, Crochet Reader – Crochet Patterns, How to, Stitches, Guides and more

Crochet Reader – Crochet Patterns, How to, Stitches, Guides and more

Crochet Reader – Crochet Patterns, How to, Stitches, Guides and more

Welcome to yet another easy peasy crochet project.  Doable for newbies using a chain and solitary crochet sew.

Do you keep in mind when crochet lined “everything” of the years long gone by? There ended up toilet paper roll handles, tissue box addresses, and you can even now discover kitchen area towels with crocheted tops that button on to your kitchen area variety take care of.

Fast forward to today for these up to date crochet “cover-up” initiatives I produced for myself rather of acquiring.  I guess that is what crafting is about for me, the joy of developing the two beautiful as perfectly as useful things.

So to start out, pick your yarn or thread!  Deciding on the coloration and texture of the yarn may perhaps be my preferred aspect of any crochet challenge.   In this circumstance, I did what I most typically do, I went straight to my stash.  This does not choose a large amount of yarn, so it’s a fantastic undertaking for working with up scrap!  Select a crochet hook appropriate to your yarn measurement, you will will need a button, scissors and darning needle.  Have your reader nearby for sizing and in shape.   Also, handy to have close by, is a tasty snack chocolate is a most loved crochet companion of mine, ? what is yours?

To Commence:  Make a crochet chain the width or height of your reader furthermore one chain.  Whichever course you operate your crochet incorporate an more 2” of crocheted rows for the closure flap.  Now, convert and one crochet in the 2nd chain from your hook.  Carry on to the finish of the chain, crocheting a single crochet in each individual chain.  Chain 1, convert and single crochet throughout.  Continue until finally your do the job covers the entrance and the back of your reader.

For a safe flap and closure, I’ve specified illustrations of a button-gap and loop closure alternatives.

For a buttonhole closure (see the inexperienced Kindle address image below).  The buttonhole will be worked in the heart of the flap, in close proximity to the stop of the project.

  • Start your crochet row as standard. In the heart of the row commence your buttonhole “gap”.  Skip the heart a few single crochet stitches in that row.  Chain 4 stitches.  Attach your chain in the 4th single crochet from your last solitary crochet that you did.  You’ve just changed the 3 single crochets with a chain, leaving a gap for your button.
  • Proceed solitary crochets to the close of the row. Flip and crochet across to the “gap”.  Function 3 one crochets into the chain space.  And then single crochet in every single one crochet to the conclude of the row.
  • Keep on now as usual right up until your flap is extensive more than enough to fold about. Connect your button so it suits into your “buttonhole”.
  • Change your do the job with appropriate sides alongside one another and sew up both equally sides employing your crochet hook to slip stitch or single crochet stitches up equally sides or a darning needle. Be certain to leave the added 2” flap unfastened. Slide in your reader and button it up safe inside of.  Done!

To develop a “loop” closure, operate your previous one crochet row to the heart.  Now, crochet about 4 chains (the number will rely on your button dimension).

  • Slip stitch back into the following crochet stitch and solitary crochet throughout to the stop of the row. The loop is your buttonhole.  Slide your reader in and fold in excess of the flap.
  • Attach your button in which the loop will slide effortlessly but protected in excess of the button. Take out your reader.
  • Flip your operate and with ideal sides jointly, use a slip stitch up equally sides with your crochet hook or sew the two sides with each other applying a significant darning needle. Be positive to leave the 2” of flap free.  Slide in your reader, button it in secure & secure.  Done!, Crochet Reader – Crochet Patterns, How to, Stitches, Guides and more

Excess Credit (this could require an excess chunk of chocolate).  Make a “Pointed Flap” (like the lime environmentally friendly holder higher than) Generate a cover as instructed over, but when you have 4 rows remaining of the flap spot, start out making a point by reducing your stitches.  Solitary crochet throughout inside one stitch to the conclusion.  Change and single crochet throughout to the other edge, stopping inside 1 sew of the stop.  Convert and keep on this sample.   Lowering by a single sew on every row.  To complete off the pointed flap, slip sew all around the issue in each individual sew to the other facet.  Finish off and tuck in your thread.

And, if you’re emotion brave, you can use crochet thread and a filet stitch (double crochets and chain stitches) to increase your initials.  (this may possibly get a couple of extra nibbles of chocolate to get you by to completion, but nicely really worth the effort!)  I was courageous, twice.  A single I begun in white and one particular in this beautiful blue.  The white remained unfinished, due to the fact I identified that Gorgeous Blue Thread! ?  (I confess, I have a several projects laying all over that need to have to be done ?)

, Crochet Reader – Crochet Patterns, How to, Stitches, Guides and more

In addition to my reader-go over, I also worked up a hand-strap for my reader (beneath), and a couple of addresses for my Swiffer mop (all over again, somewhat then invest in disposable covers).  The crochet mop handles are a excellent way to use up scrap yarn, they are durable and clean up excellent, no squander.

, Crochet Reader – Crochet Patterns, How to, Stitches, Guides and more

Have enjoyable and make sure you publish your opinions, tips and task photos.  c


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