was so cool because I had my whole Mt. Ogden soccer team there but me and my cousin were the only ones screaming for the Jazz and dancing when the music played… and then with 2 minutes left to go, with the Jazz up by ten, there was a time out and my cousin and I broke out in song and dance for one last time at the game. Then I looked up and I saw…. MY FACE! Guess where I saw my face? You guessed it Buckaroo! On the Jumbo Screen! It was amazing and I am very proud of my self. Then my whole team joined in just to get their own 15 seconds of fame even though they, well, failed. I beat them to it– I set the trend for dancing for the Jazz!  Because I am most likely…. Awesome.
Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday, but I couldn’t get to a computer till I was home from Utah State.  Our team did ok, but Bonneville beat us. It was long and boring, but I guess it wasn’t too bad. I saw Clark up there, he is doing good.  I don’t know who is supposed to know this, but then again it might not even be a secret… He said he might transfer back down to Weber cause he is bored of Logan. He also said he may try to work at snowbasin.  Cool huh?
So I am going to your house tonight to help your family load up your ipod and Meg and I are going shopping for a scarf.  If you hate what we pick, send it back, honestly.  I won’t be offended in the slightlest.
Zone Leader eh? That’s so cool! Way to go! Who said you were going to be the best missionary our there… huh huh? Who did? I did! (refer to the first letter I sent you) your mom told me what your leader said about you having lots of leadership positions throughout your mission and your life, you have no idea how amazing that is to me.  That means a ton, it totally made my day.  So what does a zone leader do?
How was seeing the Greens? I bet it was great! Sally said she would send pictures and video of it all so I get to see that some time soon.  I don’t have your tape yet, but I am sure it’s coming. Jeffery R. Holland? That’s awesome! I bet that was some serious spirituality.  I think that would be a way cool part of the MTC, getting to see general authorities.  Do you get that a lot?
School hunting is stressful.  I liked BYU but I am getting a lot of negative pressure from my coach about the BYU coach.  I am planning a trip up to Washington State to check them out.  I think I will visit Oregon and Princeton too. 
Have you gotten the picture that I sent? And the letter from Zach?  Cause my mom said she sent them. Let me know!
My bestest friend Elder Reynolds!
How are you my Chase? I hope and pray that you do better and better everyday.  I am leaving my abode in about ten minutes to head down to St.George for Thanksgiving break. I am so excited! I haven’t been down there for months.  It should be quite the blast.
So, you will recieve something quite spectacular, in my humble opinion, today (Wenesday). I hope it makes you smile. You will also be getting something else, nearly as spectacular tomorrow or friday, that we can chat about next week! Because I will be in George, I may not have access to a computer with internet.  If I do, I will check my email so I can write you back.  But guess what? Emily told me that If I text your email address then you can email respond to it and we can just email/text! She did it with Karson while he was at the MTC and so did his Madre, so I will try it, I hope it works! (PS I have horrible service in St.George, but I will try)
I hope you have a splendid Thanksgiving and I hope they serve you a homey dinner.  My mom is calling for me to head to the car, we have a long drive tonight, so I better go. I love you, I miss you, and I could not think more highly of you, and I think everyone that knows you would say the same.  I am proud of you elder, don’t forget it.
Be Happy???? Haha, Be good, Be strong, I too am yours.
PS Want to know something great? I bought gas today for $1.71/gallon. Whoohoo! Yay for $25 dollars in gas instead of $55! Love you babe, have a fantastic day.
how is everything at home and such?  i hope all is well at school and at home.. how was the tape and the pictures? i hope you got them….  i am excited to get some stuff, we have decided that i am the most spoiled elder here, because my room basically cant hold any more boxes. becauase i keep getting them!! its fabulous tho. i want to apologize really fast for not writing you like at all in the last two weeks, i am soooooooooo sorry, i have just been super busy, and im trying to find time to write you, because i hate to imagine you running to the mailbox, and finding nothing more than a bunch of schollarship letters 😉 so i will try and write more. today i am sending a little packet with a butt load of pictures to my mom, and i got doubles so you can have the doubles, yay!
i dont know if the text thing will work or not, but go ahead and try it!! (did you get a new phone?) that would be cool…
have you put anything on the ipod? has my mom given it to you? if so, sweet!! i cant wait to see what you put on it…  im sure it will all be great!!!!!!!!!
