, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review


Ego Line IQ Provides Automatic Line Feeding to Travel String Trimmer Innovation Ahead

Moi can make some of the most effective battery-powered string trimmers for owners many thanks to their reliable general performance and very low vibration. The line also has some of the best innovations and we’re observing that again in the Ego Line IQ battery-run string trimmer.


  • Automated line feeding
  • Best line loading
  • Great reducing power
  • Superb runtime
  • 2 velocity settings
  • Telescoping carbon fiber shaft


Working with the Moi Line IQ Battery-Driven String Trimmer

Line IQ

With no a doubt, the major conversing level is EGO’s most up-to-date innovation—Line IQ. In the most basic terms, it quickly feeds the line to preserve your cutting swath at 16 inches devoid of needing to bump the head as you go.

, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

As we utilized the trimmer, we paid out shut attention to how the line feeds. If either stop will get also quick (~7 inches), the head immediately releases additional line. It’s that basic.

1 thing to note is the cutter is not ready to flip and give you two chopping diameter alternatives like some. The Line IQ sensor is specifically dialed in to preserve the line at 16 inches full swath.


Moi also consists of their PowerLoad style and design on the trimmer. To load it, just pull your new line by the head to the middle of its duration, drive the PowerLoad button, and the motor immediately winds it in. It usually takes a few of attempts to get employed to, but once you do, it’s the most straightforward line adjust ever.

, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

Pace Options

Like some battery-driven string trimmers, the Line IQ has two speeds as well as a variable speed result in. What is uncommon about EGO’s style is the LED indicator to enable you know which one you are in.

, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

Use reduced speed (3500 – 4800 RPM) when you need to have to increase your runtime. Kick into superior (4000 – 5500 RPM) when you want to operate a lot more speedily or have to deal with thicker overgrowth.


All of which is excellent, but it still has to minimize grass. With the .095-inch line that comes from Moi, it does an superb task, specially at high velocity. If you change around to something like Echo’s Black Diamond it receives even better. That said, you have to check out out EGO’s dual-shade substitute line. It switches from orange to yellow right at the midway point, generating line changes that a great deal much easier.

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What’s definitely valuable is not acquiring to cease and bump. That’s essentially underselling it a little bit. You never recognize how great it is to not bump your way by the garden till you are not bumping your way by way of the lawn. It’s great! Not only were we able to maintain trimming at a additional constant rate, but we also weren’t looking for a challenging floor to extend the line or reducing the grass decrease than the relaxation by bumping it along the way.

, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

For runtime, we tested the 4.0Ah battery that arrived in our kit and ran for 1 hour and 4 minutes… at superior pace! For most lawns, you can conserve some body weight and operate a 2.5Ah battery if you like.

Moi Line IQ Battery-Driven String Trimmer Structure Notes

Carbon Fiber Shaft

The offer will get even sweeter with a telescoping carbon fiber shaft. It is additional than sturdy more than enough for the occupation, minimizes the in general body weight of the trimmer, and offers you some duration adjustment to dial in the appropriate healthy for you. Is as simple as flipping a brief clamp lever, shortening or lengthening, and flipping the clamp again down.

, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

A different truly great characteristic is the swift clamp cope with adjustment. Just flip it open, regulate the handle the place you like it (together with angled to the aspect), and lock it back down. If a number of individuals are utilizing your trimmer, the straightforward resource-free changes make getting the appropriate fit a great deal less difficult than other string trimmers.

, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

Bodyweight and Stability

Many thanks in element to the carbon fiber shaft, the bare weight is just 7.7 pounds. Introducing a 4.0Ah battery to the blend provides the full pounds to about 12.5 lbs With that battery mounted and the excess weight of the brushless motor at the trimmer head, it is quick to dial in a fantastic equilibrium.

The trimmer is straightforward to tackle, but if you would like to incorporate a shoulder strap, Ego features a removable clip place in the box. It installs just below the throttle and you have about 6 inches of duration to aid you obtain the ideal stability point.

, EGO Line IQ Battery-Powered String Trimmer Review

More Features

  • Cushioned entrance take care of
  • Cause protection
  • Life span shaft warranty
  • Brushless motor efficiency and runtime (up to 60 minutes with a 4.0Ah battery)
  • .095-inch line capability
  • Variable speed result in
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Appropriate with all Moi 56V batteries

Ego Line IQ String Trimmer Price

Retail pricing is $299 for a package that contains a 4.0Ah battery and charger. There is also a bare instrument choice for $199.

As usually, Ego backs this trimmer with a 5-year guarantee. The carbon fiber shaft is assured for lifetime.

The Base Line

The Ego Line IQ battery-powered string trimmer is every little thing you hope would arrive from the sum of EGO’s outstanding innovation: it is even less difficult to use than former designs with the substantial functionality and low vibration we have arrive to assume. Can you talk to for something much better than that?

Technical specs

  • Design: Moi ST1623T (package) ST1620T (bare tool)
  • Electric power Source: Ego 56V battery
  • Cutting Swath: 16 inches
  • Line Measurement: .095-inch
  • Fat: 7.7 kilos bare
  • Guarantee: 5 many years
  • Price: $199 (bare), $299 (kit)

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