Dermaliq Therapeutics Raises Funds For Drug Trial – Plus Omega Tx Data – Follicle Thought

Dermaliq Therapeutics Raises Funds For Drug Trial – Plus Omega Tx Data – Follicle Thought


A subsidiary of a European pharmaceutical company has launched in the US to trial a new drug against pattern hair loss. Also, preclinical data from the stock market-traded company Omega Therapeutics is shown.

Dermaliq DLQ01 Drug Candidate

On January 18, 2022, Novaliq GmbH and strategic investment partners announced the formation of a Dermaliq Therapeutics Inc., a newly established US pharmaceutical company. Novaliq is a Germany-based pharmaceutical company which specializes in ocular (eye) drugs and a proprietary topical delivery vehicle. The company has apparently decided to create a separate entity, Dermaliq, to develop several drugs for dermatological conditions. One of those drugs is DLQ01, described as “a liquid drug candidate for the topical treatment of female and male androgenetic alopecia, targeting the prostamide E2 (PGE2) receptor in hair bulbs...” The press release states that $15M USD has been raised for the development of three phase 1/2a clinical programs, one of which is DLQ01. 

Two FDA approved ocular drugs, latanoprost and bimatoprost, are widely recognized as having hair growth promoting properties. At this point it is not clear whether DLQ01 is actually either of them or a separate molecule. In any event, Dermaliq’s “hyliq” delivery vehicle may support DLQ01’s potential. Dermaliq plans to initiate a phase 1/2a clinical trial of DLQ01 in men in Q3 2022.

Omega Therapeutics Preclinical Data

Omega Therapeutics is a NASDAQ-listed biotechnology company which is developing a new platform of mRNA therapeutics for various conditions. Their pipeline includes targets such as corneal regeneration, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and even alopecia. Through a proprietary platform which they have named Omega Epigenomic Controllers or OECs, the company seeks to control gene expression in a precise, new way. The technology is very complex and this video should help everyone get better acquainted with Omega Therapeutics. 

In Omega’s company presentation on page 25, data from an experiment which was completed using human dermal papilla cells is displayed. Omega tested three different OEC sequences (specifically called EpiZips) to lower the SFRP1 gene in human DP cells. SFRP1 became popular in hair growth research following the paper published by Hawkshaw et al at the University of Manchester. In a previous webinar replay which has now expired, the CSO of Omega Therapeutics, Thomas McCauley, stated that the company is evaluating the EpiZip HFDP.08.pX.Y.Z.644 for both androgenetic alopecia as well as alopecia areata. Currently, Omega appears to be seeking strategic partners to further advance their alopecia program.

Extra News: Rise Technology Website

Preclinical research stemming from the University of Wisconsin Madison which was published in a peer-reviewed publication has spun out into the startup Rise Technology. Several readers have asked for updates on the device being developed by Rise Technology. Recently, the company finally unveiled a prototype image of their hair growth cap which utilizes a built-in nanogenerator. It seems that the product concept has not gone through human trials yet and may become available sometime within the next two years.


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