I cant believe you got gas for 1.71, that is retarded. even though the weather knows im gone, the gas prices have to rub it in my face, haha jk thats so stinkin cool!!! i wish i would have been home when it was cheap like that, we could have gone on many more road trips.
anyway, im gonna sendyou a sweet letter today, and i hope you get it by the weekend, but the holliday might screw things up.. but anyway, i gotta run.
i love you so so so so so so so much!!
i miss you, and you are always on my mind! don’t ever think that i dont think about you. you are my motivation to get up and get going everyday.. every morning i wake up, kiss your face (in the picture) and i imagine you telling me to “go get ’em” or something like that, and it makes everything great!!
thank you for the pop… (i dont know exactly who gets full credit for that, but its fabulous!!!!) im going to thank lou, sean, and your mom also, so no worries haha.
be safe, and i will talk to you soon i hope!!
im yours! for ever and ever
Happy Thanksgiving Chase! How is it down there? Lauren brought her computer down last night so I can write you! I am glad to hear that your companion is doing better, I pray for him too cause I want him to do well so you can do even better!  I hope so so much that you already got my wonderful package because the sooner you get it the better it will be.  It should have gotten tp the MTC on Wednesday, but if the mail room is closed who knows when you will get it! I still haven’t gotten the tape! It could be at my house as of yesterday but it wasn’t there when I left Tuesday night.  If it isn’t there when I get home on Sunday, I guess i will let you know. 
Less than three weeks till I get to talk to you!  I can’t wait! I saw the pictures of you with the Greens, you look very happy.  I am so glad! That’s good you get to see Heidi, I bet it’s comforting to see family. Are you still happy? Still doing well? Are your zone leader duties going well? I sure hope so!
So I am down here in St. George with my Grandma Jan and my Aunt Stephanie’s family (She’s my crazy aunt, but she has been pretty normal!). It’s been really fun, we have just relaxed the whole time. I learned how to make my mother’s thanksgiving dinner! So yummy! Have you ever had corn pudding? It is ridiculously good. I used to think that everyone had it for thanksgiving but I guess most people dont.  I will make it for you when you get home, it probably wouldn’t make it through the mail very well
Yesterday my family had some serious scripture study and had this long talk about how awesome it is that we have prayer. Honestly, think about it! I know you pray a million times a day as a missionary (I mean I think I know) so I bet you already think about this, but I guess it just hit me a little harder yesterday. If we didn’t have prayer, comunication would only go one way, we could never talk back!  That would definitely make life 1 or 2 shades harder.<br />
So, my aunt really likes to talk about getting married. The first thing she says to Lauren every time she sees her is, Are you engaged yet? She abviously isn’t or you would know, but they will be soon.  I bet they get married end of next year or spring of 2010.  Wierd! But I love them together, they will be happy and make it last fir sure.  Aunt Steph asks me about you a lot too, I think she approves 😉
You got the picture of you and Budbud right? I hope you liked it! I thought it was just perfect! I gave a copy to your mom and to Hona.
I am so glad you are spoiled! I guess if you would prefer to be less spoiled, let me know? Haha, ya right.
It was good to hear from you yesterday! Even though the whole phone thing wasn’t quite as successful as I would have liked.  I will try it again next week and I will have better service in Ogden. I only got about half of the message so if you send them a little shorter and seperate it might work better, but if that’s to much, don’t worry about it, email is good too!  I wanted to get this to you today, but I definitely woke up to late. Wierd, i slept in! On Tuesday night we drove from Ogden to St.George from 11:30 pm to 5:15 am!! Ya, ridiculous! We stopped for gas, to see Lauren, and to sleep on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! I woke up and my mom had stopped driving and it totally freaked me out cause I we were just on the side of the road and it was pitch black! I couldn’t even tell if we were on a road! Then I got to drive from 2 am to 5:15 am.  Super fun. Once I got to bed, I didn’t wake up till after noon! that’s a first. Haha, it was kind of an adventure.
Anyway, have a wonderful weekend.  Keep doing what you do.  I will be in Vegas till sunday, I have never been there, so it should be interesting. Talk to you soon!
CHASE!!! How are you my love? I got your Thanksgiving letter and loved every word! I am so glad that the last 2 years went the way they did in every way. I love you so much!
I got the pictures from your mom.  You look so so happy! And holey moley… You are the most handsome boy I have ever seen. I can tell you have been working way hard (on more than just the spiritual side 😉 and sweet moses, it is paying off! You can do how many push ups in a row??? Freakin gosh! 114 es un moy grande numero. (Haha, ya, I am sooo good at spanish) HAPPY DECEMBER!! Although it still feels like October, it’s not even cold! and there is no snow! But guess what???????? I got my ski boots yesterday!! Ahhhh! It’s one shade less exciting because they are the exact same boots as I had before, just bigger and newer!
Hey, I love you and I miss you, and I could not be more excited for you to head down to Chile! You will do such amazing things, I can’t wait to hear about them! I have to go to Spanish class now, i will email you later!
