, Dominican Republic Travel – Apps and Websites to use!

Dominican Republic Travel – Apps and Websites to use!

Dominican Republic Travel – Apps and Websites to use!


Dominican Republic Travel - Apps and Websites to use! 2

It is really aggravating when you vacation to a new state and you weren’t informed of the apps or websites limitations/availability. This is why to support you get ready and system in progress for your future journey to the Dominican Rep., I’ve set alongside one another this list which will supply some clarity in phrases of accessibility to sites and applications though you are in the Dominican Republic! If you are questioning which apps are offered and will work (or not do the job) in the D.R., study below!

✔ Internet websites and Applications Accessible in Dominican Republic

❌ Web-sites and Applications NOT Accessible in Dominican Republic

Economic Products and services / Banking Applications

In circumstance you need to have to verify your bank stability, transfer dollars or check out for available ATM’s in Dom. Rep.

  • Venmo ❌ – the platform has blocked obtain on cellular phone and on Website. Achievable entry by way of VPN, but have not examined it.
  • Paypal ✔
  • WellsFargo ✔
  • Chase ✔
  • Fidelity ✔
  • Robinhood ✔
  • Ally ✔
  • CashApp ✔
  • CreditKarma ✔
  • Coinbase ✔
  • Atomic Wallet ✔

Music Streaming Services Applications and Websites obtainable in Dominican Republic

We all want a small music even though making the most of our seaside time or to get all set to head out.

  • Pandora ❌ – Not provided in the Dominican Republic.
  • Spotify ✔
  • Soundcloud ✔
  • Youtube ✔

Video Streaming Services Applications in Dominican Republic

Perfect so you wont miss out on your favored reveals

  • Disney ✔
  • Netflix ✔
  • Hulu ❌
  • Youtube ✔
  • Amazon Primary Video ✔
  • Anchor ✔

Transportation & Navigation Applications in D.R.

Does Google Maps function in Dominican Republic? Of course! Along with Uber and other frequently applied applications.

  • Uber ✔
  • Lyft ❌ – At the moment Not readily available in the Dom. Rep.
  • Didi ✔
  • Google Maps ✔
  • Waze ✔

Relationship Apps

  • Tinder ✔
  • Bumble ✔
  • Hinge ✔
  • BLK

Cell Company/ Internet/ Landline Services

  • Altice – Utilized to be identified as Orange now Altice
  • Claro   Claro
  • Viva
  • T-Cellular ✔ – Absolutely free roaming (info and textual content) and provider throughout the island.

Courier and Transport solutions

  • Fedex
  • UPS
  • DHL
  • Vimenpaq
  • Jet Pack
  • Aeropaq


PIN IT – Save These For Afterwards!

***Make sure you take note this details could change at the time of your vacation***


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