How are you baby?  You sound fantastic as usual! It’s so good to hear that your zone is behaving and that Elder dennis is doing better.  I hope with all of my heart that you got everything we sent you! Just in case, this is what you chould have gotten… A case a Dr. Pepper, a dozen delicious cookies, a triangular package from your momma, and maybe one other box from my fam… maybe.  Let me know so I don’t freak out, because I am a little nervous about the tape you said you sent… it still isn’t here! I asked my fam about it and they haven’t seen it! Should I have it already? I got the pictures and vidoes from your mom and watched them last night, I loved it! But why in the heck are you on crutches (You better not be on Lortab too 🙂 and why is your fing so chubby? (From now on there will be no pictures of injuries with out explanations! Haha, you make me nervous!) And I love the tall guy in a little coat! And I am requiring myself to watch Nacho
Libre sometime this week.  And your zone sings beautifully! I really seems like all your guys are happy and enthusiastic about being there which makes me so so glad you get to be around them! 
So my Thanksgiving was delightful! We hung out in St. George and I learned how to make scrumpshous dinner.  In Vegas Avery’s team won 3 of 4 games but still didn’t go to finals.  Side note- Ave made ODP team but Zach didn’t 🙁 but he wants to do it again next year. We stayed in this ghetto hotel that was close to the strip, The Golden Nugget.  On Saturday night Lauren and I walked the strip with her friend Katie and Katie’s boy Todd, they both live down there. Anyway, I was more like a theme park than reall life. I had never been there before so it was kinda weird. I felt like I was in a bad movie. I mean the hotels were cool and stuff but I am not a big city person anyway plus all the extra junk that comes with Vegas, so it was just a little weird.  I definitely had fun hanging out with Lauren, and the Belagio and the Paris are awesome inside! But I have seen it once, I probably don’t need to fo a very very long time. 
Guess what!!!  We bought a Christmas tree Monday night! IT IS HUGE-MONDOUS, LIKE FREAKIN ENORMOUS! It touches the ceiling in my kitchen! We even had to cut off about 10 inches from the top because it waws bending! Haha, it is so so great! Pictures are coming…
I am sure you know that Joseph B. Wirthlin died. Yesterday in Seminary we listened to his last talk, “Come What May and Love it” and it was really sweet.  You and I were on our way up to your cabin from staying in Provo that night, remember? And we drove up that beautiful canyon? I remember, and it was a blast. Anyway, the talk was very sweet, it’s one of those talks I hope I remember forever.  Everyone is dressing up today at escuela in honor of him, which I think is lovely! 
I love you! (okay I just had a flach back, remember when you used to call me bear? haha love it!) I can’t wait to talk to you! Thank you so much for sending me pictures and videos! I will send more your way! Text me when you get this so I can get to a computer!
i got everything, except for the package that your family “might” have sent…  the cookies were fabulous and i loved the fabulous letter. i loved al of it!!!! so that tape i sent deffinitly should have been there at least a week and a half ago, so i have no idea where it is… that makes me sad.. i rolled my ankle playing basketball, and when i hit the ground, it messed up my finger pretty bad.. everything is pretty ok now though 😉 sorry for making you nervy.. i put an explanation on the back of one of the pictures.. we do sing like angels dont we?? i love all of the elders, they are so great!
im glad you had fun on thanksgiving.. mine was a bore haha
vegas is kinda grungy huh? thats where elder denis is from haha
im happy for ave, and sad for my little buddy zach.. they’re both so talented.
im excited for the tree.. remember when i helped decorate the tree last year? that seems like yesterday!! but i will be back for christmas 2010!!
ya it was sad to hear about elder wirthlin.. he was my favorite!
i will never forget that drive, or any of the other drives we took together.. those memories and the other memories i have of you are waht get me through the hard days. i love you
i love that you love bear.. because it’s my name that i still use for you…
in my planner, everyday at the top of each page i write FFH which means Focus For Her.. you are truly my inspiration.. and i love you so much for being that support..
i am out of time for today, but i will talk to you soon.. reply in dear elder..
i love you so much! keep smiling
GUESS WHAT I JUST DID!!! No seriously, I want you to guess! Think…. something wicked crazy and totally out of my usual behavior… think a scene from “PS I Love You”…Ok I will tell you! I sang Avril Lavigne “Complicated” Karaoke style at my dad’s company Christmas party! Now that I am an employee, I get to attend, yay me! It was at Kobe, that Japanese restaurant.  My dad sang a solo! Anne and I sang together with some of the doctor’s wives in the background dancing.  I was laughing the whole time and I totally belted it out! Aren’t you proud? It was so amazing! But I am willing to bet it was much less impressive from the other side of the microphone.  Haha, oh well, I had fun.  Anne and I work together now and she really is a fun girl. She was telling me about the whole her and Chase Halvy thing and I had to use you as a counter example like every 4 seconds. Let’s paint a picture…(Don’t hate me)
MC:  And the Perfect Boyfriend Award goes to ……Chase Reynolds! And the crowd goes wild!! As if they didn’t see it coming, please , that was a total give away.  Have you seen the way he looks at Chloe? And every girl in the audience is swept off her feet by the man in black entering the stage to collect his award, but wait! There is the lucky girl at his side to remind all those lovely ladies where they belong, in the audience.
Haha! I know you love it.
FFH is mostly likely the high light of my month!  It really is, because if there is anything, absolutely anything I can do for you to help you be a better missionary in spreading the word or growing your testimony or becoming the worthy priesthood leader I know you can be, I will do it. And if that means inspiring you with 3 little letters, keep writing them. You aren’t on a mission just for the people in Chile, though you will bless those lives in immeasurable ways. You are definitely not on a mission for me, though your example is encouraging me do be a better member of the church and disciple of Christ. You aren’t on a mission just for the Lord, though he could not be more proud of you for obeying his commandment to be where you are. You are also on a mission for you, and I am so excited for you! You are developing the testimony and the habits that will serve you for the rest of your life and after. I am really proud of you for approaching your mission with a big smile on your face and humility in your heart.  In all of your letters, you seem to not only be happy, but completely enthralled in the work and in giving everything to the Lord. You are doing it right. I know that you couldn’t be so happy down there if you weren’t doing it right.  So gold star for you!
Wow, I want to go on a mission!  Its ok, seminary is pretty sweet too! Keep up the good work elder.  I will talk to you in 12 short days.
Love Chloe , the lucky girl by your side… in real life
Favorite Missionary! How are you my love? Avery says hello.  And I have a story…. So on Saturday my dog had a seizure, yes, a seizure. It was the most rediculously sad thing I have ever seen.  I came home and he ran over to my car to tell me he loves me and when I got out, he was drooling an ocean and shaking and barely standing. I helped him over to the grass and  he could barely walk and when he layed down, he started convulsing. I freaked out and ran to get my mom while Zach and Ave stayed with him.  We then called a vet friend of ours and he said that Jess might have epolepsy or  BRAIN TUMOR. I almost cried.  He goes to the vet tomorrow so we will know how he is doing.  So sad, my puppy is sick.<br />
So on a happier note, we decorated the tree today and it is rediculously good looking! I love it. Today is the first day it started to feel like Christmas to me, probably cause there is no snow. However I did go skiing on Friday, opening day,  for like 3 runs and it was ok.  Only the top half of the hill was open on one run. I had to ski middle bowl lift then take the gondola down. Haha, sort of rediculous. <br />
So I hope you like the package my family sent you, they sent mucho love with it. And how is your little paper tree calender treating you?  I had a lot of fun getting those together, people said alot of good things about you when I would talk to them about you. Everybody here loves you, everybody.<br />
Austin gets his call on Wednesday! Can you believe it? I am so excited for him! He really is doing so good, and I think he owes alot of his will to do it to you. I think you were a really good example to him, way to go soldier.<br />
So, loading you ipod has already tripled how many songs were on my itunes and I am still going. There is a ton of stuff on there. I hope you don’t get bored of what I put on there! <br />
So lately there has been a little drama here and there with some of the relationships at Ogden High and I get to play Dr. Phil. It’s funny cause all I have to do is compare it to you and I and I can tell why there is a problem or what they are doing wrong because you always did it right.  Thanks for setting the bar so high and doing all you have done for me. You are great! I love you bud! Have a happy Christmas season!<br />
PS I am not supposed to tell anyone this, like anyone. But Lauren and Sean are most definitely getting married, they are not engaged… yet… but I will let you know when it goes down and fill you in on the whole crazy thing! Please don’t tell any of your missionary friends or family or anything, it’s a secret for now. LOVE!!
Hey Baby, guess what? You are going to Chile in 5 days! Holy crap! That’s so cool!  Are you super excited? Are you read to go? And I get to hear your fabulous voice! Ok, you have an assignment– You get to make absolutely sure that you actually sent that tape.  Because I am dying! I want it so so rediculously bad so when you are getting all of your stuff ready to go to Chile you have to look for it and hopefully you find it!  In the next couple days you will be getting my Christmas stuff to you.  You have to follow all instructions on what to open when. Unless you need to open it all before you leave to make it fit, that works too. I tried so hard to find stuff you would like, And I think you will like all, or most, of it.  You will get your ipod too and sweet moses that thing is 100% full of missionary stuff. Text me when you get this so I can get to a computer, hopefully it works better than last week.  Hey, I love your guts.
so it snowed.. crazy how much did it snow up there we got a half little ounce
of snow thats it, its just cold.
i cant wait to talk to you!!!!!!!! its going to be the best christmas present
ever! i love you so much!
i will try and follow instructions where i can, but i might cheat and open it
all at once. it drives me crazy if i have to just look at it but cant have it! i
am so excited for everything! i feel sad, because there wasnt much for me to be
able to get to you… but there is some stuff…
haha i love you so much! i cant wait to talk to you.. a little later today, i
am sending my flight itinerary, so you will know when to be ready for a phone
call… the first call will be about 11 ish because we dont leave til 10 to go
love forever and ever and ever
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! How is freakin Chile!? I can’t believe you are in South America! That is so wicked and I am so jealous! I am so glad I got to talk to you, even if it was a few short bursts. Hearing your voice was enough! (Honestly, your voice was like a drug. I couldn’t get enough of you! But is that anything new, I don’t think so) Sorry I turned to moosh at the end of the second call, you know me. I hope you have adjusted to the time zone there and that it wasn’t to hard to stay awake on your first day. How was it? Who is your companion? How do you like President Chavez?  Where do you live? I want to google earth it!  Is it pretty? Tell me about your first week!
I want you to know that I love you so so much and I have never loved you more than I do this second!  I am still hear for you to do what ever I can to help you be happy and successful…  (Which ever option works better for you, go with that one, haha)   
Option A)…That said… Baby, ehhh. I hate this. Chase, my love, who I can’t live without… have you been logging on to your myspace?  I… I heard that you had and I just don’t know. I know the church isn’t for myspace at all. I have heard of missionaries getting in trouble for having a myspace, like big trouble. I don’t know how true the stories are but still, that would be no good. Maybe someone else has your password and it wasn’t you at all. Just tell me what’s up. I am just one shade of… well… sad/worried. I don’t know what to do. I wondered if I should say anything at all because I do not want you to worry about me being mad or anything, I want you to focus and do well down there. Maybe I am making this bigger than it needs to be. Just talk to me, what’s goin on?  We have always talked about everything and I have no reason to doubt you, so just tell me. I will understand.
Opion B) So, whats with the myspace?
Anyway! I have a great story to tell you on Christmas! Something Emily told me, I think you will laugh. Ahh! I hate that I can’t write you and have you get it same day anymore! 
(read this part with emphasis on each word. Picture me looking up at you from seven inches below with my hands on your hips.) I love you Chase. (Now read this part how I might say something that I am very serious about, in a sort of whisper) That will never change. (Now smile really big like you did that night at lake powell when I first told you I loved you, and know that this is not the last time you will read or hear those words. And don’t you dare fret over the myspace thing, just tell me whats goin on, I just want to know. So tell me.)
With so much love, that the love just practically knocked you over (did you feel it?),
Hey Boy Hey!! Elder Reynolds!
I got my state ring! It’s so rediculously awesome. I love it to pieces! I am sending pictures soon. So I can’t wait to talk to you again! I have some great stuff to share with you, but mostly I want to hear you talk. Do you want me to send you some batteries? Cause the sooner i get you voice where I can listen to it on lonely days, the better.  I yuv Christmas. And I yuv your family. And I yuv you. So so much. Christmas is weird this year. A lot has changed around here. But I still just love how happy people are around this time of year! Everyone is just so nice! Remember what we did with our last Christmas Eve? I do. Just to let you know, I will be standing at that spot on Christmas Eve, by my self, just listening, and thinking about you and us.  Haha, I remember you later told me that you had run around you car before getting in it when you were going home. I can totally see it! ( Or were you kidding about that? I hope not, cause it is my favorite!) What a night.
So it is Will’s birthday today, Dec 21.  Last night Sarah and I went to Denny’s with Hunter and Austin to meet Will and some other random people to tell him happy birthday.  First, as I was driving over there, I had one of those inward coniption fits when I saw the spot where we parked to talk outside the resturant on that sad night, remeber that?  The coniption fit wasn’t a bad one though, it was another memory that got waked up! And I love memories of you, even that one! Second, Will is on a nutra-slim diet, I heard through Austin. Awesome eh? I hope it goes well for him.  Third, Courtney Jo showed up to eat with a friend of hers and I saw her and started laughing! It was hilarious! I walked over to her and she started laughing asking me why I was laughing, it was great. She’s funny. Except when she creeps hard core on my man! (Jeff Stagg’s Farewell… ya, I have never wanted to cut someone’s hand off so bad. Im over it.) Side note, Kyle Foley left on Wednesday for the MTC, whoohoo!
K, so after I talked to you on Monday, I got so scared that I made you feel bad when I brought up that creeper Michael.  But just to clarify, I now avoid him at all cost, and it made me appreciate ever little piece of you a little more.  That actually tends to happen a lot lately.  Just little nasty or mean things I hear guys say to girls at school or what ever make me so grateful for my fabulous Chase! Even some of our friends don’t treat girls the way they should, like my girlfriends, and it makes me feel bad for the billions of women in the world that don’t get to have you forever… I love you baby.
So I was at your casa tonight and your mom offered to give me a present early and I said no! weird. I want the suspence to build just a little more =) Guess how homemaker I am?!!! I made all the little Reynolds cousins (all 5 of them) little hats! As in I knitted 5 little beanies! And they aren’t like super ugly! When I give them to to the children I will take pictures and send them to you for sure.
So It snowed a bit more, but in all honesty, skiing isn’t near what it used to be.  Sarah and Ethan and I went up on Saturday and we were doing the fun run (apparently thats what we call the regular way down now) and watching the trickers of the crew do tricks. And I lost interest about 4 seconds into it, so we just sort of left and skied else where.  I only like watching you do tricks cause I didn’t mind waiting for you. Plus you knock the socks off these other trickers =)  Speaking of tricks! I was looking at your year book tonight with meg and saw your trick pic and your baby pic and you shirtless crazy face pic and you golf pic and your track pic(wicked) and your senior pic and your panoramic crack pic and wow. The camera loves you baby. SPEAKING OF PICTURES! I realized something today during sacrament meeting the seriously made me want to scream with happiness! You will just have to wait… you will freaking love it! The code word will be whiskey so you know what I am talking about when you get it. Ahhh! I can’t wait! But you will have to… I actually haven’t seeen it yet, but oh baby I bet its good!
So how long can you email? Cause I may go skiing today instead of going to school, but if you email me I am going to want to be at a computer not on a mountain so text me if you can.  And when and how much can you talk on Christmas?
I told Austin and Hunter hi for you. Hunter is crying like a baby so freakin write him and tell him to be a big boy and be good with Talia, yes they are ‘they’ now.  Austin loves you and misses you and wants you to write him back. He said he has written you like 4 times.  You should write him. If that means you have to write me a little less, that’s ok. 
I can’t tell you how gald I am that you let me be close to your family, they are helping me out alot lately, just letting me be part of the fam. Emily was telling me how hard it is to work things out with Camille over talking on Christmas.  For me, being with you family is like getting a little glimpse of you. I don’t know if I have ever told you this but… actually, I will tell you on Christmas!!  I think you will like it better that way.
I love you Chase.  I didn’t think the love would keep getting so big! But it continually amazes me how much it just keeps getting more and more real. You are my favorite person ever!! 
PS I am thinking about you right now, no now, now, THEN!! Haha, Brian.
PSS So… what are your rules on girly friends? Cause I don’t want to make it hard for you to follow them. Love you.
so i`’ll start by answering your question about myspace, so you don’t worry your gorgeous mind anymore… i gave my passwords to saige, and she is just logging on once a month to make sure my accounts dont get ruined. i am most definitly not getting on there. for two reasons:
A) becase its against the rules,
B) because its against the rules, and i dont have time for it. and i dont remember the passwords haha.
so if there are any problems with it, you can ask saige and she can tell you whats up i think. i told her just to log on and then log off, and i hope thats all she is doing…
oh and i like option b in your email a whole lot more!!! and it totally made me smile so huge!!! it was the best ever!!!!!!!!!!! i freaking love you so much its so great to have you writing me! i can totally imagine you standing there with a cute little worried look, and it gives me butterflies, i love it!! and i love you!
i would love to send you a voice thing, but i dont know how often i can afford it.. its so expensive i guess to send stuff home! but i will do what i can.
holy crap i so remember last christmas, BEST EVER!!!! i totally remember about slipping and killing both of us, and i totally remember the way you looked at me, it was so amazing, then i about died because my heart was beating a billion miles an hour! and yes i ran around my car….
so what you said about being grateful for being treated well.. that will never change, except for being better and better every day. i am grateful for you too because of the way you always were with me. kind and loving and beautiful!!!
i am glad you are homemaker, thats great!!
haha i love skiing, and im sorry its not the same.. NOT! haha i will always be your favorite, i promise!
so i love pictures too, and im freaking out about the sacrament thing, i want to know!!!!
i think i can email for about another 40 minutes from right now. so ya…. and i am going to call home at about 11 in the morning here, so then it will be 7 there and then you can all go do whatever else you need to do.. i hope that works out..
so writing home to the other guys is going to be super hard, because i hardly have any time, and its kinda spendy to mail stuff, so i will do what i can, but in the mean time, tell them hi and i love them.. and i will see what i can do..
you´re driving me crazy with these things i have to wait for!! ahh
i love you sooooo so super duper much its increddible!!!
i will hope to hear form you soon.. maybe today.
hey babe.. i havent gotten your package yet, hopefully ut comes today, because the mail room isnt open until friday… and i really want to have it for the holiday.. im sure its great tho.. im doing well today, it was really laid back, and we didnt have the temple, so i had like two more hours of free time than normal. and tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so we have no classes, and it will be even more laid back than today was.. it will be so nice to have two days in a row of relaxation.. hopefully your phone will recieve this whole message.. otherwise I am sending it to your yahoo account also.. me and my companion are getting along better, he is working harder, and so that makes it nice.. the spanish is coming really well, and we are actually teaching the first lesson again tonight.. its
so fun!! all of the missionaries in our zone are happy, and are getting along for the most part.. its really making it easy to be zone leader when everyone is obedient and is getting along.. i love you so much, and i hope you are happy.. you’re my best friend in the whole world!! i kiss your face everyday before i go out for the day, and again before i go to bed.. it helps me feel loved 😉 haha i know you love me, and its so great!! i know you’ll be there when i
get home with that huge smile that i love so much, and the bright blue eyes that melt my heart..
i love you chloe calton. im yours forever and ever.
as always, i remain your man on a mission haha
Monday, December 29, 2008 12:12 AM
Yes, that’s right. Sean Cody Fowler asked Lauren Calton to be his eternal companion for time and all eternity.  They are now engaged. YAY!! On Christmas Day we went skiing and they were on a gondola together and he just BAM did it. (Did you ever see Kung Fu Panda? If so, replace BAM with SCADOOSH!) The ring he gave her is absolutely stunning.  On Christmas we all went up skiing and they shut down the gondola after one run! One! So dad, avery, zach, and I were all waiting at the bottom and then Lauren and sean were taking forever to come down.  Sean is not a good skier…at all.  So La and sean were coming down the face right below the gondola so avery zach and I hiked up the flat part and the first little bit of the steep part (yes, it did take sean that long to come down about 100 yards of the moutain. and we were carrying skies… ah) and Lauren came down to us. As we were waiting for sean to stop falling and get to where we were, Lauren called avery over to where La and I were standing. Avery refused so Lauren said she had something to tell us. Avery said, “Did something happen?” clearly suggesting that the proposal had taken place. Then I looked at La and said, “Take of your left glove.” Then she smiled so so big and started giggling/crying and then I cried then Avery cried then Zach was like, “what is going on!” When zach finally got it he ran over to sean and said , “Hey brother! I’ve never had a brother before!” It was sooo cute! Then sean made it over to us and said he was hungry. Then avery, zach, and I ( who have resently been named the 3 muskaters, we have a hand shake too) attacked sean, out of love of course.  When we finally made it down the mountain my dad about died… not really, he saw it coming. My mom was at home and freaking out of course.  Now the whole planet knows!!  Naturally.  They are thinking of getting hitched May 1st, sounds good to me i guess.  They can’t get married in our yard though even though Lauren has wanted that her whole life. Well, not married, they are doing that in the bountiful temple (excellent choice). They aren’t having the reception in the yard anymore cause May 1st is too early for our yard to look nice enough and they can’t get married any later than that because sean’s best man is going to Africa all summer.  Dang Africa.  Plus Sean is doing a summer semester.  Anyway, I get to plan a wedding shower!! Yay! And avery and I are obviously brides maids and I assume zach gets to be a groomsman, if that’s what you call them.  So happy day!
Austin wants you to write him through my email. I told him you might not be able to so if you can’t or dont’ want to that’s fine.  But if you do, I will just print his chunk off and give it to him. Same with HT. Speaking of hunter, he turned 18 on Saturday.
Thank you thank you so so much for the awesome Christmas gifts! I loved the purse! It is truely the cutest ever! That is the most darling Kathy bag I have ever seen and I love it and I love purple! I also loved the T shirt! But the letter was my favorite… I totally cried like a baby. Thanks, I love you too, and every word of that letter sounds perfect.  I am sure you know that I also got a missionary build-a-bear and the most fantastic calender ever from your family! It’s much like yours minus a few/ add a few pictures.  Oh, and a chile pepper keychain for a sublte reminder I can keep in my pocket. You spoiled me way too freakin much!  Thank you, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  I know for I fact I didn’t do near as good a job, but I tried right!
Santa brought me a purple Ipod nano! And some hot shee shoes that I know you will love with all of your heart. And a dress coat for church and stuff. Oh! And my easy access pants that I replaced, ya, the replacements became easy access as well! So I took them back again and got an even hotter pair.  The M on the pocket is brown leather! Ahhhh! They are wonderful.  I also got a nicholas sparks book called the Lucky One. I will let you know how that goes. 
Besides talking to you (which could not have been better in anyway shape or form!) and La getting engaged, a pretty awesome thing my family did this year we did on Christmas Eve. After skiing that day we decided to do secret santa thing for a family we know. We went shopping and then my dad dressed in a trench coat and hat and snuck into there house, droppes a huge read santa sack of stuff in the house and then ran away! It was awesome! We gave them clothes and some toys and steaks to cook for christmas dinner. It was fantastic! Don’t tell though cause it’s a secret!
Can I just say that your spanish is totally sexy? Ok, your spanish is totally sexy.  Tu hablas moy bien espanol. Honestly, you sound so good!  You sound like a total mexican in a good way.  But guess how mad I am? Not very mad, but kind of cause I forgot to make you talk in the ducky voice! Haha, maybe next time.  I mean, that is what made me fall in love with you, you knew that right?  Haha, no, I think it was more the part where you go from duck voice to man voice… mmmmmm. That’s my favorite, it melted me every time.
If you have time, you should still send a picture of you wearing that goofy little buzz lightyear tie. Henry would love it. 
I know I am talking a whole lot about me, but I want you to do the same about you! Oh and I told Hailey that your companiero is crushin, she ate it up! I think it boosted her self esteem like 37 points… give or take 4. So ya, fill me in on the latest and greatest stuff that goes on down there in Chile!
I love you to pieces! I miss you to pieces! You are my most favorite ever!  Have a happy new year and party like missionaries party, but don’t be kissing any Chilean girl at midnight or anything. Guess what? It is midnight right now, and it is now my padre’s cumpleanos! He’s like a hundred I think.  (45-46 ish)  Anyway, I love your guts! Be happy, be safe, may the spirit be with you always.
Monday, December 29, 2008 12:08 PM

AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! happy engagement! tell that to sean and lo lo.
im so happy for them, tahts so cool! they`re so great, and im a little sad i wont be there.. they have to take at least one picture with “me” in it =) haha but that seriously is the greatest ever. hahaha i can totally picture your dads face.. it makes me laugh, and scares me at the same time………. haha love tommy he`s great.(ps tell him happy birthday for me)
thats too bad the whole backyard thing isnt gonna happen.. oh well thats where i`ll have mine =) haha
ya dang africa! that place ruins everything!!! im over it tho..
im going to send a message to both of the boys to you, and you can cut them in half and print it for them.. that would be super great.. tell them they can send me an email too..
im glad you liked the letter.. i was pretty proud of it not gonna lie.. and im glad you liked the other stuff, i like spoiling you, you know that. and its probably just gonna get worse, so get used to being spoiled.
happy day for purple ipod to match your purple purse.. yay!!! haha and i bet the shoes are even greater that words can describe.
im excited for new mek jeans.. brown m`s on the butt.. mmmmm haha
thats cool you all did the secret santa. it feels great to serve others huh?
im also extremely glad you like the spanish.. i think its sexy too haha. it makes me feel smart hahahaha. im sorry i didnt do the ducky voice.. it would have been a little awkward in front of like a whole family and all of the missionaries.. i promise to do it next time.
ya i know thats why you fell in love with me, its freakin irresistable. and now i can do the switchy thing from ducky to sexy rolling spanish haha.. how does that sound?
i will take a picture with the tie.. that will be good for bud. im sure he loved his christmas..
elder maldonado totally has it in for hailey. he sent her letter today. it might need some translating. i tried to help him write it, but it didnt work very much. so if there are questions, im here to help.
so the latest greatest in chile is we have 9 investigaors with a baptismal date. thats fabulous. probably about 4 or 5 of them will really get baptized. which is still a huge number down here. the next thing.. i have no hair, it got taken away today.. i asked for a 2 on the sides, and a 4 on top, and he did 1 and 2… pres chavez is going to have a cow i think.. but it will grow back..
im totally gonna party in our house with the other elders on new years, and we`re going to sleep after. the clsest thing to kissing a chilean girl will be my companion, and i not all that atracted to him.. i mean he`s great, just not my type. i think hailey would actually really like him. he`s so stinkin funny. just kinda old.. but that never stopped anyone right? haha
how is the family? ie mom and dad and zach and ave? i will assume lo is great…. how is grandpa? i wrote him a letter a while ago, and i havent gotten anything back from him.. hope he and grammy are happy and healthy. how is grandpa calton? and the girls?  hows jess doin? what ever ended up being his problem?
fill me in on life!! how is the college hunt going? feel free to go to byu haha i think that is where im gonna go after the mish.. but i dont know. 
i love you so so so so so much, and i miss you like crazy! i had a great dream about you last night.. we were skiing. i have lots of dreams about you and skiing lately, i think because i know i cant have either for a little while longer… but im dealin with it. im happy, and i hope you are happy.
with all the love that i posess, im yours forever,
ps i never sent you my favorite scripture.. i have hundreds of favorites, but one of my favorites as far as being a missionary, is alma 29:9.
i`ll send a list sometime.
pss let me know how all of our friends are.. ie relationships and such.. 
psss how is track going? has indoor started? i would guess yes but i dont know.. i know you`re training, so how`s that going? i bet you`re getting like crazy fast. this year you break 5 minutes by a lot. i can feel it.

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